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Details S1 A National Forensic Sciences Enterprise and Transparency in Forensic Sci... 2013
Details S2 Applications of Education and Research to the Diverse Field of Forensic ... 2013
Details ES1 150 Years Does Time Bring Agreement? The H.L. Hunley, the R.M.S. Titan... 2013
Details BS1 Grant Funding Opportunities in the Forensic Sciences for Academic... 2013
Details BS2 Quincy vs. Ducky II: The Rematch An American Forensic Pathologist and... 2013
Details BS3 Working With Law Enforcement and Prosecutors: A Conversation With Two ... 2013
Details BS4 They Really Are Out to Kill You: The Inconvenience of Lawyer Involvemen... 2013
Details BS5 How to Write Bestselling Novels and Screenplays in Your Spare Time: Ti... 2013
Details BS6 The Ballistic Evidence in the Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kenn... 2013
Details BS7 The Washing Away of Wrongs: Forensic... 2013
Details BS8 Thomas Krauss Memorial Bitemark Breakfast Lessons From Eyewitness Iden... 2013
Details L1 Ensuring Continuing Access to Our Nations Heritage: The National Archiv... 2013
Details L2 Does Your Family Have the Munchies? It Might Be By Proxy... 2013
Details W1 Practice, Procedures, and Protocols: How SWGDE, SWGIT, and FISWG Can He... 2013
Details W2 Electrocution, Electrical Injury, and Lightning Death Investigations... 2013
Details W3 Analysis and Interpretation of Chemical Unknowns... 2013
Details W4 Signature Examination of Healthy and Impaired Writers... 2013
Details W5 Science in the Courtroom: A Matter of Perspective?... 2013
Details W6 Beyond the Numbers: An Objective Approach to Forensic Toxicologi... 2013
Details W7 Practical Homicide and Medicolegal Death Investigation: Practical and ... 2013

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