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Details Relative resistance to HLA-DM editing is a distinguishing characteristic of... 2014
Details Unusual antigen recognition provides clue to pathogenicity of diabetogenic ... 2014
Details Contribution of the lymph antigens to the MHC II self-peptidome (APP2P.102)... 2014
Details Multiple paths to immunodominance: dominant epitopes are captured by MHC II... 2014
Details Endogenously-processed influenza epitopes intersect with the classical MHCI... 2014
Details Effect of pH on cooperativity in peptide binding to MHC class II (APP2P.105... 2014
Details Peptide presentation by different HLA-Class I molecules during viral infect... 2014
Details Detection and validation of HLA Class I presented viral epitopes using T ce... 2014
Details HIV-1 NEF ligands predominate in the HLA class I of infected CD4+ T cells (... 2014
Details Eight novel H-2Kb and H-2Db restricted epitopes of ovalbumin (APP2P.109)... 2014
Details Interaction of structurally diverse HSPs with ligand binding domains of CD9... 2014
Details Hydrophobicity is a hallmark of immunogenic MHC class I T cell epitopes (AP... 2014
Details T cell cross-reactivity to self peptide:MHCII shapes the foreign peptide: M... 2014
Details A unique human-like CD8+ iNKT cells in a humanized mouse model (APP2P.113)... 2014
Details Evaluation of the role of type I interferon to the development of type 1 di... 2014
Details Molecular aspects of IL-13 up-regulation by CD8+ T cells from systemic scle... 2014
Details Diferuloylmethane suppresses the inflammatory response that mediates type 1... 2014
Details The nuclear receptor Nur77 suppresses CNS autoimmunity by limiting myeloid ... 2014
Details Involvement of necroptosis in the development of imiquimod-induced psoriasi... 2014
Details Novel, critical roles of autophagy in dendritic cells and neutrophils to me... 2014

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