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Details S1 NamUs- The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System: Resolving o... 2009
Details S3 Young Forensic Scientists Forum - AAFS at a Glance: Experience the Foren... 2009
Details ES1 New Investigative Techniques and Scientific Advancements for Forensic S... 2009
Details ES2 ASCLD/LAB Symposium - Principles of Professional Responsibility for Cri... 2009
Details BS1 Stories Behind the Evolving Story on Heparin Related Deaths: Just Oppor... 2009
Details BS2 The Real Mason Verger: The Man Who Fed His Face to the Dogs... 2009
Details BS3 The Seven Deadly Sins of Forensic Practice... 2009
Details BS4 Breakfast WithAlferd G. Packer: Colorado's Premier Cannibal... 2009
Details BS5 Departure Angle From Roadway Using Vault Calculations... 2009
Details BS6 Taking Sexual Assault Response Teams To The Next Level: The California ... 2009
Details BS7 Broken Bones, Bites, Taphonomy, and Tool Marks: Getting More From Traum... 2009
Details L1 When You're In Hell, Don't Screw With the Guy Holding the Pitchfork... 2009
Details L2 Neuroscience and the Law: Forensic Applications of Cerebral Single Photo... 2009
Details W1 Ethics in the Practice of Forensic Science... 2009
Details W2 New Insight into Asphyxia by Hanging: From Basic Hanging Deaths and Auto... 2009
Details W3 Theyre Alive! Breathing New Life Into the Investigation and Prosecution ... 2009
Details W4 Microscopical Thinking and Trace Evidence... 2009
Details W5 Pediatric Forensic Medicine... 2009
Details W6 So You Think You Know Digital Imaging? SWGIT Advice To All AAFS Discipli... 2009
Details W7 Security Documents Before and After the Crime: REAL ID, Physical and Ele... 2009

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