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Details Neonatal Brachial Plexus Palsies with Neurotmesis C5 and Avulsion C6: Supra... 2013
Details Botulinum Toxin for the Treatment of Motor Imbalance in Obstetrical Brachia... 2013
Details Distal Nerve Transfers for Elbow Flexion in Infants with Obstetric Brachial... 2013
Details Skin Derived Precursor Schwann Cells Improve Behavioral Recovery for Acute ... 2013
Details Schwann Cell Senescence: A Mechanism for Failure of Axonal Regeneration in ... 2013
Details Occipital Nerve Excision for Occipital Migraines Refractory to Surgical Dec... 2013
Details Experience of A One-stage Procedure by Using Spinal Accessory Nerve to Inne... 2013
Details CNS Adaptation and Cortical Plasticity After Nerve Transfer: How Complete I... 2013
Details Comparison of Surgical Outcome in Patients Selected for Migraine Headache S... 2013
Details Decision Making in the Surgical Treatment of Meralgia Paresthetica: Neuroly... 2013
Details Axonal Misdirection in a Femoral Nerve Neuroma in Continuity Injury Model... 2013