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Details allele frequencies in the Asian population.... 2016
Details Treatment research reporting trends for genetic eye diseases and patient s... 2016
Details Creating a medically actionable genetic screening panel for healthy indivi... 2016
Details Diagnosis of mitochondrial deletion syndromes by concurrent mitochon- drial... 2016
Details Novallele HRM-based genotyping assays for detection of mitochon- drial DNA ... 2016
Details Discussion:... 2016
Details Conclusion:... 2016
Details How molten is the pot? Analyzing self-reported and genetic ancestry of ind... 2016
Details Adjustment for confounders in random forests analysis.... 2016
Details can cause non-lethal TRAP syndrome: Fur- ther delineation of an expanding ... 2016
Details Impact of genetic disease, mode of transmission and mutation type on the o... 2016
Details Identifi cation of a novel splice mutation in choroideremia patients invo... 2016
Details Objectives:... 2016
Details in scleral fi broblasts.... 2016
Details A modifi ed genotyping method to reliably identify single fetal cells in t... 2016
Details Conclusion:... 2016
Details Homogenization of dbGaP data.... 2016
Details Semidominant inheritance in Frank-ter Haar syndrome.... 2016
Details Distal trisomy 15q26.3-qter: Report of three familial cases and review of ... 2016
Details Linkage analysis on the 20 consanguineous singleton families with mul- tipl... 2016

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