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Details Plasma-type gelsolin in subarachnoid hemorrhage: novel biomarker today, the... 2014
Details Monocyte HLA-DR in sepsis: shall we stop following the flow? ... 2014
Details Renal recovery ... 2014
Details How to assess prognosis after cardiac arrest and therapeutic hypothermia ... 2014
Details Erratum to: Clostridium difficile outcomes difficult to generalize ... 2014
Details Acute kidney injury: taking aim at colistin ... 2014
Details Detrimental role of humoral signalling in cardio-renal cross-talk ... 2014
Details Long-term risk of sepsis among survivors of acute kidney injury ... 2014
Details Venous congestion: are we adding insult to kidney injury in sepsis? ... 2014
Details Angiogenic factors in sepsis: are we ready for the new therapeutic era? ... 2014
Details Missing link or not, mobilise against delirium ... 2014
Details A trial of intracranial pressure monitoring in traumatic brain injury ... 2014
Details Back to basics in sepsis treatment: critically ill patients need intensive ... 2014
Details The role of thoracic epidural anesthesia in severe acute pancreatitis ... 2014
Details Time to look beyond one-year mortality in critically ill hematological pati... 2014
Details Predicting outcome in patients with sepsis: new biomarkers for old expectat... 2014
Details Preventing deaths related to percutaneous tracheostomy: safety is never too... 2014
Details Circulating neutrophil counts and mortality in septic shock ... 2014
Details Skeletal muscle mass and mortality - but what about functional outcome? ... 2014
Details Early hemodynamic resuscitation in septic shock: understanding and modifyin... 2014

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