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Details The Groin vs. Submental Vascularized Lymph Node Flaps... 2016
Details Venous Thromboprophylaxis And Monitoring The Changes In Venous Pressure In... 2016
Details The Optimal Distal Recipient Site for Vascularized Submental Lymph Node Fl... 2016
Details What Is the Most Important Factor of Breast Ptosis? Considerations for Bre... 2016
Details Suction-Assisted Lipectomy May Improve Physiologic Function in Patients wi... 2016
Details When Needs Must - Reconstruction Following Salvage Mastectomy Using a Cont... 2016
Details Locoregional Microbiology Differs by Mechanism, Location, Type, and First ... 2016
Details Why the P-Value Alone is Not Enough... 2016
Details Analysis of Thumb and First Webspace Injuries Due to Fireworks... 2016
Details ‘Elderly’ Patient Is Not Equal to ‘Geriatric’ Patient - the People... 2016
Details Fracture Patterns Following Gunshot Wounds to the Upper Extremity... 2016
Details Upper Extremity Injuries Seen at a Level 1 Trauma Center... 2016
Details Postoperative Management After Total Pharyngolaryngectomy Using The Free I... 2016
Details Lymph Node Flap Transfer and Modified Charles Procedure for Advanced Lower... 2016
Details Laparoscopic Harvest of an Extended Right Gastroepiploic Lymph Node Flap W... 2016
Details Management of Primary and Secondary Lymphedema... 2016
Details Applications of the Combined Transverse Upper Gracilis and Profunda Artery... 2016
Details Risk Stratification of Major Complications After Outpatient Abdominoplasty... 2016
Details In a Little While... 2016
Details Academic Productivity of Microsurgery Fellowship Faculty... 2016

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