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Details Adsorption of amikacin during continuous venovenous haemofiltration in a sw... 2015
Details Neurophysiological tests in the neuro ICU ... 2015
Details Goal-directed cerebral hemodynamic strategy decreases the incidence of post... 2015
Details Intravenous fosfomycin therapy in critically ill patients infected with col... 2015
Details Hydroquinone shows neuroprotective potential in an experimental ischemic st... 2015
Details Performance of amikacin inhale: impact of supplemental oxygen and device or... 2015
Details Impact of hyperthermia before and during ischemia reperfusion on neuronal d... 2015
Details Early preventive administration of inhaled tobramycin in severe polytrauma ... 2015
Details Effects of long-term exercise on memory recovery in the aged gerbil hippoca... 2015
Details Intrathecal administration of colistin, vancomycin and amikacin for central... 2015
Details Association between high arterial oxygen tension and long-term survival aft... 2015
Details Efficacy and safety of heparin in patients with sepsis: a systematic review... 2015
Details Troponin level as a predictor of prognosis in patients with acute ischemic ... 2015
Details Use of intravenous immunoglobulin to treat sepsis in a general ICU ... 2015
Details Increased risk of ischemic stroke in patients with burn injury: a nationwid... 2015
Details Adjunct prednisone therapy for patients with community-acquired pneumonia: ... 2015
Details Effect of coronary artery bypass grafting surgery with a pump on cerebral b... 2015
Details Pharmacokinetics, safety and tolerability of human recombinant alkaline pho... 2015
Details Increased early systemic inflammation in patients with ICU-acquired weaknes... 2015
Details Rat polymyxin b hemoperfusion model: preventive effect on renal tubular cel... 2015
Details Effect of prolonged critical care admissions on upper and lower limb muscle... 2015
Details Use of therapeutic plasma exchange in children with thrombocytopenia-associ... 2015
Details Predictive value for weakness and 1-year mortality of screening electrophys... 2015
Details Clinical experience of using a novel extracorporeal cytokine adsorption col... 2015
Details B-type natriuretic peptide and estimated glomerular filtration rate at ICU ... 2015
Details Effectiveness of polymyxin b immobilized fiber hemoperfusion in patients wi... 2015
Details Prevalence of psychiatric disorders in trauma patients: results from a majo... 2015
Details Impact of evolving cardiac catheterisation services on admissions to a regi... 2015
Details Modifiable risk factors for delirium in critically ill trauma patients: a m... 2015
Details Diagnostic concordance of emergency doctor-performed bedside ultrasonograph... 2015
Details Evaluation of the PRE-DELIRIC delirium prediction tool on a general ICU ... 2015
Details Cardiac abnormalities in patients with septic shock detected by speckle tra... 2015
Details Delirium knowledge and assessment by ICU practitioners in South Africa: res... 2015
Details Sepsis survivors present with higher values of cardiac index and velocity t... 2015
Details Prolonged dexmedetomidine infusion and drug withdrawal in critically ill ch... 2015
Details Absence of lung sliding is not a reliable indicator of pneumothorax in pati... 2015
Details Weaning from extracorporeal membrane oxygenation: experience with dexmedeto... 2015
Details Variations in near-infrared spectroscopy-derived oxygen downslope during a ... 2015
Details Effects of administration of dexmedetomidine on inflammatory responses and ... 2015
Details Normobaric hyperoxia and the microcirculation in critically ill patients: a... 2015
Details Characteristics of the use of dexmedetomidine in critically ill children: a... 2015
Details Near-infrared spectroscopy for assessing the tissue oxygen extraction rate ... 2015
Details Psychometric comparison of three behavioral scales for the assessment of pa... 2015
Details Lactate in the burn patient ... 2015
Details Best pain management for critical older patients in the surgical ICU ... 2015
Details MIRUSâ„¢, a new system for sedation with halogenates in the ICU: a prelimin... 2015
Details Bispectral index-guided anesthesia on time to tracheal extubation after onp... 2015
Details Risk factors for severe vasodilatory shock after cardiac surgery ... 2015
Details Interaction between etomidate and beta tumoral necrosis factor on hemodynam... 2015
Details Preoperative treatment with levosimendan helps to evaluate myocardial reser... 2015
Details Sedation practices in South African ICUs: results of a national survey ... 2015
Details Levosimendan: use, cost-effectiveness and outcome in a tertiary cardiothora... 2015
Details Epidemiology of operation-related medical errors in inpatients in Japan: th... 2015
Details Levosimendan in the emergency department: a useful tool to improve cellular... 2015
Details Hamilton Early Warning Score: predict, prevent and protect ... 2015
Details Arrhythmia incidence and risk factors in critically ill patients ... 2015
Details Ethnicity and trial recruitment ... 2015
Details Pulmonary hypertension, right ventricular dysfunction and acute heart failu... 2015
Details Validation of an electronic early warning score using decision tree analysi... 2015
Details High-sensitive cardiac troponins and CK-MB concentrations in patients under... 2015
Details Outcomes and resource use in Brazilian ICUs: results from the ORCHESTRA stu... 2015
Details Combining therapeutic hypothermia and primary coronary intervention in coma... 2015
Details Blood pressure and heart rate changes during shifts in ICU nurses in relati... 2015
Details Global longitudinal strain value for predicting left ventricular remodeling... 2015
Details Prehospital transported patients: a resource for accessing prognostic risk ... 2015
Details Achieving a time to first consultant review of under 12 hours for acutely i... 2015
Details Accidental intra-arterial injection: an under-reported preventable never ev... 2015
Details Interhospital critical care transfer delays result from organisational not ... 2015
Details Transpulmonary thermodilution-derived haemodynamics in patients with liver ... 2015
Details Evaluation of patients with wild mushroom poisoning in the emergency depart... 2015
Details Measurement of cardiac output in children: comparison between direct Fick m... 2015
Details Triage after drug overdose: effect of the Introduction of a medical psychia... 2015
Details Potential role of jugular vein echographic assessment for central venous pr... 2015
Details Barriers to the implementation of checklists in the ICU: a survey on the pe... 2015
Details Comparative study between fluidless resuscitation with permissive hypotensi... 2015
Details Retrospective observational cohort study of mortality and length of stay fo... 2015
Details Relation between global end-diastolic volume and left ventricular end-diast... 2015
Details Implementation of a horizontal intensive care team can impact efficiency in... 2015
Details Bioreactance-based passive leg raising test can predict fluid responsivenes... 2015
Details Impact of age, physiological status and APACHE score on acceptance of patie... 2015
Details Acute changes of metabolic parameters after fluid challenge ... 2015
Details Lean Six Sigma handoff process between operating room and pediatric ICU: im... 2015
Details Respiratory variations in aortic blood flow velocity and inferior vena cava... 2015
Details Prediction of fluid responsiveness in mechanically ventilated children usin... 2015
Details Adverse events in patients in a Brazilian intensive care according to the r... 2015
Details Fluid management in mechanically ventilated children with acute circulatory... 2015
Details Pre-ICU length of hospital stay is a predictor of hospital but not ICU mort... 2015
Details Collapsibility of jugular veins, subclavian veins and inferior vena cava as... 2015
Details Study of the costs of an ICU according to age groups relating to SAPS 3 gra... 2015
Details Passive leg raising cannot predict volume responsiveness in septic shock pa... 2015
Details Critical care in a maternity hospital: a retrospective observational study ... 2015
Details Assessing fluid status with the vascular pedicle width: relationship to IVC... 2015
Details Post-traumatic stress symptoms in intensive care staff working in adult and... 2015
Details Minimal volume for a fluid challenge in postoperative patients ... 2015
Details Distribution and mortality factors of cases with traumatic and nontraumatic... 2015
Details Positive fluid balance is an independent risk factor for acute kidney injur... 2015
Details Mortality in a French military burn centre: a 12-year retrospective study a... 2015
Details Positive fluid balance as a risk factor for mortality and acute kidney inju... 2015
Details ICU outcomes in patients suffering granulomatosis with polyangitis ... 2015
Details Impact of postsurgical complications on hospital costs and margins ... 2015
Details Liver dysfunction is associated with long-term mortality in septic shock ... 2015
Details Lactate levels after major cardiac surgery are associated with hospital len... 2015
Details Predictors of 30-day mortality in cancer patients with septic shock ... 2015
Details Hemodynamic behavior in a randomized trial of intensive alveolar recruitmen... 2015
Details Impact of patient frailty on outcome in cardiothoracic surgery ... 2015
Details Outcomes of patients with hematologic malignancies admitted to the ICU ... 2015
Details Preoperative intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation in cardiac surgery: prop... 2015
Details Characteristics and outcomes of lung cancer patients requiring ventilatory ... 2015
Details Intraortic balloon pump use in cardiac surgery: analysis of data from the A... 2015
Details Admission to intensive care can be reliably predicted using only clinical j... 2015
Details Vasoplegic syndrome in cardiac surgery: role of synergism between polymorph... 2015
Details Clinical characteristics in surviving and nonsurviving older patients admit... 2015
Details Pharyngeal oxygenation during apnoea following conventional pre-oxygenation... 2015
Details Frailty predicts increased resource use and postoperative care requirements... 2015
Details New assembled video laryngoscope: a study on efficacy and cost-effectivenes... 2015
Details Predicting outcomes in critically ill patients in a resource-poor setting: ... 2015
Details Using a laryngoscope and endotracheal tube succeeds in a difficult case of ... 2015
Details Emergency laparotomy clinical outcome according to patient characteristics,... 2015
Details Comparison of video laryngoscopy with direct laryngoscopy in patients with ... 2015
Details Developing a laboratory-based score to predict mortality in patients admitt... 2015
Details Transnasal humidified rapid insufflation ventilatory exchange for pre-oxyge... 2015
Details Trait anxiety mediates stress-related psychopathology after cardiac surgery... 2015
Details Reduction of ventilator-associated pneumonia using the AnapnoGuard system ... 2015
Details Sleep monitoring in ICU patients ... 2015
Details Risk factors for bleeding complications after percutaneous dilatational tra... 2015
Details Hospital anxiety and depression after ICU survival: results of a post-ICU a... 2015
Details Outcomes of patients with tracheostomy discharged from ICU to Transitional ... 2015
Details Somatic complaints after ICU survival: results of a post-ICU aftercare prog... 2015
Details Rapid amelioration of respiratory parameters in severely obese patients aft... 2015
Details Post-traumatic stress disorder prevalence and subtypes among survivors of c... 2015
Details Early postoperative use of CPAP reduces need for unplanned IPPV in elective... 2015
Details Nonpharmacological interventions to reduce short-term or long-term psycholo... 2015
Details Utilisation of existing community rehabilitation services by critical care ... 2015
Details Lung ultrasonography as a marker of pulmonary edema in cardiac surgery pati... 2015
Details Physiotherapy in the ICU: an evidence-based, expert-driven, practical state... 2015
Details Ultrasound assessment for extravascular lung water in patients with septic ... 2015
Details Early mobilization according to diagnosis in a Brazilian coronary ICU ... 2015
Details Atrophy of diaphragm muscle visualized with ultrasound in mechanically vent... 2015
Details Need for therapeutic interventions as a predictor of mortality in intensive... 2015
Details Quantitative ultrasonography for pneumonia ... 2015
Details Payment options: do they affect outcome in the critically ill ... 2015
Details Effect of lung recruitment on oxygenation in patients with acute lung injur... 2015
Details Non-invasive respiratory volume monitoring for quantification of respirator... 2015
Details Nebulized heparin for patients under mechanical ventilation: a conventional... 2015
Details Association between out-of-hours discharge and mortality in adult patients ... 2015
Details Diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea with respiratory polygraph in hypercap... 2015
Details Recovery of health-related quality of life in ICU patients: a 5-year prospe... 2015
Details Respiratory muscle training during mechanical ventilation: a systematic rev... 2015
Details Determination of brain death for adult patients with ECMO ... 2015
Details Prospective assessment of the ability of rapid shallow breathing index comp... 2015
Details Presence of neutrophil extracellular traps in bronchial aspirate of patient... 2015
Details Bereavement care in UK ICUs: a national survey ... 2015
Details Endocan can be a predictive marker of severity of sepsis but cannot be a ma... 2015
Details Mesenchymal stem cell and endothelial cell interaction restores endothelial... 2015
Details Smoking increased risk of ARDS in surgical critically ill patients: results... 2015
Details Influence of body weight on lung mechanics and respiratory function in ARDS... 2015
Details Complex approach for diagnosing acute respiratory distress syndrome in noso... 2015
Details Oesophageal artefact may significantly affect oesophageal pressure measurem... 2015
Details Prone positioning in acute respiratory distress syndrome after abdominal su... 2015
Details Regional distribution of excess tissue mass in ARDS lung ... 2015
Details Functional respiratory imaging of airways in ventilated ARDS patients: reve... 2015
Details Efficacy and safety of open lung ventilation in patients with impaired peri... 2015
Details Determinants of energy dissipation in the respiratory system during mechani... 2015
Details Immune response after prolonged hyperoxic mechanical ventilation ... 2015
Details Perioperative assessment of regional ventilation during changing body posit... 2015
Details Structural and functional effects of mechanical ventilation and aging on si... 2015
Details Retrospective study of patients receiving long-term mechanical ventilation ... 2015
Details Initial pH and mortality in patients with exacerbations of COPD and pneumon... 2015
Details Lung protective ventilation with lower tidal volumes and development of pul... 2015
Details Effects of positive end-expiratory pressure on lung ventilation/ perfusion ... 2015
Details 18-FDG PET in lung transplantation ... 2015
Details Usefulness of extravascular lung water assessment as a predictor of weaning... 2015
Details Pressure reconstruction method for spontaneous breathing effort monitoring ... 2015
Details Tidal volume accuracy during non-invasive ventilation with modern neonatal ... 2015
Details Ventilatory response during intentional early rehabilitation in patients wi... 2015
Details Surface electromyography of respiratory muscles during a CPAP trial for wea... 2015
Details Ventilator-day reductions not associated with reintubations and further red... 2015
Details Open-label randomized control trial between low pressure support and T-piec... 2015
Details Systematic procedures including non-invasive ventilation improve morbidity ... 2015
Details Early postoperative pulmonary complications following heart transplantation... 2015
Details Systematic alveolar recruitment after cardiac surgery ... 2015
Details Prediction of risk factors related to the development of hepatic dysfunctio... 2015
Details Interhospital transfer of patients in extracorporeal membrane oxygenation ... 2015
Details Microhemorrhages in the corpus callosum after treatment with extracorporeal... 2015
Details Differential venous oxygen return: a key factor of differential hypoxia in ... 2015
Details Successful approach for emergent consent for ECMO research ... 2015
Details In-hospital and long-term mortality after venoarterial ECMO for refractory ... 2015
Details Characteristics of trauma patients with creatine kinase elevation ... 2015
Details Rhabdomyolysis: early prognostication of renal failure and other adverse ou... 2015
Details Risk factors for acute kidney injury in patients with complicated intra-abd... 2015
Details Early detection of acute kidney injury during the first week of the ICU ... 2015
Details Urinary TIMP-2 and IGFBP7 elevate early in critically ill postoperative pat... 2015
Details Urinary TIMP2 and IGFBP7 as early biomarkers of acute kidney injury in sept... 2015
Details Single point measurement of cystatin C has similar performance as serum cre... 2015
Details Early prediction of acute kidney injury after transcatheter aortic valve im... 2015
Details Impact of kidney injury on fluid overload and impaired oxygenation ... 2015
Details Acute kidney injury biomarkers offer the opportunity to reduce exposure to ... 2015
Details Retrospective analysis of the efficacy of radio-contrast-induced nephropath... 2015
Details Base deficit and SOFA score are predictive factors of early acute kidney in... 2015
Details Predictors of renal recovery in critically ill patients with AKI: observati... 2015
Details Comparison of two strategies for initiating renal replacement therapy in th... 2015
Details Micronutrient loss in renal replacement therapy for acute kidney injury ... 2015
Details Super high-flux CVVHD using regional citrate anticoagulation: long-term sta... 2015
Details Citrate anticoagulation for continuous venovenous haemodiafiltration: the i... 2015
Details Descriptive study of the haematological management of adult patients with s... 2015
Details Comparison between nafamostat mesilate and unfractionated heparin as antico... 2015
Details Long-term renal and survival outcomes in acute kidney injury patients recei... 2015
Details Plasma antioxidant capacity in critical traumatized patients: severity and ... 2015
Details Hypothermia as a predictor for mortality in trauma patients ... 2015
Details Near-infrared spectroscopy to assess tissue oxygenation in patients with po... 2015
Details Missed fractures in severely injured patients ... 2015
Details Endogenous microparticles drive the proinflammatory host immune response in... 2015
Details DNA and sRAGE circulation in the early phase after polytrauma ... 2015
Details Clinical decision rule for cervical magnetic resonance imaging in suspected... 2015
Details Accuracy of targeted wire-guided tube thoracostomy in comparison with class... 2015
Details Ventilator-associated pneumonia in a trauma ICU ... 2015
Details Normobaric oxygen paradox and erythropoietin production in critically ill p... 2015
Details Comparison of the PATHFAST D-dimer assay with two POC D-dimer assays ... 2015
Details Using rivaroxoban in patients with venous thromboembolism ... 2015
Details Impact of introducing guidelines for thrombolysis of submassive pulmonary e... 2015
Details Incidence and outcome of asymptomatic deep vein thrombosis in critically il... 2015
Details Computed tomographic pulmonary angiographic findings to predict adverse out... 2015
Details Mean platelet volume and mean platelet volume/platelet count ratio in risk ... 2015
Details Progression to end-stage renal disease is reduced with eculizumab in patien... 2015
Details Early initiation of eculizumab treatment in patients with atypical haemolyt... 2015
Details Evaluation of the quotient of the venoarterial carbon dioxide gradient and ... 2015
Details Red blood cell transfusion in patients with traumatic brain injury: a syste... 2015
Details Red blood cell transfusion is associated with an increased mortality in cri... 2015
Details Effect of the haemoglobin level on neurologic outcome in patients with seve... 2015
Details Microparticles from red blood cell transfusion products induce a strong inf... 2015
Details Value of thromboelastography in managing hypercoagulopathy in intensive car... 2015
Details Thromboelastography may detect hypercoagulation in early sepsis and improve... 2015
Details Role of thromboelastography in the management of haemorrhage: an observatio... 2015
Details Utilisation review of thromboelastography in intensive care ... 2015
Details Decreased coagulation kinetics is associated with high blood loss in patien... 2015
Details Evaluation of fixed dose four-factor prothrombin complex concentrate for wa... 2015
Details Cerebral autoregulation testing in a porcine model of intravenously adminis... 2015
Details Beneficial effects of prehospital versus immediate in-hospital blood produc... 2015
Details New real-time bowel sound analysis may predict disease severity in septic p... 2015
Details Continuous versus intermittent temperature measurement in the detection of ... 2015
Details Use of albumin in spontaneous bacterial peritonitis is cost-effective ... 2015
Details Audit of strategies to improve sepsis management in emergency departments ... 2015
Details Estimation of the latent therapeutic demand for albumin in the USA: a focus... 2015
Details Systemic symptoms as markers for severity in sepsis ... 2015
Details Influence of anaesthetic factors on skin graft viability in a burns ICU ... 2015
Details Assessment of specific risk scores for patients admitted to the ICU for sev... 2015
Details Predisposing factors for deep sternal wound infection after cardiac surgery... 2015
Details Marked exposure to the endocrine-disrupting chemicals phthalates and bisphe... 2015
Details Pre-exposure to mechanical ventilation and endotoxin influence bacterial gr... 2015
Details Low serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D at critical care initiation is associated wit... 2015
Details Percutaneous drainage for patients with cervical necrotizing fasciitis with... 2015
Details Incidence and predisposing factors for the development of disturbed glucose... 2015
Details Independent risk factors for long-term mortality in patients with severe in... 2015
Details Point accuracy and reliability of an interstitial continuous glucose monito... 2015
Details Direct intensive care costs of severe sepsis and septic shock patients in T... 2015
Details Effect of admission hyperglycemia in sepsis patients with or without a hist... 2015
Details Evaluation of the cost of severe sepsis and septic shock in a private ICU i... 2015
Details Point and trend accuracy of continuous glucose monitoring using intravenous... 2015
Details Global burden of sepsis: a systematic review ... 2015
Details Real-time continuous glucose monitoring in the ICU ... 2015
Details Disparities in acute sepsis care: a systematic review ... 2015
Details Critically ill patients with faecal peritonitis: a 5-year review in a terti... 2015
Details Fatty acid composition of erythrocytes in multiple organ dysfunction syndro... 2015
Details Bowel and related complications after cardiac surgery ... 2015
Details Lower platelet mitochondrial function in severe septic patients than in con... 2015
Details ICU outcome of patients undergoing cytoreductive surgery followed by hypert... 2015
Details Phenotypic factors associated with outcome in 977 intensive care patients w... 2015
Details Disseminated intravascular coagulation score predicts mortality in critical... 2015
Details Elevated basal levels of circulating activated platelets predict ICU-acquir... 2015
Details Antiplatelet therapy does not influence outcome or host response biomarkers... 2015
Details Seroprevalence of hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV in ICU patients ... 2015
Details Mitochondrial dysfunction and ischemia in critical illness: an adipose tiss... 2015
Details Outcomes of decompensated chronic liver disease in a UK district general ho... 2015
Details Pyruvate dehydrogenase levels are low in sepsis ... 2015
Details Serial change of C1 inhibitor in patients with sepsis: a preliminary report... 2015
Details Molecular adsorbent recirculating system treatment in 69 patients listed fo... 2015
Details Expression of apolipoproteins L in neutrophils during sepsis ... 2015
Details First clinical experience with a new type of albumin dialysis: the HepaWash... 2015
Details Ex vivo and in vivo generation of neutrophil extracellular traps by neutrop... 2015
Details Specific patterns of T-cell cytokines as an early marker of outcome in sept... 2015
Details Reduced responsiveness of blood leukocytes to lipopolysaccharide does not p... 2015
Details Intraabdominal pressure in critical burn patients ... 2015
Details Cell-culture model to study endothelial activation in sepsis ... 2015
Details Intraabdominal hypertension in burn patients ... 2015
Details Macrophage phenotype in sepsis immunosuppression ... 2015
Details Effects of sepsis on respiratory mechanics in a porcine model of intra-abdo... 2015
Details Expression of mRNA levels of HLA-DRA in relation to monocyte HLA-DR: a long... 2015
Details Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of the efficacy of four ... 2015
Details Eosinopenia as a marker of sepsis and mortality in critically ill patients ... 2015
Details Unraveling the link between malnutrition and adverse clinical outcomes: ass... 2015
Details Prevalence and clinical significance of early endotoxin activity in septic ... 2015
Details Evaluation of the provision of nutrition in a South African provincial hosp... 2015
Details Usefulness of endotoxin activity assay for early diagnosis of sepsis ... 2015
Details Association between apoptosis and mortality in severe septic patients ... 2015
Details Sphingosine-1-phosphate is a new biomarker for severity in human sepsis ... 2015
Details NUTRIC score in oncologic patients ... 2015
Details Diagnostic accuracy and clinical relevance of an inflammatory biomarker pan... 2015
Details Early calorie-dense immune nutrition in haemodynamically compromised cardia... 2015
Details Validation of B·R·A·H·M·S PCT direct, a new sensitive point-of-care te... 2015
Details Measurement of skeletal muscle glycogen status in critically ill patients: ... 2015
Details Serum procalcitonin level correlates with endotoxin activity in patients wi... 2015
Details Plasma glutamine after acute or elective admission on the ICU ... 2015
Details Procalcitonin as prognostic marker in severe sepsis of abdominal origin ... 2015
Details Intravenous fish oil lipid emulsions in ICU patients: an updated systematic... 2015
Details Diagnostic value of procalcitonin and IL-6 for sepsis of older patients and... 2015
Details Prehospital factors associated with an ICU admission from the emergency dep... 2015
Details Procalcitonin levels in patients undergoing left ventricular assist device ... 2015
Details Adequacy of trained assistance, emergency equipment and drugs at emergency ... 2015
Details Changes in procalcitonin and presepsin before and after immunoglobulin admi... 2015
Details Evaluation of emergency call Code Blue over a 5-year period ... 2015
Details Diagnostic and prognostic performance of PATHFAST Presepsin in patients wit... 2015
Details Attention Code Blue: a comprehension of in-hospital cardiac arrest from a m... 2015
Details Examination of the diagnostic accuracy of sepsis using procalcitonin, prese... 2015
Details Neutrophil to lymphocyte count ratio performs better than procalcitonin as ... 2015
Details Body position during transport in a refractory cardiac arrest porcine model... 2015
Details Prognosis value of biomarkers in severe sepsis and septic shock ... 2015
Details Predictors of return of spontaneous circulation and survival in in-hospital... 2015
Details Performance of the beta-glucan test and a dynamic prediction rule to identi... 2015
Details Comparison of complications secondary to cardiopulmonary resuscitation betw... 2015
Details Preventing catheter-related infections in ICUs: comparing catheter care tec... 2015
Details Impact of intra-arrest fluid loading with different doses of crystalloid in... 2015
Details Comparison of three cutaneous antiseptic solutions for the prevention of ca... 2015
Details Near-death experiences in survivors of cardiac arrest: a study about demogr... 2015
Details Removal of an implanted central venous catheter from neutropenic patients a... 2015
Details Utilisation and prognostic impact of cathlab investigation prior to intensi... 2015
Details Effect of insertion route on risk of central line-associated bloodstream in... 2015
Details Utilisation and prognostic impact of angiography and primary percutaneous c... 2015
Details Use of nanotechnology-based surface antiseptic solutions in the ICU ... 2015
Details Targeted temperature management after cardiac arrest and fever control with... 2015
Details Reduction of deep surgical site infections in cardiac surgery by introducin... 2015
Details Effect of chlorhexidine and urinary catheter infection prevention in a Braz... 2015
Details Hemodynamic targets during therapeutic hypothermia after cardiac arrest: a ... 2015
Details Effect of daily bathing with chlorhexidine on hospital-acquired bloodstream... 2015
Details Pharmacologic evaluation of shivering management in neurologically injured ... 2015
Details Improving hand hygiene compliance leads to improved health outcome: an anal... 2015
Details Predictors of survival of therapeutic hypothermia based on analysis of a co... 2015
Details Effects of infection control bundle to prevent nosocomial infection in the ... 2015
Details Association between hemoglobin, cerebral oxygenation and neurologic outcome... 2015
Details Evaluation of the microbial tightness of closed system transfer devices by ... 2015
Details Somatosensory evoked high-frequency oscillations and prognostication after ... 2015
Details Tuberculosis in the ICU: a retrospective cohort study ... 2015
Details One-size-fits-all or patient-tailored hemodynamic targets in post-cardiac a... 2015
Details Cutaneous mucormycosis in the ICU ... 2015
Details Response of regional oxygen saturation technologies during hypoxia ... 2015
Details Low-pathogenicity mycoplasma species induce immunoparesis and are highly pr... 2015
Details Use of bispectral index EEG monitoring for a fast and reliable detection of... 2015
Details Comparative analysis of microflora and antibiotic resistance in patients wi... 2015
Details Amplitudes of cortical somatosensory evoked potentials and outcome predicti... 2015
Details Infectious events and prescription of antimicrobials in the coronary ICU ... 2015
Details Prognostic value of neuron-specific enolase after cardiac arrest and target... 2015
Details Resuscitated cardiac arrest in patients admitted with acute heart failure: ... 2015
Details Patient epidemiology in a level II hospital ICU and how main nosocomial inf... 2015
Details Outcome of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in cancer patients in an Indian te... 2015
Details In vitro antimicrobial susceptibility of fosfomycin against organisms isola... 2015
Details Outcome after CPR: when we cannot save lives, we can save organs ... 2015
Details Development of antibiotic treatment algorithms based on Gram stain to restr... 2015
Details Endothelial dysfunction in acute brain injury and the development of cerebr... 2015
Details Skewed antibiogram of community-acquired urinary isolates and the therapeut... 2015
Details Survey on ICP, target CPP and MAP measurement level in patients with severe... 2015
Details Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in the ICU: risk factors and a ... 2015
Details Evaluation of infection risk and antibiotic exposure in traumatic brain inj... 2015
Details Novel influenza A antibodies reduce severity of secondary pneumococcal pneu... 2015
Details Neuroenergetic response to prolonged cerebral glucose depletion after sever... 2015
Details Prevalence of viral respiratory tract infections in acutely admitted and ve... 2015
Details Correlation between intracranial pressure and pulsatility index measured by... 2015
Details Source of MDR infections in an ICU: busting the myth ... 2015
Details Bispectral index as a predictor of unsalvageable traumatic brain injury ... 2015
Details Concordance between a new molecular real-time approach and traditional cult... 2015
Details Neuromonitoring of patients with severe traumatic brain injury at the bedsi... 2015
Details Epidemiological cohort study of systemic antifungal therapy for suspected o... 2015
Details Technique for continuous bedside monitoring of the global cerebral energy s... 2015
Details Stability of crushed tedizolid phosphate tablets for nasogastric tube admin... 2015
Details Prognostic value of ubiquitin carboxy-terminal hydrolase L1 in patients wit... 2015
Details Antiviral prophylaxis inhibits cytomegalovirus reactivation in critical ill... 2015
Details Cannabinoid 2 receptor antagonism reverses central nervous system injury-in... 2015
Details Pharmacokinetics of daptomycin in patients undergoing low-flow continuous v... 2015
Details Levels of N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide in brain injury patients... 2015
Details Blocking angiotensin type 1 receptor modulates Thl-mediated and Th17-mediat... 2014
Details The nutritional energy to clinical outcome relation revisited ... 2014
Details Echocardiographic guidance for Avalon Elite dual-lumen catheter implantatio... 2014
Details Efficacy of ultrasound-guided radial artery catheterization: a systematic r... 2014
Details Lower airway sampling greatly increases detection of respiratory viruses in... 2014
Details Risk factors for multi-resistant organisms in sepsis ... 2014
Details Extracorporeal life support devices and strategies for management of acute ... 2014
Details Detection of ‘best’ positive end-expiratory pressure derived from elect... 2014
Details Clostridium difficile infection in ICU patients ... 2014
Details Timing of vasopressor initiation and mortality in septic shock: a cohort st... 2014
Details Multiple gene-to-gene interactions in children with sepsis: a combination o... 2014
Details Retrospective observational analysis of the infective risk of arterial line... 2014
Details Platelet membrane potential: unable to pull the plug on sepsis ... 2014
Details Comparative evaluation of three interfaces for non-invasive ventilation: a ... 2014
Details Reducing CR-BSI in a general ICU ... 2014
Details Using procalcitonin to guide antimicrobial duration in sepsis: asking the s... 2014
Details Targeting the programmed cell death 1: programmed cell death ligand 1 pathw... 2014
Details Risk factors of candidemia in postoperative ICU patients: a prospective stu... 2014
Details The furosemide stress test to predict renal function after continuous renal... 2014
Details Heart–kidney crosstalk and role of humoral signaling in critical illness ... 2014
Details Escherichia coli infection in Polish neonatology ICUs in 2009 to 2012 ... 2014
Details Personalized organ donation directives: saving lives with PODDs ... 2014
Details Infection control as a nonpharmacologic strategy for the prevention of heal... 2014
Details Predicting outcomes after blunt chest wall trauma: development and external... 2014
Details Surveillance for nosocomial pathogens in our ICU ... 2014
Details Renal recovery ... 2014
Details Elevated plasma thrombomodulin and angiopoietin-2 predict the development o... 2014
Details Procalcitonin testing for diagnosis and short-term prognosis in bacterial i... 2014
Details Retrospective analysis of respiratory isolates post out-of-hospital cardiac... 2014
Details Low plasma selenium concentrations in critically ill children: the interact... 2014
Details Volume replacement with Ringer-lactate is detrimental in severe hemorrhagic... 2014
Details Pharmacokinetics of antituberculosis drugs in critically ill patients with ... 2014
Details High-volume hemofiltration for septic acute kidney injury: a systematic rev... 2014
Details Eight-year study of the Staphylococcus epidermidis resistance profile again... 2014
Details Efficacy and adverse events of high-frequency oscillatory ventilation in ad... 2014
Details The effect of glutamine therapy on outcomes in critically ill patients: a m... 2014
Details Evaluation of a protocol for resuscitation in burn patients ... 2014
Details Albumin versus crystalloid solutions in patients with the acute respiratory... 2014
Details Audit of bacteraemia management in a university hospital ICU ... 2014
Details Imaging opens possibilities both to target and to evaluate nutrition in cri... 2014
Details Low skeletal muscle area is a risk factor for mortality in mechanically ven... 2014
Details Sepsis: impact of timely and appropriate empirical antibiotic therapy on mo... 2014
Details Is pentobarbital safe and efficacious in the treatment of super-refractory ... 2014
Details Minimising prescribing errors in the ICU ... 2014
Details Safety and efficacy of amphotericin B inhalation for Candida spp. in the re... 2014
Details Improvement in the identification and management of inadvertent hypothermia... 2014
Details Inhaled tobramycin for the treatment of nosocomial pneumonia in sepsis ... 2014
Details β-lactam antibiotic concentrations during continuous renal replacement the... 2014
Details Incidence of adverse events in a Brazilian coronary ICU ... 2014
Details Sternal wound infections in cardiac surgery: effects of vancomycin prophyla... 2014
Details Inflammation biomarkers and delirium in critically ill patients ... 2014
Details Compliance of a ventilator-associated pneumonia care bundle in an adult int... 2014
Details Retrospective analysis of the clinical utility of blood cultures taken surr... 2014
Details Severe and early quadriceps weakness in mechanically ventilated patients ... 2014
Details Referrals to a critical care unit: compliance with the NCEPOD recommendatio... 2014
Details Acute kidney injury in cardiorenal syndrome type 1: a meta-analysis ... 2014
Details Management of anticoagulant-related intracranial hemorrhage: an evidence-ba... 2014
Details Demand versus supply in intensive care: an ever-growing problem ... 2014
Details Early detection of postoperative acute kidney injury by Doppler renal resis... 2014
Details Age and decisions to limit life support for patients with acute lung injury... 2014
Details Targeting blood tests in the ICU may lead to a significant cost reduction ... 2014
Details Renal resistive index at ICU admission and its change after 24 hours predic... 2014
Details A 10-second fluid challenge guided by transthoracic echocardiography can pr... 2014
Details Results of the Telemedicine Program for implementation of the Surviving Sep... 2014
Details Acute kidney injury of all severity is associated with extended hospitaliza... 2014
Details Multilevel competing risks in the evaluation of nosocomial infections: time... 2014
Details ICU nursing connectivity and the quality of care in an academic medical cen... 2014
Details Early acute kidney injury in nonsepsis, noncardiac surgical patients admitt... 2014
Details ‘To prone or not to prone’ in severe ARDS: questions answered, but othe... 2014
Details Compassion fatigue and burnout among healthcare professionals in the ICU ... 2014
Details Impact of kidney function calculation formulae on predicting early adverse ... 2014
Details Current practice in the management of tetanus ... 2014
Details Fluid accumulation increases the risk of AKI progression and death in criti... 2014
Details Fetal outcome in the critically ill pregnant woman ... 2014
Details Dealing with cultural diversity during the process of communication and dec... 2014
Details Postoperative acute kidney injury in patients with gynecologic malignancies... 2014
Details The effect of prone positioning on mortality in patients with acute respira... 2014
Details Family satisfaction in the ICU: a 6-month experience ... 2014
Details Acute kidney injury after elective adult cardiac surgery ... 2014
Details Acute kidney injury due to rhabdomyolysis and renal replacement therapy: a ... 2014
Details Incidence and outcomes of contrast-induced nephropathy in adult ICU patient... 2014
Details Safety of percutaneous tracheostomy in NeuroICU patients with intracranial ... 2014
Details ASA helps prediction of the death rate in surgical ICU patients ... 2014
Details Human acute kidney injury is associated with a proinflammatory phenotype ... 2014
Details Serum cystatin C predicts vancomycin trough levels better than serum creati... 2014
Details Death rate of patients admitted to a Brazilian ICU on weekends and holidays... 2014
Details Risk factors for the development of contrast-induced nephropathy in ICU pat... 2014
Details Test characteristics of acute kidney injury biomarkers in animal models of ... 2014
Details Autopsy-detected diagnostic errors in critically ill patients with cirrhosi... 2014
Details Postoperative acute kidney injury can be predicted by the novel biomarkers ... 2014
Details It’s not just the antibiotics, it’s the treatment ... 2014
Details Radiation exposure in trauma patients is affected by age ... 2014
Details Urine TIMP2 × IGFBP7 increases 24 hours before severe AKI ... 2014
Details Intensive care unit admission in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: pat... 2014
Details Survival rate and predictors of outcome in intubated patients with haematol... 2014
Details Urinary tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases-2 and insulin-like growth fa... 2014
Details Brain–kidney crosstalk ... 2014
Details Predictors of outcome in patients with haematological malignancies admitted... 2014
Details Early risk stratification in patients with oncological and hematological ma... 2014
Details Resveratrol ameliorates apoptosis induced by contrast medium ioxitalamate i... 2014
Details Quantification of IgM molecular response by droplet digital PCR as a potent... 2014
Details Early warning scores: breaking or building barriers to critical care ... 2014
Details Evaluation of simplified acute physiology score 3 performance: a systematic... 2014
Details Factors affecting the clinical response to National Early Warning score tri... 2014
Details Incidence and outcomes of acute kidney injury following orthotopic lung tra... 2014
Details Polymyxin B hemoperfusion: a mechanistic perspective ... 2014
Details Impact of obesity on outcomes in patients with sepsis ... 2014
Details Recovery of renal function after acute kidney injury requiring continuous r... 2014
Details Obesity is not associated with poor outcomes in older patients with sepsis ... 2014
Details Relation between preoperative use of diuretics and renal replacement therap... 2014
Details Higher clinical success in patients with ventilator-associated pneumonia du... 2014
Details Long-term outcome in COPD patients with pneumonic and nonpneumonic exacerba... 2014
Details Renal replacement therapy in very elderly critical care patients ... 2014
Details Monitoring prognosis in severe traumatic brain injury ... 2014
Details Frailty predicts need for medical review but not degree of organ support af... 2014
Details Higher brain extracellular potassium is associated with brain metabolic dis... 2014
Details Six-month outcomes in lung cancer patients surviving ICU admission: results... 2014
Details Elimination rates of electrolytes, vitamins and trace elements during conti... 2014
Details Survival and quality of life in patients acquiring acute kidney injury in t... 2014
Details Evaluation of functional differences between two anticoagulation methods us... 2014
Details Standard operating procedures for antibiotic therapy and the occurrence of ... 2014
Details Increasing age of patients admitted to intensive care, and association betw... 2014
Details Effectiveness of sub-albumin protein leakage membrane EMIC2 in post-cardiac... 2014
Details High-frequency oscillation in early adult respiratory distress syndrome ... 2014
Details Outcomes of military patients treated at the UK Royal Centre for Defence Me... 2014
Details The biological effects of higher and lower positive end-expiratory pressure... 2014
Details Very old patients with cancer admitted to the ICU: outcome and predictive f... 2014
Details Efficacy of continuous plasma diafiltration therapy ... 2014
Details Continuous glucose control in the ICU: report of a 2013 round table meeting... 2014
Details A retrospective review of mortality and complications following oesophagect... 2014
Details Coagulopathy following major trauma hemorrhage: lytic, lethal and a lack of... 2014
Details Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of ciprofloxacin during sustained low... 2014
Details Transplantation of bone marrow-derived mononuclear cells can improve the su... 2014
Details Pharmacokinetics of meropenem during continuous renal replacement therapy i... 2014
Details Rescue bedside laparotomy in the intensive care unit in patients too unstab... 2014
Details Impact of a dedicated trauma desk in ambulance control on the identificatio... 2014
Details ICU patients treated with RRT for AKI who have chronic kidney disease have ... 2014
Details Erratum to: The effect of glutamine therapy on outcomes in critically ill p... 2014
Details The Manchester Triage System in optimizing triage in adult general medical ... 2014
Details Polymyxin B-immobilized fiber hemoperfusion therapy improves sepsis-related... 2014
Details Porcine blood and surrogate markers do not prove benefit of aDabi-Fab ... 2014
Details Training to achieve coordination of rescue and ambulance and medical teams ... 2014
Details Endotoxin activity assay and polymyxin B hemoperfusion use in a cohort of c... 2014
Details Complementary cooperation of an ambulance helicopter and car with medical d... 2014
Details Implementation of the Behavioural Pain Scale in sedated mechanically ventil... 2014
Details Long-term outcome of delirium during intensive care unit stay in survivors ... 2014
Details Evaluation and prevention of violence in the emergency department in Lebano... 2014
Details Haemodynamic effects of clonidine in an ovine model of severe sepsis with s... 2014
Details Price per unit: the cost of alcohol-related admissions to a regional ICU ... 2014
Details Off-label use of clonidine for sedation in Dutch ICUs ... 2014
Details Clinical research of patients with multiple organ dysfunction syndrome indu... 2014
Details Comparison of dexmedetomidine and propofol for sedation in patients with tr... 2014
Details Nitroglycerin reverts clinical manifestations of poor peripheral perfusion ... 2014
Details Care of Burns in Scotland: 3-year data from the Managed Clinical Network Na... 2014
Details Different effects of propofol and dexmedetomidine on preload dependency in ... 2014
Details Effectiveness of noncontrast abdominal multidetector CT for evaluating the ... 2014
Details Propofol: monitoring for complications ... 2014
Details Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation therapy for pulmonary decompression ill... 2014
Details Antipyretics in the emergency department - intravenous paracetamol versus i... 2014
Details Influence of increased intracranial pressure on sevoflurane-fentanyl anesth... 2014
Details Renal recovery after acute kidney injury: choice of initial renal replaceme... 2014
Details Hospital mortality predictive factors following Rapid Response Team activat... 2014
Details Quantifying sedation satisfaction during bronchoscopy using the Bispectral ... 2014
Details Automatic protective ventilation using the ARDSNet protocol with the additi... 2014
Details Long-term outcome of the Emergency Response Team system in in-hospital card... 2014
Details Risk factor of withdrawal syndrome in the paediatric ICU ... 2014
Details Beta-lactam dosing in critically ill patients with septic shock and continu... 2014
Details Decreasing central-line blood draws by consolidation of phlebotomy timing: ... 2014
Details Epidural analgesia reduces perioperative myocardial infarction and all-caus... 2014
Details Novel hemostatic technique using a silicone gel dressing for tangential exc... 2014
Details Effect of enteral and/or parenteral glutamine supplementation on mortality ... 2014
Details Impact of appropriate antimicrobial treatment on transition from ventilator... 2014
Details Increased threshold for gastric residual volumes and impact on nutrition in... 2014
Details High dose of tigecycline for extremely resistant Gram-negative pneumonia: y... 2014
Details Goal-directed hemostatic therapy using rotational thromboelastometry in pat... 2014
Details Vitamin B and C levels of homeless patients who visit the emergency departm... 2014
Details Impairment of cardiac metabolism and sympathetic innervation after aneurysm... 2014
Details Thromboelastometric examination on the ICU before elective procedures ... 2014
Details Changes in urinary electrolytes during acute respiratory acid-base modifica... 2014
Details The prognostic value of concomitant assessment of NT-proCNP, C-reactive pro... 2014
Details ROTEM: Multiplate monitoring in the ICU and outcome scores ... 2014
Details Impact of reduced frequency of phosphate testing on detected phosphate leve... 2014
Details Monitoring of treatment with low molecular weight heparins using viscoelast... 2014
Details Effect of albumin and total protein concentration on plasma sodium measurem... 2014
Details Ultrasound-guided percutaneous tracheostomy: a feasible alternative for tet... 2014
Details Heparin stability in parenteral nutrition bags prepared in a neonatal ICU ... 2014
Details Cardiac surgery alters the sensitivity of the dynamic interaction between t... 2014
Details Comparison of risk prediction scoring systems for ward patients: a retrospe... 2014
Details Continuous prediction of glucose-level changes using an electronic nose in ... 2014
Details The future of antibiotics ... 2014
Details Evaluation of blood glucose control in ICU patients with Space GlucoseContr... 2014
Details Evaluation of Symphony CGM, a non-invasive, transdermal continuous glucose ... 2014
Details Primary bivalirudin anticoagulation for patients with an implantable ventri... 2014
Details Time-course evaluation of blood glucose changes in response to insulin deli... 2014
Details Decision tree model for predicting long-term outcomes in children with out-... 2014
Details Plasma-free hemoglobin and microvascular response to fresh or old blood tra... 2014
Details Glycaemia and critical care outcomes ... 2014
Details Continuous versus bolus intermittent loop diuretic infusion in acutely deco... 2014
Details Fatty acid composition of blood plasma in multiple organ dysfunction syndro... 2014
Details First clinical study data from therapeutic use of a novel continuous glucos... 2014
Details Presence of Candida cell wall derived polysaccharides in the sera of intens... 2014
Details Response of coagulation and fibrinolysis system was different between older... 2014
Details Impact of corticosteroid administration in septic shock on glycemic variabi... 2014
Details Ventilation during extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for adult respirator... 2014
Details ε-Aminocaproic acid does not increase adverse effects in cardiac surgery: ... 2014
Details Blood glucose target in acute phase suggested by the analysis of the relati... 2014
Details Revisiting therapeutic hypothermia for severe traumatic brain injury… aga... 2014
Details Eculizumab treatment of atypical haemolytic uraemic syndrome: results from ... 2014
Details Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of ranolazine on primary cultured... 2014
Details Higher platelet cytochrome oxidase specific activity in surviving than in n... 2014
Details Variation in red blood cell transfusion thresholds in critically ill patien... 2014
Details Tuberculous meningitis: a 10-year case analysis of critical care admissions... 2014
Details Nutrition in Critical Care ... 2014
Details A liberal strategy of red blood cell transfusion reduces cardiovascular com... 2014
Details Intrathecal lactate to predict spinal cord ischemia in major abdominal surg... 2014
Details Plasma and urine neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin in the diagnosi... 2014
Details Anemia and high hematocrit are associated with in-hospital mortality in eme... 2014
Details Cannulation in extracorporeal membrane oxygenation ... 2014
Details New simplified criteria for predicting massive transfusion in trauma ... 2014
Details Effects of cardiac output-guided hemodynamic management on fluid administra... 2014
Details Evaluation of the implementation of a massive transfusion protocol ... 2014
Details Effect of transient cerebral ischemia on the expression of receptor for adv... 2014
Details Erratum to: Comparisons between intragastric and small intestinal delivery ... 2014
Details Blood product transfusions in septic patients are associated with mortality... 2014
Details Correlation of thermal Doppler flowmetry and microdialysis values in patien... 2014
Details Prolonged continuous intravenous infusion of the dipeptide L-alanine- L-glu... 2014
Details Transfusion requirements in septic shock patients: a randomized controlled ... 2014
Details Model of intracranial hypertension of tumor etiology in laboratory rats ... 2014
Details Inflammatory properties of microparticles in stored red blood cell transfus... 2014
Details Accuracy of transcranial color-coded duplex sonography in predicting clinic... 2014
Details Prothrombin complex concentrate restores haemostasis in a dabigatran antico... 2014
Details Purified cell wall from the probiotic bacterium Lactobacillus gasseriactiva... 2014
Details Effect of a fixed dose of fresh frozen plasma on systemic inflammation and ... 2014
Details Acute and long-term outcomes of ICU-acquired weakness: a cohort study and p... 2014
Details Mortality prediction models in acute respiratory failure treated with extra... 2014
Details Application of damage control resuscitation strategies to patients with sev... 2014
Details Early electrophysiological diagnosis of ICU-acquired weakness ... 2014
Details Probiotics in patients with severe acute pancreatitis ... 2014
Details Choosing a cerebral near-infrared spectroscopy system for use in traumatic ... 2014
Details Receptor-interacting protein kinase 3 deficiency inhibits immune cell infil... 2014
Details Attenuation of ischemia-reperfusion injury in swine resuscitated for hemorr... 2014
Details Single-subject assessment of the distribution of white matter abnormalities... 2014
Details Validation of inflationary non-invasive blood pressure monitoring in emerge... 2014
Details Long-term outcome after severe traumatic brain injury ... 2014
Details European respiratory monographs: community-acquired pneumonia ... 2014
Details Influence of the oscillometric calibration method on accuracy and precision... 2014
Details Vitamin D level could affect the recovery rate in traumatic brain injury: a... 2014
Details Arterial pulse waveform as an n-soliton evolution of the left ventricular p... 2014
Details Percutaneous tracheostomy: it’s time for a shared approach! ... 2014
Details Validating and comparing the CAM-ICU and the ICDSC in mild and moderate tra... 2014
Details Vitamin D status in critically ill patients: the evidence is now bioavailab... 2014
Details Impact of the neutral position and rotation of the head in ultrasound-guide... 2014
Details Functional status after 3 years in ICU patients with traumatic brain injury... 2014
Details A comparison of different diagnostic criteria of acute kidney injury in cri... 2014
Details Demographic profiles and extent of critical care resources utilisation in p... 2014
Details Effect of intragastric versus small intestinal delivery of enteral nutritio... 2014
Details Diagnostic value of chest ultrasound after cardiac surgery: a comparison wi... 2014
Details Predicting 6-month mortality of patients with traumatic brain injury: usefu... 2014
Details Electrical impedance tomography: so close to touching the holy grail ... 2014
Details Real-time ultrasound-guided subclavian vein cannulation in cardiac surgery:... 2014
Details Work activities after 3-year follow-up in ICU patients with traumatic brain... 2014
Details Early adaptive immune suppression in children with septic shock: a prospect... 2014
Details Transthoracic echocardiography used in conjunction with passive leg raising... 2014
Details Enteral administration of antiepileptic agents could have efficacy for prev... 2014
Details Endogenous thrombin potential following hemostatic therapy with 4-factor pr... 2014
Details Accuracy of synthesized right-sided/posterior chest lead electrocardiograms... 2014
Details Simulation-based education for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and airway man... 2014
Details Aortic stiffness in patients with early sepsis ... 2014
Details Video analysis of cardiopulmonary resuscitation performance of ambulance cr... 2014
Details Variability of linezolid concentrations after standard dosing in critically... 2014
Details Pulse wave transit time technique for perioperative non-invasive hemodynami... 2014
Details Implementation of the PulsePoint smartphone application for crowd-sourcing ... 2014
Details Teaching central line placement: no clear window ... 2014
Details Validation of cardiac output from Mostcare compared with a pulmonary artery... 2014
Details Emergency room advanced life support after cardiac arrest: outcomes and sur... 2014
Details When ultrasound-guided catheterization is useless: back to landmarks! ... 2014
Details Novel non-invasive technology for cardiac output determination ... 2014
Details Outcome prediction in sepsis: Speckle tracking echocardiography based asses... 2014
Details Performance of pulse contour and pulse wave transit time-based continuous c... 2014
Details Predictors of poor outcome in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest ... 2014
Details Comparison of clinical outcome variables in patients with and without etomi... 2014
Details Comparison of PiCCO and VolumeView: simultaneous measurement in sepsis pig ... 2014
Details Predicting survival in patients admitted to intensive care following out-of... 2014
Details Effects of the restrictive fluid strategy on postoperative pulmonary and re... 2014
Details Post Arrest Consult Team: a knowledge translation strategy for post-cardiac... 2014
Details Relationship between acid–base status and inflammation in the critically ... 2014
Details Perioperative fluid balance and postoperative changes in serum creatinine i... 2014
Details One-year assessment of in-hospital cardiac arrest ... 2014
Details Early sedation and clinical outcomes of mechanically ventilated patients: a... 2014
Details Very limited usefulness of pulse pressure variation as a predictor of volum... 2014
Details Endovascular hypothermia after cardiac arrest in a Chilean ICU ... 2014
Details Modeling the economic impact of linezolid versus vancomycin in confirmed no... 2014
Details Tissue oxygenation as a target for goal-directed therapy in high-risk surge... 2014
Details Knowledge and use of therapeutic hypothermia in cardiac arrest victims amon... 2014
Details Interest of low-dose hydrocortisone therapy during brain-dead organ donor r... 2014
Details Induced hypothermia of 33°C does not affect host response compared with ma... 2014
Details Fluid responsiveness in septic shock ... 2014
Details Shivering during targeted temperature management after cardiac arrest: a ph... 2014
Details Psychometric comparison of three behavioural scales for the assessment of p... 2014
Details Temperature management following cardiac arrest: introducing a protocol imp... 2014
Details Early mobilization on continuous renal replacement therapy is safe and may ... 2014
Details BXL 628 ameliorates toxicity of lactated Ringer in HK-2 human renal proxima... 2014
Details Serum phosphate concentration during the rewarming period after deep hypoth... 2014
Details Neutrophils with myeloid derived suppressor function deplete arginine and c... 2014
Details Hypotonic fluids after liver transplantation may be associated with prolong... 2014
Details Influence of baseline magnesium concentrations on shivering in therapeutic ... 2014
Details TLR-independent activation of NK cells during systemic inflammation ... 2014
Details Early Vasopressin Application in Shock study ... 2014
Details Statin therapy reduces oxidized low density lipoprotein level, a risk facto... 2014
Details Role of 6-hour, 12-hour, and 24-hour lactate clearance in mortality of seve... 2014
Details Angiotensin II may be useful for the treatment of hypotension in distributi... 2014
Details How to assess prognosis after cardiac arrest and therapeutic hypothermia ... 2014
Details High frequency of myeloid-derived suppressor cells in sepsis patients, with... 2014
Details Vasopressin versus norepinephrine for the management of septic shock in can... 2014
Details Pseudomonas aeruginosa serotypes in nosocomial pneumonia: prevalence and cl... 2014
Details Selective decontamination using antibiotics in ICU patients: counterfactual... 2014
Details A new automatic urinometer shows lower bias, no loss of precision due to te... 2014
Details Erratum to: Clostridium difficile outcomes difficult to generalize ... 2014
Details Thalidomide exerts protective immunomodulatory action during Klebsiella pne... 2014
Details Haemodynamic effects of phenylephrine commenced prior to induction of anaes... 2014
Details Neurofilaments as a plasma biomarker for ICU-acquired weakness: an observat... 2014
Details Impact of purulent complications and sepsis on cardiovascular system in pat... 2014
Details Acetaminophen-induced hypotension in the surgical ICU ... 2014
Details New diagnostic strategy for sepsis-induced disseminated intravascular coagu... 2014
Details Severity of sepsis in patients with acute purulent destructive pulmonary di... 2014
Details Experiences of a tertiary center with use of extracorporeal membrane oxygen... 2014
Details Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in adult patients with hematologic mali... 2014
Details Risk factors and incidence of mediastinitis in patients with lung abscess a... 2014
Details Potential use of veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for card... 2014
Details Mechanical ventilation during extracorporeal membrane oxygenation ... 2014
Details Impact of KDO in biological activity of Re-LPS ... 2014
Details Normobaric oxygen paradox and the microcirculation in the critically ill pa... 2014
Details Acute kidney injury: taking aim at colistin ... 2014
Details Inhibitory effects of evodiamine on zymosan-induced inflammation: inactivat... 2014
Details Lactate as a predictor of deterioration in emergency department patients wi... 2014
Details Detrimental role of humoral signalling in cardio-renal cross-talk ... 2014
Details Proinflammatory versus anti-inflammatory response in sepsis patients: looki... 2014
Details Adipose tissue lactate clearance but not blood lactate clearance is associa... 2014
Details Application of heart-rate variability in patients undergoing weaning from m... 2014
Details Understanding heterogeneity in the host response to Staphylococcus aureus i... 2014
Details Correlation between conventional and advanced hemodynamic parameters versus... 2014
Details Lung protection during non-invasive synchronized assist versus volume contr... 2014
Details Evaluating the sensitivity and specificity of a severe sepsis tool utilized... 2014
Details Delayed assessment of serum lactate in sepsis is associated with an increas... 2014
Details Pharmacokinetics, hemodynamic and metabolic effects of epinephrine to preve... 2014
Details Surviving Sepsis Campaign 2012 3-hour bundle in the emergency department: c... 2014
Details Lactate clearance as a predictor of mortality in colonic perforation ... 2014
Details Long-term risk of sepsis among survivors of acute kidney injury ... 2014
Details Simultaneous targeting of interleukin-1 and interleukin-18 is required for ... 2014
Details Lactate quartile concentration and prognosis in severe sepsis and septic sh... 2014
Details Sepsis electronic surveillance and clinical outcomes: impact over mortality... 2014
Details Correlation between arterial lactate and venous lactate in patients with se... 2014
Details Usefulness of intravenous immunoglobulin administration to sepsis-induced c... 2014
Details Comparison of the effects of histidine-triptophan-ketoglutarate solution an... 2014
Details Serum butyrylcholinesterase predicts survival after extracorporeal membrane... 2014
Details Impact of fluid management during the three ICU days after admission in pat... 2014
Details Hyperdynamic ejection fraction in the critically ill patient ... 2014
Details Missing link or not, mobilise against delirium ... 2014
Details Candida albicans versus Mycobacterium tuberculosis: infection-specific huma... 2014
Details Impact of nitric oxide on pulmonary regurgitation and cardiac function in t... 2014
Details A trial of intracranial pressure monitoring in traumatic brain injury ... 2014
Details Vasoactive intestinal peptide inhibits the production of Salmonella-induced... 2014
Details Cardiogenic oscillation in pediatric patients after cardiac surgery ... 2014
Details Back to basics in sepsis treatment: critically ill patients need intensive ... 2014
Details Presence of bacterial infection and duration of antibiotic therapy in patie... 2014
Details Intraoperative dexamethasone on left atrial function and postoperative atri... 2014
Details Accuracy and precision of calibrated arterial pulse contour analysis in pat... 2014
Details Clinical audit system in implementing Surviving Sepsis Campaign guidelines ... 2014
Details White blood cell count and new-onset atrial fibrillation after cardiac surg... 2014
Details Variation in the use of renal replacement therapy in patients with septic s... 2014
Details Introduction of bundle of care and effect on surgical site infections in pa... 2014
Details Anti-adrenergic effects of ranolazine in isolated rat aorta ... 2014
Details Prothrombin complex concentrates and a specific antidote to dabigatran are ... 2014
Details More effective use of polymyxin-B hemoperfusion for nonoperation cases ... 2014
Details Delays in extubation following elective adult cardiac surgery ... 2014
Details The role of thoracic epidural anesthesia in severe acute pancreatitis ... 2014
Details Physiological changes after fluid bolus therapy in sepsis: a systematic rev... 2014
Details Effects of perfusion pressure on the splanchnic circulation after cardiopul... 2014
Details Hypercapnia attenuates ventilator-induced diaphragm atrophy and modulates d... 2014
Details Aryl hydrocarbon receptor activation increases survival in polymicrobial se... 2014
Details Isoflurane attenuates left ventricular akinesia and preserves cardiac outpu... 2014
Details Close to recommended caloric and protein intake by enteral nutrition is ass... 2014
Details Epidemiology, management and clinical outcomes of ICU-acquired enterococcal... 2014
Details Characterization of the profile and clinical variables associated with mort... 2014
Details Effects of splenectomy and GTS-21, a selective α7 nicotinic acetylcholine ... 2014
Details Hospital visit pattern and its effect on reperfusion time and clinical outc... 2014
Details Predicting outcome in patients with sepsis: new biomarkers for old expectat... 2014
Details Defining fever: likelihood of infection diagnosis as a function of body tem... 2014
Details Impact of positive end-expiratory pressure application on ventriculo-arteri... 2014
Details Platelet mitochondrial membrane depolarization reflects disease severity in... 2014
Details Ghrelin: an anti-inflammatory theurapeutic agent in septic rats ... 2014
Details Rhabdomyolysis following cardiac surgery: from prevalence to prevention ... 2014
Details Restrictive parenteral fluid therapy in infants and children presenting wit... 2014
Details Risk factors for acute renal impairment in patients with severe acute pancr... 2014
Details Preventing deaths related to percutaneous tracheostomy: safety is never too... 2014
Details Blood sugar variation during the first 48 hours of hospitalization for pati... 2014
Details Severe acute pancreatitis in ICU: a 5-year audit ... 2014
Details Circulating neutrophil counts and mortality in septic shock ... 2014
Details Sepsis and neutropenia in hematological malignancies ... 2014
Details Bacterial infection in severe acute pancreatitis patients admitted to the I... 2014
Details Histopathological changes in septic acute kidney injury in critically ill c... 2014
Details A multicenter retrospective cohort analysis of therapeutic hypothermia in a... 2014
Details Microcirculatory effects of the transfusion of leukodepleted or non-leukode... 2014
Details Impact before and after introduction of a multifaceted quality improvement ... 2014
Details Causes and consequences of infections in patients after liver transplantati... 2014
Details Plasma adrenomedullin is associated with short-term mortality and vasopress... 2014
Details Diagnostic and prognostic evaluation of soluble CD14 subtype for sepsis in ... 2014
Details Early hemodynamic resuscitation in septic shock: understanding and modifyin... 2014
Details Sphingosine-1 phosphate promotes thymic atrophy during sepsis progression ... 2014
Details Perioperative management of patients undergoing combined heart-liver transp... 2014
Details Feasibility and reliability of an automated controller of inspired oxygen c... 2014
Details Activation of the peroxisome proliferator activated receptor γ counteracts... 2014
Details Impaired balance between coagulation and fibrinolysis plays a prominent rol... 2014
Details Avoidable statistical pitfalls in analyzing length of stay in intensive car... 2014
Details Using process mapping to identify barriers to effective management of sepsi... 2014
Details Clinical usefulness of measurement of plasma soluble fibrin levels in criti... 2014
Details Dopamine mediates vagal modulation of the immune system by electroacupunctu... 2014
Details Value of microbial metabolites in blood serum as criteria for bacterial loa... 2014
Details Fibrinogen at admission is an independent predictor of mortality in severe ... 2014
Details Clinical monitoring of peripheral perfusion: there is more to learn ... 2014
Details Early phases of sepsis: effects of simvastatin on mitochondrial enzyme acti... 2014
Details Plasma platelet-derived microparticles to platelet count ratio as a marker ... 2014
Details Human factors play a vital role in the outcome of percutaneous dilatational... 2014
Details Characterization of a murine model of septic cachexia ... 2014
Details Receptor for advanced glycation end products axis in critically ill patient... 2014
Details Implementing evidence-based practice in the neuroscience intensive care uni... 2014
Details Tyrosine metabolism disorder and the potential capability of anaerobic micr... 2014
Details Usefulness of presepsin and procalcitonin levels in the diagnosis of sepsis... 2014
Details Residents learning ultrasound-guided catheterization are not sufficiently s... 2014
Details Aetiology of community-acquired pneumonia in the ICU setting and its effect... 2014
Details Differentiating sepsis from non-infective systemic inflammatory response sy... 2014
Details Cytomegalovirus reactivation in critically ill burn patients: it’s time t... 2014
Details In vivo study of endothelial barrier-related GTPase expression in the kidne... 2014
Details Use of procalcitonin and white blood cells as combined predictors of infect... 2014
Details Equipment in anaesthesia and critical care ... 2014
Details Direct bacterial identification from blood culture by matrix-assisted laser... 2014
Details Single pro-adrenomedullin determination in septic shock and 28-day mortalit... 2014
Details Malignant hyperthermia in the intensive care setting ... 2014
Details Approaches combining mice and Drosophila melanogaster models to decipher hu... 2014
Details Surfactant protein A: a candidate predictive biomarker of mortality in acut... 2014
Details Early mobilization of patients receiving extracorporeal membrane oxygenatio... 2014
Details Role of nonpneumoniae mycoplasma in the pathogenesis of ventilator-associat... 2014
Details Club Cell protein: a candidate diagnostic biomarker of Pseudomonas aerugino... 2014
Details Colistin dosing for treatment of multidrug-resistant Pseudomonasin critical... 2014
Details Positive fluid balance and prognostic factors of ICU mortality in patients ... 2014
Details Lymphopenia as a predictor of bacteremia in the emergency department ... 2014
Details Alpha lipoic acid attenuates oxidative stress-induced damage macromolecules... 2014
Details Use of procalcitonin for identification of postoperative complications afte... 2014
Details Long live dynamic parameters! ... 2014
Details Effects of mesenchymal stromal cells on human umbilical vein endothelial ce... 2014
Details T-cell receptor activation-associated cytokine release is impaired in septi... 2014
Details The brain-enriched microRNA miR-124 in plasma predicts neurological outcome... 2014
Details Early diagnosis of sepsis due to Gram-negative infection with the Endotoxin... 2014
Details Flow-cytometric analysis in traumatic brain injury to evaluate immunosuppre... 2014
Details Soluble platelet-endothelial cell adhesion molecule-1, a biomarker of venti... 2014
Details Audit of antibiotic prophylaxis at a district general hospital ... 2014
Details Polymorphonuclear cell surface expression patterns differ in inflammatory a... 2014
Details Renal replacement therapy for critically ill patients: an intermittent cont... 2014
Details Presepsis biomarker: high-density lipoprotein ... 2014
Details Lymphocyte surface expression patterns differ in inflammatory and infectiou... 2014
Details Evaluating mortality in an intensive care unit requires extended survival m... 2014
Details Dysfunction of peroxisomes as one of the possible causes of multiple organ ... 2014
Details Choosing the correct metrics for glucose control ... 2014
Details Differential effect of alcohol on TNFα receptor II production in the prese... 2014
Details Thoracic ultrasonography versus chest radiography for detection of pneumoth... 2014
Details Neutrophil phenotype model for extracorporeal treatment of sepsis ... 2014
Details Procalcitonin for diagnosis of bacterial pneumonia in critically ill patien... 2014
Details Study of the ex vivo immune response of polytrauma older patients in the IC... 2014
Details Multiple trauma is linked with reversal of immunoparalysis and provides sur... 2014
Details Continuous administration of corticosteroids in septic shock can reduce ris... 2014
Details The ‘availability’ bias: underappreciated but with major potential impl... 2014
Details Tissue oxygenation in patients with severe sepsis ... 2014
Details Delayed admission to the ICU is associated with increased in-hospital morta... 2014
Details Selective decontamination: no oracle needed ... 2014
Details Effect of clarithromycin in patients with Gram-negative sepsis: subgroup an... 2014
Details The ethical dimension in published animal research in critical care: the da... 2014
Details Benefit profile of recombinant human soluble thrombomodulin in sepsis-induc... 2014
Details Gender-specific differences in outcome after trauma may be explained by dif... 2014
Details A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials on the use of statins in se... 2014
Details Separating signal from noise: the challenge of identifying useful biomarker... 2014
Details Efficacy of early administration of thrombomodulin alfa in patients with se... 2014
Details Normal saline versus colloid solutions for induction of hypothermia: the ef... 2014
Details Dynamic myocardial depression in septic cardiomyopathy ... 2014
Details Significant change in the practice of chest radiography in Dutch ICUs ... 2014
Details Stating clear indications for chest radiographs after cardiac surgery incre... 2014
Details Immune derangement occurs in patients with H7N9 avian influenza ... 2014
Details Vitamin D status and its association with season, hospital and sepsis morta... 2014
Details Lung function in the immediate postoperative period after videoassisted tho... 2014
Details When more is better ... 2014
Details Lung ultrasound reaeration score: a useful tool to predict non-invasive ven... 2014
Details Impairment of hepatocellular excretory function, sepsis and liver insuffici... 2014
Details Computed tomographic assessment of airflow obstruction in smoke inhalation ... 2014
Details Half-molar sodium lactate infusion improves cardiac performance in acute he... 2014
Details Semi-upright position improves ventilation and oxygenation in mechanically ... 2014
Details The consequences of sudden fluid shifts on body composition in critically i... 2014
Details Effects of sitting on the respiratory pattern, mechanics and work of breath... 2014
Details Double impact of cigarette smoke and mechanical ventilation on the alveolar... 2014
Details The win ratio method: a novel hierarchical endpoint for pneumonia trials in... 2014
Details Optimal cerebral perfusion pressure in patients with intracerebral hemorrha... 2014
Details Failure to obtain admission sputum culture is associated with higher mortal... 2014
Details Pharmacological management of tetanus: an evidence-based review ... 2014
Details Nonventilatory factors affecting noninvasive mechanical ventilation success... 2014
Details Prevalence, predictors and outcome of hypofibrinogenaemia in trauma: a mult... 2014
Details Oxygenation index outperforms the P/F ratio for mortality prediction ... 2014
Details Impact of four sequential measures on the prevention of ventilator-associat... 2014
Details New setting of neurally adjusted ventilatory assist during mask noninvasive... 2014
Details Decreased cardiac excitability secondary to reduction of sodium current may... 2014
Details Construct validity of the Chelsea critical care physical assessment tool: a... 2014
Details Intensive alveolar recruitment after cardiac surgery: a randomized controll... 2014
Details Metabolic alkalosis is the most common acid–base disorder in ICU patients... 2014
Details Endomicroscopic analysis of time-dependent and pressure- dependent recruitm... 2014
Details Treatment with echinocandins during continuous renal replacement therapy ... 2014
Details US study of gliding in nondependent lung regions: the dark side of the moon... 2014
Details Criticizing reporting standards fails to improve quality in animal research... 2014
Details Protective ventilation reduces bacterial growth and lung injury in a porcin... 2014
Details Pharmacokinetics of anidulafungin during albumin dialysis ... 2014
Details Ventilator settings in ICUs: comparing a Dutch with a global cohort ... 2014
Details The renal angiopoietin/Tie2 system in lethal human sepsis ... 2014
Details Time-dependent apoptosis induction after spontaneous-breathing or ventilati... 2014
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