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Details Transcriptional regulation in the development of CD8ab+ iNKT cells in a hum... 2016
Details Adaptive humoral immune responses to type III capsular polysaccharide of St... 2016
Details Bias-free imaging of antigen degradation using bioorthogonal antigens... 2016
Details The future of the immunopeptidome in health and disease: a comprehensive an... 2016
Details Immuno-proteomic interrogation of antigen presentation during Dengue infect... 2016
Details The modulation of cathepsin activities by HIV protease inhibitors alters th... 2016
Details Blockade of proteasomal degradation enhances MHC-II dependent peptide epito... 2016
Details The Dendritic Cell MHC II Peptidome Derives from a Variety of Processing Pa... 2016
Details MHCII with full peptide occupancy is a substrate for HLA-DM catalyzed pepti... 2016
Details Exploring a possible role for the MHC Class II accessory molecule H2-O in t... 2016
Details MHC class II antigen-processing chaperone H2-O shapes CD4 T cell receptor r... 2016
Details MARCH1 ubiquitin ligase rescues thymic dendritic cells from MHCII proteotox... 2016
Details A central role for Type I IFN in the induction of Th2 responses by dendriti... 2016
Details Targeting of B cell class-switching and plasma cell survival pathways by a ... 2016
Details Endogenous dsRNA and dsDNA sensing is increased in transitional B cells in ... 2016
Details Anti-nuclear antibodies in autoimmune prone mice are protective against HIV... 2016
Details An autoimmune risk variant in PTPN22 alters tolerance at multiple checkpoin... 2016
Details B cell IFN-γ receptor signaling promotes autoimmune germinal centers via c... 2016
Details Targeting antigen experienced B lymphocytes to retard type 1 diabetes progr... 2016
Details Follicular T helper cells and T helper 17 cells cooperate in promoting B-ce... 2016

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