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Details SS2 Young Forensic Scientists Forum - Emerging as a Young Forensic Scienti... 2003
Details SS3 Forensic Scientific Investigations: The Role of Independent Forensic Sc... 2003
Details FS1 The Council on Forensic Science Education, COFSE... 2003
Details 6 * Presenting Author FS2 Technical Working Group on Education and Trainin... 2003
Details 7 * Presenting Author FS3 Technical Working Group on Education and Trainin... 2003
Details FS4 Forensic Education Programs Accreditation Committee (FEPAC) of the AAF... 2003
Details 8 * Presenting Author FS5 Young Forensic Scientists Forum (YFSF)... 2003
Details 9 * Presenting Author BS1 Mass Disaster in Chicago... 2003
Details BS2 Terrorism Prevention, Sherlock Holmes, and Forensic Applications... 2003
Details BS3 Lets Go to the Videotape II: Crimes, Movies, and the Law... 2003
Details BS4 Is There Evil Beyond Crime? Defining Depravity for Criminal and Civil... 2003
Details BS5 Les Timbres de la Mort and Other Philatelic Crimes... 2003
Details 11 * Presenting Author... 2003
Details BS6 Murder & Mayhem Via the Home Computer... 2003
Details BS7 SWAT Teams: Their Organization, Tactics, and Weapon Systems Why This i... 2003
Details BS8 Tom Krauss Memorial Bite Mark Breakfast: Bite Mark Evidence in a DNA... 2003
Details 12 * Presenting Author L1 Lessons From DNA Exonerations: Impact on the Fo... 2003
Details L2 Reconstruction of a Traffic Accident: The Lady Diana Case... 2003
Details 13 * Presenting Author W1 Evidence in History... 2003
Details W2 Extracting DNA Profiles From Challenging Sample Materials... 2003

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