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Details Noxa and ceramide: Crosstalk between Bcl-2 family members and cer- amide in... 2015
Details Phosphorylation of BNIP3 is a switch between life and death in cancer cells... 2015
Details Mechanistic rationale for MCL1 inhibition during androgen depriva- tion the... 2015
Details ABT-263 is effective in a subset of non-small cell lung cancer cell lines.... 2015
Details Mcl-1-mediated resistance to ABT-263 is combated by mTOR inhibi- tion in lu... 2015
Details Quantitative assessment of BCL-2:BIM complexes as a pharmacody- namic marke... 2015
Details PARP and Bcl-2 co-inhibition in small cell lung cancer (SCLC).... 2015
Details Differential roles of OCT3/4, SOX2 and NANOG for constitutive high NOXA exp... 2015
Details Molecular mechanisms of inverse association between cancer and Alz- heimers... 2015
Details Bclxl is a key regulator of mitochondria-induced apoptosis in ovarian cance... 2015
Details Biophysical evidence for the existence of a functional interaction be- twee... 2015
Details Nucleolin phosphorylation by CK2 is important for its role in regu- lating ... 2015
Details gp78 is a negative regulator of TRAIL-induced apoptosis in breast cancer ce... 2015
Details Combination simvastatin and metformin induces G1-phase cell cycle arrest an... 2015
Details Xiap over-expression is a poor prognostic marker in breast cancer and can b... 2015
Details Prohibitin 1 regulates apoptosis via its interaction with XIAP.... 2015
Details Antitumor activity of selective inhibitors of XPO1/CRM1-mediated nuclear ex... 2015
Details Honokiol radiosensitizes squamous cells carcinoma of head and neck by down-... 2015
Details TWIST1 is required for suppression of apoptosis in oncogene driven non-smal... 2015
Details Genetic re-programming of the acute myeloid leukemia cell line HL- 60: Regu... 2015

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