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Details A Novel hESC/iPSC Differentiation Protocol Generates a Cell Population with... 2013
Details A Pre-Pubertal Bone Mass Scan has Poor Ability to Predict Peak Bone Mass - ... 2013
Details Alterations of Bone Quantity and Quality of the Periarticular and Non-Peria... 2013
Details Anti-dementia glutaminergic NMDA and Acetylcholine esterase inhibitor inhib... 2013
Details Assessment of Peri-lacunar and Peri-canalicular Tissue Mass Density Alterat... 2013
Details Bisphosphonates, Glucocorticoids, and Suffering from Collagen Diseases were... 2013
Details Bone Density Changes after Lower Limb Amputation... 2013
Details Bone Density in Apheresis Donors compared to Whole Blood donors.... 2013
Details Bone formation markers during growth hormone treatment in short prepubertal... 2013
Details Bone Formation Response in Mice During Administration and Following Re-chal... 2013
Details Bone from Low Capacity Running Rats Exhibit Altered Mitochondrial Gene Expr... 2013
Details Bone Marrow Adiposity is associated with Non-vertebral Fractures in Women... 2013
Details Bone quality adaptations to running in a murine model of impaired reactive ... 2013
Details Bone Regeneration Varies in Four Different Mouse Strains after Marrow Ablat... 2013
Details Bone Turnover Markers and Calcium Metabolism in Young Men With Hyperthyroid... 2013
Details Characteristics, Treatments, and Quality Of Life of Patients In a Swedish O... 2013
Details Chronically Elevated Circulating Fgf23 Modulates Renal Sodium Handling in <... 2013
Details Circulating Sclerostin is Negatively Associated with Cortical BMD, PINP, Es... 2013
Details Comparison of  US and French TBS normative data... 2013
Details Comparison of Atypical Femoral Fracture Patients on Long term Bisphosphonat... 2013

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