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Details Exploring the Latino asthma paradox: Signifi cant interactions between ge... 2016
Details Exome-wide association analysis of cardiac structural traits in a large he... 2016
Details Inheritance patterns may not always be as expected: Diagnostic exome seque... 2016
Details allele frequencies in the Asian population.... 2016
Details Integration of genetic, epigenetic, and transcriptional variation in the c... 2016
Details Genome-wide study of parental origin-specifi c allelic associations with ... 2016
Details JustOrthologs: A fast, accurate, and user-friendly ortholog-identifi ca- t... 2016
Details The role of the ENCODE Data Coordination Center.... 2016
Details causes a new form of spondylometaphyseal dysplasia with corneal clouding.... 2016
Details as responsible gene for new neurocutaneous syndrome with learning disorde... 2016
Details package genMOSS for Genome-wide Association Studies (GWAS).... 2016
Details More effi cient diagnosis of patients with hearing and vision loss: Use o... 2016
Details A change in fetal risk after prenatal diagnosis: A case of HbS/City of Hop... 2016
Details Modeling prediction error improves power of transcriptome-wide association... 2016
Details Defi ning updated risk profi les by linking contemporary cohorts with his... 2016
Details Genetic analysis of mitochondrial disorder in Japanese population.... 2016
Details Pleiotropic noncoding regulatory elements are under purifying natural sele... 2016
Details A common genetic basis between neurodevelopmental disorders of childhood.... 2016
Details Cumulative impact of red blood cell polymorphisms in resistance and suscep... 2016
Details Benchmarking of mutation calling methods with NGS data.... 2016

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