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Details The Role Of Early TP53 Mutations On The Evolution Of Therapy-Related AML... 2013
Details Mutations In The Zinc Finger Domain Of Human and Mouse KLF1 Cause Congenita... 2013
Details Genome-Wide Promoter Methylation Profiling Of Splenic Marginal Zone Lymphom... 2013
Details Disease-Relevant Expression Of TRAF6 In Mouse HSC Results In An MDS-Like Di... 2013
Details Identification Of a Novel Mode Of Kinase Inhibitor Resistance In JAK2: JAK2... 2013
Details Whole Exome Sequencing To Estimate Alloreactivity Potential Between Donors ... 2013
Details The T Cell Receptor As An Oncogene: Thymic Expression Of Self-Reactive T Ce... 2013
Details Imaging Flow Cytometry Documents Incomplete Resistance Of F-Cells To Hypoxi... 2013
Details Aurora A Kinase Is Required For Hematopoiesis and Couples Polyploidization ... 2013
Details Anti-Obese Hormone Adiponectin Regulates Emergency Hematopoiesis and Antiba... 2013
Details Ott1(Rbm15) Regulates Thpo Response In HSCs Through Epigenetic Modification... 2013
Details Critical Roles Of The IDH2 Mutation In Development and Maintenance Of Acute... 2013
Details Thiocyanate Blocks Peroxidase-Dependent Extracellular Trap (ET) Formation B... 2013
Details Histone-Induced Lung Injury and Coagulation Activation Are Reduced By C-Rea... 2013
Details Dysregulation and Recurrent Mutation Of miRNA-142 In De Novo AML... 2013
Details Recipient HLA-C1 Enhances The Clinical Advantage Of Killer-Cell Immunoglobu... 2013
Details Survival Improvements Following Myeloablative Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell... 2013
Details B-Cell Receptors Of Follicular Lymphoma Patients Recognize Themselves... 2013
Details The Addition Of Sirolimus To The Gvhd Prophylaxis Regimen In Reduced Intens... 2013
Details Diminished Multi-Organ Pathologies and Inflammation Associated With Sickle ... 2013

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