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Details A37 Inter-Observer Reliability of the Total Body Score System for Quantify... 2015
Details B157 Quantitative Mapping of Post-Blast Nitroglycerin Residues on Pipe Bom... 2015
Details G4 Evolution of Forensic Odontology Services in Queensland: 1994-2014... 2015
Details J15 The Universal Coded Character Set (ISO/IEC 10464) and the Unicode Stan... 2015
Details A38 An Innovative Analysis of the Postmortem Interval and Its Role in Juve... 2015
Details B158 Assessing the Forensic Utility of Particle Morphometry for the Charac... 2015
Details G5 Forensic Dentistry and Malpractice Lawsuits in Turkey... 2015
Details J16 Collaborative Radiography (and Other Interdisciplinary Activities) Bet... 2015
Details A39 Human Identification From Burnt Remains... 2015
Details B159 Classifying Aged Explosives to Determine Source... 2015
Details G6 What You See Is Not Always What You Should Believe: A Presentation of ... 2015
Details J17 Characterization and Discrimination of Inkjet Printer Inks Using Micro... 2015
Details A40 Does Aluminum Transfer to Bone When Used as a Packaging Medium? A Tes... 2015
Details B160 Smokeless Powders Database at the National Center for Forensic Scienc... 2015
Details G7 Analysis of Human Bitemarks in Food and Beverages Using Metric and Biol... 2015
Details J18 A Novel Automated, Searchable Database for the Chemical Characterizati... 2015
Details A41 Fluorescence in Heat-Altered Bone Under Ultraviolet Light... 2015
Details B161 Odorant Measurements and New Materials for Canine Training... 2015
Details G8 How the Characteristics of One Tooth Were Used to Make a Dental Identif... 2015
Details J19 Computer-Scored Test Answer Marks, A.K.A. Bubble Marks: How Individua... 2015

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