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Details BS8 Thomas Krauss Bitemark Breakfast: From Frye to Daubert A Change i... 2015
Details ES1 Forensic Sciences Keep It Simple, Stupid!... 2015
Details L1 Fetal Kidnapping by Cesarean Section... 2015
Details L2 The Dating Game Killer: Rodney Alcalas 40-Year Dance With Death... 2015
Details W1 Mass Fatality Incidents: An Integrated Approach Workshop ... 2015
Details W2 The Electrophysiology of Impulsive Aggression and Criminal Responsibili... 2015
Details W3 Classification of Typewritten Documents... 2015
Details W4 Obtaining Successful DNA Profiles From Challenging Samples... 2015
Details W5 Ancestry Estimation in the 21st Century... 2015
Details W6 Practical Homicide Investigation : Offender-Manipulated Homicide Scene... 2015
Details W7 Challenges in Fire Debris Analysis... 2015
Details W8 From Fire Dynamics to Legal Dynamics: Shifted Science and the Criminal ... 2015
Details W9 Forensic Anthropology and Cold Case Investigations: Breaking the Ice... 2015
Details W10 NamUs: The Results of Forensic Collaboration... 2015
Details W11 RADid: Using Radiologic Technologies to Identify Unknown Decedents... 2015
Details W12 Implementing and Evaluating 3D Technology in a 2D World... 2015
Details W13 The Examination of Skillfully Simulated Signatures... 2015
Details W14 On the Leading Edge of Forensic Science... 2015
Details W15 Clinical Toxicology of the Poisoned Patient... 2015
Details W16 Your Attention, Please! A Public Speaking Skills Workshop... 2015

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