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Details Asxl1 loss alters histone methylation status, leading to skeletal de... 2014
Details A Case of Tumor-Induced Osteomalacia and Hyperparathyroidism: Primary vs.Te... 2014
Details A double-blind, randomized, Phase III, multicenter study in 300 pediatric s... 2014
Details A Study of Women with Osteoporosis who are at High Risk for Fracture despit... 2014
Details An Rescue Effect of Altering Subchondral Bone Architecture on the Temporoma... 2014
Details Assessing Age, Sex, and Racial Differences in Cortical Porosity Requires Ad... 2014
Details Association between Nance-Horan Syndrome and Fragility fractures in a young... 2014
Details Association Between Reference Point Indentation Measures and Cortical Bone ... 2014
Details Bindex® Technology for Osteoporosis Diagnostics in US Primary Care... 2014
Details Bone mineral density and association between BMI and fracture risk: a media... 2014
Details Bone Mineral Density Changes Among Women Initiating ACE Inhibitors , Beta B... 2014
Details Bone morphology in 46 BXD Recombinant Inbred Strains and femur-tibia correl... 2014
Details Cation activation of G-class signalling in human osteoblasts... 2014
Details Comparative Characteristics of Subtrochanteric Fracture cases fulfilling an... 2014
Details Congenic Strains Confirm a Pleiotropic Bone QTL on Mouse Chromosome 4... 2014
Details Controlled local delivery of Trametinib combined to rBMP2 promotes osteobla... 2014
Details Culture of Human BM-MSC in Physiological O2 Improves Robustness of Bone For... 2014
Details Diet-induced obesity promotes a myeloma-like disorder in vivo... 2014
Details Differential expression of inflammation- and regeneration-associated marker... 2014

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