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Details The nutritional energy to clinical outcome relation revisited ... 2014
Details Platelet membrane potential: unable to pull the plug on sepsis ... 2014
Details Using procalcitonin to guide antimicrobial duration in sepsis: asking the s... 2014
Details The furosemide stress test to predict renal function after continuous renal... 2014
Details Personalized organ donation directives: saving lives with PODDs ... 2014
Details Plasma-type gelsolin in subarachnoid hemorrhage: novel biomarker today, the... 2014
Details Monocyte HLA-DR in sepsis: shall we stop following the flow? ... 2014
Details Renal recovery ... 2014
Details Should β-blockers be used in septic shock? ... 2014
Details Evaluation of a protocol for resuscitation in burn patients ... 2014
Details Imaging opens possibilities both to target and to evaluate nutrition in cri... 2014
Details Severe and early quadriceps weakness in mechanically ventilated patients ... 2014
Details Multilevel competing risks in the evaluation of nosocomial infections: time... 2014
Details ‘To prone or not to prone’ in severe ARDS: questions answered, but othe... 2014
Details Current practice in the management of tetanus ... 2014
Details Safety of percutaneous tracheostomy in NeuroICU patients with intracranial ... 2014
Details Epinephrine, vasopressin and steroids for in-hospital cardiac arrest: the r... 2014
Details It’s not just the antibiotics, it’s the treatment ... 2014
Details Brain–kidney crosstalk ... 2014
Details The diagnostic challenge of myocardial infarction in critically ill patient... 2014

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