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Details The tapasin-related protein TAPBPR is a new component of the MHC class I pr... 2013
Details Dipeptides enhance folding and peptide binding of “empty” MHC class I m... 2013
Details HLA-F and MHC-I open conformers are ligands for natural killer cell recepto... 2013
Details Comparative lipidomics reveals a global sampling of major cellular membrane... 2013
Details Cooperative functions of MHC II, HLA-DM, and cathepsins enhance the selecti... 2013
Details The impact of conformational entropy on epitope selection by MHC class II (... 2013
Details How does HLA-DM catalyze peptide exchange? Insights into the molecular mech... 2013
Details MHC II-peptide complex conformation constrained by interactions throughout ... 2013
Details Immunodeficiency and autoimmunity in H2-O deficient mice (P5016)... 2013
Details Measuring immunological synapse and actin organization using the FlowSight ... 2013
Details LAMP-2C regulation of MHC class II antigen presentation (P5020)... 2013
Details Plasma membrane interactions that determine presentation of antigens by Ant... 2013
Details X-ray crystal structure of HLA-DQ2 in complex with CLIP1 and CLIP2 (P5026)... 2013
Details Unexpected side reaction of lysine and arginine side chains preceding a pho... 2013
Details Cross-presentation to CD8+ T cells is critical to maintain protective immun... 2013
Details Crosspresentation with epitope-tagged antibodies targeted to different mole... 2013
Details Substrate specificity of human ERAP1 haplotypes in vivo identify three func... 2013
Details The role of B cells in neuropsychiatric disease in murine systemic lupus er... 2013
Details The constant region affects antigen binding of anti-DNA antibodies by alter... 2013
Details The blood—brain barrier is breached in murine neuropsychiatric Systemic L... 2013

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