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Details Longitudinal brain-behavior changes and its modifiers... 2017
Details Combining neuroimaging and cognitive markers in predicting future dementia:... 2017
Details Cortical thickness, cognitive ability and lifestyle in healthy older adults... 2017
Details Lifespan effects of brain-wide activity and connectivity of inhibition cont... 2017
Details Aging in the motor system and the reward pathway: On the role of the nucl... 2017
Details On the Assessment of Cognition in Daily Life: Considerations, Current Solut... 2017
Details Two sides of the same coin? Variety and frequency of activity in predicting... 2017
Details How much is the fish? Examining the influencing factors on the everyday mem... 2017
Details Associations with an ecologically valid test of Theory of Mind across the l... 2017
Details Multitasking of young and older adults in ecologically valid scenarios Vir... 2017
Details Overview of Methodology for Longitudinal Dynamics... 2017
Details Multi-factorial approach in aging research... 2017
Details Terminal decline of functional health in dementia... 2017
Details A neurometric approach to cognitive aging... 2017
Details Randomforest induced distance measures for quantifying physiological dysreg... 2017
Details Goals Across Adulthood: A Motivated Cognition Approach... 2017
Details Fear induced norepinephrine release is associated with increased auditory s... 2017
Details Motivated cognition in decision making: A meta-analytic review of aging and... 2017
Details Food for happy thought: Glucose protects age-related positivity effects und... 2017
Details What keeps you sharp? Surveying older adults beliefs about, and knowledge o... 2017

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