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Details Abstracts and Case Studies From the College of American Pathologists 2014 A... 2014
Details Gastrointestinal and Liver Pathology; Breast Pathology; Pulmonary and Media... 2014
Details Widespread Breast Metastasis Discovered on Routine Colonoscopy: (Poster No.... 2014
Details Expression of S100P, IMP3, and CK19 in Hepatocellular Carcinoma: (Poster No... 2014
Details IgG4-Related Pseudotumor of the Colon Mimicking Colon Cancer in a Patient W... 2014
Details A Case of Hepatocellular Carcinoma That Mimicked Cholangiocarcinoma on Preo... 2014
Details Solid Pseudopapillary Tumor in Young Pediatric Male Patient Presenting With... 2014
Details A Limited Immunohistochemical Panel for Subtyping Hepatocellular Adenomas i... 2014
Details EZH2 Is a Useful Marker to Confirm Diagnosis of Colorectal Adenocarcinoma i... 2014
Details Microfibril-Associated Protein 5 (MFAP5) Is Not Helpful in Differentiating ... 2014
Details Rare Case ofClostridium difficileEnteritis Presenting as Jejunal Perforatio... 2014
Details Thalidomide Analog-Induced Liver Damage: (Poster No. 11)... 2014
Details Identification of a Useful Immunostaining Panel in the Distinction Between ... 2014
Details Darling Disease Masquerading As Malignancy/Disseminated Tuberculosis: (Post... 2014
Details Ciliated Hepatic Foregut Cyst: A Report of 2 Cases: (Poster No. 14)... 2014
Details Tissue Microarray Technology in Universal Screening of Lynch Syndrome: (Pos... 2014
Details Crownlike Structures in Peripancreatic Adipose Tissue in Patients With Panc... 2014
Details An Unusual Pattern of CK7/20 Concordance Staining in a Case of Gastric Aden... 2014
Details CDH17 Is a Highly Specific Marker and Is a More-Sensitive Marker Than CDX2 ... 2014
Details Primary Hepatic Small Cell Carcinoma With Cushing Syndrome: A Case Report a... 2014

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