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Details Genome wide association and exome sequence data analysis for more than 100 ... 2014
Details Haploinsufficiency of Pumilio1 leads to SCA1-like neurodegeneration by incr... 2014
Details Genome-wide association study identifies common variants associ- ated with ... 2014
Details Identification of a novel susceptibility locus for nonsyndromic cleft lip a... 2014
Details Variants in developmental genes confer risk of hypospadias.... 2014
Details Fast PCA of very large samples in linear time.... 2014
Details Exploring the role of rare and low-frequency coding variants in adult heigh... 2014
Details Population-specific imputations identify a deleterious coding variant in A... 2014
Details Trans-ethnic genome-wide association study identifies 15 new genetic loci i... 2014
Details Exome array analysis of 30,582 individuals confirms late-onset Alzhei- mers... 2014
Details Mutations in KITLG , encoding KIT ligand, cause unilateral hearing loss.... 2014
Details Cis -methylation quantitative trait loci mapping of chromosome 15q25.1 in h... 2014
Details Contribution of low-frequency variants to variation in body mass index (BMI... 2014
Details Genetic Heritability of Common Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Subtypes.... 2014
Details An Evidence-Based Dosage Sensitivity Map Towards Defining the Clin- ical Ge... 2014
Details Whole Genome Sequencing in a Healthy Population: Processes, Chal- lenges, a... 2014
Details Genome-wide association study of progression-free survival in ovarian cance... 2014
Details Comprehensive, integrative and hypothesis-free pathway analysis of genome-w... 2014
Details Integrating network analyses and genetics with large-scale RNA-... 2014
Details Association between telomere length SNPs and five cancer types: a Mendelian... 2014

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