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Details Optical Fractional Snow Cover Retrievals under Development at Three Contine... 2018
Details Tue_174_BE-4_950... 2018
Details Sensitivity and Adaptability of Antarctic Krill to a Warming Southern Ocean... 2018
Details Arctic Precipitation: Observed Trends and Changes at Ny-Alesund, Svalbard... 2018
Details Riding on the Ferrous Wave Bacteria Are Outcompeted by Small Phytoplankton... 2018
Details Dissolved CO 2 Increase within Coccolithophore Blooms in Subpolar and Pola... 2018
Details A Comparative Study: Polar Regions... 2018
Details High-resolution Analyses of Black Carbon and Dust in a Greenland Ice Core... 2018
Details How Much Submarine Melt Water from Greenland is in the Labrador Sea?... 2018
Details A New Heat Flux Model Incorporating Variable Crustal Radiogenic Heat Produc... 2018
Details School of Ice : Professional Development Program for College Geoscience Fac... 2018
Details Faraway, So Close: Midtrophic Feeding at the Poles, an Ecomorphological Stu... 2018
Details Energetic Value of Zooplankton and Nekton of the Southern Ocean: A Review... 2018
Details Rapid Expansion of Glacial Lakes in the Central Himalayas... 2018
Details Role of Particle-attached Bacteria in Rendering Iron and Carbon Bioavailabl... 2018
Details Zooplankton Mediate Faecal Pellet Fluxes across Southern Ocean Environments... 2018
Details Establishing the Sea Ice Proxy IPSO 25 at the Western Antarctic Peninsula... 2018
Details A Comprehensive Study of the Drivers of Surface Snow Isotopes in Greenland... 2018
Details Frazil Ice Streaks on PIPERS: the Role of Sea Ice-Ocean Interactions... 2018
Details Combining Upper Crust and Lithosphere Contributions to Heat Flow Models... 2018
Details A new South African National Antarctic Programme Portal Designed by ALSA... 2018
Details Five Millennia of Environmental Dynamics from an Ice Core in the Mongolian ... 2018
Details Genomic Basis of Adaptation of the Southern Ocean Salp, Salpa thompsoni... 2018
Details Persistent Pollutants in Kongsfjorden (Svalbard) Sea Water and Coastal Sedi... 2018
Details Sea Ice is a Source of Iron-free Organic Ligands... 2018
Details Low Mesoscale Kinetic Energy as a Precondition for Blooms in the Southern O... 2018
Details Sediment Trap Particles (2014 - 2016) in the Terra Nova Bay of the Ross Sea... 2018
Details Exploring the Feasibility of a Sea-ice Satellite Simulator... 2018
Details Linking Precipitation Deuterium Excess and the Occurrence of Cyclones... 2018
Details Utilizing GPS to Investigate Ice History and Earth Model Inputs to GIA Mode... 2018
Details Science Outreach & STEM Education in Antarctica: Virtual Reality and Roboti... 2018
Details Diversity Structure of Rotifer Communities in Deglaciation Areas of Svalbar... 2018
Details Origin of CDW Intruding onto the Amundsen and Bellingshausen Sea Shelves... 2018
Details An Assessment of the MAR Regional Climate Model over High Mountain Asia... 2018
Details Recycling of Iron Binding Ligands in the Context of Ocean Circulation... 2018
Details Carbon Uptake in Bi-polar Regions and their Responses to Climate Change... 2018
Details Analysis of Synoptic Variability of the Antarctic MIZ with in Situ Observat... 2018
Details Process-informed Modelling of the Sea Ice Floe Size Distribution... 2018
Details Changes in Sea Ice Deformation and Impact of the Wind Forcing... 2018
Details A New Global GPS Dataset for Testing and Improving Modelled GIA Uplift Rate... 2018
Details Using Podcasts to Extend your Audience and Expand Content Communication Opt... 2018
Details Relationships between Soils and Plant Communities in Maritime Antarctica... 2018
Details Impact of Glacial Meltwater on Ocean Warming and Antarctic Bottom Water... 2018
Details Multiyear Observations on Stable Isotopes of Surface Snow along CHINARE Tra... 2018
Details Nutrient Recycling Influences Microbial Communities in the Southern Ocean... 2018
Details Effects of High CO 2 on Pteropod Contribution to Carbonate Flux in the Ros... 2018
Details Antarctic Sea-ice Lead Frequencies and Regional Distribution from Satellite... 2018
Details Physics of Refreezing Melt Ponds in CICE... 2018
Details Fri_259_OS-7_567... 2018
Details Creative Antarctica: Towards a Critical Evaluation of Residency Programs... 2018
Details A Special Role for Feature Films in Science Communication... 2018
Details Similarity of Trends of Scrubs Expansion in Arctic and High Mountains in Ru... 2018
Details Observing Southern Subpolar Gyres: Thermodynamics and Dynamics Contraints... 2018
Details Ionic and Isotopic Variability in a Firn Core in the Antarctic Ice Sheet... 2018
Details Biogeochemical Cycling of Metal Micronutrient Isotopes in the Southern Ocea... 2018
Details Is There More to Diel Vertical Migration?... 2018
Details SAR Pancake Ice Thickness in the Southern Ocean during the PIPERS Project... 2018
Details New Insight from CryoSat-2 Sea Ice Thickness for Sea Ice Modelling... 2018
Details Albedo and Energy Balance of Melt Pond During Late Summer in the Central Ar... 2018
Details Feminist Institutional Research: Challenges, Opportunities for Antarctic Sc... 2018
Details Taking Antarctica to the World. ICE101x, an Antarctic Massive Open Online C... 2018
Details Ecophysiology of the Sub-Antarctic Intertidal Midge Halirytus magellanicus... 2018
Details Circulation Beneath Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf and Exchange with Open Ocean... 2018
Details Spatio-temporal Variations of Firn Properties on the Western Greenland Ice ... 2018
Details Thresholds for Antarctic Ice Sheet Retreat and the Paris Climate Agreement... 2018
Details Influence of Coccolithophore Species-specific Growth Rates on Calcite Produ... 2018
Details Increase of the Antarctic SIE is Highly Significant only in the Ross Sea... 2018
Details Antarctic Sea Ice and Southern Ocean Simulations using the ACCESS-CM2 Model... 2018
Details Mercury and Organic Aerosols Cycling Response to Sea Ice Change in the Pola... 2018
Details Collaborators, Competitors or Window Shoppers... 2018
Details Impacts of Forest Fires on Discontinuous Permafrost in the Northwest Territ... 2018
Details Biodiversity of Canadian Arctic Plants and Lichens: Field Work and Floristi... 2018
Details Flow Paths of the Arctic Halocline and Atlantic Layer Derived from Tracer D... 2018
Details Analysis of IceCube and QualitySpec Trek Derived Snow SSA Measured in Sodan... 2018
Details Continuous Mega-channels Across the Foundation Ice Stream Grounding Zone... 2018
Details Phytoplankton variability in the Indian Ocean sector of the Southern Ocean... 2018
Details PIPERS:Ross Sea Ice Freeboard and Thickness Retrieve from IceBridge ATM Dat... 2018
Details A Robust Solver for Viscous Plastic Sea Ice Models in a Finite Element Fram... 2018
Details Linking Water Isotopes and Air-sea Interactions: Two Southern Ocean Case St... 2018
Details A Gap in the Antarctic humanities, and why it Should Be Filled... 2018
Details Modelling Convective Heat Transfer in Permafrost Using Long-term Monitoring... 2018
Details A Spatially Explicit Food Web Model to Evaluate Change on the Kerguelen Pla... 2018
Details Polar Ocean State Estimation around the Greenland Ice Sheet... 2018
Details Wind-packing of Snow in Antarctica... 2018
Details Multi-System, Multi-Decadal Radar Sounding of Thwaites and Pine Island Glac... 2018
Details Trends in Primary Production under the New Arctic Sea-ice Regime... 2018
Details East Siberian Sea Fast Ice: Linkage with Atmospheric Forcing... 2018
Details How Nations Research, Collect and Communicate their Antarctic History... 2018
Details Surface Drag over Arctic Sea Ice: Direct Observations from an Icebreaker... 2018
Details Antarctica and Space as Environmental Analogues... 2018
Details Thermal Evolution of a Holocene Arctic Environment in Western Greenland... 2018
Details Abundances and Activities of Prokaryotic Community in Water of an Arctic Ri... 2018
Details Perturbations on the Stratosphere Due to Intense Geomagnetic Storms: Study ... 2018
Details Wed_137_CR-7_728... 2018
Details Using Terrestrial Radar Interferometry to Understand Calving Processes... 2018
Details Arctic Ocean Carbon Cycle Response to Atlantification and CO2 Invasion... 2018
Details Sea Ice Leads Detection using High-resolution SAR Imagery... 2018
Details Argentine Museums Cooperation in Antarctic Study - Inspiring and Educating... 2018
Details Sea-air Flux and Transfer Velocity of CH4 / CO2 Measured on the Siberian Sh... 2018
Details Arctic Horizons and IASSA: The State and the Future of Arctic Social Scienc... 2018
Details A High-resolution Coupled Permafrost - Ice Sheet Model... 2018
Details Dwarf Brooder versus Giant Broadcaster: Unrecognized Species in a Brittle... 2018
Details Temperature Variations of Polar Ionosphere during Stratospheric Sudden Warm... 2018
Details Synchronizing Borehole Depths to a Temperature Time Series... 2018
Details Sun2Ice: Monitoring Calving Glaciers from Solar-powered UAVs... 2018
Details Timing of Meroplankton in Different Arctic Primary Production Regimes... 2018
Details Thu_344_OS-3_919... 2018
Details Antarctic Legacy of SA Collaborates to Celebrate South Africa's Polar Herit... 2018
Details Multi-annual Observations of Tropospheric BrO at Two Antarctic Stations... 2018
Details Towards Cross-weaving of Knowledge for Better Decisions... 2018
Details Snow Observation and Modeling for Polygonal Tundra Permafrost Thermal Asses... 2018
Details Corals as a Model to Measure Change in Polar Oceans... 2018
Details Ionospheric Scintillation Climatology at Ny-lesund across Solar Cycle 23 an... 2018
Details Snow Microstructure Evolution in Presence of Mineral Dust... 2018
Details Modelling the Calving Contribution to Sea Level in Alaska and Greenland... 2018
Details Metagenomic Analysis of Antarctic Communities of Thalassiosirales Diatoms... 2018
Details Evaluation of the EUMETSAT OSI SAF - ESA CCI Sea-ice Concentration Data Set... 2018
Details Polar Lab: Connecting Across Borders... 2018
Details Observed Greenland Ice Sheet Run-off Distribution in the Greenland Sea... 2018
Details Community-based Monitoring Networks, Data Sharing, and Earth Observation... 2018
Details Efficient Data Assimilation in a Quasi-distributed Permafrost Modeling Fram... 2018
Details A New Centric Diatom Species from the Maritime Antarctic Region... 2018
Details Chemical Impacts of Energetic Particle Precipitation in the Middle Atmosphe... 2018
Details Rapid Measurements of the Snow Surface Specific Area using the ASSSAP Instr... 2018
Details Ice Shelf-ocean Interactions in High-resolution, Global Simulations: Part I... 2018
Details Long Time-series of POC Fluxes over Arctic and Antarctic Margins... 2018
Details Evaluation of Passive Microwave Sea-ice Concentration Products with Landsat... 2018
Details Putting Natural History Collections of Antarctic Museums to Work... 2018
Details Importance of Deformed Ice in the Polar Regions for the Climate Models... 2018
Details An International Observing System for the Southern Ocean... 2018
Details A 20 th Century Perspective on Summer Antarctic Pressure Change and Variab... 2018
Details Trophic Ecology of Antarctic Deep-sea Echinoderms of the Weddell Sea... 2018
Details Surveys of 557.7/630.0-nm Dayside Auroral Emissions in Arctic and Antarctic... 2018
Details Results from COST ES1404 Action for Harmonization of Snow Measurements in E... 2018
Details On Ice-ocean Interaction and Ocean Circulation under the Ross Ice Shelf... 2018
Details Potential Primary Production of Microphytobenthos in the Changing Potter Co... 2018
Details Early Holocene Sea Ice Variability in Moubray Bay, Antarctica... 2018
Details Breaking Down the Barrier: Biological Dispersal to the Antarctic... 2018
Details Hydrodynamics between Prydz Bay and India Bay (Antarctica) during 2012 - 20... 2018
Details ICEBERG: Imagery Cyberinfrastructure to Enhance Research in Geosciences... 2018
Details Amazon and Antarctic Stable Isotope Ratios in the Southern Brazilian Rainfa... 2018
Details Sea Ice Duration and Ice Scour Influence Macroalgae at Potter Cove, Antarct... 2018
Details Unusual Amplitude Scintillation on GNSS Signals Recorded in Antarctica... 2018
Details Linking Area Extent of Melt to Changes in Snow and Firn in Greenland... 2018
Details Modelling the Retreat of Pine Island Glacier with Bayesian Networks... 2018
Details Identifying Vulnerable Ecosystems in an Antarctic Coastal Marine Environmen... 2018
Details New Insights into the Application of the PIP 25 Index in the Arctic Ocean... 2018
Details Benchmarking Southern Ocean Ecosystems in 2022-2023: A Proposal from MEASO2... 2018
Details Atmospheric Drivers of Antarctic Regional Sea Ice Extent Variability... 2018
Details Geoinformation System for Environmental Monitoring of the Arctic Ocean... 2018
Details Simulating the Southern Hemisphere Storm Track Shift... 2018
Details Wind & Tide Affect Antarctic Krill Aggregations in a Biological Hotspot... 2018
Details Environmentally Adaptive Acoustic Navigation and Communication in the New A... 2018
Details Inter-comparison of Direct Observations of Snow Grain Size... 2018
Details Future Research Directions in Antarctic Surface Hydrology & Ice-shelf Stabi... 2018
Details Polynya Formation and its Associated Chlorophyll - A Variability in Antarct... 2018
Details Application of IPSO 25 for Reconstructing Sea Ice Conditions in the Amunds... 2018
Details Comparing Methods for Ecoregionalisation using Sub-Antarctic Demersal Fish... 2018
Details Seasonal Impact of the Southern Annular Mode on Antarctic Sea Ice Extent... 2018
Details Temporal Trends of PCBs and OCPs in Landlocked Char from High Arctic Lakes... 2018
Details Sensitivity of SH Westerly Winds to Boundary Conditions for the LGM... 2018
Details Permafrost Peatlands and Climate Change: Response on Hydrological Variation... 2018
Details A Decade of Under-ice Operations by Long-endurance Seagliders... 2018
Details Triple Surface Snow Isotopic Composition Records Metamorphism... 2018
Details Water on the Antarctic Ice Sheet: Mapping Supraglacial Lake Depth and Volum... 2018
Details Shelf Ice-associated Cryo-benthos and Environmental Features... 2018
Details Record Low Antarctic Sea Ice Area in Springtime of 2016: Forcing and Respon... 2018
Details Response of Antarctic Krill to Rapid Regional Warming over the Last 90 Year... 2018
Details Seasonality of Antarctic Microseisms: A Window on Sea Ice Variability... 2018
Details Emerging and Legacy POPs in Norwegian Marine Sediments: The MAREANO Program... 2018
Details Evolution of Pacific to Southern Hemisphere Teleconnection in the Last Ice ... 2018
Details Squid Prey of Antarctic fur Seals as an Environmental Change Indicator... 2018
Details Ocean Boundary Layer Variability in Drake Passage from Gliders: Hours to Se... 2018
Details Seismic Evidence of Anisotropy in the Firn of the Amery Ice Shelf, Antarcti... 2018
Details In Search of Perennial firn Aquifers in Antarctica... 2018
Details Microbial Eukaryotes in Sea Water From Fildes Peninsula, Antarctica... 2018
Details Sea Ice Reconstruction Over the Last 3ka BP in the Ross Sea (Antarctica)... 2018
Details Climate Model Projections of under Ice Habitats for Antarctic Krill Larvae... 2018
Details Carbon Dynamics during the Formation of Sea Ice at Different Growth Rates... 2018
Details Anthropogenic Effects on the Marine Environment at Palmer Station, Antarcti... 2018
Details Warming by Moist Air Intrusion and Cloud Radiation in the Arctic and Antarc... 2018
Details Unrevealing the Life of the Giant Antarctic Octopus Megaleledone setebos... 2018
Details Revealing Physical and Ecological Dynamics at the Ice Edge - A Robotic Appr... 2018
Details Surface Mass Balance Changes during the Last Deglaciation... 2018
Details Driftwood Insights into Holocene Pan-Arctic Sea Ice Dynamics... 2018
Details Lipid Composition of the Sea Ice and Water Column in Early Spring... 2018
Details Southern Ocean SST & Sea Ice Changes: Southern Oceanand Indian Monsoon Link... 2018
Details Sea Ice Dynamics on West Antarctic Peninsula Underlying Ecosystem Alteratio... 2018
Details Unexpected Halogen Activation during Fall at Neumayer III/Antarctica... 2018
Details First Detection of SCCPs in Humpback Whales Foraging in Antarctic Waters... 2018
Details Climate Modeling of Ice Supersaturation and Haze at Dome C, Antarctica... 2018
Details Diversity of Photoautotrophic Mats in Lakes on James Ross Island... 2018
Details Effects of Snow Grain Shape on Climate Simulations with NorESM... 2018
Details SNOWAVE: A Novel Radar Architecture for Snow Cover Monitoring... 2018
Details Arctic Sea Ice Export during the Globally Warm Pliocene... 2018
Details Macrobenthic Communities along a Shelf-slope-Basin Transect in the Bering S... 2018
Details Modelling the Annual Cycle of Antarctic Sea Ice Extent... 2018
Details Diisopropylnaphthalene in Sediments of Arctic Fjord: Environmental Signific... 2018
Details A Scaling Law for the Floe Size Distribution of Pancake Ice... 2018
Details Persistent Pollutants in Arctic and Antarctic Krill and in Commercial Krill... 2018
Details Clouds, Aerosols and Radiation Measurements during the Polarstern Cruise PS... 2018
Details Shrubs in a Changing Arctic: Benefit or Vulnerability?... 2018
Details Dual Frequency Radar Altimetry - Measuring Greenland Firn Properties from S... 2018
Details Topography and Snow Accumulation in the Marginal Zone of the Greenland Ice ... 2018
Details Past Sea Ice Variability Derived from Ice Cores: The Bromine Approach... 2018
Details Dispersal of Fjord Megabenthos in Andvord Bay: A Modeling Approach... 2018
Details Comparing Pre-industrial and Late Pleistocene Antarctic Sea Ice Trends... 2018
Details Citizen Scientists: Marine Litter Pollutes Arctic Beaches and Affects Wild ... 2018
Details Modeling Modified Circumpolar Deep Water Intrusions onto Prydz Bay... 2018
Details Adelie Penguins as Indicators of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)... 2018
Details Measured Radiation Budget Profiles of Arctic Clouds using a Tethered Balloo... 2018
Details Effect of Detached Algae and Predation on Soft-bottom Communities in Both P... 2018
Details Snow-air Exchange and its Influence on Preservation of Climate Signals in I... 2018
Details Sensitivity Experiments for the Impact of Metamorphism on Signals in Polar ... 2018
Details Biogeochemical Cycling and Sea Ice Dynamics in the Bering Sea across the MP... 2018
Details Decadal Population Trends of Two Pacific Arctic Clams as Related to Product... 2018
Details Comparison of Ice/Water Classification from C- and L-band SAR Imagery... 2018
Details Perchlorate in Surface Snow along a Traverse Route in East Antarctica... 2018
Details Seasonality of Antarctic Sea-ice and Snow Properties from Autonomous System... 2018
Details Understanding Diversity in CMIP5 Projections of Winds over the Southern Oce... 2018
Details Cloud Response to Moisture Intrusions into the Arctic... 2018
Details Thermal Stress Response in Arctic and Antarctic Pseudogymnoascus spp . S... 2018
Details Measurement and Modelling of Tundra Snowpack Structure... 2018
Details Post-depositional Changes of Delta O-18 in Snow... 2018
Details Arctic Ice Sheets and Sea Ice Extent during MIS 6/MIS 5: A Biomarker Perspe... 2018
Details Linking Fine Scale Distribution of Zooplankton to Sea Ice Cover and Predato... 2018
Details Environmental Sensitivity of Diatom Biomarker Lipids Linked to Ice Edge Dyn... 2018
Details High Altitude Lake Environments: Sinks for Chemical Pollutants?... 2018
Details Dissolved Gas Properties and Water Formation in a Coastal Polynya during PI... 2018
Details Increasing the Predictability of Arctic land Surface Energy Fluxes... 2018
Details Stratocumulus Breakup in Cold Air Outbreaks over the North Atlantic... 2018
Details Photosynthetic Activity of Marine Phytoplankton in the Antarctic Peninsula... 2018
Details Evolution in Geometry of Firn in Ice Sheets Detected by Dielectric Anisotro... 2018
Details Continuous Sensing of Snow Water Equivalent Using Natural Gamma Radiation... 2018
Details Sea Ice Reconstructions Using Ancient DNA... 2018
Details Small-scale DVM of Zooplankton and Susceptibility to Light Pollution... 2018
Details Extraction Method of Arctic Sea Ice and its Multiscale Change Characteristi... 2018
Details Air Dispersion Modeling Application for Impact Assessment in the Antarctic... 2018
Details Mapping Antarctic Peninsula Iceberg Melt Variability with Satellite Imagery... 2018
Details Observational Evidence for Predictive Skill from Arctic Summer Sea-ice Exte... 2018
Details The Greater than Expected Affect of Temperature on Antarctic Marine Species... 2018
Details Predicting Diatom Diversity in the McMurdo Dry Valleys with Metacommunity M... 2018
Details New Arctic Straits and Islands and their Potential Influence on Human Activ... 2018
Details New Organic Compounds in Ice Cores for Use in Paleoclimate Reconstruction... 2018
Details Aerosol Microphysical Effects on Cloud Fraction over the Nighttime Arctic O... 2018
Details Phytoplankton Community Composition and Distribution in an Antarctic Fjord... 2018
Details Sea Ice Volume in the Greenlanad, Irminger and Labrador Seas, 1978 - 2016... 2018
Details Trace Elements in an Ultraclean Snow Pit on the King George Island... 2018
Details Evidence of Polynya Frazil Ice Growth over Tens of Vertical Meters during P... 2018
Details Modulation of Arctic Climate Change by Atlantic Multidecadal Variability... 2018
Details Polygenic Adaptation Drives Genomic Divergence between Spawning Modes in Ca... 2018
Details Down-fjord Changes in Macrobenthos in Glacially Influenced Andvord Bay, WAP... 2018
Details Engaging Youth to Envision and Advance Sustainability in Arctic Russia... 2018
Details Urban Contamination in Andean Mountains near Santiago, Chile... 2018
Details Far IR Measurements of Thin Polar Ice Clouds in View of TICFIRE Mission... 2018
Details Organic Carbon Budget of the in Ice-covered Arctic Ocean during Late Spring... 2018
Details Antarctic Sea Ice Response to Climate Changes in a Model Study... 2018
Details PBDEs vs Biological Traits in Boreogadus saida from NE Greenland... 2018
Details Southern Ocean Polar Mesocyclones Dynamics from WRF High Resolution Hindcas... 2018
Details Sub-seasonal Predictability of Cold Air Outbreaks... 2018
Details Quantifying the Role of Allochrony in Sympatric Seabird Niche Partitioning... 2018
Details Plant-endophyte Association: Tolerance Mechanism to Drought Stress in Antar... 2018
Details How Does Change Actually Affect Arctic Communities?... 2018
Details Air-snow Transfer of Nitrate in Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica... 2018
Details Satellite Observations of Summer Arctic Sea Fog... 2018
Details High Resolution Hydrographic Surveys: Fjord Ecosystem Experiment Results... 2018
Details Interannual Dynamics of the Ice Regime of the Sea of Azov in the XX-XXI Cen... 2018
Details Geographic Variability in Gentoo Penguin Mercury Burdens... 2018
Details PIPERS: Fall-winter Observations of Dissolved Iron in the Ross Sea Polynyas... 2018
Details Climate Change and the Threat of Novel Marine Predators in Antarctica... 2018
Details Transcriptome of the Branchinecta gaini : Unraveling the Thermal Stress Re... 2018
Details Socio-economic Changes in Mining Communities of Murmansk Region, Arctic Rus... 2018
Details Modelling the Influence of Layering and Barometric Pumping on Firn Air Tran... 2018
Details Interactions Between Arctic Clouds, Sea Ice, and Lower Tropospheric Stabili... 2018
Details Inter-annual and Seasonal Sediment Trap Zooplankton Variability - Arctic Fj... 2018
Details Thu_362_OS-3_2555... 2018
Details Accumulation of Crude oil in Arctic Marine Zooplankton... 2018
Details High Heat Flux Events and the Role of Sea Ice in the Iceland Greenland Seas... 2018
Details Biodiversity, Distribution and Ecology of Cephalopods in Polar Marine Ecosy... 2018
Details GHG Emissions Potentials in Maritime Antarctica... 2018
Details An Arctic Village Facing New Socio-economic Transformations: Teriberka, Rus... 2018
Details 20th Century Dramatic Dust Influx to Antarctica & Associated Aridity in SSA... 2018
Details Antarctic Cloud Microphysics using the DARDAR Synergetic Satellite Products... 2018
Details ART Initiated TRANSSIZ -Transitions in the Arctic Seasonal Sea Ice Zone - C... 2018
Details Multivariate Biomarker Methods for Reconstructing Arctic Sea Ice Conditions... 2018
Details Plastic Pollution in the Southern Ocean and its Impact on Antarctic Wildlif... 2018
Details Contrasting Carbon Monoxide Cycles in the North Pacific and the Amundsen Se... 2018
Details Results from the High Elevation Antarctic Terahertz (HEAT) Telescope on Rid... 2018
Details Increase Temperature Favors the CO 2 Assimilation of Antarctic Vascular Sp... 2018
Details Mining Settlements in Transition: Analyzing Svalbard's Post-coal Future... 2018
Details Environmental Signals from the Dust in a High Altitude Tropical Ice Core... 2018
Details Vertical Distribution of Aerosol Properties in the Spitsbergen Region... 2018
Details Functional Patterns of Chukchi Sea Benthos... 2018
Details Ice, Snow, or Canvas? Best Protection against Harsh Weather Conditions... 2018
Details Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (Pbdes) in Indoor Environments from Antarcti... 2018
Details Impact of Winter Storms in a Thinner Arctic Sea-ice Regime... 2018
Details Galaxy Cluster Science from the North Pole: The OLIMPO Experiment... 2018
Details Transcriptome of Antarctic-endemic Sponge Reveals Heat Shock Proteins Expre... 2018
Details Plio/Pleistocene Preconditioning at Both Poles as Driver of Super Interglac... 2018
Details Ultralight Ice Coring System... 2018
Details Importance of Processes and Feedbacks in Modeling & Prediction of Arctic Cl... 2018
Details Sea Ice and Glacier Control of Antarctic Coastal Ecosystem Dynamics and its... 2018
Details Antarctic Research and the Evolution of Arctic Institutions, c. 1940 -1960... 2018
Details Melting Glaciers Stimulate Hg Cycling in High Altitudes in the Tibetan Plat... 2018
Details Global Research Challenges and CATCH - The Cryosphere and ATmospheric CHemi... 2018
Details Cosmic Ray and Air Shower Studies with IceCube... 2018
Details Long-term Effects of Climate Change on High Arctic Plant Species... 2018
Details A Transantarctic View of the Plio-Pleistocene East Antarctic Ice Sheet... 2018
Details Shape and Size Constraints on Ice Core Dust Optical Properties... 2018
Details Multidisciplinary Drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate... 2018
Details Arctic Benthic Community Structure and Functioning during Late Spring... 2018
Details From the Archives of the Unknown Explorer... 2018
Details Euphausia superba... 2018
Details Evaporation at 2 Poles: Moisture & Sensible Heat Flux in the Arctic & Antar... 2018
Details Advances in the LAGO Antarctic Node Implementation Design... 2018
Details Tue_209_BE-4_2528... 2018
Details Meltwater Contributions to Mid to Late Pliocene (3.3-2.6Ma) Global Sea-leve... 2018
Details Internal Bubble Pressures and Bubble Trapping Function in Ice Cores... 2018
Details Improving Forecasts of Air-ice-Ocean Interactions in the MIZ during Autumn ... 2018
Details Molt Phenology Mediates Colony Attendance and Pupping Success in Weddell Se... 2018
Details Whaling, Claims and a Doctoral Thesis from 1940... 2018
Details Antibiotic Resistance in Escherichia coli Strains from Antarctic Seawater... 2018
Details Surface Heat Budgets in the Ross and Weddell Seas and Global Climate Variab... 2018
Details Dynamic Barriers Preventing Flow of Warm Ocean Currents into Ice Shelf Cavi... 2018
Details Meroplankton and Potential for Benthic Colonization in High-Arctic Ecosyste... 2018
Details A Framework for Understanding the Long-term Andscape Evolution of Antarctic... 2018
Details Reconstruction of Early Holocene Environmental Conditions from the RICE Ice... 2018
Details Arctic Climate Spatio-temporal Modes of Variability as Sources of Predictab... 2018
Details How Do Hormones and the Skin Transcriptome Drive Molt in a Polar Pinniped?... 2018
Details Probing Antarctic Ice in the Arctic: Connections in Radioglaciologys Histor... 2018
Details Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Sediment Around Four Antarctic Stations... 2018
Details Terra Nova Bay Polynya Evolution by MODIS Imagery during Winter 2003 - 2016... 2018
Details Atlantic Water Supply toward the 79N Glacier in Northeast Greenland... 2018
Details Why the Arctic Calanus glacialis and Boreal C. finmarchicus Cannot Hybr... 2018
Details Long-term Landscape Evolution of the Wilkes Subglacial Basin, East Antarcti... 2018
Details Spatiotemporal Variations of Monocarboxylic Acids in Snow in Eastern Antarc... 2018
Details Satellite-derived Sea Ice Export and its Impact on Arctic Ice Mass Balance... 2018
Details Environmental Influences on the Thermal Flux of a Molting Polar Pinniped... 2018
Details Sealing in Antarctic during the Nineteenth Century. Three Decades of Archae... 2018
Details Occurrence of PBDEs in the Greenland Shark Somniosus microcephalus... 2018
Details Biogenic Aerosol in Central Antarctica: The Ocean-atmosphere Interaction... 2018
Details Heat Loss in the Atlantic Water Boundary Current North of Svalbard... 2018
Details Effects of Sea Ice on Arctic Biota... 2018
Details Glacial Geomorphic Features: West Antarctic Seafloor and Subsurface Barents... 2018
Details Last Interglacial Climate Variability at TALDICE, East Antarctica... 2018
Details Contrasting Antarctic and Arctic Atmospheric Responses to Projected Sea Ice... 2018
Details Effects in Renal and Hepatic Cells by Cd, Pb, Cr and Se Found in Penguins... 2018
Details Isla Observatorio and its Significance for Antarctic Expeditions in 1900s... 2018
Details POPs in Cod Fish and Greenland Halibut from NW Greenland... 2018
Details Ross Sea Shelf Water Variability and Interactions with the Atmospheric Forc... 2018
Details Hotspots of Internal Solitary Waves and Mixing in the Ice-free Arctic Ocean... 2018
Details Phylogeography of Halicarcinus planatus : First Marine Alien Reaching Anta... 2018
Details New Enhanced-resolution Passive Microwave Climate Record for Historical Ana... 2018
Details Atmospheric Contamination on the Top of the Himalaya over the Last 500 Year... 2018
Details Dynamics of Peat Frontiers in the Arctic and Antarctic under a Warming Clim... 2018
Details Metals Found in Penguins Produce Oxidative Stress in Renal and Hepatic Cell... 2018
Details History of French Polar Shuttles... 2018
Details Source Assessment of Trace Elements in the Polar Regions by Isotopic Analys... 2018
Details Shelf and Slope Dynamics Offshore the West Svalbard Continental Margin... 2018
Details Opening the Window to the Southern Ocean: Abrupt Change in Ventilation... 2018
Details DREB/CBF Analysis in Colobanthus quitensis (Kunth) Bartl., under Abiotic ... 2018
Details Thermodynamic Technique for Estimating Ice Thickness from a Moving Icebreak... 2018
Details New Results from the Mineral Dust Record of the TALDICE Ice Core... 2018
Details Linking C Sequestration Service and High Arctic Ecosystem Multi-functionali... 2018
Details Adlie Penguin Diet: Comparison of Stomach Flushing with Faecal DNA Analysis... 2018
Details Thu_374_SH-6_105... 2018
Details Orographic and Anthropogenic impact at Antarctica and POPs Contamination... 2018
Details Fri_293_OS-7_1823... 2018
Details Subsurface Response of the Southern Ocean to Changing Westerly Winds... 2018
Details Spiders in Warmer, Wetter Climates Experience Higher Rates of Egg Sac Paras... 2018
Details An New Algorithm to Detect Blowing Snow from Ceilometers in East Antarctica... 2018
Details X-Ray Computed Tomography System for Analysis of Full Length Ice Cores... 2018
Details Greening and Browning Trends in Circumpolar Arctic Tundra Vegetation... 2018
Details Adlie Penguin Telomeres: Eco-indicators of Environmental Stress?... 2018
Details Antarctic Sun Lines: Connecting Antarctic Gateway Cities through Art... 2018
Details Organic Compounds Emitted by Ships as Potential Contaminants in Polar Regio... 2018
Details Antarctic Sea Ice Region as a Source of Biogenic Organic Nitrogen in Aeroso... 2018
Details New Concepts for the Role of Sea Ice in Structuring Southern Ocean Ecosyste... 2018
Details Integrative Biogeography in Southern Ocean Mollusks... 2018
Details Calibration and Validation of SARIn Radar Altimetry for Mass Balance Estima... 2018
Details Leads/Lags between Antarctic Temperature and CO2 during the Last Deglaciati... 2018
Details Spatial Redictions of Essential Biodiversity Variables: A Bird Perspective... 2018
Details Modelling of Ballast Water Discharge in the Arctic Ocean... 2018
Details ARICE: Arctic Research Icebreaker Consortium... 2018
Details Characterization of HMW TPH Patterns from Soil at McMurdo Station, Antarcti... 2018
Details Long-term Measurements of CO 2 Flux over Sea Ice in the Canadian Arctic... 2018
Details An Integrative Conceptual Model of the Arctic Ocean's Freshwater System... 2018
Details Functionality of the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor 2 in Antarctic Notothenioid ... 2018
Details A Decade of Changes of Glacier Facies Extents on Hansbreen (Svalbard)... 2018
Details Frequency of Large Volcanic Eruptions over the past 200,000 Years... 2018
Details Climate Warming Accelerates Increase in Plant Species Richness on Alpine Su... 2018
Details Trophic and Non-trophic Connections of Potter Cove Marine Ecosystem... 2018
Details International Collaboration at Ny-lesund Research Station in Svalbard, Norw... 2018
Details Inputs of Halobenzenes to Ice Cores at Svalbard and Antarctica... 2018
Details Changes in Heat Content and Melt-water at Maxwell Bay, King George Island... 2018
Details Arctic Marine Ecosystem Conceptual Model: Interactions Matrix Revealed (Par... 2018
Details Regulation of a Lost Inducible Heat Shock Response in Antarctic Fishes... 2018
Details UAV Multispectral Remote Sensing of Sub-arctic Ponds (Nunavik, Canada)... 2018
Details Taylor Glacier Ice Core Shows Dynamic Taylor Dome Accumulation during MIS 5... 2018
Details European Alpine Glacier Reveals one Millennium of Fire and Vegetation Dynam... 2018
Details Snow Does Not Mirrow Air Microbial Communities as Shown on Transects in Ice... 2018
Details Knowledge Production in Polar Research: Science, Creativity and Infrastruct... 2018
Details Anthropogenic Impact on Soil Prokaryotic Communities of Fildes Peninsula... 2018
Details Interannual to Decadal Labrador Sea Ice Variability due to Local-scale Proc... 2018
Details Models and Methods to Support Marine Ecosystem Assessments for Polar Oceans... 2018
Details Evolutionary Adaptation Potential and Population Structure of Notothenia ... 2018
Details Sea-ice Phenology in a Warmer Arctic... 2018
Details Aerosols Preserved in a High-accumulation Dome Ice Core, Southeast Greenlan... 2018
Details Southern-Atlantic Phytoplankton Community Composition Response to Light and... 2018
Details Snow and Photosynthetically Active Radiation in Lakes of the McMurdo Dry Va... 2018
Details Efficacy of Outreach Efforts: An Insight from Stakeholders... 2018
Details Soil Contamination at Impacted Sites in the McMurdo Dry Valleys... 2018
Details Heat Loss Variability and Subantarctic Mode Water at Southern Ocean OOI Moo... 2018
Details Arctic Continental Slopes... 2018
Details Identifying Thresholds for Cellular Stress Responses to Heat in Antarctic F... 2018
Details Scales of Variability of Sea-ice Algae in Spring: Observations and Model Re... 2018
Details High Resolution East Antarctic Climate History: Ice Core Isotopic Records... 2018
Details Southern Ocean Phytoplankton Silica Uptake Relating to Leakage and Carbon E... 2018
Details Climate Variability Positively Affects East Antarctic Moss Communities... 2018
Details Thu_380_SH-6_1214... 2018
Details Effect of Copper Contamination on SOD Activity of Polar & Tropical Chlorel... 2018
Details Observations of Significant CO 2 Uptake in Antarctic Polynyas... 2018
Details State of the Arctic Marine Biodiversity Report: Plankton across Sectors... 2018
Details Correlation between Degree of Herbivory and Gut Morphology in 8 Notothenioi... 2018
Details Progress in Modelling Coupled Sympagic-pelagic Ecosystems in the Canadian A... 2018
Details Development of a Method for the Measurement of 15 NH 4 in Ice Core Sampl... 2018
Details Impact of Light and Iron Availability on Antarctic Phytoplankton Ecophysiol... 2018
Details Age, Density, Prey, and Climate Drive the Demographics of an Apex Predator... 2018
Details Disaster Diplomacy in the Arctic: Advancing Research and Bridging Boundarie... 2018
Details Comparative Analysis of Pollutants in Polar, High- and Low-altitude Cryocon... 2018
Details Monitoring Subsurface Meltwaters from Surface Observation in Nares Strait... 2018
Details Towards Data Sovereignty for Indigenous Arctic Communities... 2018
Details Notothenioids in the Ichthyoplankton at Potter Cove, South Shetland Islands... 2018
Details Winter to Summer CO 2 Chemistry in Antarctic Sea Ice... 2018
Details Lead in the European Atmosphere from the Ortles Ice Cores, the Last 7000 Ye... 2018
Details Phytoplankton Group-specific Contributions to the Subantarctic Biological P... 2018
Details Multi-million Year Antarctic Presence within the Moss Genus Schistidium... 2018
Details Young Researchers Develop Lists of Sustainable Practice in Arctic Communiti... 2018
Details Environmental Relationships of the Heavy Metals in a Periglacial Landscape... 2018
Details Connecting the Spring Atmospheric Pacific-arctic Mode to Summer Beaufort Ic... 2018
Details Community-based Monitoring and Resource Governance in the Arctic... 2018
Details Lipid Dynamics and Trophic Patterns of Antarctic Silverfish in the Weddell ... 2018
Details Seasonal Evolution of Light Transmission through Central Arctic Sea Ice... 2018
Details Coupled Production of CH 4 , C 2 H 6 , and C 3 H 8 in Dust-rich Greenland ... 2018
Details Coccolithophore Controls on the Southern Ocean Carbon Cycle... 2018
Details Sensitivity of Coccolithophores to Ocean Warming and Acidification... 2018
Details Research Vessel Aranda - Experienced, Refitted and Again Ready for Polar Wo... 2018
Details Plastic Debris in Antarctic Marine Organisms: First Results of PLANET Proje... 2018
Details Evaluation of Wind Products with Wave Glider Observations in the Southern O... 2018
Details Mobilizing Inuit Research Methodologies: A Pond Inlet Case Study... 2018
Details Climate Change and Mitochondrial Metabolism in High-Antarctic Notothenioids... 2018
Details Review on Status and Changes of the Barents Sea System... 2018
Details Towards Gas Measurements in Extremely Thinned Ice: The Mid-IR Laser Spectro... 2018
Details Main Drivers Regulating the Strength of Carbonate Counter Pump in the SO... 2018
Details Ecoregionalisation of the Southern Ocean in the Context of Climate Change... 2018
Details Year of Polar Prediction - Bridging Boundaries to Improve Environmental Saf... 2018
Details Long-range Transport of Pollutants to Antarctica... 2018
Details Factors Controlling Water Mass Variations over the Chukchi Borderland, Arct... 2018
Details Indigenous Rights and the Smi in Sweden - An Analysis of the Girjas Trial... 2018
Details Antarctic Silverfish Pleuragramma antarctica - Condition and the Role of ... 2018
Details Global-scale Hydrological Response to Future Glacier Mass Loss... 2018
Details Alpine Ice Cores Indicate Persistently High Nitrate and Ammonium Concentrat... 2018
Details Major 20th Century Contribution to Sea-level Rise from Uncharted Glaciers... 2018
Details Southern Ocean Influence on Robertson Bay, Northern Victoria Land... 2018
Details Towards the Marine Arctic Component of the Pan-Eurasian Experiment (PEEX)... 2018
Details Using DGT to Assess the Risk of Metal Contaminants in Polar Environments... 2018
Details Remote in situ Measurements of Sea Ice Evolution... 2018
Details Opportunities & Limitations in Co-managing Water Resources in Yukon, Canada... 2018
Details Evaluation of the Dispersal Capacity of Sub-Antarctic Crab Halicarcinus pl... 2018
Details Pan-Third Pole Environment (Pan-TPE)... 2018
Details Stable Methane Isotope Data from Antarctic Ice Cores over DO7/8 and HS4... 2018
Details Data Assimilation & Uncertainty Analysis of a Stochastic Subglacial System ... 2018
Details Social Structure of Leopard Seals at Livingston Island, Antarctica... 2018
Details Rapid Response to Environmental Emergency Alerts. An INTERACT Initiative... 2018
Details PANGAEA - Data Publisher for Earth and Environmental Science... 2018
Details Modeling the Formation and Persistence of an Open Ocean Polynya... 2018
Details Changing Requirements for Indigenous Lands Documents: What Affect Do These ... 2018
Details A Comparison of the Frost Environment of Three Disparate Climatic Locations... 2018
Details Impact of a Global Temperature Rise of 1.5 C on Asia's Glaciers... 2018
Details Towards Gas Measurements in Extremely Thinned Ice: Sublimation Extraction... 2018
Details Time-lapse Thermal Imagery Used to Resolve sub-debris Glacier Melt in Alask... 2018
Details Whats in a Size? Phenotypic Variation across Acutuncus antarcticus Popula... 2018
Details Polar Research Center - Together Conducting Research in Svalbard... 2018
Details How, what, where, when: Expedition Metadata and Data Collection... 2018
Details Arctic Layer Salinity Controls Vertical Mixing with Deep Atlantic Layer... 2018
Details Greenland Ice Cores Tell Tales on past Sea Level Changes... 2018
Details Tue_230_CR-1_139... 2018
Details Fate of Glaciers on the Tibetan Plateau by 2100... 2018
Details Growth of Air-hydrate Crystals in the Bottom Section of the EPICA DC Ice Co... 2018
Details Recent Changes to Glaciers on Northern Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Canada... 2018
Details Three Decades of Plant Succession at Rip Point, Nelson Island, Antarctica... 2018
Details Connecting Polar Research across Boundaries at the Snow Remote Sensing Exam... 2018
Details Making the Most of ACE Data... 2018
Details Oceanic Emissions of Aerosol-forming Substances in Antarctica and Subantarc... 2018
Details Variability of Terrigenous Supply in the Northern Bering Sea over the Past ... 2018
Details Geomorphology and Antarctic Ecosystems in Dronning Maud Land... 2018
Details Possible Impacts of Black Carbon on Water Cycle Pattern over the Third Pole... 2018
Details An Extended Climate Archive from the Eastern Alps: The Mt Ortles Ice Cores... 2018
Details Elevation Changes of Greenland's Glaciers using AeroDEM, ArcticDEM and TanD... 2018
Details Efficiency of the Antarctic Protected Areas Conserving the Terrestrial Dive... 2018
Details Studying the Poverty of Local Communities in the North: Ways of Cooperation... 2018
Details Fri_38_EN-5_853... 2018
Details Lake Bonney Narrows: 114 Years of Observations Started by Scott Himself... 2018
Details Late Cenozoic Sedimentary Processes Shaping the Lomonosov Ridge, Arctic Oce... 2018
Details Current State of Active Layer Research on James Ross Island... 2018
Details Causes of Multi-decadal Environmental Change near Toolik Lake, Arctic Alask... 2018
Details Dating the Aurora Basin North Ice Core with Seasonal Cycles and Volcanic Ti... 2018
Details Ice Shelf Buttressing and Ice Sheet Flow... 2018
Details Closely Related Antarctic Octopus Show Different Spatial Genetic Structures... 2018
Details Thu_392_SH-6_2252... 2018
Details Providing High-quality Long-term Data Management at the McMurdo Dry Valleys... 2018
Details Air Temperature in Franz Josef Land Archipelago from 1899 to 1940... 2018
Details Last Interglacial Meltwater Signal from Far-field Sea-level and Proxy-clima... 2018
Details Sulphur Dynamics in Permafrost Thaw Lakes... 2018
Details Groundwater Exchanges on the Land Surface Control Stream Chemistry in Perma... 2018
Details Trace Elements Variation between ~600kyr BP to 800 kyr BP in Dome C Ice Cor... 2018
Details An Observation Based Approach to Calculating Ice Shelf Calving Flux... 2018
Details What Drives the Distribution of Antarctic Krill at the South Orkney Islands... 2018
Details Early Career Engagement Bridges Polar Boundaries: A Case Study from Horizon... 2018
Details Liberating Arctic Botanical Biodiversity Data at the Canadian Museum of Nat... 2018
Details Mapping the Dispersion of Airborne Microorganisms in Byers Peninsula, Antar... 2018
Details Environmental Conditions in East Antarctica - Evidence from Mumiyo Deposits... 2018
Details A High Resolution Permafrost Thermal Stability Map in the Third Pole... 2018
Details How Do CO 2 and CH 4 Effluxes from Toolik Lake Change with Climate Change... 2018
Details Synchronizing Ice Core Chronologies: An Automated Method... 2018
Details Nature or Nurture? Rift Generation(s) at the NE front of the Ross Ice Shelf... 2018
Details Physical Forcing of Marine Ecosystems in the Prince Edward Islands Region... 2018
Details RoSES - Role of the Southern Ocean in the Earth System: A NERC Funded Progr... 2018
Details Developing a Metadata Portal for Researchers... 2018
Details Data Mining Cloud Regimes for the Purpose of Model Validation... 2018
Details New Constraints on post-LGM Ice Sheet Dynamics in the Southern Weddell Sea... 2018
Details OTC-induced Effects on Ground Thermal Regime and Moss Cover in James Ross I... 2018
Details Variability of Ecosystem Connectivity in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctic... 2018
Details Astronomical Dating: An Inverse Method Applied to Antarctic Ice Cores... 2018
Details Study on Fracturing of Ronne-Filchner Ice Shelf using Multisource Satellite... 2018
Details Integrating Niche Modelling to Assess Spatial Risks of an Invasive Midge... 2018
Details Arctic Pedagogic Landscape Inquiry Bridging the Polar to the Peak... 2018
Details Enhancing Polar Decision Making: Data Sharing through Active Collaboration... 2018
Details FAIR Data Management in the Polar Regions... 2018
Details That Which Cannot Be Transmitted... 2018
Details Tue_236_CR-1_858... 2018
Details Roles of Hydrologic Variability in Understanding Arctic River lTemperature... 2018
Details Exploring a New Proxy for Reconstructing Past Wind Strength in Ellsworth La... 2018
Details MADICE - Exploring Ice Rises and Shelves of Dronning Maud Land, East Antarc... 2018
Details Antarctic Sponges as Prokaryotic Diversity and Biotechnology Hot-spots... 2018
Details International Cooperation in Arctic: The Role of the UK Arctic Office... 2018
Details Using Concept Analysis and Visualization to Mediate Data for Different Audi... 2018
Details A Comparison of ISCCP D and ISCCP H Clouds over the Southern Ocean using SO... 2018
Details Invisible Dust: Making the Invisible Visible... 2018
Details Effect of Mosses on Ground Thermal Regime in Three Different Areas of Antar... 2018
Details Arctic Cloud Residual and Ambient Aerosol Properties Measured during ACLOUD... 2018
Details New Insights into Disruptions in the Isotopic Record from the Ronne Ice She... 2018
Details Multi-disciplinary Observation Network to Monitor Rapid Changes in Antarcti... 2018
Details Peracarids of the Larsen-C Shelf Area Compared with Non-ice Covered Regions... 2018
Details British Science and the Forge of Antarctic Politics: 1895 - 1961... 2018
Details Biogeographically-linked Resource to Share Polar Microbial & Environmental ... 2018
Details Arctic and Southern Ocean Mean States in Ten Reanalyses... 2018
Details There Is Always Something More Important... 2018
Details Retrogressive Thaw Slumps: Indicators of Holocene Climate Changes... 2018
Details ACE-SPACE: Overview of Southern Ocean Aerosol and Trace Gases Measurements... 2018
Details Wed_190_CR-8_2575... 2018
Details Drivers of Southern Ocean Sea Ice Trends in CMIP5 Models... 2018
Details An Investigation into Social-biology of Penguins in Antarctica... 2018
Details Thu_399_SH-7_539... 2018
Details Fri_47_EN-5_2661... 2018
Details Scientific Archives in Polar Data Science: The Archive for German Polar Res... 2018
Details Resonant Evidence: Music and Soundscapes from the Ice... 2018
Details Stability of Relic Hydrates in Permafrost of Northern Eurasia and North Ame... 2018
Details Aerosol and Surface Snow Chemical Composition at Dome C from 10-yr Long Rec... 2018
Details Water Isotope Characterization of the Styx Glacier Ice Core in East Antarct... 2018
Details Atmospheric Influences on the Anomalous 2016 Antarctic Sea Ice Decay... 2018
Details Are there Barriers for Microbial Dispersal in Antarctica? Clues from Rotife... 2018
Details Importance and Interest on Arctic and Svalbard Treaty... 2018
Details Source, Processes & Productivity-investigation through Lake Sediment, Antar... 2018
Details A Comparison of Surface Winds over the Ross Sea Region Using Cluster Analys... 2018
Details Modern Hyperboreans... 2018
Details Permafrost Thaw Related Surface Displacement in Qaanaaq Village, NW Greenla... 2018
Details Full System Characterization of a Summer to Winter Transition... 2018
Details Assessment of Fractionation Processes and Corrections for Noble Gas Thermom... 2018
Details Exploring Kinematic Contributions on Antarctic Sea-ice Extent... 2018
Details Under Sea-ice and under Protection: Low Impact Sampling of Antarctic Toothf... 2018
Details Thu_401_SH-7_1193... 2018
Details Long-term Growing Season Dynamics Inferred from Birch Leaf Cuticle... 2018
Details Digitization and Analysis of the SPRI-NSF-TUD Radar Data Archive... 2018
Details Geospatial Tracking of Antarctic Iceberg Calving via Indian Space-borne Mis... 2018
Details Tue_241_CR-1_1904... 2018
Details Airborne Measurements in the Polar Boundary Layer over Sea Ice during ACLOU... 2018
Details Radiocarbon Analyses of Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) in Glacier Ice... 2018
Details Sea Ice Type Distribution in the Antarctic from Microwave Satellite Observa... 2018
Details Retarded Ice Growths in Antarctic Lichen Thalli... 2018
Details How Can My Research Data Be Useful for Conservation and Policy-making?... 2018
Details Holocene Environmental Change Around the Lutzow-Holm Bay using Penguin Rook... 2018
Details Training a Machine Learning Model to Find Polar Data on the Web... 2018
Details Snowmelt in Antarctica as Derived from SMOS Observations... 2018
Details 2-D Subsurface Permafrost Structure in the Canadian Beaufort Sea... 2018
Details Surface Aerosols at Dome C and Comparison with Observations at the South Po... 2018
Details Ecological Architecture of Antarctica: The Usage of Natural Building Materi... 2018
Details Sea Ice Thickness Estimates from Icebridge over the Weddell Sea in 2009-201... 2018
Details Substrate Colonization in the Ross Sea, Antarctica: The ANT-BIOFILM Project... 2018
Details An Assessment of South Korean-New Zealand Cooperation in Antarctica... 2018
Details Diatom Variation Reconstructed from Two Lake Sediment Cores from East Antar... 2018
Details Historic Antarctic Peninsula Maps and Diary Accounts Linked to GIS Data Bas... 2018
Details Long-term Antarctic Elevation Change from Multi-mission Satellite Altimetry... 2018
Details Periglacial Landforms from Semi-arid Seymour Island, Weddell Sea, Antarctic... 2018
Details How will Arctic Algal Bloom Phenology Change in the Future?... 2018
Details Vulnerability of Ice-free Landscapes to Human Impacts, East Antarctica... 2018
Details Spatial Variabilities and Trend Analysis of the Antarctic Sea Ice with ICES... 2018
Details Environmental Drivers of Mesopelagic Community Structure on the Kerguelen A... 2018
Details The Influence of Abiotic Factors on the Plant Growth in the High Arctic... 2018
Details A Land Mammal Tibia from the Eocene of Marambio/Seymour Island, West Antarc... 2018
Details Viewing Ice: Cognitive Frames and the Construction of the Polar Regions... 2018
Details Surface Water Ocean Topography Mission Retrievals in the Ice-covered Ocean... 2018
Details Air & Soil Temperatures, Vegetation, & ALT (1995-2017), Toolik Lake, Alaska... 2018
Details Controls on Primary Productivity and Nitrogen Fixation in Arctic Waters... 2018
Details Penguin Guano Play an Important Role in Antarctic Coast Ecosystem... 2018
Details Supersaturated Atmosphere on the Antarctic Plateau... 2018
Details Assessment of Ground versus UAS Flight Surveys on Antarctic Predator Behavi... 2018
Details Remote Sensing of Spatial Structure of the Circumpolar Tundra-taiga Transit... 2018
Details First Cranium of the Giant Penguin Anthropornis from Marambio/Seymour Islan... 2018
Details Stable Isotopes Meet Shakespeare: Antarctic Science in Literature... 2018
Details Recent Achievements in Deriving Sea Ice Thickness from Radar Altimetry... 2018
Details Variations in Ice Sheet Dynamics along the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Margin... 2018
Details Impacts of Light and Nutrients on Simulated Under-ice Phytoplankton Blooms... 2018
Details Diversity and Ecophysiology of Vaucheria sp. in Coastal Tidal Flats of Sv... 2018
Details Empirical Trace Gas Gradients in the Arctic and the Polar Dome Location... 2018
Details Modelling the Diet of Leopard Seals at Cape Shirreff, Antarctic Peninsula... 2018
Details Marginal Population Hotspots of Cold-adapted Species in a Warmer World... 2018
Details Reconstructing Temp in Antarctica over the past Based on Water Stable Isoto... 2018
Details Valuing Antarctic Visual Arts: An Examination of their Impact... 2018
Details Using Digital Resources to Stimulate International Public Engagement... 2018
Details Large Impact of the Agulhas Return Current on Late Glacial Indian Southern ... 2018
Details Photophysiology of Nitrate Limited Phytoplankton Communities in Kongsfjorde... 2018
Details Mapping the North East Greenland Coastal Zone with Satellite Imagery... 2018
Details Chemical Composition and Growth of Newly formed Particles at Chacaltaya, Bo... 2018
Details Parsing Environmental Stressors in the Southern Ocean Ecosystem... 2018
Details Micodiversity across Altitudinal Gradient and Solar Exposure in Antarctic R... 2018
Details Hunting for Dansgaard-Oeschger-type Variability in the Earliest Pleistocene... 2018
Details Methodological Challenges of Participant-produced Video Diaries in Antarcti... 2018
Details Antarctic Ambassadors Explore Meltwater Influence on Phytoplankton within F... 2018
Details Tue_247_GG-2_200... 2018
Details Combined Effects of Light, CO 2 and Iron on Antarctic Phytoplankton... 2018
Details Svalbard Paraglacial Coasts - Processes, Landforms and the Future... 2018
Details Insoluble Brown Carbon Emitted by Marine Engines: Relevance to a Warming Ar... 2018
Details Environmental Change and Ecosystem Monitoring of the Ross Sea Region... 2018
Details Physiological Responses and DNA Repair in Pseudogymnoascus spp. Fungi tow... 2018
Details Subdecadal Holocene Climate Reconstruction of Byers Peninsula (Antarctica)... 2018
Details Helplessness in Antarctica: A Psychanalytic Approach on the Social Bonding... 2018
Details How Citizen Science Evolved a Whole New Platform for Coastal Polar Research... 2018
Details Paleo-Current Activity in the Eastern Arctic Ocean - Evidence from Seismic... 2018
Details Circulation Patterns of the Atlantic Boundary Current along the Svalbard Sh... 2018
Details Need for an Integrated Research & Development Center in the Alaskan High Ar... 2018
Details Black Carbon in the Atmosphere and Snow in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarct... 2018
Details Complementary eDNA and Micropaleontological Foraminiferal Record from Ross ... 2018
Details Environmental vs Ecological Drivers of Microbial Adaptation to Frozen Ecosy... 2018
Details New Wet Extraction Technique to Measure CH 4 and N 2 O Mole Fractions in I... 2018
Details Human and Social Capacity of the Arctic Region of Neo-industrial Developmen... 2018
Details Operational Ice Service Perspectives on Collaborations with Polar Tourism... 2018
Details Late Holocene Sedimentary Record from Two Infilled Lakes, Southwestern Gree... 2018
Details Atlantic Water Properties and Circulation North of Svalbard in a Changing A... 2018
Details Wed_201_EN-1_2253... 2018
Details Early Winter Sea Ice Dynamics and Ice Production in the Ross Sea during PIP... 2018
Details How C. quitensis Can Cope with Global Warming: A Focus on Photosynthesis... 2018
Details High Fe Lability of Particles Sourced from Glacial Erosion, Heard Island... 2018
Details Records of the Southern Hemisphere Westerlies from the Cape Horn Archipelag... 2018
Details Antarctic Legacy of South Africa (ALSA): Past Decade, Approaches and Challe... 2018
Details Encouraging Citizen Science with Community-based Science Month Events... 2018
Details Holocene Oceanographic Change: Sabrina Coast, East Antarctica Diatom Assemb... 2018
Details Satellite-derived Sea Level in the Ice-covered Polar Oceans... 2018
Details Assessment of the vulnerability of Populated Sections of the Arctic Coast... 2018
Details Air-sea-Ice Interaction Associated with the 2016 and 2017 Weddell Polynyas... 2018
Details Assessment of Housekeeping Genes for qPCR Data Normalization in C. quitens... 2018
Details Sources and Transport of Iron and Organic Carbon in the Lena River... 2018
Details Diatoms as Indicator of Regional Climatic Variability in Antarctica... 2018
Details Internationalization of National Polar Policy through Policy Integration Th... 2018
Details Variable Connectivity between Glacial Melt and Streamflow, McMurdo Dry Vall... 2018
Details Diatom Proxy Record of Quaternary Glacial Cycles, Sabrina Coast, East Antar... 2018
Details Deep-water Upwelling in the Southern Ocean: Spirals, Hotspots, Carbon, and ... 2018
Details Long-term Mesoscale Variability of Sea-ice Primary Production in the Baltic... 2018
Details Quantification of Sea-ice Production in Weddell Sea Polynyas (Antarctica)... 2018
Details Small-sexual Segregation Despite Large Scale Overlap in Wandering Albatross... 2018
Details Tracing Controls on Iron Export from High Latitude Peat Soils (Keynote Spea... 2018
Details Pliocene-Pleistocene Paleoproductivity on the Wilkes Land Margin, Antarctic... 2018
Details Impacts of Cryosphere Change in the Hindu Kush Himalaya on Humans and Socie... 2018
Details Investigating Large Active Subglacial Lake Drainages in East Antarctica... 2018
Details Crevasse Casts Preserved in the Whales Deep Basin Middle Continental Shelf... 2018
Details Distinct Dynamics of Arctic Heat Transport under Climate Change and Variabi... 2018
Details Biogeochemistry of Antarctic Landfast Sea Ice and the Potential Role of Bio... 2018
Details Coastal polynyas on PIPERS: enhanced ice growth in strong katabatic wind ev... 2018
Details Selection of Food Concentrating Surface Convergent Zones by Penguins... 2018
Details Iron and Nutrient Flux to the Southern Ocean from McMurdo Dry Valleys Antar... 2018
Details Preliminary Study on the Geochemistry and Diatom of Core Sediments in Ross ... 2018
Details Innovative Methods for Unpacking Team Process Dynamics... 2018
Details A Regional System of Briny Aquifers in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica... 2018
Details Tue_254_GG-2_669... 2018
Details Metrics for the Evaluation of the Southern Ocean in Climate Models... 2018
Details Cycling of DMS,P in Early-winter Ross Sea Pack Ice during the PIPERS Projec... 2018
Details Salinity Response to Atmospheric Forcing of the Terra Nova Bay Polynya... 2018
Details Facilitating Southern Ocean Population Genomics - A RADseq Pilot Experiment... 2018
Details Impact of Ice-ocean Interactions on Nutrient Fluxes in Barilari Bay, Antarc... 2018
Details Implications of Biogenic Sulfur Species from GV7 Firn Core, East Antarctica... 2018
Details In from the Cold? Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Case of Sidney Jeff... 2018
Details Using GPR to Investigate the Subglacial Hydrology of an Alpine Glacier... 2018
Details Late Cretaceous Model Paleogeography for Antarctica... 2018
Details Developing Synthetic Observation System for Polar Atmospheric Research at P... 2018
Details Biogeochemistry at the Early Stages of Ice Tormation: Insights from PIPERS... 2018
Details Sea Ice Deformation and Heat Fluxes through Leads in Arctic... 2018
Details Sea Stars Comparative Evolutionary Patterns in the Southern Ocean... 2018
Details Scales of Southern Ocean Productivity Responses to Iron Inputs... 2018
Details Morphology and Sediments of the Confined Outwash Fan in the High Arctic Reg... 2018
Details Anthropological Study of Cultural Heritage in French Subantarctic Places... 2018
Details Conceptual Model of Englacial Water Fluctuations of Hansbreen, Svalbard... 2018
Details Simple Model of Melange and Its Influence in an Antarctic Ice Sheet Model... 2018
Details Ground Based Water Vapor Retrieval over Antarctica... 2018
Details What is the Impact of Environmental Stress in Sea Ice Brine on DMS Producti... 2018
Details Arctic Global Change Impacts Little Auk Foraging and Fitness in East Greenl... 2018
Details Accepted Taxonomy versus Real Specific Diversity in Southern Ocean Sea Star... 2018
Details Sea Ice Retreat and Cold European Winter Revisited... 2018
Details Last Decades Warming Evidences in the NW Barent Sea (Arctic)... 2018
Details Climate Awareness in Popular Culture... 2018
Details Measuring Glacier Dry Calving with SAR Interferometry... 2018
Details Long-term Landscape Evolution of the Pensacola-Pole Basin, East Antarctica... 2018
Details Latitudinal Ionospheric Scintillation Study in the American Sector... 2018
Details Differing Drivers of Taxonomic versus Trophic Structure in Arctic Communiti... 2018
Details Divergent Trends and Unsynchronized Dynamics across a Seabird Community... 2018
Details Kerguelen Asteroid Fauna Diversity and Biogeography with the Southern Ocean... 2018
Details Cold Winters in Midlatitudes Coincident with, Not Caused by, Low Arctic Sea... 2018
Details Early Holocene Shallow Marine Mollusc Palaeodiversity, Billefjorden, Svalba... 2018
Details Cryosalide - A New Generation of Human-environment Observatory... 2018
Details Acclimation Potential of Polar Cod from the Rapidly Warming Arctic Ocean... 2018
Details A Pliocene 18 O diatom Record of East Antarctic Glacial Discharge... 2018
Details Small and Medium Scale Gravity Waves Climatology over Ferraz Station... 2018
Details Community Structure and Photoacclimation in Antarctic Ice-algal Communities... 2018
Details Predicting Population Response of Emperor Penguin to Future Climate Change... 2018
Details Remote Characterization of Microbial Mats in Taylor Valley, Antarctica... 2018
Details Significant Contribution of Stratospheric Pathway to Warm Arctic Cold Siber... 2018
Details Reconstruction of Sedimentary Environment in Western Ross Sea Since Early L... 2018
Details A Free Service for Precise Positioning in Polar Regions (CSRS-PPP)... 2018
Details Parallel Adaptive Divergence in Fjord vs. Shelf Populations of Arctic Gadid... 2018
Details Deep-water Evolution in the Southwest Atlantic from New Seismic Profiles... 2018
Details On the Impact of High-latitude Ionosphere on Synthetic Aperture RADAR... 2018
Details DMSP Production and Conversion in Antarctic Landfast Ice... 2018
Details Influence of Antarctic Sea Ice Dynamic and Coastal Polynyas on Emperor Peng... 2018
Details A Synergistic Approach to Understand the Ecological Impacts of Climate Chan... 2018
Details Mechanisms for the Influence of Arctic Sea-ice Loss on Mid-latitudes... 2018
Details Greenland NEEM Ice Core Records of Trace Metals during the 1710~1970... 2018
Details A New Bathymetry Compilation for the Cape Darnley Region, East Antarctica... 2018
Details Historical DNA Metabarcoding of Trematomid Fishes using Museum Samples... 2018
Details Unravelling a High-altitude Antarctic Blue Ice Field Meteorite Trap... 2018
Details Comparison between FPI and Meteor Radar Observations for MLT at KSS, Antarc... 2018
Details Wed_212_OS-2_814... 2018
Details Mechanisms of Pygoscelis Penguin Population Response to Environmental Cha... 2018
Details Local Rapid Expansion of the Antarctic Hair Grass in the Maritime Antarctic... 2018
Details How Does Arctic Change Affect European Weather and Climate?... 2018
Details Reconstructed Plutonium Fallout in the GV7 Firn Core from East Antarctica... 2018
Details Real-time Imaging Flow of High-resolution Ice-sounding Radar... 2018
Details Characterization of Protein Turnover and Proteome Stability in Antarctic Fi... 2018
Details Enhanced Coal Fragment Input in the Chukchi Borderland during Last Deglacia... 2018
Details Saildrone Measurements in the Arctic... 2018
Details Biogeochemistry of Late Summer Sea-ice in East Antarctica... 2018
Details Penguin Colony Responses to Climate Change and Volcanism... 2018
Details Latitudinal Consistency of Food Web Topology in Subtidal Rocky Bottoms... 2018
Details Chinese Deep Ice Core Drilling at Dome A, Antarctica: Progress and Problems... 2018
Details Anthropogenic Contaminants in the Last Hundred Years of Antarctic Ice... 2018
Details Understanding Outgoing Long-wave Radiation from the Antarctic Atmosphere... 2018
Details Metabolic Capacity to Acclimate to Multiple Stressors in an Antarctic Fish... 2018
Details Characterizing Holocene Climate Variability from Adlie Basin Sediment Core... 2018
Details Under-ice Argo Floats in the Southern Ocean... 2018
Details Inter-comparison between Chambers for CO 2 Flux Measurements over Sea Ice... 2018
Details A New Antarctic Blowing Snow Particle Characterization Data Set... 2018
Details Polar Cod Population Structure: Connectivity in a Changing Ecosystem... 2018
Details Lightweight Ice Coring Systems... 2018
Details Soil Organic Carbon Variability Along a Latitudinal Transect in Arctic Sibe... 2018
Details iCUPE - Integrative and Comprehensive Understanding on Polar Environments... 2018
Details Reproduction in Parachaenichthys charcoti (Bathydraconidae) in West Antar... 2018
Details Ice Dynamics during the past 37 ka on Ross Sea Continental Shelf, Antarctic... 2018
Details A Challenge towards Cost-effective and Autonomous Observations under the Se... 2018
Details ECV-Ice: Measuring Essential Climate Variables in Sea Ice-SCOR Working Grou... 2018
Details New Insights into the Atmospheric Oxidising Capacity above the Antarctic Pl... 2018
Details Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling of Continental-scale Pygoscelid Penguin Abun... 2018
Details New Drilling Technology for Agile Sub-ice Rock Coring... 2018
Details Fire Effects on Greenhouse Gas Emissions on Wetlands in the YK Delta, Alask... 2018
Details Pacific Central Arctic Ocean (CAO) Observing System (K-AOOS)... 2018
Details Sources of Ice Crystals and Cloud Droplet in Orographic Mixed-Phase Clouds... 2018
Details Late Quaternary Lambert Glacier System Dynamics on Prydz Bay East Antarctic... 2018
Details Autonomous Marine and Aerial Vehicles for Marine Glacier Surveys in Arctic... 2018
Details Bacteria Control Virus and Nanoflagellates in Water and Sea Ice during Wint... 2018
Details A Long-term Hindcast Simulation with COSMO-CLM over Antarctica... 2018
Details Dive Behavior and Stable Isotopes: Index of Foraging Specialization in Seal... 2018
Details Movable Drilling Rig for Coring in Antarctic Traverses... 2018
Details Estimating pCO2 in Cambridge Bay Nunavut Using an Autonomous Sensor Platfor... 2018
Details Persys-WebGIS-based Permafrost Data Visualisation System for ESA GlobPermaf... 2018
Details Recent Observations of Arctic INP and their Variation over the past 500 Yea... 2018
Details Thinning History and Modelling of a Paleo Ice Stream: David Glacier, Antarc... 2018
Details Snow and Ice Thickness Retrieval from SIMBA Temperature Profiles in Antarct... 2018
Details The Effect of Light on 2 H/ 1 H of Highly Branched Isoprenoids (HBIs) in D... 2018
Details Modeling the Dynamics of the Stable Boundary-Layers over the Antarctic Plat... 2018
Details Myctophid ( Gymnoscopelus nicholsi ) Population Dynamics from Otoliths... 2018
Details Intermediate Depth Drill Design Innovations... 2018
Details Terrestrial - Atmosphere Mercury Exchange in the Arctic Tundra... 2018
Details Mapping Surface Facies of Midtre Lovnbreen, Svalbard using WorldView-3 Imag... 2018
Details Variations in Ice Nucleating Particle Concentrations at Four Arctic Locatio... 2018
Details XRD-XRF Analysis Insight on Post-LGM Sediments from the NW Barents Sea (Arc... 2018
Details Observing Stratigraphy and Crevasses with Robot-towed Ground Penetrating Ra... 2018
Details Lipid Photooxidation: A Biogeochemically Significant Process in Polar Plank... 2018
Details Wind Gust Climatology in the Antarctic ABL over the Dronning Maud Land... 2018
Details Use of the Thermal Structure of the Water Column by Multiple Predator Speci... 2018
Details Direct Laser Ice Penetrators: A Breakthrough in Subglacial Access Technolog... 2018
Details Tracing the Iron Cycle in the Southern Ocean during the ACE Voyage... 2018
Details Evolution of the Concordia Seismological Observatory Station... 2018
Details Arctic Mixed-phase Cloud Sensitivity to Surface Forcing and Aerosol Perturb... 2018
Details Past Climate Records from the Ross Sea: Initial XRF Results from IODP Exp. ... 2018
Details Biogeochemistry of Lake Untersee Oasis, Queen Maud Land, Antarctica... 2018
Details Arctic Sea Ice: Investigating the Origin of Nitrate using 15 N, 18 O an... 2018
Details Causes of Accelerated Warming of the Arctic in Winter... 2018
Details Bacterial Community Structure in Glacier Ice and Subglacial Streams, Antarc... 2018
Details A New Volcanic Province: An Inventory of Subglacial Volcanoes in West Antar... 2018
Details Export of Particulate Organic Carbon in the Dalton, Mertz and Ninnis Polyny... 2018
Details West Antarctica Digital Geological Dataset for Cross-discipline Use... 2018
Details How Important Are Local Marine Sources for Arctic Mixed-phase Clouds?... 2018
Details Geothermal Heat Flux Measured in the Amundsen Sea Embayment... 2018
Details Soils Influenced by Periglacial Processes in the South Shetland Islands... 2018
Details Biophysical Characterization of Arctic and Antarctic under Ice Environments... 2018
Details Arctic Temperature Trends: A Role of Internal Variability and External Forc... 2018
Details Levels of Heavy Metals in Rocky Bottom Organisms along the Antarctic Penins... 2018
Details Melting of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS), Accelerates Subglacial Volc... 2018
Details Nutrient Cycling in Supraglacial Ecosystems at Larsemann Hills, East Antarc... 2018
Details Estimation of Velocity of Polar Record Glacier, Antarctica using InSAR Tech... 2018
Details Understanding the Sources of Arctic Biological Ice Nucleating Particles... 2018
Details Tue_269_GG-2_1086... 2018
Details Endolithic and Hypolithic Systems as Protosoils: Evidence from the Two Pole... 2018
Details Understanding the Origin(s) of Methane in Sea Ice Using Stable Isotope Rati... 2018
Details Non-linear Impacts of Future Anthropogenic Aerosol Emissions on Arctic Warm... 2018
Details Genetic Identification and the Southern Ocean CPR Survey: A Useful Combinat... 2018
Details Subglacial Water Flow Adjacent to Mt. Melbourne Volcano, Antarctica... 2018
Details Microelements in Soils of Oases of Thala Hills, Enderby Land, East Antarcti... 2018
Details Low-cost Autonomous Stations for Measuring Impacts of Climate Change on Gla... 2018
Details The Changing form of Antarctic Biodiversity... 2018
Details Eruptions and Lava-ice Interactions Elucidate past Ice Sheet Characteristic... 2018
Details Metal Enrichment in Desert Varnish from Ice-free Areas of Coastal Antarctic... 2018
Details RISE UP: Robotic Exploration Beneath the Ross and McMurdo Ice Shelves... 2018
Details Does the Atlantic Windstorms Have Significant Influences on the Arctic Warm... 2018
Details Spring Bloom of Corethron in Coastal Waters of the Western Antarctic Peni... 2018
Details Melbourne and Rittmann Volcanoes: Results from ICE-VOLC Project... 2018
Details Dynamics of Inorganic Components in Terra Nova Bay Lake Ecosystems (Antarct... 2018
Details Lessons Learned from Interdisciplinary Snow Research in Svalbard... 2018
Details Global Change Effects on Arctic and Antarctic Ecosystems... 2018
Details OSL Dates of Moraines from Ny-Alesund Indicating Late Quarternary Climate C... 2018
Details Wind-driven Rock Abrasion in Antarctica's Ice-free Valleys: Rates and Contr... 2018
Details Sea-ice Chemistry and Influence of Glacial Meltwater in a Spitsbergen Fjord... 2018
Details Collapse of the 2017 Winter Beaufort High: A Response to Thinning Sea Ice?... 2018
Details Ross Island Adlie Penguin Population Responses to Variability in Sea Ice Ex... 2018
Details Holocene Volcanic Activity of Mt. Melbourne Recorded in Talos Dome Ice Core... 2018
Details Microbial Metabolism in Front of Kongsfjorden Glaciers... 2018
Details Understanding Variability of Arctic Methane Fluxes and Addressing Knowledge... 2018
Details Can Antarctic Lichens Acclimatise to Changes in Temperature?... 2018
Details Tue_272_GG-2_1160... 2018
Details Constructing the Pasts of Polar Futures: History and Heritage in Polar Conf... 2018
Details 'Atlantification' of Arctic Ocean - Oceanic Control and Variability... 2018
Details Towards a Rain-dominated Arctic... 2018
Details Alpha Amylase from Geomyces sp. Isolated from Antarctic and Arctic... 2018
Details Petrogenesis of the Lithospheric Mantle Beneath the Erebus Volcanic Provinc... 2018
Details Sediment Transport in the Northwestern Laptev Sea... 2018
Details Acoustic Networks - The Key to Observing the Ocean under the Arctic Sea Ice... 2018
Details Drivers of Soil Bacterial Community Structure in Antarctic Water Tracks... 2018
Details Major Climatic Transitions Linked to the Tasman-Drake Tectonic Evolution... 2018
Details Landscape in White; Archaeology and Anthropology in Antarctica... 2018
Details Analysis of Storm Waves in the Antarctic Marginal Ice Zone... 2018
Details Science-policy Interface in the Two Poles - Comparison and Lessons Learnt... 2018
Details Polyphasic Characterization of Terrestrial Leptolyngbya on Signy Island... 2018
Details Acting upon what we Know: Making Arctic Connections across Boundaries... 2018
Details Antarctic Derived Dust in the South West Ross Sea... 2018
Details Enhancement of in situ Observing systems in the Arctic under the INTAROS ... 2018
Details Physiological and Genomic Responses of Chlorella to UVR across a Global Gra... 2018
Details Clues to Glacial Regime and Bottom-current Changes in the Northwestern Ross... 2018
Details Competing Discourses and Practices at the Heritage-making Process in Antarc... 2018
Details Ocean Warming of the Antarctic Continental Shelf in an Eddying Climate Mode... 2018
Details Engaging, Involving and Empowering Stakeholders for Arctic Climate Predicti... 2018
Details Marine Ecosystem Assessment of the Southern Ocean: Outcomes of MEASO2018... 2018
Details NERC Changing Arctic Ocean: Implications for Marine biology and Biogeochemi... 2018
Details Illuminating Dissolved Organic Matter Diversity in Antarctic Lakes and Stre... 2018
Details Best Practices for a New Network to Monitor the Cryosphere... 2018
Details PAIX: Opening a New Window into the Universe... 2018
Details Diatom Reworking in the Ross Sea: Evidence for Quaternary Bottom Currents?... 2018
Details Antarctic Heritage: Cooperation and Conundrums... 2018
Details Circumpolar Deep Water Intrusion onto the Prydz Bay Continental Shelf... 2018
Details Crossing Boundaries in Science - INTERACT Science Diplomacy... 2018
Details Seasonal Ecology of High Arctic Ice Cap... 2018
Details Early Career Involvement Prepares Workforce for the Future of Polar Researc... 2018
Details Meltwater as a Source of Iron to Terra Nova Bay Polynya (Ross Sea, Antarcti... 2018
Details Common Metadata Scheme for Translating between Metadata Dialects... 2018
Details Developing a Spectrograph for Observing the Atmospheric Emission in K-dark ... 2018
Details Unlocking Atmospheric Temperatures from Antarctica's past... 2018
Details Employing Polar Heritage to Construct Antarctic Identity at the Gateway Cit... 2018
Details Deep Bottom Mixed Layer Instability Drives Variability of Antarctic Slope F... 2018
Details Antarctic Cities: Rethinking the Gateways... 2018
Details Changing Light Regimes in Polar Deserts: A Metatranscriptome Analysis... 2018
Details Evaluation of Costs and Societal Benefits of Arctic Observing Systems... 2018
Details Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) and Microbial Enzymes in the Ross Sea... 2018
Details Fri_357_SY-1_2623... 2018
Details Opening the Dynamic Infrared Sky from Antarctica... 2018
Details Buried Landscapes in Antarctica are Records of Ancient Local-scale Ice... 2018
Details New Aerogeophysical Survey of Titan Dome and Ice-core Drilling Potentia... 2018
Details Sea Ice Drift from High Resolution Satellite Images in the Ross Sea, Antarc... 2018
Details Modelling Cross-latitude Variability in Carbon Export Efficiency... 2018
Details Tardigrades from King George Island, Antarctica: Taxonomy of Dactylobiotus... 2018
Details An Agent-based Mobilities Assessment for Enhanced Arctic Climate Services... 2018
Details Extracellular Enzymatic Activities in the Ross Sea (CELEBeR Project)... 2018
Details Development of Antarctic Seismo-acoustic Station: Results from ICE-VOLC Pro... 2018
Details Study of Cloud Cover and Aurora Contamination by KLCAM at Dome A in 2017... 2018
Details Eastern Ross Sea Shelf and Slope Marine and Glacial Processes... 2018
Details Searching for Oldest ice in Antarctica, an Ice Sheet Modelling pre-site Sur... 2018
Details Turbulent Resolution Simulation of Dissolving Ice-shelves into Polar Sea Wa... 2018
Details Autonomous Multi-trophic Observations of Southern Ocean Production and Expo... 2018
Details Insights into Tundra Fern Physiology from Remote Sensing and Leaf Gas Excha... 2018
Details Archival Processes of Water Stable Isotope Signal in East Antarctic Ice Cor... 2018
Details Drivers of Phytoplankton Biomass in Three East Antarctica Polynyas... 2018
Details Low-temperature Tests of Ice Friction... 2018
Details Introduction of Chinese Antarctic Optical Telescopes... 2018
Details Collapse of the British-Irish Ice Sheet: The Role of Climate and Sea Level ... 2018
Details Cosmogenic 14 C and 36 Cl Inform Deglacial Ice Extents in Western DML... 2018
Details Atlantic Water and Sea Ice Variability in the 20th Century Arctic Ocean... 2018
Details Effects of Sea Ice on the Biogenic Carbon Export in High-Arctic Svalbard Fj... 2018
Details Phototrophic Picoeukaryotes and their Antarctic Winter Niche... 2018
Details Probing the Evolution of the past CH 4 Budget - The Power of Stable Isotop... 2018
Details Dissolved Cr Redox Speciation and Isotope Composition in the Southern Ocean... 2018
Details Multi-Functional Ice Drills Testing Facility... 2018
Details Modeling Ice Birefringence from SPICEcore for ARA Stations... 2018
Details Tue_282_GG-2_1557... 2018
Details Pleistocene Paleoceanographic Changes of the Southern Ocean off the Ross Se... 2018
Details Variation of Summer Surface Water and Circumpolar Deep Water in the Prydz B... 2018
Details Importance of Zooplankton Grazing for Arctic Pelagic-benthic Coupling... 2018
Details Elevated Salinity Alters Biotic Interactions in McMurdo Dry Valley Soils... 2018
Details Constraining the Sources of Abrupt CH 4 Rise in the past with CH 4 Triple... 2018
Details Automatic Sampling Near an Arctic Glacier: First Microbial Results... 2018
Details Environment Monitoring Demonstration Networks on Prydz Bay... 2018
Details Cosmic Microwave Background Observations in Antarctica... 2018
Details Analysis of the Climate during MIS3 Using the Climate Model EC-Earth... 2018
Details Nonlinearities in Southern Ocean Response to CO 2 and Obliquity Forcing... 2018
Details Decadal Predictability of Arctic Sea Ice from Oceanic Heat Transport... 2018
Details 20 Years of Particle Export in West Antarctic Peninsula Coastal Waters... 2018
Details Fine-scale Population Genetic Diversity of S. thompsoni in the Southern O... 2018
Details Atmospheric CO 2 Variations on Millennial-scale during MIS 6... 2018
Details Biogenic Matter in Surface Sediments of the Weddell Sea Continental Shelf... 2018
Details Small-diameter Vibrocorer for Sediment Coring Beneath Antarctic Ice Shelves... 2018
Details Tue_8_AA-1_1088... 2018
Details Plio-Pleistocene Nunatak Exposure Histories from Western Dronning Maud Land... 2018
Details Paleobathymetry of the Cenozoic Southern Ocean and its Various Consequences... 2018
Details Three Decades of Deep Water Mass Investigation in the Weddell Sea (1984 - 2... 2018
Details Using Microseismicity to Study the Role of Subglacial Fluids in Basal Slip... 2018
Details Morphometric Analysis of Antarctic Foliose Lichens Using 3-D Digital Micros... 2018
Details Sub-Antarctic Ice Core Drilling... 2018
Details Reactivity of Glacially Derived Particles in West Greenland Coastal Environ... 2018
Details A Shallow Hot-water Drill... 2018
Details Photometric Monitoring of Proxima Centauri at the Chinese Zhongshan Station... 2018
Details Pliocene Diatom Biomarkers in Sabrina Coast. EAIS Continental Marginal Dyna... 2018
Details Variability in Glacier Dynamics of a Greenland Glacier Using Sentinel-1 SAR... 2018
Details Observations of Ice Tongue-ocean Interaction at Shirase Glacier... 2018
Details Long-term Changes of Cryosphere and Glaciers in Kaffiyra Region, NW Spitsbe... 2018
Details Relating Antarctic Krill Lipids and Fatty Acids to Environmental Parameters... 2018
Details China as a Polar Great Power... 2018
Details Source and Sunlight Influence Dissolved Black Carbon Signature in the Cryos... 2018
Details Hot-Water Coring System with PDM Motor... 2018
Details Key Areas on Polar Astronomy and Related Sciences in Thailand... 2018
Details Ice Sheet Retreat in the Northern Baffin Bay Reconstructed from Bathymetric... 2018
Details Remote Sensing of Coastal Sea Ice Using Passive Microwave and Visible Image... 2018
Details Eastern Ross Sea Shelf-break Observations during 2017 OGS-Explora Expeditio... 2018
Details On Various Approaches to Map Glaciers and their Changes... 2018
Details Hyperspectral Mapping of Sentinel Organisms from Ground, UAS, and Satellite... 2018
Details Renaissance of the Russian Arctic: Geopolitical, Economic, Environmental Fa... 2018
Details Composition and Transformation of Dissolved Organic Matter in Antarctic Sno... 2018
Details Algal Biomass Production in Central European Non-summer and Arctic Conditio... 2018
Details Solar Energetic Particle Spectra using Neutron Detectors at South Pole... 2018
Details Invigorated Southern Ocean Circulation Preceding Oligocene Antarctic Glacia... 2018
Details Monitoring of Ice Dynamics and Mass Balance in Central Dronning Maud Land... 2018
Details Variability of the Thermocline Depth on the Amundsen Sea Continental Shelf... 2018
Details IACS Working Group on Ice Thickness Estimation - What Have we Achieved?... 2018
Details Penguin Watch: Using Citizen Science to Aid Large-scale Penguin Conservatio... 2018
Details Korea's Arctic Policy and Implications through Comparison with That of Japa... 2018
Details Carbon Export by the Mackenzie River during Spring Freshet... 2018
Details Hydraulic Fracturing in Ice Drilling Borehole: Theory and Tests... 2018
Details ITM (International Telescope Maffei) Improvements: A New Robotic Interface... 2018
Details Modelling Long Term Climate and Ice Sheet Changes to Understand Future Warm... 2018
Details Estimating Melt Pond Fractions on First Year Ice with Compact Polarization ... 2018
Details Inter-annual variability of Hydrodynamics between Cape Town and Antarctica... 2018
Details Estimating Changes in Glacier Sliding Velocity from Drone Images... 2018
Details King Penguin Population Monitoring through Remote Sensing... 2018
Details Polarnomics: A Geo-economic Framework for Systemic Analysis of Polar Affair... 2018
Details Modern Sediment Distribution and Composition in Kongsfjorden, Svalbard... 2018
Details Experimental Research of Hot-water Ice Coring Drill... 2018
Details Bipolar Disorder: The Uncertain Future of Spaceship Earth... 2018
Details Tue_289_GG-2_1937... 2018
Details Variations in the Extent and Elevation of the Larsen Ice Shelf, Antarctica... 2018
Details Marine Observations in the Ross Sea on Board r/v OGS - Explora in 2017... 2018
Details Simulating the Evolution of Rhonegletscher Since 1600 with a and GERM... 2018
Details Weddell Seal Count: Citizen Science for the Ross Sea Region MPA... 2018
Details Geopolitical and Security Challenges in the Arctic... 2018
Details Changes in Ocean Chemistry from 6 Year Time Series in Arctic Outflow Waters... 2018
Details IBED Drill Testing in Ice and Bedrock... 2018
Details Optical Modules for the Next-generation Neutrino Telescope at the South Pol... 2018
Details Late Eocene Marine Transgression Indicated by Glaucony Facies (Drake Passag... 2018

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