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Details The Type 2 Diabetes Knowledge Portal: A paradigm for the democratiza- tion ... 2016
Details Genetic determinants of glycated hemoglobin levels in the Greenlandic Inui... 2016
Details Type 2 diabetes and risk of stroke subtypes: A Mendelian randomization ana... 2016
Details Genotype-by-multivariate dietary environment interaction eff ects on card... 2016
Details Deep whole genome sequencing empowers and refi nes traditional eQTL studi... 2016
Details , a novel type 2 diabetes susceptibility gene in African Americans.... 2016
Details Estimation of the prevalence of classic galactosemia based on the gene fre... 2016
Details A T2D case-control study in Africans of Zulu origin.... 2016
Details Detection and correction of pleiotropic bias in multivariable Mendelian ra... 2016
Details Detecting diff erences in longitudinal gene expression profi les in Ce- s... 2016
Details Association study of rare variants on serum urate level by using whole gen... 2016
Details Genome-wide association study of quantitative liver fat from the UK Bio- ba... 2016
Details Analysis of population specifi c pharmacogenomic variants using next gene... 2016
Details Integration of whole genome sequence and epigenomic data highlights regula... 2016
Details Increased power for sequence-based case-control genome-wide associ- ation s... 2016
Details Genome-wide association analysis identifi es multiple loci associated wit... 2016
Details Empirical heritability estimates for body mass index in American Indian si... 2016
Details iFunMed: Integrative functional mediation analysis of GWAS and eQTL.... 2016
Details Population-level variability in adipose tissue cell-type composition and i... 2016
Details Multiple lysosomal storage disease newborn screening in a Mexican cohort o... 2016

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