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Details P.C1.02.17 Highly inflammatory multiple sclerosis patients show an increase... 2018
Details P.C3.03.14 Detection of a new HLA-A*30 allele in a donor from the NMDP regi... 2018
Details P.C1.03 Maintenance and local regulation of tissue specific immunity - Part... 2018
Details P.C1.03.05 Mucosal lesions derived from oral cavity identified as lichen pl... 2018
Details P.C1.03.06 Impact of skin T cell secretome on the epidermal barrier during ... 2018
Details P.C1.03.07 The effect of the first and third trimester placentas secretory ... 2018
Details P.C1.03.20 Evolution of CD4+ T cell immunity to viral infection: analysis o... 2018
Details JS.02 Systems Immunology for stratifying patients with autoimmune diseases ... 2018
Details P.C3.04.11 Human adipose-tissue-derived and bone-marrow-derived mesenchymal... 2018
Details P.B1.08.05 HLA ligandomics feeds a pipeline of soluble T cell receptor-base... 2018
Details P.C3.04.16 Stem cell and novel neurotrophic factor therapies to promote fun... 2018
Details P.E2.01.17 Single cell multidimensional analysis reveals activation-induced... 2018
Details P.C4.01.02 A pro-inflammatory role for CD70 on human regulatory T cells... 2018
Details with bacteria-derived oligodeoxynucleotides... 2018
Details P.B1.09.10 The effect of vitamin E on the function and frequency of myeloid... 2018
Details P.E4.01.02 Binding between recombinant Phospholipases D from the venom of L... 2018
Details P.E4.01.03 Polymorphism analysis of TLR7 (rs179008) and TLR9 (rs352140) gen... 2018
Details P.B1.09.18 A non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) mouse model for improved pr... 2018
Details phospholipases D activates the PI3K/Akt signaling pathway, and join to lipi... 2018
Details P.B2.01.21 Study of the biological effects of lactoferrin on the prostate c... 2018

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