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Details SS1 Behind the Scenes of Unthinkable Situations: How Do the Scientists D... 2006
Details SS2 Young Forensic Scientists Forum: Frontiers in Forensic Science... 2006
Details A Current Dilemma... 2006
Details ES2 Forensic Science and the Rule of Law: The Role of Discovery in Todays... 2006
Details BS1 Bioterrorism Mass Disasters... 2006
Details BS2 International Perspectives on Depravity... 2006
Details BS3 The Tsunami Disaster: Thailand... 2006
Details BS4 The Atypical Serial Killer... 2006
Details BS5 Racial Profiling on the Genetic Level: Can Population Genetics Escape... 2006
Details BS6 Authors, Science, and the Law: True Crime and Reality, Fiction, or Fa... 2006
Details BS7 Is Your Daughter Trolling for Pedophiles on the Internet? ... 2006
Details BS8 Thomas Krauss Memorial Bite Mark Breakfast: Rescue and Recovery Opera... 2006
Details L1 From the Green River: Forensic Evidence and the Prosecution of Gary Ri... 2006
Details L2 Dying to Kill: Understanding the Motives of Suicide Bombers... 2006
Details W1 The Tri-State Crematorium Incident: A Mass Disaster Over Seven Years... 2006
Details W2 Research, Writing, and Reviewing: A Guide to Designing, Conducting, W... 2006
Details W3 Investigating, Evaluating, and Litigating Cases of Mass Disaster... 2006
Details W4 Expectations and Responsibilities of Expert Pathology Witnesses and the... 2006
Details W5 Solving the South Louisiana Serial Killer Case New Approaches Blended ... 2006
Details W6 Advanced Topics in STR DNAAnalysis... 2006

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