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Details Evaluation of A Man With All Hormone Testing Outside of Normal Ranges: Biot... 2018
Details Combined Treatment with Growth Hormone and Anastrozole in a Pubertal Male w... 2018
Details Impact of Adrenocorticotropic Hormone Stimulation During Adrenal Venous Sam... 2018
Details The Anti-proliferative Effect Of Temozolomide In Combination With Erlotinib... 2018
Details Unsaturated Fatty Acid Synthesis Is A Metabolic Feature Of Thyroid Cancer-a... 2018
Details Identification Of A Novel INSR Mutation In A Non-obese Male Adolescent With... 2018
Details Orlistat for the Treatment of Type I Hyperlipoproteinemia... 2018
Details Suspected Men 1 Syndrome In A Patient With “Endocrine Polytrauma”- Need... 2018
Details Paget’s Disease and Osteosarcoma: Beware The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing... 2018
Details A Case Of Recurrent Primary Hyperparathyroidism Of Benign Etiology, Followi... 2018
Details A Novel Pancreatic Factor? Neuronostatin Promotes Glucagon Production and D... 2018
Details Role of the Nuclear Receptor Corepressors Ncor1 and Smrt in Adult Mice... 2018
Details The Influence Of Ambient Temperature On The Development Of Hyponatremia In ... 2018
Details The 20kD GH Isoform In Acromegaly... 2018
Details Association of Hepatitis in Adult Patients with Hypopituitarism... 2018
Details Prolactin Regulation of Kinesin1 Role in Suppressing Breast Tumorigenesis... 2018
Details Human Milk Oligosaccharide (HMO) Conjugates as Anti-Inflammatory Therapies ... 2018
Details Association Between Nk Cell Activity And Glucose Control In Type 2 Diabetes... 2018
Details Bone Mineral Density after Off Therapy for Brain Tumors in Long Term Childh... 2018
Details Evaluation Of Quality Of Life, Depression, And Anxiety In Pituitary Adenoma... 2018
Details Anabolic Steroids Abuse In Non-Athletic Males... 2018
Details “Subacute” Pituitary Apoplexy In The Setting Of ACTH Secreting Adenoma ... 2018
Details High Serum Fractalkine is Associated with Lower Trabecular Bone Score in Pr... 2018
Details Postpartum Thyroiditis Occurring in a Previously Hypothyroid Woman treated ... 2018
Details Clomiphene As Treatment For Secondary Hypogonadism Complicated By Polycythe... 2018
Details Differential Sensitivity To Sox10 Missense Mutations In Kallmann Syndrome V... 2018
Details Quality Of Life Physical Health Scores Are Associated With Disease Severity... 2018
Details Evaluation Of Bone Mineral Density In Obese Adolescents With Type 2 Diabete... 2018
Details Metformin Promotes Expression of Anti-Tumor Biomarkers in Human Endometrial... 2018
Details Th17-related Cytokine Panel: Can We Use It As A Potential Biomarker In Diff... 2018
Details Glycosylation Effects Of Follicle-stimulating Hormone (FSH) Variants On FSH... 2018
Details Comparison of Measured and Calculated Resting Energy Expenditure in Adolesc... 2018
Details Unusual Case Of Hyperthyroidism Managed Successfully With Plasmapheresis... 2018
Details Efficacy And Safety Of Long-acting Fc-fusion rhGH (GX-H9) Shows A Potential... 2018
Details The Results Of Monitoring Of Patient’S Register With Cushing Syndrome In ... 2018
Details Rare Case of Ectopic Thyroid Tissue in Lateral Neck... 2018
Details Simultaneous Measurement of Steroid Hormone Panel in Human Serum by Isotope... 2018
Details Differential Exosomal microRNA Expression as Potential Biomarker for Endome... 2018
Details Risk Factors for Predicting the Growth of Adrenocortical Tumors: A Cohort S... 2018
Details Hypercalcaemia in Alpha Cell Hyperplasia: A New Association... 2018
Details Reversibility of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with Hypocaloric Diet in Indian P... 2018
Details C-circle Content As A Biomarker Of Metastatic Pheochromocytoma... 2018
Details Rodent Model of Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy Results In Immune Changes That ... 2018
Details The Association Between Serum Adipokine Levels And Bone Quality In Korean W... 2018
Details Successful Long-Term Treatment of Hyperinsulinemic Hypoglycemia Using a Mon... 2018
Details The Impact Of Follicular Variant Papillary Thyroid Cancer (FV-PTC) In Featu... 2018
Details Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type 1: A New Pathogenic Variant: Case Report... 2018
Details Case Report: Large Pancreatic Metastasis from Differentiated Thyroid Carcin... 2018
Details Body Composition Analysis in Management of Youth with Extreme Obesity and A... 2018
Details Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Presenting as Unilateral Painful Subacute Thyroid... 2018
Details Obesity and Hypogonadism Additively Predispose to Frailty in Older Men... 2018
Details Cold Exposure Reduces Activity of the Epigenetic Regulator Ten Eleven Trans... 2018
Details Early Gender Assignment in a Cohort of 98 Neonates with Disorder of Sex Dev... 2018
Details A Stroke Before The Storm.... 2018
Details Early Postoperative Prolactin Levels as Predictor of Prolactinoma Recurrenc... 2018
Details Identifying the Signaling Pathway Activated by the Lipokine 12,13-diHOME in... 2018
Details Infants and Young Children With Life-Threatening Hypophosphatasia Treated W... 2018
Details Resistin Inhibits Neuronal Autophagy Through Toll Like Receptor 4... 2018
Details Factitious Neonatal Graves’ Disease Due To Exogenous Biotin Intake.... 2018
Details Racial Disparities In Health Care Utilization Costs And Mortality In Hyperc... 2018
Details Physical Performance, Osteoporosis, And Vitamin D In Elderly African Americ... 2018
Details Evaluation Of A 24-hour Telephone Paging Service: Are We Preventing Emergen... 2018
Details Ethnic Variation In Metabolic Syndrome Elements In Women With PCOS: Results... 2018
Details Circulating MicroRNAs In Diabetic Kidney Disease: Case-control Study and In... 2018
Details Hypocalcemia Following Magnesium Infusion in Pre-eclampsia - an Under Recog... 2018
Details Characteristics And Follow-up Of 13 Pedigrees with Gitelman Syndrome... 2018
Details The Frequency Of Maturity Onset Diabetes Of Young And Distribution Of Mutat... 2018
Details Intensive Lifestyle Residential Program Improves Fitness And Health Markers... 2018
Details Role of Alternative Backdoor Pathway Metabolites on Human Adrenocortical St... 2018
Details A 13-Year Experience with Families Harboring MCT8 Gene Defects... 2018
Details Meal Timing and Macronutrient Composition Modulates Human Metabolism and Re... 2018
Details Repeated Intranasal Oxytocin In Adult With Prader-Willi Syndrome: A Dose Ef... 2018
Details Gonadotropin-Dependent Pubertal Disorders are a Common Late Effect in Patie... 2018
Details Vitamin D Supplementation with Lifestyle Changes Improves Depression... 2018
Details Inpatient Diabetes Management Service, Length of Stay and Readmissions at a... 2018
Details Furosemide Upright Test Is A Reliable Confirmatory Test For Primary Aldoste... 2018
Details Prarathyroidhormoneelevaionin Patients With Primary Aldosteronism... 2018
Details Impact of Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG) Reimbursement on Length of Hospita... 2018
Details Intratumor Heterogeneity in Adosterone-Producing Adenomas with KCNJ5 Mutati... 2018
Details Pheochromocytoma Recurrence is Associated with Genetic Mutations and Pheoch... 2018
Details The LH Surge, But Not Tonic LH Secretion, Is Affected By The Sex Bias Of Th... 2018
Details A Case of Mycobacterium Avium Intracellulare Associated Hypercalcemia Succe... 2018
Details IgM Thyroglobulin Autoantibodies Are Detectable In SerumOf Patients With Su... 2018
Details Neurological Findings in Hypophosphatasia Patients... 2018
Details Long-term Outcome Following Treatment For Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma - Rem... 2018
Details To Treat Or Not, Subclinical Hypothyroidism In The Pediatric Population: Da... 2018
Details The Importance of Diagnosing Myxedema Madness... 2018
Details Comparison between Body Mass Index and Tri-Ponderal Mass Index to Detect In... 2018
Details When TSH-secreting Pituitary Adenoma met Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis; A Case ... 2018
Details Disruption of Integrin Associated Protein (IAP)/SHPS-1 Association Using an... 2018
Details Transgenerational Effects of Maternal Bisphenol A Exposure on Mouse Pancrea... 2018
Details Non-dipping Nocturnal Blood Pressure An Early Cv Risk Marker In Adolescent ... 2018
Details Establishment of Immortalized Cell Lines Derived from Rat AVPV and ARC Kiss... 2018
Details Possible Role Of Neurotensin And CRH In The Feedback Regulation By Estradio... 2018
Details Elevated Hemoglobin A1c Is Associated With Incident Diabetes Within 4 Years... 2018
Details Pseudohypoparathyroidism: 1st International Consensus Statement... 2018
Details Sex Hormone Binding Globulin Is Associated With Androgen Deficiency Feature... 2018
Details Effects Of Vitamin D Replacement On Insulin Sensitivity And Dyslipidemia In... 2018
Details Lipid-derived Surrogate Markers to Identify Insulin Resistance and Metaboli... 2018
Details Glucagon-like Peptide-1 Analogues Modulate Fluid Intake In Healthy Voluntee... 2018
Details Assessment of Bone Mass Accrual in Pediatric Patients with Type 1 Diabetes ... 2018
Details Leptin Insensitivity And Nuclei-specific Altered Gene Expression In Hypotha... 2018
Details Free 25 Hydroxy Vitamin D (25OHD) Measured By LC-MS/MS: Better Association ... 2018
Details Transcriptome Of Anacardic Acid-treated Estrogen Receptor+ And Triple-negat... 2018
Details Crosstalk Between Metabolic Dysfunction And Neuroinflammation In A Transloc... 2018
Details RNA-sequencing Reveals A Downregulation Of Cholesterol And Steroid Metaboli... 2018
Details Bone Mineral Density and Associated Risk Factors - in healthy Indian... 2018
Details The Evaluation of the Tendon and Muscle Changes in Patients With Acromegaly... 2018
Details Dynamic Response of Steroid Biomarkers to Oral and Continuous Subcutaneous ... 2018
Details Treatment With Exercise Plus Metformin Reduces The Size Of Mesenteric Adipo... 2018
Details Thyrotoxicosis Factitia; Experience from an Outbreak in Northern Thailand... 2018
Details The Impact of Comorbidities and Concomitant Medication Use on Adherence to ... 2018
Details Suppressing Fatty Acid Uptake Reduces Prostate Cancer Progression... 2018
Details Mapping Extracellular Matrix Protein Composition Across Ovarian Compartment... 2018
Details Hypogonadism in Men with Stable Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD... 2018
Details Pycnodysostosis: Clinical, Radiologic Characteristics In Tow Siblings And T... 2018
Details The First Korean Case Of A 15q11.2 Bp1-bp2 Microdeletion Syndrome... 2018
Details Bariatric Surgery Discussion, Decrease in BMI, and Receipt of Bariatric Sur... 2018
Details Differing Release Of Ghrelin And BDNF Around A Standardized Meal In Girls A... 2018
Details Expression of Aberrrant Adrenal Gonadotropin Receptors in a Patient Present... 2018
Details Screening A Large Cohort Of Patients With Congenital Hypothalamo-pituitary ... 2018
Details Biomarker Variability Undermines the Promise of Precision Medicine... 2018
Details Final Height After Growth Hormone Treatment in Patients with Turner Syndrom... 2018
Details Occult Primary Hyperparathyroidism Diagnosed After Atypical Thyroid Ultraso... 2018
Details Neonatal Hyperinsulinism In The Clinical Setting Of Both Transient And Clas... 2018
Details Long-term Follow-Up of 3 Patients with Acute Intermittent Porphyria (AIP)Re... 2018
Details Next Generation Sequencing for Molecular Diagnosis of Atypical Diabetes or ... 2018
Details Novel Selective MC2R Antagonists Decrease Cortisol in Primary Human Adrenal... 2018
Details Recombinant Human Follicle-Stimulating Hormone Treatment in Prepubertal Boy... 2018
Details IL-6 Modulates Beta-cell Response To Oxidative Stress... 2018
Details Metformin Treatment of Pregnant Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome - A Ra... 2018
Details Melanocortin-4 Receptor Pathway Dysfunction In Obese Patients: Prevalence E... 2018
Details Impact Of Preconception Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) And Thyroid Autoi... 2018
Details Iodine Excess Impairs the Development of Endoderm and Thyroid through Epige... 2018
Details Identification Of Epoxiconazole As CYP11B1/2 Inhibitor By Virtual Screening... 2018
Details A Case of Recurrent Adrenocortical Oncocytoma... 2018
Details Evolving Bilateral Adrenal Hemorrhage and Concurrent Acute Pulmonary Embolu... 2018
Details Zinc-free Insulin Inhibits Anorexigenic Proopiomelanocortin (pomc) Neurons ... 2018
Details What is the Best Surgical Procedure in Super Obese Patients? Results From a... 2018
Details Insulin Signaling Displayed a Differential Tissue Specific Response To Low ... 2018
Details Sub-optimal Performance Of Estradiol Immunoassays In A Breast Cancer Popula... 2018
Details Cushing Syndrome Is Associated With Increased Epicardial Fat Accumulation, ... 2018
Details Terrible Lows: A Case Of Multi Factorial Hypoglycemia... 2018
Details Safety And Efficacy Of Subcutaneous (sc) Pasireotide In Cushing's Disea... 2018
Details Sugar And Spice: Pregnancy In Women With Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus... 2018
Details Persistent Suppression of Bone Formation in Response to Prolonged Sleep Res... 2018
Details Is It Useful to Repeat Sampling for Plasma Metanephrins Assays within 3 Day... 2018
Details Economic Inequality In Prevalence Of Underweight And Short Stature In Child... 2018
Details Trophic Molecules Derived from Human Adipose Mesenchymal Stem Cells Enhance... 2018
Details Left Ventricular Diastolic Function is Reduced Across the Stages of the Men... 2018
Details Treatment Of Vasomotor Symptoms In A Transgender Male After Hysterectomy Wi... 2018
Details Gender Bias in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Incidence: Identification of New Me... 2018
Details Type 1 Diabetes, Polyendocrinopathy, Chronic Mucocutaneous Candidiasis, Chr... 2018
Details Increased 17β-HSD2 Expression Is Insufficient to Prevent Cystic Dilation o... 2018
Details Whole Exome Sequencing (wes) Identifies Cdh2 As A Possible Candidate Gene F... 2018
Details Genetic Variants Predicted To Be Deleterious Detected In Genes Of Mendelian... 2018
Details Progressive Panhypopituitarism Secondary to Rathke's Cleft Cyst and Sub... 2018
Details Up-Regulation of Inflammatory Cytokines in Obesity Impairs Hypothalamic Fun... 2018
Details Anorexigenic And Behavioral Effects Induced By RVD-Hemopressin(α) In Rats... 2018
Details Incorporation of Histone Deacetylase Inhibitory Activity into the Core of T... 2018
Details It’s All In The Family, A Case Of Siblings With Men2a And Type 1 Diabetes... 2018
Details Neuronostatin, a Novel Peptide Encoded by The Somatostatin Gene, Exerts Act... 2018
Details Case Report: Skull Metastasis From Papillary Thyroid Cancer Misdiagnosed As... 2018
Details A New Form of Selective Hypoaldosteronism: Failure of Aldosterone to Respon... 2018
Details An Unusual Presentation of Nerofibromatosis: Hypophosphatemic Osteomalacia... 2018
Details Standard Deviation Scores for Bone Age using the FELS Method... 2018
Details A Neglected Case: Congenital Hypothyroidism... 2018
Details Prevalence And Characteristics Of Pituitary Adenomas In Patients With Multi... 2018
Details Glucagonoma As A Rare Cause Of Worsening Of Diabetes Mellitus... 2018
Details Mechanisms of Growth Hormone Regulation of Lipolysis and Insulin Resistance... 2018
Details Effect Of A Novel Long-acting Neutralizing Monoclonal ACTH Antibody (ALD161... 2018
Details Lower Trabecular Bone Score in Patients with Pheochromocytoma: Human Skelet... 2018
Details Clinical Features And Thyroid Imaging Studies In Congenital Hypothyroidism ... 2018
Details Aldosterone - Renin Ratio Is Inconsistent In Diagnosing Patients With Hyper... 2018
Details Concurrent Primary Adrenal Hyperaldosteronism and Pituitary Cushing’s Dis... 2018
Details Adrenal Insufficiency, Sex Reversal and Angelman Syndrome Due to Uniparenta... 2018
Details Lipoprotein Particles In Patients With Pediatric Cushing Disease And Possib... 2018
Details Diabetes Treatment Algorithm for HIV... 2018
Details Clinical Staging of Type 2 Diabetes: Translational Research to Prevent a Pr... 2018
Details Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy with Radiolabeled Somatostatin Analog... 2018
Details Doege-potter Syndrome Presenting As Critical-illness Hypoglycemia In Patien... 2018
Details Liraglutide Improves Insulin Sensitivity In Diet Induced Obesity Mice Throu... 2018
Details Individualizing Diabetes Technology Use By Better Understanding Of Human Fa... 2018
Details Acute Sepsis Decreases Thyroid Hormone Metabolism and Modulates Mitochondri... 2018
Details Lymphocytic Infundibular Neuro Hypophysitis progressing to Panhypopitutaris... 2018
Details Dental Complications as a Pediatric Indicator for Junvenile and Adult Onset... 2018
Details Growth Hormone Therapy Improves Final Height in Individuals with 45,X/46,X,... 2018
Details A Retrospective Observational Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Insulin ... 2018
Details Penetrance and Pathogenicity of Germline Succinate Dehydrogenase A (SDHA) M... 2018
Details Circulating Mir17 Is Down Regulated In Obese, T2D African-American Women... 2018
Details Aldosterone And Eplerenone Differentially Modulates Human Preadipocytes Hyp... 2018
Details Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Associated Functional Rare Variants Identi... 2018
Details Congenital Generalized Lipodystrophy Report of a Clinical Case, a Diagnosti... 2018
Details Prolonged Glucosuria After Discontinuation Sglt2 Inhibitors:implications Fo... 2018
Details Management and Complications of GCK-MODY In Pregnancy In Women Enrolled In ... 2018
Details Next-Generation Sequencing Revealed Complex Inherited Pattern in 46, XY DSD... 2018
Details Effects of Long-Acting Pasireotide on Tumor Volume in Patients with Cushing... 2018
Details Robocall Reminders Improve Retinal Screening Rates in Low Income, Minority ... 2018
Details Critical Role Of Paracrine And Endocrine Signals In Maintenance Of Adrenoco... 2018
Details The Case Of The Unusual Thyroid Tumor: Spindle Epithelial Tumor With Thymus... 2018
Details Comparison of 3-Year Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rates Between Recombin... 2018
Details Role of Chromatin Remodeling in the Suppression of Estrogen-Induced Transcr... 2018
Details Possible Involvement of the Ependymal Cells in the Hindbrain Glucose-Sensin... 2018
Details Abaloparatide : An Effective Osteoanabolic Compared With PTH (1-34) And PTH... 2018
Details Plasma Deoxysphingolipids As Potential Novel Biomarkers In Glycogen Storage... 2018
Details M2 Muscarinic Autoantibodies and Thyroid Hormone Facilitate Cardiac Tachyar... 2018
Details Plasma Concentrations of Brain Natriuretic Peptide in Subclinical Thyroid D... 2018
Details A Novel Insight Into The Anticancer Mechanism Of Metformin In Pancreatic Ne... 2018
Details Paraneoplastic Leukoerythroblastosis With Anaplastic Thyroid Carcinoma... 2018
Details Impact Of Prenatal Exposure To Low Doses Of Bisphenol-a, Bisphenol-s Or Bis... 2018
Details Immobilization-related Hypercalcemia in a Hypoparathyroid Patient... 2018
Details Hydrocortisone Granules Designed for Children with Taste Masking and Age Ap... 2018
Details A Novel Copeptin-Based Approach in the Differential Diagnosis of Diabetes I... 2018
Details Somatic Copy Number Variations Are Rare And Associated With Mutations In Ct... 2018
Details Regular Yoga Practice as a Method to Improve Androgen Levels and Psychologi... 2018
Details Stress In Combination With Chemicals In Dental Sealants Damages Human Perio... 2018
Details High Prevalence of Impaired Skeletal Integrity in Men with Anorexia Nervosa... 2018
Details Mineralocorticoid Excess With Co-secretion Of Multiple Steroids From A Hype... 2018
Details Microprolactinoma In A Patient With Addison’S Disease... 2018
Details A Phase 2, Multicenter Study of ATR-101 for the Treatment of Congenital Adr... 2018
Details The Role Of Esterogen And Its Receptors In The Atherosclerosis Plaque Valun... 2018
Details Global Dna Methylation Patterns Is Distinct In Large And Non-large Pituitar... 2018
Details Salt Inducible Kinase is a Negative Regulator of Granulosa Cell Differentia... 2018
Details Pheochromocytoma During Pregnancy Treated By Surgery: A case report... 2018
Details Thyroid Dysfunctions In Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction: pre... 2018
Details The Effect of Bariatric Surgery on Neprilysin and Vasoactive Factors... 2018
Details Effects Of Long-term Cross-sex Hormone Therapy On Testicular Morphology And... 2018
Details Does An Early Menarche Increase Risk Of Depression Later In Life?... 2018
Details Oral Glucose Tolerance Test is More Sensitive Than Glycated Hemoglobin for ... 2018
Details The Tsh Receptor Hinge Region Is An Important Part Of The Immune Response I... 2018
Details What Are The Odds? Co-occurrence Of Primary Aldosteronism, Klinefelter And ... 2018
Details Glycerol Kinase Deficiency Presenting As Asymptomatic Pseudohypertriglyceri... 2018
Details Prevalence Of Osteoporosis In Women With Hypothyroidism... 2018
Details Prediction of Response to Radioiodine Therapy in Hyperthyroidism... 2018
Details Inflammatory and Lipotoxic Changes in the Metabolic Tissues of Prenatal Bis... 2018
Details Biochemical Characterization of MEMO1, A Phosphotyrosine-binding Protein Up... 2018
Details Immune-related Hypophysitis (irh) Associated With Checkpoint Inhibitor Ther... 2018
Details Maternal Exposure to Perchlorate Impairs the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Thyroid... 2018
Details Clinical, Imaging, And Biochemical Parameters Favoring The Diagnosis Of Cus... 2018
Details Association Between Ospital Ng Makati-based Thyroid Ultrasonography Finding... 2018
Details Characterization of the Diurnal Rhythm for Cortisol and Cortisone In Human ... 2018
Details TSH Producing Adenoma: Residual Tumor Treated With Once Monthly Octreotide... 2018
Details Sorafenib Therapy For Resistant Hypercalcemia Due To Metastatic Parathyroid... 2018
Details Prostatic Acid Phosphatase Expression is Modulated by Osteoblastic Niche Fa... 2018
Details Genetic Characteristics of Aldosterone-Producing Adenomas in Black American... 2018
Details No Ergogenic Benefit with Vitamin D Supplementation in Collegiate Basketbal... 2018
Details GLP1 Receptor Agonist Liraglutide Increased Pregnancy Rates in Obese Women ... 2018
Details Efficacy Of Leptin Therapy In A Patient With Acquired Generalized Lipodystr... 2018
Details Successful Medical Treatment In Giant Prolactinoma... 2018
Details Co-inheritance Of The Neurod1 Variant, Ala45thr, And The Glucokinase Gene P... 2018
Details Prevention Of Post-thyroidectomy Hypocalcaemia In Children And Adolescents... 2018
Details Resistin Increases Breast Cancer Cell Motility And Induces Cellular Mesench... 2018
Details Prevalence Of Endocrine Disease In CTLA-4 Deficiency... 2018
Details Functioning Gonadotroph Adenomas (FGA): a Single Center Experience... 2018
Details Are We Still Underutilizing Metformin, the First-Line Agent to Treat Patien... 2018
Details Pituitary Androgen Receptor Contributes to Reproductive But Not Metabolic P... 2018
Details Severe Recurrent Hypocalcemia After Denosumab Administration In A Patient W... 2018
Details A Comparison of the HbA1c and Oral Glucose Tolerance Test for the Postpartu... 2018
Details Estrogen Administration Improves Disordered Eating Behavior and Psychopatho... 2018
Details Adaptor Protein Appl1 Coordinates Hdac3 To Modulate Brown Adipose Tissue Th... 2018
Details Severe Cholestatic Jaundice Associated with Graves’ Hyperthyroidism... 2018
Details The Non-classical Androgen Signaling Pathway Is Involved In The Regulation ... 2018
Details Pituitary Is A Candidate Organ That Modulates Circulating Klotho Levels... 2018
Details Variability in Estrogen Metabolite Profile in Transgender Female Patients R... 2018
Details Towards a Combined Variable for Clinical Hirsutism... 2018
Details Female Offspring from Pre-conceptional Hyperandrogenemic Dams Exhibit Delay... 2018
Details Meal Intake Is Suppressive of Ketogenesis in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes... 2018
Details Whole Genome RNA-seq and GR-ChIP-seq Analysis of Betamethasone Treated Feta... 2018
Details The Humanin Analogue HNG Enhances the Protective Effect of Dexrazoxane agai... 2018
Details Epigenetic Regulation Of A Pituitary/liver Axis By Gh, Prolactin, And Neona... 2018
Details Revamping Sick Day Education for Type 1 Diabetes: A Quality Improvement Ini... 2018
Details Dapagliflozin Suppresses Plasma Hepcidin Concentrations... 2018
Details ERα Agonist Human-Relevant Potency Threshold... 2018
Details Pituitary Abscess in an Intranasal Drug User... 2018
Details Harnessing the Extreme Physiology of the Burmese Python in the Treatment of... 2018
Details A Retrospective Review of a Premature Pubarche Cohort... 2018
Details Des-Acyl Ghrelin As A Novel Breast Cancer Therapeutic: Effects On Growth An... 2018
Details Leptin and Estradiol Alter Gut Microbiota in Female Mice on a High Fat Diet... 2018
Details SATB1: A Gene Involved In Pituitary Development May Have A Role In Somatotr... 2018
Details Saline Suppression Test Parameters May Predict Bilateral Subtypes Of Primar... 2018
Details Poorly Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma - A Poorly Understood Entity... 2018
Details Absence Of Changes In Galectin-3 With Insulin Sensitization And Anti-inflam... 2018
Details Spermatogenic Program Is Induced Early In FSTL3 Deleted Mice... 2018
Details How Many Grays To Get To The Malfunction Of An Insulin Pump?... 2018
Details Randomized Placebo Controlled Trial to Evaluate Effects of Mineralocorticoi... 2018
Details Demographics, Clinical And Histological Features Of Pituitary Adenomas: A 1... 2018
Details Thrombin Generation in Klinefelter Syndrome is Associated with Androgenicit... 2018
Details Pre-surgical Value Of Basal Calcitonin Is Not Predictive Of Central Neck Co... 2018
Details Peptides Derived From The Extracellular Domain Of The Aberrant Somatostatin... 2018
Details Impact of Electronic Consultation Compared To Face-to-Face Encounters on Gl... 2018
Details Unilateral Tuberous Breast Anomaly as Atypical Presenting Symptom of Turner... 2018
Details Resistin Inhibits Insulin Signaling In Adenylyl Cyclase-associated Protein ... 2018
Details Diabetic Myonecrosis - A Rare and Unrecognized Complication of Longstanding... 2018
Details Germline Loss-of-Function Mutations in a Tumor Suppressor Gene May Be Assoc... 2018
Details Hyponatremia Caused by Acute Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency Due to Pituita... 2018
Details Pseudo-hypoglycemia Due To Multiple Arteriovenous Fistula Surgeries ... 2018
Details Risk Factors for Developing Diabetes After Kidney Transplant Among Pediatri... 2018
Details Mir-15a is Associated With Poor Response To First-generation Somatostatin R... 2018
Details Recurrent Hypoglycemia Occurring Years After Removal of a Well-Differentiat... 2018
Details Preoperative Treatment With Metyrapone In Patients With Cushing's Syndr... 2018
Details Endo ECHO Improves Access to Care for Patients with Complex Diabetes and Ot... 2018
Details Patients with GH Insensitivity and IGF-1 Resistance Harbour Copy Number Var... 2018
Details Fenofibrate Therapy In Patients With Type 2 Diabetes With Hypertriglyceride... 2018
Details Central Precocious Puberty Caused by a Heterozygous Deletion in the MKRN3 P... 2018
Details Granulomatous Hypophysitis as Initial Presentation of Granulomatosis with P... 2018
Details Electroconvulsive Therapy Effects on Glycemic Control in Type 1 Diabetes... 2018
Details Inhibitory Effect Of Rhein On Hepatic Gluconeogenic Gene Expression... 2018
Details Performance Of The Thyroseq Version 3 Genomic Classifier In Hurthle Cell (o... 2018
Details Hypokalemia may Hide Primary Aldosteronism... 2018
Details Atypical Presentation of Multifocal Papillary Thyroid Microcarcinoma: Metas... 2018
Details Necrotizing pancreatitis, An Unusual Presentation Of Longstanding Primary H... 2018
Details The Development Of Risk Factors For Cardiovascular And Metabolic Morbidity ... 2018
Details Efficacy And Safety Of A New Oral Testosterone Undecanoate Formulation In H... 2018
Details Selective Somatostatin Subtype 5 (sst5) Agonists for the Treatment of Hyper... 2018
Details Recombinant NRG1-Fc Improves Metabolic Health via Hepatic and Central Regul... 2018
Details Influence Of Thyroid Function On Muscle Mass, Strength, And Performance In ... 2018
Details What Dose Of Vitamin D Is Required To Maintain Sufficiency Amongst Indian P... 2018
Details An Estrogen-Regulated Long Noncoding RNA That Modulates Breast Cancer Growt... 2018
Details Promoter-Selective Androgen Receptor Modulation for Prostate Cancer Therapy... 2018
Details A Novel Treatment For Type B Insulin Resistance... 2018
Details Impact of Body Composition on Overall Survival in Colorectal Cancer: A Syst... 2018
Details Alteration of glucagon baseline Level In Preobese, Obese And Very Obese Pat... 2018
Details Intrathyroidal Parathyroid Adenoma Diagnosed As “Suspicious For Papillary... 2018
Details Relationship Between Plasma AgRP and Cortisol Levels in Cushing's Disea... 2018
Details Identification Of Three Novel Srd5a2 Mutations In 14 Chinese Patients With ... 2018
Details Delayed Hyponatremia Following Transsphenoidal Surgery... 2018
Details Glycoprotein-nmb Serves As Both A Marker And Regulator Of Tumor Progression... 2018
Details Sex-dependent Dysregulation Of The Neuroendocrine Stress Response As A Resu... 2018
Details Primary Polydipsia in Toddler: A Rare Medical Condition in An Unusual Age... 2018
Details International, Prospective, Observational Study Describing the Characterist... 2018
Details Ion Channel Activity and Expression Are Differentially Modulated by Bisphen... 2018
Details The Effect of Vitamin D Treatment on Markers of Liver Fibrosis in Women wit... 2018
Details Screening Of P450 Oxidoreductase Sequence In Normal Population Reveals Vari... 2018
Details A Case Of the Weary Traveler... 2018
Details Efficacy and Safety of Dapagliflozin in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes and M... 2018
Details The Results of National Survey of Endocrinologists on Dysnatremia in Real C... 2018
Details Chemotherapy Induced Serum Sodium Fluctuations In A Patient With Panhypopit... 2018
Details Novel Clinical Feature in Denys-Drash Syndrome: Prostate Agenesis... 2018
Details Beer Potomania: Severe Case of Hyponatremia.... 2018
Details Effects Of Once-weekly Treatment With Somapacitan: A Randomized Double-blin... 2018
Details The Daily Rhythm of Adipose Tissue Gene Expression is Reduced in Obese Pati... 2018
Details Ubiquitination Initiated by the Non-Canonical Ubiquitin Activating Enzye UB... 2018
Details A Role For Bmp Signaling And ID Genes In Beta Cell Neogenesis... 2018
Details Letrozole Treatment of Pubertal Female Mice Results in Impaired Insulin Act... 2018
Details High-Density Lipoprotein Inhibits Hedgehog Signaling and Promotes Browning ... 2018
Details CHIASMA OPTIMAL: Study Design of a Phase 3 Double Blind Trial Evaluating Or... 2018
Details Where Is The Cancer? An Unresolved Case of Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma... 2018
Details Neonatal Cholestasis As The First Clinical Manifestation Of Congenital Hypo... 2018
Details Impacts of Needle Phobia on Diagnosis and Treatment of Autoimmune Diabetes ... 2018
Details Tumor Markers, Cavernous Sinus Invasion and Surgical Outcomes in 501 Consec... 2018
Details Early Diagnosis Of Maternally Inherited Diabetes And Deafness (MIDD) May Pr... 2018
Details Superiority Of 68Ga-DOTATATE Over 18F-FDG And Anatomic Imaging In The Detec... 2018
Details Camel Milk Rescued Boy from Seizures and Hypoalbuminemia in Undiagnosed 22q... 2018
Details Genes or Adiposity? Influences on Obesity-Related Variation in Peripheral H... 2018
Details Best of the Journal of the Endocrine Society: Identification of Thyroid-Ass... 2018
Details Mifepristone In Cushing's Syndrome Due To ACTH-independent Macronodular... 2018
Details The Challenge of Finding Causative Variants in 46,XY Partial Gonadal Dysgen... 2018
Details Characterization of the Chromatin Landscape of Human Parathyroids and Ident... 2018
Details Gamma Knife Radiosurgery In Cushing’s Disease: Argentinian Experience... 2018
Details Phosphocholine Of Oxidized Phospholipids Restrains Bone Formation In Vivo A... 2018
Details 11-ketotestosterone Is Elevated In Premenarchal Daughters Of Women With PCO... 2018
Details Medical Management of Acromegaly: A Canadian Proposal... 2018
Details Acth-stimulated Reference Values For LC/MSMS-defined 11-deoxycortisol Conce... 2018
Details Very Low and Low Calorie Diets are Effective Treatments to Reverse Pre-Diab... 2018
Details The Impact Of Glucose Tolerance States On RBC Indices... 2018
Details Early Thyroidectomy As The Best Option To Control Hyperthyroidism In A Todd... 2018
Details Testosterone Treatment in Klinefelter Syndrome and Thrombosis Risk: a Danis... 2018
Details Hepatic FoxO Proteins Impact Systemic Glucose Homeostasis Through Effects o... 2018
Details Hyponatremia in Ipilimumab-Associated Autoimmune Hypophysitis... 2018
Details Best of Endocrinology: Effects of Metreleptin in Pediatric Patients With Li... 2018
Details ExtraUterine Growth Restriction (EUGR) In VLBW Infants: Growth Patterns, Nu... 2018
Details Notch Signaling Influences the Balance of Proliferation and Cell Death in H... 2018
Details Changes In The Ovarian Vascular Structure And Capillary Permeability In Dia... 2018
Details The Relationship between Myeloid Leukocyte Profiles and Metabolic Impairmen... 2018
Details Comparative Assessment of Bisphenol A and Bisphenol S on Sexual Differentia... 2018
Details The Neuroactive Steroid Allopregnanolone Across the Menstrual Cycle and in ... 2018
Details Follicular Thyroid Cancer with Late Brain Metastases... 2018
Details Acute Lower Extremity Paralysis: Initial Manifestation of Thyrotoxic Period... 2018
Details Mutational Screening of MKRN3 Gene in Patients With Central Precocious Pube... 2018
Details Serotonin from Mast Cells Promotes Obesity and Insulin Resistance In Vivo... 2018
Details Discordant Thyroid Values: A Case of Familial Dysalbuminemic Hyperthyroxina... 2018
Details Usability Of A Home Telehealth Unit To Improve Health Outcomes In Black And... 2018
Details Rethinking Adrenal Venous Sampling As A Prognostic Factor For Primary Aldos... 2018
Details Neonatal Cushing Syndrome: An Atypical Presentation of McCune Albright Synd... 2018
Details Androgen-induced PCAT14 LncRNA Is Involved In Androgen Stimulation Of Cell ... 2018
Details Independent Relationships between Total Body Fat, Insulin Sensitivity and B... 2018
Details Glucagon-like Peptide-1 After Acute Neprilysin Inhibition... 2018
Details Effect Of Phenytoin And Dutasteride On Reproductive Hormones In Men... 2018
Details Compound Heterozygous Nonsense Mutations in the DOUXA2 Gene Can Cause Fetal... 2018
Details Sex Difference In Levels of Lipopolysaccharide Binding Protein As A Marker ... 2018
Details Autoimmune Diabetes Induced by Nivolumab Therapy in a Patient with Recurren... 2018
Details Vitamin D Binding Globulin Correlates With Liver Disease Severity And Vitam... 2018
Details Il-6 Stimulation Of Autophagy And The Antioxidant Response Protects The Pan... 2018
Details Insulin Resistance in Healthy 4-year-old Children According to the Change i... 2018
Details Altering the micro RNA Profile in Mammary Fat Pad Tissue in an Ageing Breas... 2018
Details The Association Between Thyroid Dysfunction And Lipid Profiles Differs By A... 2018
Details Mesocorticolimbic Insulin Receptor Gene Network, Childhood Impulsivity and ... 2018
Details Interim Results Of A Non-interventional, Observational Study Evaluating The... 2018
Details Subclinical Hypercortisolism And Cardiovascular Comorbidities In Patients W... 2018
Details The Influence Of Metformin And Dieting On Thyroid Iodide In Healthy Volunte... 2018
Details Management Considerations of Pheochromocytoma Induced Cardiomyopathy... 2018
Details Circadian Rhythmicity Of 11-oxygenated C19 Steroids And ∆5-steroid Sulfat... 2018
Details External Validation Of A Predictive Model For The Risk Of Acute Pancreatiti... 2018
Details Cross Sectional Study of the Components of a Carbohydrate Restricted Diet &... 2018
Details Thyroid Dysfunction Associated with Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapies in Cance... 2018
Details Glucocorticoids Acutely Suppress Myocardial 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose Uptake: ... 2018
Details Effect of Bariatric Surgery on Insulin Sensitivity and Adipose Tissue Circa... 2018
Details Testosterone Supplementation Restores Spermatogenesis And The Fertilization... 2018
Details Association Studies of The RNASET2 And CCR6 Genes in Autoimmune Thyroid Dis... 2018
Details Activation of Pituitary Stem Cells Through Modulation of the LATS/YAP/TAZ C... 2018
Details Primary Angiosarcoma Of Thyroid: Clinical Recognition May Help Early Diagno... 2018
Details Men 1 Presenting With Hypoglycemia... 2018
Details Cardiogenic Shock: An Uncommon Presentation of Pheochromocytoma... 2018
Details Methimazole Induced Acute Pancreatitis... 2018
Details Giant Prolactinomas: Experience of a Single Tertiary Center in Mexico... 2018
Details Blood Glucose Control in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Who Decline Insulin ... 2018
Details The Dynamics Of Circulating Oxytocin After A Standard Meal In Young Healthy... 2018
Details A Novel Patient-Derived, Tissue Engineered Biomimetic Platform to Model Met... 2018
Details Angiotensin II Causes Synergistic Effects For The Ligand Activation Of Farn... 2018
Details Effectivity And Side Effects Of Linac Stereotactic Radiotherapy As Treatmen... 2018
Details Difference in Duration of Steroid Replacement After Successful Treatment of... 2018
Details A Perfect Thyroid “Storm”: Misdiagnosis Of Biochemical Grave’s Diseas... 2018
Details Peritoneal Fluid from Subjects with Endometriosis Regulates Gene Expression... 2018
Details Bilateral Asymptomatic Pheochromocytomas in MEN2A... 2018
Details Calcitonin Receptor Expressing Neurons in the PVH Regulate Energy Balance... 2018
Details Lh Insufficiency During Emergence And Maximum Diameter Of Antral Follicles ... 2018
Details Differential Effects of Leptin and Leptin Receptor Deficiency on Testicular... 2018
Details Generate and Characterize Adamts9 Knockout Zebrafish... 2018
Details Involvement of IKK Complex in the Regulation of a Glucose-Responsive Transc... 2018
Details Non-targeted Metabolomics Analysis Identifies Unique Alterations in Gut Met... 2018
Details One Year Follow-up of A Patient With Ipilimumab-induced Hypophysitis... 2018
Details Prevalence of Cardiac Disease History in 562 Patients with Acromegaly at Di... 2018
Details A case of misdiagnosed glycogen storage disease type III... 2018
Details The Effects Of Methylparaben (MP) On The Expression Of Estrogen Receptor An... 2018
Details Early Treatment With Rituximab Can Improve Clinical Outcomes In Isolated Ig... 2018
Details Absence of Leptin Signaling in Early Life Alters Energy Balance But Not Glu... 2018
Details Adiponectin, But Not Apelin, Levels May Be Increased in Normal Weight Obesi... 2018
Details Change in Handgrip Strength is Not Associated with Change in Measures of Dy... 2018
Details Venous Thromboembolism In Male-to-female Transgender Patients On Oral Estra... 2018
Details Hypokalemia At Initial Presentation Of Diabetic Coma... 2018
Details Lower Urinary Sodium Levels are Associated with Iodine Deficiency in Korea:... 2018
Details Post Menopausal Virilisation Secondary to Ovarian Stromal Hyperplasia.... 2018
Details Impact of Efavirenz on Estradiol Metabolism in Transgender Females... 2018
Details Preconception Counseling: Frequently Forgotten by Primary Care Providers du... 2018
Details Patients With Acromegaly Display A Skewed Innate Immunity Phenotype Towards... 2018
Details Sodium and Water Regulation following Pituitary Surgery: Results of a Prosp... 2018
Details E-Cigarettes and Western Diet: Important Metabolic Risk Factors for Fatty L... 2018
Details Bone Metastases from Thyroid Carcinoma of Follicular Origin - A Single Inst... 2018
Details Is There a Place For Aromatase Inhibitors in Treatment Of Macroprolactinoma... 2018
Details Recurrent Invasive Ductal Breast Carcinoma Presenting as Primary Adrenal In... 2018
Details Prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus in Multi-Ethnic, End-Stage Liver Disease Pa... 2018
Details Estrogen Receptors And Ki67: Markers Of Recurrence In Craniopharyngioma... 2018
Details Metabolic Stress Suppresses Pulsatile Luteinizing Hormone Secretion in Mice... 2018
Details A Case Of Mifepristone Induced Adrenal Crisis.... 2018
Details Height Outcomes In Children With CAH Due To 21 Hydroxylase Deficiency Or 11... 2018
Details A Case Of Young Man With Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer And Long Term Survival... 2018
Details Overtesting Of Vitamin D In Australia: Sustained Reduction In Cost Of Testi... 2018
Details Wnt Signaling Pathway Promotes Adrenocortical Regeneration... 2018
Details Growth Hormone Receptor Polymorphism Are Not Related To Worsening Of Bone Q... 2018
Details Measurement of Serum Free 25-hydroxyvitamin D in Young and Old African Amer... 2018
Details Risk Factors for Postpartum Adverse Glycemic Outcome in Women with Gestatio... 2018
Details Age Related Cutoffs of Plasma Aldosterone Renin Ratio for Primary Aldostero... 2018
Details Role of 68Gallium Dotatate-PET/CT in Pre-operative Assessment of Pheochromo... 2018
Details Hypercalcemia Associated with High-Dose Cholecalciferol Use... 2018
Details Rathke’S Cleft Cyst Presenting With Intractable Hyponatremia: A Case Repo... 2018
Details Hungry Bone Syndrome Risk Assessment and Prevention... 2018
Details The Mechanism Of The Microrna-dependent Regulation Of The Invasiveness In P... 2018
Details A Cross Sectional Descriptive Analysis of Patients Undergoing Pituitary Sur... 2018
Details High Energy Breakfast Diet is an Effective Strategy for Weight Loss and Red... 2018
Details Current Practices Regarding Assessing Diabetes Risk in Retiring and Separat... 2018
Details Endoplasmic Reticulum Aminopeptidase-1 Plays a Novel Role in Salt Sensitivi... 2018
Details IGg4-Related Hypophysitis Presenting As Persistent Hyponatremia.... 2018
Details Assessment of Endocrine-Disrupting Activity of Bisphenol A and Alternative ... 2018
Details Azedra® (iobenguane I 131) in Patients with Metastatic and/or Recurren... 2018
Details Riedel´S Thyroiditis: Clinical Presentation, Treatment And Outcomes... 2018
Details Effect Of Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Mediated By Hyperglycemia On The Ba... 2018
Details Implantation of a Novel Biomaterial Seeded with Beta-Cells Restores Insulin... 2018
Details Regulation of Gnrh1 Gene Expression by Nutrient Excess and Endoplasmic Reti... 2018
Details Pituitary Cushing’s with Disseminated Cryptococcosis followed by Immune R... 2018
Details Effect Of Postmenopausal Osteoporosis on Aldosterone/renin Ratio... 2018
Details Successful Pregnancy With Gonadotropins in a Female With Normosmic Idiopath... 2018
Details Novel Non-enzymatic Neurotrophic Roles Of Carboxypeptidase E Distinct From ... 2018
Details Raman Spectroscopy Applied to Parathyroid Tissues: a New Diagnostic Tool to... 2018
Details Long-term Use Of Cabergoline In A Patient With Occult Ectopic ACTH Syndrome... 2018
Details CPT1A and AR Blockade Result In Differential Regulation Of Genetic And Meta... 2018
Details Growth Hormone Acts to Regulate the DNA Damage Response... 2018
Details Concurrent TSHR Mutations And DIO2 T92A Polymorphism Result In Decreased DI... 2018
Details Selenoprotein Defense in Arsenic-Mediated Diabetes... 2018
Details Maternal Waist Circumference, But Not BMI, Is Associated With Increased Ris... 2018
Details 15q11.2 Microdeletion Syndrome Misdiagnosed as Noonan Syndrome: Importance ... 2018
Details Mrap Gene Deletion Leads to Isolated Glucocorticoid Deficiency and Impaired... 2018
Details Hypercalcemia of Malignancy Due To PTHrP And Osteolytic Metastasis In A Mal... 2018
Details Late Presentation of Extreme Short Stature and Multiple Anterior Pituitary ... 2018
Details Essential Role of Phosphorylated Gonadotropin Regulated Testicular RNA Heli... 2018
Details Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts Protect ob/ob Obese Mice from Metabolic Phenoty... 2018
Details Uneventful Cesarean Section in A Woman with Normotensive Asymptomatic Bifoc... 2018
Details Obesity Is Associated with Reduced 11β-hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Type 1... 2018
Details GHRH-Deleted Mice Are Severely Deficient in Vaccine and Immunological Respo... 2018
Details Comparison Between Body Mass Index and Tri-Ponderal Mass Index to Evaluate ... 2018
Details The CDC’s Clinical Standardization Programs- Improving The Diagnosis, Tre... 2018
Details Furosemide-Induced Severe Hypocalcemia in Latent Hypoparathyroidism... 2018
Details Oxidized Low-Density-Lipoprotein Cholesterol is Lower in the Metabolically ... 2018
Details Prolonged Nursing (late Weaning), Delays The Onset Of Type 1 Diabetes In Th... 2018
Details Multiple Etiologies Of Hypocalcemia In A Patient With An Atypical Femoral F... 2018
Details 1,25 Dihydroxyvitamin D Mediated Hypercalcemia Following Intravesical BCG f... 2018
Details A Fully Human, Monoclonal, Anti-ALK7 Antibody Promotes Resistance to Diet-I... 2018
Details Sonographic Evaluation of Sporadic Ovulatory Cycles in Oligomenorrheic Wome... 2018
Details Latent Autoimmune Diabetes with High Titer GAD Antibodies Masquerading as I... 2018
Details Assessment Of The Measurement Of Methanefrines (M) Fractionated In Nocturna... 2018
Details Diabetes Insipidus Secondary to Pituitary Apoplexy: Case Report... 2018
Details Pharmacokinetic Profile of Lanreotide Autogel® Produced an Improvement... 2018
Details A Role for Leptin in the Post-transcriptional Regulation of the Luteinizing... 2018
Details Functions of Multiple Progestin Receptors in Oocyte Maturation and Ovulatio... 2018
Details Cortisol Free Fall: Free Cortisol Elimination Rates in Healthy Humans Using... 2018
Details A Case of Hypopituitarism in the Setting of Continuous Intravenous Epoprost... 2018
Details Non-Islet Cell Tumorcausing Hypoglycemia... 2018
Details Paraganglioma Of The Seminal Vesicle And The Management Of Subsequent Hepat... 2018
Details Radioiodine Treatment of Metastatic Thyroid Cancer: Progression Free Surviv... 2018
Details Genetic Analysis In Aromatase Excess Syndrome... 2018
Details A Rare Case Of Acute Thyroiditis Following External Beam Radiation In A Pat... 2018
Details Assessing The Continuation of GLP-1 Agonists When Weight and A1c Are Not Re... 2018
Details Wi-beep (Wireless Technology and Behavioral Economics to Engage Patients wi... 2018
Details Subclinical Cerebral Edema In Diabetic Ketoacidosis... 2018
Details Use Of Nafarelin Nasal Spray For Treatment Of Catamenial Migraine.... 2018
Details The Effects Of Roux-en-y Gastric Bypass, Combined Glp-1/ Oxyntomodulin/ Pep... 2018
Details Rate of Bone Mineral Density (BMD) Testing and Vitamin D Nutritional (VDN) ... 2018
Details A Familial Case of Hypercalcemia... 2018
Details Do Premature Adrenarche And Adolescent Hyperandrogenism Indicate Propensity... 2018
Details Different Effects Of Sulfonylurea Treatment On Two Cases Of Neonatal Diabet... 2018
Details Intermittent Fasting (if) Prevents Development Of Diabetic Retinopathy (dr)... 2018
Details A Case Of Protracted Acute Hypervolemic Hypernatremia After Vasopressin The... 2018
Details Is Statin-related Diabetes More Easily Controlled?... 2018
Details Postsurgical Hypocalcemia Can Be Worsened By Preoperative Use Of Bisphospho... 2018
Details Pemberton’s Sign And Its Association With Venous Thrombosis And Hearing L... 2018
Details Novel Insights On The Relationship Between Sex Hormone-biding Globulin And ... 2018
Details Ovarian Estradiol Supports Sexual Behavior but not Energy Homeostasis in Ma... 2018
Details Somatotrope Ablation of Musashi Leads to Overexpression of Prolactin and Gr... 2018
Details Thyrotropin-Secreting Pituitary Adenoma: A Rare Etiology of Hyperthyroidism... 2018
Details Response of a Pituitary Carcinoma to Combined Radiochemotherapy:A Case Repo... 2018
Details Relationships between Glucagon-to-insulin Ratio and Nonalcoholic Fatty Live... 2018
Details A Novel Mutation In The Calcium Sensing Receptor Associated With Familial H... 2018
Details Missense Mutations In SOX2 Contribute To Non-syndromic Forms Of Isolated Gn... 2018
Details Pituitary Carcinoma: A Management Dilemma.... 2018
Details Bilateral Macronodular Adrenal Hyperplasia: A Rare Cause Of Cushing’s dis... 2018
Details Greater Incomplete Fatty Acid Oxidation is Characteristic of Weight Loss Re... 2018
Details Prevalenceof Opiate-induced Suppression Of Corticotropic Function In Vetera... 2018
Details Osteoporosis in a 7 Year Old Child Diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leuke... 2018
Details Results Of MiniMedâ„¢ 670G System In-home Use: Glycemic Outcomes Of Childre... 2018
Details Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Promotes Weight Loss and Thermoregul... 2018
Details Sex Steroid Hormone Concentrations: Potential Predictors of Gestational Dia... 2018
Details Stress Action Signatures of Blood Glucose Variability in Two Intensive Care... 2018
Details The Complementary Effect Of Vitamin C And Zinc Onsome Biochemical And Cytog... 2018
Details Afirma Genomic Sequencing Classifier Experience among the First 1614 Consec... 2018
Details Bilateral Macronodular Adrenal Hyperplasia Presenting Without Cushings Synd... 2018
Details Severe Hypoglycemia in a Previously Obese Patient Three Years after Roux-en... 2018
Details A case of Isolated Adrenocorticotropic Hormone deficiency in Association wi... 2018
Details Pi3k Is Integral for the Acute Activity of Leptin and Insulin in Arcuate Np... 2018
Details Leptin Replacement Does Not Increase Energy Expenditure in Leptin-deficient... 2018
Details Mice Lacking NtsR1 Have Increased Vulnerability to Developing Disordered Fe... 2018
Details Hypothalamic Era Gene Silencing Induces Obesity in Female Rhesus Monkeys... 2018
Details Pediatric Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Incidence and Air Pollution in Israel... 2018
Details Case Report of An Uncommon Presentation Of Common Diagnosis.... 2018
Details Whole Genome Dna Is Distinctly Methylated In Functioning And Non-functionin... 2018
Details Fshβ Transcription Is Regulated By A Pcos-associated Single Nucleotide Pol... 2018
Details Acquired Partial Lipodystrophy and Metabolic Control: Atypical Presentation... 2018
Details Giant Cell Granuloma of the Jaw as a Presenting Feature of Noonan Syndrome... 2018
Details Prevalence of Somatic Mutations in Aldosterone-Producing Adenomas in Caucas... 2018
Details Gonadal Steroid Independent and Dependent Changes in Pubertal Increases in ... 2018
Details High-fat Diet-induced Obesity And Antidiabetic Treatment With Metformin Alt... 2018
Details Selective Androgen Receptor Degraders (SARDs) for the Treatment of Enzaluta... 2018
Details Saline Infusion Test for Primary Aldosteronism A 10-year Summary from Icela... 2018
Details Clinical Characterization of Secondary Thyroid Cancer among Childhood Cance... 2018
Details Grave's Induced Right Sided Heart Failure... 2018
Details Graves’ Disease And Thyroid Eye Disease In Hiv Patient Due To Immune Reco... 2018
Details Metabolic Abnormalities in Men with Hip Fracture... 2018
Details Testosterone for Androgen Deficiency (AD)-like Symptoms: A Randomized, Plac... 2018
Details Predictors of a Successful Statin Reattempt after an Adverse Reaction... 2018
Details Effects of Non-Genomic Thyroid Hormone Receptor (TR) β1 Signaling on Trabe... 2018
Details Bone Mineral Density Abnormalities In Patients With Biochemically Euthyroid... 2018
Details Hypothalamic POMC Deficiency Increases Circulating Adiponectin... 2018
Details Factors Predicting The Tsh Suppression After Surgery For Graves Disease.... 2018
Details Vitamind And Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: Bi-directionalmendelian Rand... 2018
Details A Low Carbohydrate Diet as an Initial Approach to Treatment of Type 2 Diabe... 2018
Details Obesity is Positively Correlated with DNA Damage in Breast Epithelium of BR... 2018
Details A Case Of Craniopharyngioma Following Resection Of Non-functioning Pituitar... 2018
Details Generation of hiPSC-Derived Thyroid Follicular Cells... 2018
Details Impact Of Prenatal Exposure To A Combination Of Bisphenol-a And Diethyl Hex... 2018
Details Multiple Spontaneous Tendon Ruptures in a Young Man - an Unusual Presentati... 2018
Details Mortality In Acromegaly: Time Trends and Treatment Patterns, a Swedish Nati... 2018
Details Morbidity and Mortality in Patients with Ectopic Cushing Syndrome... 2018
Details Follow Up In Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients Started On Glp-1 Analogue At... 2018
Details A Very Unusual Presentation of Graves Orbitopathy Unilateral Ptosis in a Eu... 2018
Details Best of Endocrinology: A Thyroid Hormone-Based Strategy for Correcting the ... 2018
Details Evaluation Of Dietary habits And Nutritional knowledge in Thai Patients Wit... 2018
Details Methotrexate Induced Lung Injury: An Uncommon Cause Of Hypercalcemia... 2018
Details Identification Of Pregnancy-specific Mediators Of Pancreatic Islet Adaptati... 2018
Details Recovery Of The Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal Axis After Surgical Remissio... 2018
Details Adiponectin And Leptin Levels Across Pregnancy: Effects Of Race and Pre-Pre... 2018
Details Simultaneous Pheochromocytoma, Paraganglioma and Papillary Thyroid Carcinom... 2018
Details Metastatic Adrenocortical Carcinoma with a Low Ki67... 2018
Details A Unique Case Of Hypopituitarism In Patient With Frontal Encephalocele... 2018
Details A Case of Checkpoint Inhibitor Endocrinopathy... 2018
Details Effect of Treatment with Vitamin D3 on Free and Total 25-hydroxyvitamin D i... 2018
Details Involvement Of Occult Thyrotoxicosis In Tachycardia Of Febrile Patients.... 2018
Details Prevalence of Medical Comorbidities and Trajectory of Gender-Related Medica... 2018
Details Effect of a Mitochondrial-Targeted Coenzyme Q Analog on Pancreatic β-cell ... 2018
Details A Delayed Diagnosis Of Stiff Person Syndrome In Association With Type 1 Dia... 2018
Details Adrenal Insufficiency After Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation During ... 2018
Details Severe Valvulopathy after Short Course Therapy with Low Dose Cabergoline - ... 2018
Details Comorbidities In Patients With Non-functioning Pituitary Adenoma With And W... 2018
Details Accuracy Of Maternal Self-report Of Preeclampsia In Women With A Recent His... 2018
Details An Overview Of The Etiology, Clinical Manifestations, Management Strategies... 2018
Details Corticotroph Function Is Modulated By L-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (L-Dopa)... 2018
Details Repurposing The Selective Oestrogen Receptor Modulator Bazedoxifene To Supp... 2018
Details Hyperthyroidism with Lenalidomide use-Not a Typical Drug Induced Thyroiditi... 2018
Details Profile Of Post-surgical Late-night Salivary Cortisol Before Recurrent Cush... 2018
Details Krüppel-Like Factor 13 (KLF13) Promotes Cell Cycle Progression and Cel... 2018
Details Early Onset of Hormone Resistance: An Albright's Hereditary Osteodystro... 2018
Details Intratumoral Level Of Dehydroepiandrosterone And Its Role In Endometrial Ca... 2018
Details The Putative Cannabinoid Receptor GPR55 as a Novel Cancer Biomarker and Pot... 2018
Details Functional POMC Neurons Derived from Tanycytes in the Adult Mouse Hypothala... 2018
Details Acquired Versus Familial Partial Lipodystrophy in Patient S/p Leukemia, Bon... 2018
Details Bone Remodeling Gene Expression is Dynamic Across Lactation in Response to ... 2018
Details Increased ACTH Synthesis and Secretion in Human ACTH-Secreting Adenomas Car... 2018
Details The Relationship Between Health Literacy Level And Glycemic Control In Saud... 2018
Details Generation of GnRH Neurons from Human Stem Cells... 2018
Details Evaluation Of CY2C9 And OCT Polymorphisms In Response To Therapy With Metfo... 2018
Details Derivatizing Serum Testosterone In Patient Samples Increases Throughput In ... 2018
Details Zebrafish as a Model Organism for Ovarian Specific Expression of Transgenes... 2018
Details Parathyroid Gland Metastasis from Colorectal Adenocarcinoma: An Unusual and... 2018
Details Definitive Treatment of a Complicated Case of Amiodarone Induced Thyrotoxic... 2018
Details Hsp90 Inhibition in Adrenocortical Carcinoma: Single Agent Activity of Biib... 2018
Details Development of A Highly Sensitive and Inexpensive Cell-based Homogeneous AC... 2018
Details New-onset Diabetes Mellitus as a Rare Initial Presentation for Acromegaly... 2018
Details Prenatal Exposure To DEHP Leads To Premature Reproductive Senescence In The... 2018
Details A Case Of Candesartan-induced Insulin Autoimmune Syndrome: 3-year Follow-up... 2018
Details Activation Of NKB/NK3R Signaling In The Amygdala Stimulates Gonadotropin Re... 2018
Details MKRN3 Inhibits KISS1 and TAC3 Gene Expression Through the E3 Ubiquitin Liga... 2018
Details Diabetes Insipidus and Calcitriol Mediated Hypercalcemia in a Patient with ... 2018
Details The Assessment of Parent-Reported Outcomes in Conditions Affecting Sex Deve... 2018
Details FABP2, LEPr and FTO Polymorphisms: Effect on Weight Loss 2 Years After Bari... 2018
Details Vertebral Fracture During Denosumab Usage Secondary To Normocalcemic Primar... 2018
Details Don’t Miss The Diagnosis: Hypercalcemia Due To Granulomatous Disease... 2018
Details An Interaction Of Her2 And Androgen Target Gene Ceacam6is Associated With E... 2018
Details Autoantibodies in Patients with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor-Mediated Hypoph... 2018
Details A Case of Idiopathic Spontaneous Bilateral Adrenal Insufficiency... 2018
Details Lack of Stress Hormone during Amphibian Metamorphosis Mimics Mammalian Post... 2018
Details Reduced H3k4 Methylation: A Beacon Of Poor Prognosis In Diabetic ccRCC... 2018
Details Short-term Effect Of A Low Carbohydrate Diet coupled With Metformin And Lir... 2018
Details Upstream Causes and Downstream Effects: The Role of Biomaterial Scaffolds i... 2018
Details Somatostatin Analogues Did Not Prevent Carcinoid Crisis In A Patient After ... 2018
Details Thyroid Cancer Guidelines Applied In An Urban Thyroid Clinic.... 2018
Details Hypopituitarism As The Presenting Feature Of Systemic Non-Hodgkin’s Lymph... 2018
Details Nivolumab-related Fulminant Severe Dka Followed By Hypothyroidism... 2018
Details Nrf2 Protects Against Type 1 Diabetes In Non-obese Diabetic (NOD) Mice... 2018
Details A Novel Central Adiposity Index as an Integrated Predictor of Cardiometabol... 2018
Details Isolated Central Diabetes Insipidus as Initial Manifestation of Langerhans ... 2018
Details Frequency and Associated Factors of Abdominal Obesity in a Rural Community ... 2018
Details Effects Of 4-month Therapy Of Low Dose Levothyroxine On Non-alcoholic Fatty... 2018
Details New Gene Involvement In Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma, A Potential Target For... 2018
Details A Case Of Adrenal Incidentaloma With Unrecognized Multiple Endocrine Neopla... 2018
Details The Effect Of Stim1 Deletion On The Global Proteome Of Ins-1 Pancreatic β ... 2018
Details Hypercholesterolemic Diet, High Rosuvastatin Doses And Undesirable Effects ... 2018
Details A Multicenter Study Evaluating Perceptions and Knowledge of Inpatient Glyce... 2018
Details Impaired GLP-1 Response Predicts Prediabetes in Obese PCOS with Adverse Met... 2018
Details Hydroxychloroquine-associated Hyperinsulinemic Hypoglycemia After 16 Years ... 2018
Details Non-Islet Cell Tumor Induced Hypoglycemia in a Patient with Metastatic Gast... 2018
Details A Report Of ACTH-Independent Cortisol Excess In A Patient With MEN2A... 2018
Details Early Detection Of Hypoglycemia In Type 1 Diabetes Using A Wearable Device ... 2018
Details Real World Experience of Denosumab in a European Regional Osteoporosis Serv... 2018
Details Doege-potter Syndrome: Liver Solitary Fibrous Tumor With Insulin-like Growt... 2018
Details IGSF1 Interacts with Monocarboxylate Transporter 8 but does not Regulate It... 2018
Details Bone Health TeleECHO: 24-Month Progress Report of a Novel Strategy to Reduc... 2018
Details Hypocitraturia Contributing To Nephrolithiasis In A Patient With Cyp24a1 Ge... 2018
Details Differentiated Thyroid Microcarcinoma: Analisys Of 64 Cases ... 2018
Details Visceral Adipose Index (VAI) Can Accurately Predict Markers Of Cardiometabo... 2018
Details Abrogation of Mineralocorticoid Receptor in Myeloid Cells Improves Endothel... 2018
Details Circadian Dysregulation Alters the DNA Methylome of Murine Mammary Tissue a... 2018
Details Low Testosterone Levels Cause Augmented Cistrome Binding and Leads to the â... 2018
Details Differential Suppression Of LH Pulse Frequency By Exogenous Progesterone In... 2018
Details A Novel Approach To Recurrent Hypoglycaemia... 2018
Details Altered Steroidogenesis On Estrogen Receptor Activation In Benign Prostatic... 2018
Details Baicalin Attenuates Glucose Intolerance By Regulating Pancreatic Hormones I... 2018
Details Hba1c And Maternal-fetal Outcomes In Gestational Diabetes Mellitus... 2018
Details A Rare Case Of Amyloid Goiter With Concomitant Papillary Thyroid Microcarci... 2018
Details A Case Of Rapid Progression Of SDHA-associated Metastatic Pheochromocytoma/... 2018
Details An Interesting Case Of Metastatic Papillary Thyroid Cancer And Concomitant ... 2018
Details Development of A Long-term Hormone-secreting Human Pituitary Tumor In Vitro... 2018
Details Reduction of Mismatch Repair Gene MSH6 and MSH2 Expression Directly Promote... 2018
Details Calcitonin Negative Neuroendocrine Tumor Of The Thyroid: Report Of 2 Cases... 2018
Details Use of SGLT-2 Inhibitors in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus... 2018
Details Refractory Hypercalcemia In Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia With Richter’S T... 2018
Details A Case of Immobilization Induced Hypercalcemia.... 2018
Details Pubertal Increment In Bone Mineral Density Is Associated With Changes In Se... 2018
Details Metastatic Carcinoid Diagnosed from US Guided Fine Needle Aspiration: A Cas... 2018
Details Efficacy of Personalized Approach to Radioactive Iodine Therapy for Gravesâ... 2018
Details Development Of Euglycemic Diabetic Ketoacidosis In Post-bariatric Surgery P... 2018
Details The Associations And Discordance Between Image-based Bone Quality Parameter... 2018
Details Effect of Ertugliflozin Monotherapy or Combination Therapy on Body Weight i... 2018
Details Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Care in Primary Care Providers: A Survey... 2018
Details Pituitary Volume May be a Better Marker of Chronic Growth Hormone Secretion... 2018
Details The Complete Absence Of All Tachykinins Reveals Profound Fertility Impairme... 2018
Details Overexpression of Adipose Hexose-6-phosphate Dehydrogenase Exacerbates the ... 2018
Details Adiporon, A Synthetic Adiponectin Receptor Agonist, Protects Against Myosta... 2018
Details Vitamin D Deficiency Still Growing In Korea... 2018
Details Clinical Experience of Insulin Degludec in Challenging Diabetes... 2018
Details Central Hypothyroidism, Nistagmus And Macrogenitalia Caused By IGSF-1 Gene ... 2018
Details Transient Hypercortisolemia induced by Competitive Weight Lifting.... 2018
Details AdipoRon Prevents Myostatin-Induced Fatty Acid Accumulation in a Mouse Hepa... 2018
Details The Role of Type 3 Deiodinase Expression in Breast Cancer... 2018
Details Duodenal Somatostatinoma Presenting As Obstructive Jaundice In Neurofibroma... 2018
Details Post-prandial Post-gastrectomy hypoglycemia: No Easy Answers... 2018
Details Reappearing Act: A Case Report Of An Aggressive Non-functioning Pituitary A... 2018
Details Hypothyroidism and Depression: A Case of Mute Girl... 2018
Details An Unexpected Cause for Persistent Severe Hypoglycemia... 2018
Details Depression Is A Major Feature Of Non-classical Hypogonadism In Young Men... 2018
Details Male and Female Trpm8-/- Mice Differ in Their Thermogenic Capacity to Respo... 2018
Details A Rare Case of Masson's Tumor (Intravascular Papillary Endothelial Hype... 2018
Details A Case Of Multiple Endocrine Syndrome Type 1 Presenting With Hyperandrogeni... 2018
Details Lifestyle Counseling and Long-Term Clinical Outcomes in Patients with Diabe... 2018
Details DNA Methylome Changes in Girls with Normal and Precocious Puberty... 2018
Details Anti-inflammatory Action Of A Urinary Compound With Anti-cancer And PPAR ι... 2018
Details Vitamin D in the Middle East and North Africa: An Update... 2018
Details Measurement of Visceral Fat by Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry and Absence... 2018
Details Critical Shear Stress Is Associated With Diabetic Nephropathy In Type 2 Dia... 2018
Details The Impact Of Aspartame, Sucrose, And Stevia On Aquatic Ramshorn, Snails.... 2018
Details S-25OHD Associates to Myopathy and Hand Grip Strength at 5 Years in Girls, ... 2018
Details Vitamin-D Ameliorates Insulin Resistance By Downregulating Fetuin-A Gene Ex... 2018
Details Is There An Addiction To Testosterone Therapy?... 2018
Details The Association Of Diffuse Lymphocytic Infiltration And Papillary Thyroid C... 2018
Details Screening For Primary Aldosteronism - Comparison Between Plasma Renin Activ... 2018
Details Central and Peripheral Administration of Fibroblast Growth Factor 1 Induce ... 2018
Details Mixture Affecting Human Neurodevelopment Disrupts Thyroid Hormone Signaling... 2018
Details Severe Insulin Resistance Due To Acquired Partial Lipodystrophy Secondary T... 2018
Details Genetic and Epigenetic Analysis of Primary Aldosteronism with Hypercoltisol... 2018
Details Type 1 Diabetes Onset With Severe Ketoacidosis In Child And Autoimmune Thyr... 2018
Details Sex Differences In The Effects Of Restricted Sleep On The Hypothalamic-Pitu... 2018
Details The Changes of Thyroid Hormone Receptors (TRs)-mediated Transcription by Di... 2018
Details Circulating Adipocyte Fatty Acid-binding Protein As An Independent Predicto... 2018
Details A Rare Case of Conn Syndrome with a 24cm Adrenal Vascular Malformation... 2018
Details Associations of Polymorphisms of LEPr and FTO Genes with Binge-Eating in Se... 2018
Details Higher Levels of Ideal Cardiovascular Health Are Associated with Lower Aldo... 2018
Details Electronic Cigarette Exposure Induces Cardiac Dysfunction in Apolipoprotein... 2018
Details Older Age, Malignant Pleural Effusion, and Symptomatic Metastatic Disease a... 2018
Details Testosterone Producing Stromal Luteoma Of Ovary: Case Report.... 2018
Details An Atypical Parathyroid Adenoma Presenting With Severe Acute Hypercalcemia ... 2018
Details Renal Outcomes in Medically Treated Primary Aldosteronism... 2018
Details Epigenetics Of Central Female Hypogonadism: Changes Of mRNA Expression of S... 2018
Details Large Pituitary Macroprolactinoma Unresponsive to Cabergoline &lt Causi... 2018
Details Phospho T693 EGFR: A Prognostic Marker of Recurrent Non-functioning Pituita... 2018
Details Anabolic Hormone Levels Are Related To Motor Unit Characteristics In Quadri... 2018
Details Ectopic Cushing Syndrome Due To A Metastatic ACTH-secreting Neuroendocrine ... 2018
Details Natriuretic Peptide Expression And Function In GH3 Somatolactotropes And Fe... 2018
Details Baseline Leptin Levels by RIA and ELISA Poorly Predict Metreleptin Response... 2018
Details Hypothalamic Hamartoma Associated With Central Precocious Puberty And Secon... 2018
Details The Improvement of Glucose Tolerance in Man with GLP-1 Is Preserved When GL... 2018
Details New Attempt In Diagnostics And Prevention Of Insulin Induced Lipohypertroph... 2018
Details Laron Syndrome Recombinant Igf-1 Treatment: a Brazilian Clinical Case.... 2018
Details Intramuscular Levothyroxine: An Alternative For Levothyroxine Pseudomalabso... 2018
Details The Effects Of Chronic Testosterone Administration On Body Weight, Appetite... 2018
Details Suppression of Growth Hormone and Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 in Rats Afte... 2018
Details Utility Of Computerized Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Octreotide,... 2018
Details Fatal Acth-dependent Cushing's Syndrome, Is Regular Anticoagulation Eno... 2018
Details Fracture and Bone Mineral Density Response by Baseline Risk in Patients Tre... 2018
Details Segmental Adrenal Venous Sampling Can Clarify The Localization For Hyperald... 2018
Details Clinical Predictors of Leptin Response for Improvement in Liver Histopathol... 2018
Details Ovarian Clear Cell Carcinoma Presenting With Paraneoplastic Hypercalcemia... 2018
Details Anabolic Activity Of A Soy Extract In C2c12 Myotubes... 2018
Details Gallium-68 Dodadate Pet/ct Scan For Localization Of Tumor-induced Osteomala... 2018
Details T3 Stimulates Brown Adipose Tissue Activation via Mitochondrial Biogenesis ... 2018
Details Insulin Receptor Substrate 2 Acts Downstream of Progesterone Receptor to Cr... 2018
Details Ability Of Ovarian Morphology To Predict Anovulatory Conditions Differs In ... 2018
Details Tow Unique Presentations Of Familial Ppgl (pheochromocytoma And Paraganglio... 2018
Details IHH Gene Mutations Causing Short Stature with Non-specific Skeletal Abnorma... 2018
Details Biochemical Markers of Endothelial Dysfunction in Primary Aldosteronism... 2018
Details LH Spikes Are Associated With VMS In The Early/Mid Peri-menopause In The St... 2018
Details Impact Of Moderate Intensity Treadmill Exercise On Reproductive Tissues Of ... 2018
Details Revisiting an Adrenal Incidentaloma Following Stroke... 2018
Details Mifepristone Therapy Prior to Pituitary Surgery in Cushing Disease Prevente... 2018
Details Seminal Supar Levels As Marker Of Abacterial Male Accessory Gland Inflammat... 2018
Details Isolated De Novo Hypoparathyroidism In An Adult Female... 2018
Details Optimal Testosterone Levels May Be Associated with More Favorable Anthropom... 2018
Details Improving Post Stroke Depression (psd) In Patients Treated With Oral Relaxi... 2018
Details A Curious Case of Biochemical and Clinical Remission After Treatment with M... 2018
Details Long Term Follow Up Of Transgender Patients: What Can We Conclude?... 2018
Details The Nuclear Receptor Small Heterodimer Partner (SHP) Modulates Macrophage F... 2018
Details Testosterone Deficiency in T2DM is a Condition of Relative Estrogen Excess,... 2018
Details Non-islet Cell Tumor Induced Hypoglycemia: A Case Series... 2018
Details Combining Amiloride and Spironolactone to Manage Hypokalemia and Edema in P... 2018
Details The 10 Hounsfield Units Cut-off Value on Unenhanced CT Imaging is Highly Se... 2018
Details Taz And Yap Expression As Possible Prognostic And Therapeutic Markers In No... 2018
Details Functional Characterization Of Steroidogenic Differentiation In A Human Zon... 2018
Details Low Plasma Free Testosterone in Men Is Associated with Increased Risk of Ty... 2018
Details Low Serum Alkaline Phosphatase Activity: Using Gene Analysis in the Diagnos... 2018
Details Growth Hormone Treatment In A Case Of Mucopolysaccaridosis Type VI... 2018
Details From Fine Needle Aspiration Of A “Renal Mass” To The Final Diagnosis: U... 2018
Details Loss of Stim1 and Impaired β Cell Store-Operated Calcium Entry (SOCE) Lead... 2018
Details Outcome of Adjuvant Postoperative Mitotane Therapy in Patients with Adrenoc... 2018
Details Pediatric Prolactinoma: Initial Presentation, Treatment, And Long-term Prog... 2018
Details High Prevalence of Radiological Vertebral Fractures in Patients with TSH-se... 2018
Details Anasarca, Pericardial Effusion And Cardiac Tamponade: A Rare Presentation O... 2018
Details Genetic Dissection of Estrogen-Regulated Enhancers in the Uterus Using Natu... 2018
Details Local Control of Thyroid Hormone Availability Determines Neural Stem Cell F... 2018
Details Treatment of Metabolic Complications in Patients with Partial Lipodystrophy... 2018
Details The Correlation between Plasma Adiponectin and Carotid Intima Media Thickne... 2018
Details Children Who Underwent Honeymoon Phase Of Type 1 Diabetes Had Significantly... 2018
Details Smad1 And Smad5 Are Essential For Female Fertility And Hormonal Response... 2018
Details Pituitary Dysfunction After CTLA-4 Blockade: Time Course and Hypothalamic-P... 2018
Details Chromosomal Abnormalities Are Common in Pediatric Pituitary Corticotropinom... 2018
Details In Men, a 5α-reductase (SRD5A2) Gene Polymorphism Predicts Serum Testoster... 2018
Details Thymoma associated Seronegative Generalized Myasthenia Gravis Presenting as... 2018
Details Developmental Programming: Gestational Exposure To Excess Testosterone Alte... 2018
Details Identification Of Novel AR Coregulators Via Endogenous Purification... 2018
Details Inhibition of Constitutively Active Mutant Estrogen Receptors in Breast Can... 2018
Details Cholecystokinin Modulates Aquaporin 7 (Aqp-7) Expression And Promotes Glyce... 2018
Details Triple Carcinoma Of The Thyroid Gland: What Are The Clinical Implications?... 2018
Details Metastases to the Thyroid Gland from Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) - A... 2018
Details Ipilimumab induced Lymphocytic Hypophysitis... 2018
Details Do States And Traits Differentially Affect Weight Loss Success? ... 2018
Details Thyroid Hormone Replacement In The Month Of Ramadan: What Is The Best Appro... 2018
Details Pan-hypopituitarism And Siadh Associated With Right Internal Carotid Artery... 2018
Details Insulin Resistance, Inflammation and Lipid Profile in Graves’ Disease... 2018
Details Metabolic Syndrome in Adult Patients with GH Deficiency... 2018
Details A Phase 3 Randomized, 24-Week, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study Inves... 2018
Details Prevalence Of A Second Tumor In Patients Affected By Non-syndromic Pheochro... 2018
Details Primary Pigmented Nodular Adrenocortical Disease In Carney Complex from Cli... 2018
Details An unusual Hemorrhage... 2018
Details The Behaviour of Alemtuzumab Induced Graves' Disease Is Distinctive, wi... 2018
Details Challenges In Diagnosis And Management Of A Case Of Primary Pigmented Nodul... 2018
Details BRCA2 Mutations Cause Ovarian Dysgenesis... 2018
Details One Minute Test: Osteoporosis Risk Factors in a Brazilian Population... 2018
Details Chemogenetic Activation Of Arcuate NPY/AGRP Neurons Drives More Than Just E... 2018
Details A Single Injection of Compound 6 Evoked an LH Surge and Ovulation in 18 Wee... 2018
Details Defining The Underlying Features Of Overtraining Syndrome: Deconditioning O... 2018
Details 20β-Dihydrocortisol Is an Endogenous Ligand of the Mineralocorticoid Recep... 2018
Details Regulation Of Estrogen Receptor ⍺ And BRCA1 By Bazedoxifene Acetate In Br... 2018
Details G Protein Gq/G11 in the Dorsomedial Hypothalamus (DMH) Is Required for Cont... 2018
Details Novel Small Molecule Glycomimetics Enhance Adipogenesis and Glucose Uptake ... 2018
Details Levothyroxine Replacement Therapy: Once Treatment Is Started, Should It Las... 2018
Details Evaluation Of Bone Fragility By Densitometry In Adult Patients With GH Defi... 2018
Details Acquired Generalized Lipodystrophy Associated With Nivolumab In a Patient W... 2018
Details Rare Variant Association Meta-analysis Reveals Rare Variants In DENND1A And... 2018
Details Characterization of Autoantibody Targets in IPEX Syndrome Using Proteome-Wi... 2018
Details A Novel Pathogenesis Of Isolated Acth Deficiency: Paraneoplastic Syndrome... 2018
Details Hypercalcemia: Where Is The Granulomatous Disease?... 2018
Details Osseous Metastases in Thyroid Cancer... 2018
Details Hereditary Paraganglioma Syndrome with SDHC Mutation (PGL3), Mediastinal Pr... 2018
Details Increased White Matter Lesions (wml) In Craniopharyngioma Treated With Cran... 2018
Details Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia- unknown Family Story Of Carrier Of Cyp21 Mu... 2018
Details Association Between The Quality Of Sleep And Control Of Glucose In Patients... 2018
Details Denosumab-Associated Loss Of Dental Implants And Suppression Of Alkaline Ph... 2018
Details Maternal Androgen Excess And Maternal Obesity Induce Aberrant Maternal Meta... 2018
Details Neurofibromatosis Type 1 - A Multifaceted Genetic and Endocrine Syndrome?... 2018
Details Adrenal Androgen Measurement for Assessing the Selectivity of Adrenal Venou... 2018
Details Reliability of the Corticotropin Releasing Hormone Stimulation Test for Dif... 2018
Details Persistent Improvement In Symptomatic Hypocalcemia After rhPTH (I-84) Thera... 2018
Details Effects of Perinatal Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) on Dopaminergic and I... 2018
Details Hemoglobin A1c Point of Care Clinical Disparity... 2018
Details Eating Behavior and Oxytocin in Childhood-Onset Craniopharyngioma Patients... 2018
Details SOX9 And FOXL2 Antagonistically Regulate Peptidyl Arginine Deiminase 2 (Pad... 2018
Details The Effect of Habitual Dietary Salt Intake on Endothelial Microparticle Lev... 2018
Details Perinatal Exposures to Xenoestrogens and Their Effects On Responses to a Pr... 2018
Details Use of a Metabolomic Approach to Non-Invasively Diagnose Nonalcoholic Fatty... 2018
Details A Variance Of The Calcium Sensing Receptor (CASR) Gene Becoming Clinically ... 2018
Details Possible Endocrinological/Immunological Interaction in Human Endometrium.... 2018
Details Acute Pancreatitis and Shock Due To PTH-Dependent Severe Hypercalcemia... 2018
Details Oxybenzone Alters The Maternal Mammary Gland In Mice Exposed During Pregnan... 2018
Details Do Cancer Immune Therapy Agents Cause Diabetes and Thyroid Autoimmunity or ... 2018
Details Secretory Retroperitoneal Paraganglioma Associated with an Unexpected SDHC ... 2018
Details Protective Role Of Testicular Hormone Insl3 From Atrophy And Weakness In Sk... 2018
Details Cost Analysis Of A Large Unscreened Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (cah) Co... 2018
Details Association of Serum Betatrophin Wıth Fibroblast Growth Factor-21 in Women... 2018
Details Urinary Iodine As A Predictor Of Lag-time To Hypothyroidism In Patients Tre... 2018
Details Too Tall Or Too short? Growth Discrepancy In Monozygotic Twins With Neurofi... 2018
Details Regulation of Apolipoprotein A-I Gene Expression By The Histamine H1 Recept... 2018
Details Hemin Treatment Decreases Oxidative Stress, Apoptosis And Endoplasmic Retic... 2018
Details The Impact Of Vitamin D Fortification Of Staple Food For Children: A System... 2018
Details The Gall Bladder Wall an Unusual Target for Paraganglioma Associated with S... 2018
Details Placental Urocortin 1 Levels Correlate With Perceived Stress During Pregnan... 2018
Details Absorption and Excretion of Somapacitan in Healthy Male Subjects... 2018
Details Thyrotoxicosis and Small Bowel Obstruction... 2018
Details The Association between Thyroid Nodule size with Malignancy Rate... 2018
Details Differences in Adipose‐Resident Natural Killer Cells Among Non‐Hispanic... 2018
Details Glucose Appearance in High vs. Low Fat Diets in Type 1 Diabetics: A Novel A... 2018
Details Tolerating An Early Macronutrient Deficit Lowers Growth Hormone During Crit... 2018
Details Role of Vitamin D Nutrition (VDN) in Hyperparathyroidism of Chronic Kidney ... 2018
Details White-to-brown Adipose Transdifferentiation, Is There A Role For Genistein?... 2018
Details Prevalence of Overweightness and Obesity in an Unselected Female Population... 2018
Details Concurrent Tall Cell and Diffuse Sclerosing Variants of Papillary Thyroid C... 2018
Details Patients With Cushing's Disease Have Worse Long-term Quality Of Life Th... 2018
Details Factors Associated With The Effect Of GH Therapy In Turner Syndrome... 2018
Details Antagonizing Activin: Follistatin 288 asa Novel Treatment for Keloid Diseas... 2018
Details Reduction in Hemoglobin and Hematocrit during Androgen Deprivation Therapy ... 2018
Details Green Diabetes Mellitus - A Pilot Project... 2018
Details Alterations in the Adrenal Androgen Biome during Normal and Premature Adren... 2018
Details An Unusual Case of Concurrent Somatotroph and Corticotroph Producing Pituit... 2018
Details Thyroid Function and Morbid Obesity - Effects on Body Composition, Lipid Pr... 2018
Details The Presence of Comorbidity Has More Impact on Health-Related Quality of Li... 2018
Details Familial Hypoparathyroidism: A Novel CaSR Gene Mutation... 2018
Details An Interesting Case of a Pituitary Abscess... 2018
Details Atypical Presentation of Pituitary Adenoma and the Role of Temozolomide in ... 2018
Details Striatal Dopamine Regulates Systemic Glucose Metabolism in Humans and Mice... 2018
Details Two Cases Of Association Of Sporadic Pheochromocytoma And Pituitary Adenoma... 2018
Details Urban Neighborhood and Residential Factors Associated with Breast Cancer in... 2018
Details The Removal of Aldosterone-Producing Adenoma Ameliorates Blood-Pressure Con... 2018
Details Heritable Germline L1 Retrotransposition in the 5'UTR of the Androgen R... 2018
Details Antidiabetic Drugs do not Improve Endothelial Function and Arterial Stiffne... 2018
Details Copy Number Variants in Syndromic Patients with Disorders of Sex Developmen... 2018
Details Thyrotroph Hyperplasia Secondary To Hypothyroidism... 2018
Details Maternal HFD Feeding Causes Disruptions of Glucose Homeostasis, Advanced Pu... 2018
Details Recurrent Strokes In Li-FraumeniSyndrome - A Sign Of Covert Malignancy ?... 2018
Details Facial Feminization/Masculinization... 2018
Details Autophagy And Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Are Altered In Placentas Derived... 2018
Details Effect of Adrenocorticotrophic Hormone Infusion on Sclerostin levels in Hea... 2018
Details Evidence For Clinical Practice Guideline Of Primary Aldosteronism By Japan ... 2018
Details Surgical Outcomes in Patients with Pituitary Tumors Followed in the Pituita... 2018
Details Treatment Of Pretibial Myxedema With Topical Diclofenac Sodium... 2018
Details An Unusual Case of Persistent Thyroglobulin after Thyroid Ablation... 2018
Details Calciphylaxis in a Type 1 Diabetic with Newly Diagnosed End Stage Renal Dis... 2018
Details Starvation Ketoacidosis Occurring with Membrane Rupture during the Third Tr... 2018
Details An XY Form of Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia with a Female Phenotype... 2018
Details Genetic Association Study In Gender Incogruence... 2018
Details Total Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in 83 Patients Foll... 2018
Details Rare Variants in the ALPL Gene Are Highly Associated with Ovarian and Uteri... 2018
Details The Effect Of Organohalogenated Chemicals On GH3 Cell Proliferation And Reg... 2018
Details High Glucose Promotes the Development of DKD via Inducing Histone H3 Acetyl... 2018
Details Thyroiditis And Hypophysitis In The Same Patient Induced By Ipilimumab And ... 2018
Details Neonatal Chronic Exposure to Estrogen Inhibits LH Pulses by Suppressing Arc... 2018
Details Asymptomatic Pheochromocytoma Diagnosed By Mri Phenotypic Features In An Ad... 2018
Details Adipose Tissue Estrogen Metabolism in Premenopausal Women... 2018
Details Variant c.113 C>T (p.ser 38phe), Of Uncertain Significance, Associated W... 2018
Details Incidental Retroperitoneal Functional Paraganglioma by Endoscopic Ultrasoun... 2018
Details A Rare Case of Neonatal Diabetes Mellitus diagnosed in Adulthood with Succe... 2018
Details Diminished Pituitary Volume Is Not Linked to Short Stature in Patients with... 2018
Details Op-1074 Is a Potent and Orally-Available Pure Estrogen Antagonist That Indu... 2018
Details Analysis Of BRAF And NRAS Mutations In Fine-needle Aspiration Thyroid Nodul... 2018
Details The Effect of a Parathyroid Hormone Level-Based Protocol in Reducing Hypoca... 2018
Details Development Of Insulin Resistance During Androgen Deprivation Therapy Is No... 2018
Details Increasing Systemic Prolactin And Ocular Vasoinhibins By A Dopamine D2 Anta... 2018
Details An Extreme Phenotype of Perinatal Stress-Induced Hyperinsulinism in Severel... 2018
Details Central Diabetes Insipidus Following Therapy with Ipilimumab.... 2018
Details Hand Grip Strength Does Not Differ among Elderly Patients with Diabetes Mel... 2018
Details Back Pain in the Endocrine Clinic: Papillary Thyroid Cancer with an Initial... 2018
Details Severe Hypernatremia Revealing A Gestational Diabetes Insipidus: Be Aware O... 2018
Details Paxillin Mediates Genomic Proliferative Signals in Prostate Cancer... 2018
Details Novel Use of Continuous Glucose Monitor for The Management of Tumor-Induced... 2018
Details Refractory Hypoglycemia in a Pediatric Patient With Desmoplastic Small Roun... 2018
Details Deletion of Gpr17 in POMC Neurons Protects Against Metabolic Defects Associ... 2018
Details Prolactin Protects Against Diabetes In Mice... 2018
Details Vanishing Pituitary Adenoma as a Result of Sub-clinical Pituitary Apoplexy.... 2018
Details Phase 1 Clinical Trial of CRN00808, an Orally Bioavailable sst2-Selective, ... 2018
Details Novel Comparative Trends of Long-Term Hormonal Loss in Incidental versus Cl... 2018
Details The Use of Salvage Radiotherapy and Radioactive Iodine in a Case of Recurre... 2018
Details Short Stature is Associated with Increased Risk of Dyslipidemia in Korean A... 2018
Details Targeting Nad+/PARP DNA Repair Pathway As A Novel Therapeutic Approach To S... 2018
Details Adult Onset APS-1 With Autoimmune Hypoparathyroidism, Cutaneous Fungal Dise... 2018
Details Metabolic Changes in Patients with Multiple Myeloma... 2018
Details Rates of Cervical Cancer Screening in Transgender Male Patients at the Univ... 2018
Details Biochemical Basis of Protection by Progesterone in Melanoma Based On Curcum... 2018
Details Outcome of Genetic Testing in Patients with Features Suggestive for Heredit... 2018
Details Prediction of Incident Metabolic Syndrome and Dysglycaemia by Adiposity and... 2018
Details Predictors of Postoperative Diabetes Insipidus Following Endoscopic Endonas... 2018
Details Endocrinopathy In Poems Syndrome... 2018
Details Fracture Risk Assessment in the Setting of Bilateral Atypical Femoral Fract... 2018
Details Adult Patients With Growth Hormone (GH) Deficiency: Beliefs about- and Burd... 2018
Details Acth Secreting Pituitary Carcinoma With A Rare Site Of Metastasis... 2018
Details Aortic Vascular Calcification Is Inversely Associated with the Trabecular B... 2018
Details Prognostic Relevance Of Osteolytic Bone Metastases In Advanced Medullary Th... 2018
Details Efficacy of Phentermine for Preconception Weight Loss and Fertility Outcome... 2018
Details Endocrine, Neural, and Behavioral Responses to Acute Non-caloric Sweetener ... 2018
Details Restricted Feeding Modulates Peripheral Clock Genes and Nutrient Sensing Pa... 2018
Details Effect of Empagliflozin on Liver Fat in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes and N... 2018
Details Effects of Bacitracin on Insulin Concentrations of Hemolyzed Serum Samples... 2018
Details Detecting Low Allelic Frequency of The TERT Promoter Mutations in Papillary... 2018
Details Utility of the Stop Bang Questionnaire in the Detection of Severe Obstructi... 2018
Details Inclusion Of Virgin Coconut Oil In A High Fat Diet Yields Improved Glucose ... 2018
Details Characterization of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in Transcriptional Regu... 2018
Details The Effect Of Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy On The Expression Of Kisspeptin M... 2018
Details Contribution of Peripheral Neuropathy to Muscle Function in Subjects with T... 2018
Details Can Looks Predict Behavior In Adrenal Cortical Adenomas?... 2018
Details Long Term Survival Following Transformation Of An Adrenocorticotropic Hormo... 2018
Details Considerations in Management of Diabetes in Ataxia Telangiectasia... 2018
Details Long-term Replacement Therapy of Adult Patients With Adult Growth Hormone D... 2018
Details Profiling Augmented Steroid Metabolic Pathways In Adrenal-linked Endocrine ... 2018
Details Prolactin Responses to Oral Glucose Tolerance Test in Normoglycemic and Hyp... 2018
Details Dual Control Of Glucose Production By Hepatic And Hypothalamic Foxo1... 2018
Details Somatic Activating Mutations in MAP2K1 Cause Melorheostosis... 2018
Details A Case Series on the Value of Systemic Hormonal Unloading in Pheochromocyto... 2018
Details Induction Of CYP21A2 With AAV Vector For Gene Therapy Of CAH... 2018
Details Deletion of Platelet-type 12-lipoxygenase Promotes Islet Beta-cell Oxidativ... 2018
Details A Diagnosis Dilemma: Pheochromocytoma Vs GIST In NF1... 2018
Details Predictors of Survival in Adrenal Cortical Carcinoma: An Analysis from the ... 2018
Details Is There A Role To Include T3 Levels In Predictive Score Systems Of Intensi... 2018
Details Association Between Serum Cystatin C and Vascular Complications in Type 2 D... 2018
Details Female Sex and Coronary Microvascular Function in Individuals with Diabetes... 2018
Details Precision Medicine in Diabetes: Successes and Challenges in Diagnosis and T... 2018
Details The Antitumoral Effect of the Combined Treatment of Metformin and Simvastat... 2018
Details Primary Adrenal Insufficiency Unmasked by Rifampin Use in a Patient with Di... 2018
Details Searching for Cancer Stem Cells in Adrenocortical Carcinoma... 2018
Details 2S,4R-Ketoconazole Is The Relevant Enantiomer Of Ketoconazole For Cortisol ... 2018

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