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Details JS.02 Systems Immunology for stratifying patients with autoimmune diseases ... 2018
Details WS.A3.01.02 New protein array technology identifies rituximab treated non r... 2018
Details WS.A3.03.03 CD103 tumor Infiltrating lymphocytes as a prognostic factor in ... 2018
Details WS.A4.01.05 Ectopic lung resident germinal centres are formed during chroni... 2018
Details WS.B1.02 Novel targets in anti-cancer immune therapy WS.B1.02.01 BAFF-R as ... 2018
Details WS.B1.05 Anti-tumor immunology WS.B1.05.01 dissecting the immune heterogene... 2018
Details WS.B3.03.02 A Timer for analyzing temporally dynamic changes in transcripti... 2018
Details WS.C1.04.05 Characterization of constitutively DC-deficient mice in autoimm... 2018
Details WS.C3.01.02 Detection of alloantibodies against NK cell antigens after tran... 2018
Details P.A1.01.04 Dendritic cells modulation by mesenchymal stem cell promises a p... 2018
Details P.A1.01.20 Role of serum Hypoxia-Inducible Factor (HIF)-1 in patients with ... 2018
Details P.A2.02.02 T-LGL leukemia cells display features of exhausted and senescent... 2018
Details P.A2.03.02 Early dynamics of mucosal NK cells in the small intestine of inf... 2018
Details P.A2.03.14 Phenotypic characterization of immune cells from premature neona... 2018
Details P.A2.04.08 The RxR agonist Bexarotene promotes the induction of human iTreg... 2018
Details P.A2.04.13 Distinct survival niches for memory T helper cells in spleen and... 2018
Details P.A3.01.04 A comparative study between anti-endomysial antibodies and anti-... 2018
Details P.A3.03.05 Clinical usefulness of autoantibodies to M-type phospholipase A2... 2018
Details P.A3.03.19 Fine characterization of healthy Conjunctiva: Main differences w... 2018
Details P.A3.06.09 Binding Immunoglobulin Protein as a potential target for immunot... 2018

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