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Details SS1 Ethics in the Forensic Sciences When is the Line Crossed?... 2007
Details SS2 Young Forensic Scientists Forum Special Session Forensic Science in an ... 2007
Details ES1 The Role of the Forensic Scientist in Controversial, Politically Charg... 2007
Details BS1 Medicine, Murder, and Mayhem in Ancient Greece... 2007
Details BS2 Muhammad and Malvo: The Serial Sniper Case of October 2002... 2007
Details BS3 TV Crime Dramas and Trial Strategy (The Answers in 60 Minutes Without ... 2007
Details BS4 Anatomy of a Cold Case: How to Revive a Cold Rape Case After 32 Years... 2007
Details BS5 Washington, DC Area Serial Arsonist Investigation The Laboratory Pers... 2007
Details BS6 Problems in the Investigation, Prosecution, and Defense of Healthcare ... 2007
Details BS7 Damaged Coral Reefs A New, Fascinating, and Decidedly Edgy Dimension ... 2007
Details BS8 Thomas Krauss Memorial Bite Mark Breakfast: New ABFO Bite Mark Guidel... 2007
Details L1 Trials of the Expert Witness: From Lycanthropy to Locard and the Legac... 2007
Details L2 Forensic Investigations Into The Missing: Principles and Guidelines F... 2007
Details W1 Pre- and Post-Blast Detection and Analysis: Looking for the Needle in ... 2007
Details W2 Pharmacogenomics as Molecular Autopsy An Adjunct to Forensic Pathology... 2007
Details W3 Newer Analytical Techniques: Applications in Forensic Toxicology... 2007
Details W4 A Primer and Update on Digital Evidence... 2007
Details W5 Mitochondrial DNAAnalysis: The Foundation and the Fundamentals at the... 2007
Details W6 Proving a Priest Killed a Nun: The Role of Forensic Science in Success... 2007
Details W7 Practical Homicide Investigation: Tactics, Procedures, and Forensic Te... 2007

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