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Details 68Ga-DOTATATE for tumor localization in Tumor-induced Osteomalac... 2015
Details 3D scaffold with VEGF/FGF9 conjugated fibrin, nano calcium sulfate and BMP2... 2015
Details A Multi-Sector Public-Private Partnership Working Together to Improve Ameri... 2015
Details A novel method for the assessment of joint space width and subchondral bone... 2015
Details Advanced Glycation End-products are Higher in Trabecular Bone from Premenop... 2015
Details Bone Microstructure Identifies Women Without Osteoporosis Suffering Fragili... 2015
Details Candidate Enhancer RNA Expression During   aSMA+  Progenitor to  Minera... 2015
Details Catch-a-Break: A novel approach to detect osteoporosis after an incident fr... 2015
Details Cathepsin K deficiency suppresses disuse-induced bone loss... 2015
Details Changes in BMD and TBS up to 2 years after Surgical or Medical Management o... 2015
Details CKD induces intrinsic alterations in osteoblast response to 1,25D... 2015
Details Clinical and Biochemical Features of Adults with Hypercalcemia, Hypercalciu... 2015
Details Communication of Cyclic AMP by Connexin43 Gap Junctions Influences Osteobla... 2015
Details Comparative Effect of PTH(1-84) on Bone Mineral Density and Trabecular Bone... 2015
Details Conditional abrogation of Atm in osteoclasts leads to reduced bone mass in ... 2015
Details Decline in BMD testing: a nation-wide study in France... 2015
Details Diminished bone quality in tissue formed following the onset of moderate Ch... 2015
Details Endothelin 1 Signaling is Required for SOST and IGF1 Secretion in Response ... 2015
Details Genetic Variability in Fracture Healing Under Phosphate Deficiency... 2015
Details HPLC-MS-MS 25OHvitaminD levels are associated with prognosis markers of Hea... 2015

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