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Details Vicilin and 11s globulin cashew allergens share promiscous CD4+ T cell epit... 2015
Details Localization of iNKT subsets determines lipid response (APP2P.101)... 2015
Details Mapping the interaction footprint of Viral Immunoevasins on a “platformâ€... 2015
Details CD11c-expressing B cells from aged and autoimmune mice localize at T cell B... 2015
Details BANK1 transgenic mice exhibit lupus-associated B cell phenotypes (BA3P.105)... 2015
Details Type 1 interferon signaling alters tolerance by promoting self-reactive B c... 2015
Details B-lymphocytes expressing an immunoglobulin specificity recognizing the natu... 2015
Details Increased PKC signaling in lupus La reactive B cells promotes development o... 2015
Details Dysregulation of type II interferon associated mediators precedes autoantib... 2015
Details Differential responses to autoantibody deposition in CD45E613R BALB/c and C... 2015
Details Anti-insulin B cells in T-independent germinal centers (BA3P.111)... 2015
Details Identifying the cellular interactions that result in autoantibodies to insu... 2015
Details Genetic risk alleles associated with serologic autoimmunity in normal indiv... 2015
Details Concordance of increased B1 cell subset and lupus phenotypes in mouse and h... 2015
Details MH7A human synovial cell migration is dependent on the expression of B cell... 2015
Details Preliminary analysis of the contributions of major histocompatibility compl... 2015
Details Comparison of systemic lupus erythematosus and healthy anti-nuclear antibod... 2015
Details Gene expression profiling of citrulline-specific B cells in rheumatoid arth... 2015
Details B cell antigen presentation is sufficient to drive neuro-inflammation in an... 2015
Details Fatal autoimmunity results from the conditional deletion of Snai2 and Snai3... 2015

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