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Details S1 Eleven Sections: One Academy Current Perspectives on the State of Relev... 2011
Details S2 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Solving Crimes in Forensic Science... 2011
Details ES1 Relevant, Reliable, and Valid Forensic Science Application and Utiliz... 2011
Details ES2 Forensic Analysis and the Re-Investigation of the Death of Emmett Till... 2011
Details B1 Psychology of Homicide: What Every Forensic Scientist Should Know About... 2011
Details B2 Coping With the CSI Effect: From the Perspective of a Career CSI The Ho... 2011
Details B3 Lighting Strikes Twice: The Case of a Femme Fatale... 2011
Details B4 Internationalization of Forensic Science Disciplines: Why Certification... 2011
Details B5 Quincy vs. Ducky: Scalpels at Dawn An American Forensic Pathologist an... 2011
Details B6 Criminal Profiling - With a Little Help From My Friends... 2011
Details L1 The Psychological Autopsy: Its History, Applications, and Legal Ramifi... 2011
Details L2 Forensic Jeopardy... 2011
Details W1 Tips and Tricks to Improve the Interpretative Value of Postmort... 2011
Details W2 Identifying and Managing Errors in Case Analysis: Introduction to H... 2011
Details W3 Communication in Forensics... 2011
Details W4 Staged Crime Scenes: Crime Scene Clues to Suspect Misdirection of the I... 2011
Details W5 Bones and Children: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Forensic Issues... 2011
Details W6 Fracture Match of Papers, Tapes, and Miscellaneous Materials for... 2011
Details W7 Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences for Lawyers and the Courts: ... 2011
Details W8 Method Validation and Estimating the Uncertainty of Measurements in the ... 2011

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