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Details Thirty-Day Perioperative Adverse Outcomes Following Peripheral Nerve Surger... 2017
Details Three-Dimensional Wet-Mount Imaging of Peripheral Nerves by Two-Photon Micr... 2017
Details Combined Nerve Transfers for Facial Paralysis... 2017
Details Cervical Branch Nerve Transfer for Restoring Marginal Mandibular Nerve Func... 2017
Details Injury to the Perineal Branch of the Pudendal Nerve in Women: Outcomes from... 2017
Details Surgical Management of Peripheral Nerve Tumors within the Neurofibromatosis... 2016
Details Motor Recovery After Birth-Related Brachial Plexus Resection and Grafting... 2016
Details Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Smile Excursion in Facial Reanimat... 2016
Details The Use of Processed Nerve Allografts for Management of Localized Pain in t... 2016
Details Evaluation of Cold Sensitivity, Pain and Quality of Life after Upper Extrem... 2016
Details The Role of Elective Amputation In Patients With Traumatic Brachial Plexus ... 2016
Details Traction Neurectomy for the Treatment of Painful Residual Limb Neuromas in ... 2015
Details Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid-1 Channel Blockade in the Peripheral... 2015
Details Early Axonal Area Measurement Predicts Early Nerve Regeneration Outcomes... 2015
Details Surgically Cross-transferring Cervical Nerve Roots Promotes Functional Reco... 2015
Details Long-term Ongoing Cortical Remodeling after Contralateral C7 Nerve Transfer... 2015
Details Morphometric and Functional Analysis of Axonal Regeneration after End-to-En... 2015
Details Effects of Electrode Presence on Regenerative Peripheral Nerve Interface (R... 2015
Details A Comparison of Histological Methods for Evaluating Axon Density in Periphe... 2015
Details Onset and Duration of Intradermal Mixtures of Bupivacaine and Lidocaine wit... 2014

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