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Details 2:10-2:25 (68) Two Sides of the Same Coin: Retrieval Enhanced Suggestibil... 2015
Details 3:50-4:05 (98) Auditory Deprivation Does Not Impair Implicit Sequence Lea... 2015
Details Producing Complex Noun Phrases: The Roles of Word and Phrase Frequency. ... 2015
Details Effect of an Emotional Induction Procedure on Phonological Working Memory ... 2015
Details Surprise-Induced Deafness: Investigating a Bottleneck of Stimulus-Driven A... 2015
Details Eye Tracking Reveals Behaviour and Attentional Differences in High and Low... 2015
Details (3013) Enhanced Discrimination of Stiffness Through Perceptual Traini... 2015
Details Unconstrained Generation Improves the Generation Effect: Benefits for Item... 2015
Details Sound Source Localization for Aided and Unaided Listening as a Func... 2015
Details Visual Influences on Musical Performance Judgments: The Asian Bias. ... 2015