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Details Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Human Adrenal Ve... 2014
Details Diabetic Retinopathy and NADPH Oxidase-2 Activation By Hyperlipidemia... 2014
Details Estrogen Protects Medulloblastoma from Caspase 3-Dependent Apoptosis throug... 2014
Details Estrogen Receptor Beta (ESR2) Regulates Growth of Medulloblastoma By Modula... 2014
Details Renoprotective Effects of Fenofibrate Via Modulation of LKB1-AMPK mRNA Expr... 2014
Details Vitamin D Levels Defined As Insufficient By the Institute of Medicine and t... 2014
Details HNF42 Competes with TCF4 for Transcription Regulation of Genes That Inhibit... 2014
Details Clinical Features and Outcomes of Incidentally Discovered Pituitary Adenoma... 2014
Details Hyperglycemia Disrupts Regional Brain Functional Connectivity and Increases... 2014
Details Prolactin As an Adjunct in Treatment of T1DM... 2014
Details Steroid Hormone Biosynthesis: TSPO Function Directly Challenged in Viable N... 2014
Details The Association of Serum Fibroblast Growth Factor 21 with Insulin Secretory... 2014
Details Postnatal Expression of PROP1 Regulates the Transition of Progenitors to Di... 2014
Details Unique Effects of PROP1 and POU1F1 on Pituitary Progenitor Development, Pro... 2014
Details Use of Cgm-Based Insulin Pump in Pregnant Patient with Uncontrolled DM1... 2014
Details 131I-6b-Iodomethyl-19-Norcholesterol (NP-59) Adrenal Scintigraphy Is Greatl... 2014
Details Glycogenic Hepatopathy in a Korean Girl with Poorly Controlled Type I Diabe... 2014
Details A Common p.Gly185Cys Variant in APOA5 Is Prevalent in Thai Subjects with Se... 2014
Details Association of the I148M/PNPLA3 Variant with Fatty Liver Disease and Corona... 2014
Details CYP2R1 Expression Decreases with Aging and Is Associated with Reduced Gener... 2014

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