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Details Traction Neurectomy for the Treatment of Painful Residual Limb Neuromas in ... 2015
Details Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid-1 Channel Blockade in the Peripheral... 2015
Details Early Axonal Area Measurement Predicts Early Nerve Regeneration Outcomes... 2015
Details Surgically Cross-transferring Cervical Nerve Roots Promotes Functional Reco... 2015
Details Long-term Ongoing Cortical Remodeling after Contralateral C7 Nerve Transfer... 2015
Details Morphometric and Functional Analysis of Axonal Regeneration after End-to-En... 2015
Details Effects of Electrode Presence on Regenerative Peripheral Nerve Interface (R... 2015
Details A Comparison of Histological Methods for Evaluating Axon Density in Periphe... 2015