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Details Key words: ... 2015
Details Iron sources and siderophore production in Paracoccidioides spp.... 2015
Details References: ... 2015
Details Key words: ... 2015
Details Richter L, Wanka F, Boecker S, Storm D, Kurt T, Vural , Smuth R, Meyer V... 2015
Details 554. Yeast as tool to identify infection relevant genes in the phytopathoge... 2015
Details Objectives: ... 2015
Details Role of extracellular calcium in budding yeast cell fusion.... 2013
Details 35. Living on Air?: Ustilago maydis cells grow without being provided nit... 2013
Details 312. Integrated transcriptional profiling and analysis for identification o... 2013
Details 496. Fed-batch production of the hydrophobins RodA and RodB from Aspergill... 2011
Details Conclusion... 2011
Details Outside looking in A view of the centromere architecture from the kinetoch... 2011