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Details Bone Formation Response in Mice During Administration and Following Re-chal... 2013
Details Definition and determinants of a normal reference range for 24-hour urine c... 2013
Details Effect of Denosumab Two Years Therapy in Women  with Osteoporosis and Cont... 2013
Details Effect of Walking Difficulty on Bone Mass and Bone Turnover in Japanese Peo... 2013
Details Lung Cancer Stem-Like Cells (CSC) Display a Retarded Osseous Prometastatic ... 2013
Details Nutritional Status and Bone Turnover Markers in Adult Post-kidney Transplan... 2013
Details Precision of Bone Mineral Density Calculation Utilizing Single X-Ray Absorp... 2013
Details Radiation Exposure Prevents Recovery of Cancellous Bone in Mouse Vertebrae ... 2013
Details Role of Morphogenetic Proteins - FGF-23 and Klotho in the Vascular Calcific... 2013
Details Sclerostin Directly Abrogates Mechanical Loading-Induced Bone Formation in ... 2013
Details Towards Hip Fracture Prediction using Finite Element analysis and Machine L... 2013
Details Treatment Criteria of Osteoporotic Vertebral Compression Fractures(VCFS)... 2013
Details Undertreatment with Anti-osteoporosis Medications among Women Diagnosed wit... 2013