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Details SS1 Multidisciplinary Symposium on the Uses of Forensic Science -The Anato... 2004
Details SS2 Young Forensic Scientists Forum Non-Traditional Careers in Forensic S... 2004
Details SD1 Accreditation of Forensic Science Academic Programs Through the AAFS F... 2004
Details ES1 Advocacy For the Novice: How to Work For Forensic Sciences... 2004
Details ES2 Forensic Scientific Investigations Famous Cases Revisited Applicatio... 2004
Details BS1 Theatre of the Absurd... 2004
Details BS2 The Jack Ruby Case A Miscarriage of Justice... 2004
Details BS3 Movies: Reloaded... 2004
Details BS4 Discover the Electronic Trail of Evil: Its All About Evidence, Technolo... 2004
Details BS5 Death in Beirut... 2004
Details BS6 Deep in the Heart of Texas Justice... 2004
Details BS7 The Quest for Truth in the Emergency Room... 2004
Details BS8 Tom Krauss Memorial Bite Mark Breakfast: Evolution of Bite Mark Analysi... 2004
Details L1 Networking Lunch... 2004
Details L2 Life in Deaths Acre... 2004
Details L3 Truth is the First Casualty in Conflicts The Kosovo Experience... 2004
Details W1 How to Be a Better Expert Witness... 2004
Details W2 The Role of Atmosphere in Forensic Investigation: A Closer Look at the... 2004
Details W3 Forensic Human Mitochondrial DNA Analysis... 2004
Details W4 Forensic Science, Evidence Based Medicine, and the Shaken Baby Syndrome... 2004

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