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Details Abaloparatide-SC is an Effective Treatment Option for Postmenopausal Osteop... 2016
Details Endocrine Manifestations of Systemic Mastocytosis in Bone... 2016
Details Influence of glucocorticoids on effect of denosumab on osteoporosis in pati... 2016
Details The Predictors for Twelve Months Efficacy of Denosumab, an Anti-RANKL Antib... 2016
Details The role of sclerostin in bone metabolism in the hypoxic brain damage mice ... 2016
Details ­­­­TUT7/ZCCHC6 is a novel regulator of matrix mineralization and oster... 2016
Details 68Ga-DOTATATE for tumor localization in Tumor-induced Osteomalac... 2015
Details Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Are Associated with Circulating Bone Bioma... 2015
Details The importance of vitamin D on mineralization by the osteocyte in CKD subje... 2015
Details Zoledronic Acid: A Novel Treatment for Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis Bone L... 2015
Details Mice Deficient in Osteoblast Smad4 Exhibit Impaired Collagen Fibrillogenesi... 2014
Details Network-based Proteomic Analysis for Postmenopausal Osteoporosis in Caucasi... 2014
Details Temporal Nocturnin expression leads to impaired peak bone acquisition... 2014
Details The trends in bone mineral density is reversed by body weight adjustment â€... 2014
Details To determine the prevalence of osteonecrosis of the jaw in patients who tak... 2014
Details Treatment of Nonunion of Long Bones in Bisphosphonate users vs Non Bisphosp... 2014
Details Bone morphology in 46 BXD Recombinant Inbred Strains and femur-tibia correl... 2014
Details Bone Formation Response in Mice During Administration and Following Re-chal... 2013
Details Definition and determinants of a normal reference range for 24-hour urine c... 2013

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