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Details Unexpected STAT3-mediated mechanisms of regulation of effector Th17 functio... 2017
Details Crucial role of FOXO1 in inflationary CD8+ T-cell responses during persiste... 2017
Details Intratumoral IL-12 gene electrotransfer-mediated regression of established ... 2017
Details Maternal Pertussis Vaccination with a Mono-component Pertussis Toxoid Vacci... 2017
Details AID phosphorylation is required for base excision repair during class switc... 2017
Details Comparative analysis of stress on faculty and students based on salivary Ig... 2017
Details Th17 cells modulate the LN microenvironment through IL-17 dependent regulat... 2017
Details Cognate epitope is dispensable in maintenance of PD-1 expression on tissue-... 2017
Details Suppressing type I interferon enhances both autoimmunity and anti-tumor imm... 2017
Details In vivo characterization of the immune response towards the pathogenic Esch... 2017
Details Inhibition of H3K27me3-specific demethylases promotes plasma cell formation... 2017
Details Group 2 Innate Lymphoid Cells Recruit and Activate Airway Macrophages to fa... 2017
Details IL-17c promotes peripheral nerve growth during human herpes simplex virus t... 2017
Details Impaired CD8 T cell response to viral infection following acute spinal cord... 2017
Details “TCR transgenic, gp100 reactive T cells to target lymphangioleiomyomatosi... 2017
Details E3 ligase FBXW7 is critical for RIG-I stabilization during antiviral respon... 2017
Details The microRNA processing subunit DGCR8 is required for immune response and g... 2017
Details Human myeloid derived suppressor cell (MDSC) subset phenotypes... 2017
Details Development and Characterization of V-PLEX® TH17 Cytokine. Assays... 2017
Details The role of Runx2 in CD8+ T cell memory during acute LCMV Armstrong infecti... 2017
Details Squamous cell carcinomas escape immune surveillance via inducing co-express... 2017
Details IL-36γ prevents immunopathology during influenza infection... 2017
Details Eomesodermin together with KIR/NKG2A membrane receptors and CD49d as an use... 2017
Details Lack of central memory cell generation by PD-1-deficient T cells under help... 2017
Details Biological evaluation of the MILLIPLEX® map Mouse High Sensitivity T Cell ... 2017
Details Investigation of CD8+ T Cell Immunity in Zika Virus Infection Using Mouse M... 2017
Details A rapid single-cell RNA-seq approach to identify neoantigen-specific T-cell... 2017
Details Vaccinia virus host-range factor C7 has dual inhibitory functions in type I... 2017
Details Expression of immune checkpoint molecules on tumor infiltrating lymphocytes... 2017
Details CD46 is a potent co-stimulatory receptor on CD8+ T cells... 2017
Details A Methodology and Application for Statistical Polarization in the Immune Re... 2017
Details Conditional silencing of the H-2Db class I molecule on CD11c+ Dendritic Cel... 2017
Details CD47-SIRPα axis restricts the therapeutic antitumor immunity through contr... 2017
Details Coordinated metabolic response of dendritic cells to influenza infection... 2017
Details Depletion of Treg cells induces an increased activation of T-CD4+ and T-CD8... 2017
Details Scavenger receptor CD36 on B cells senses modified self-antigens to prevent... 2017
Details Visualizing antigen-specific CD8 T cell dynamics in the small intestine... 2017
Details NK cells require both inhibitory and activation Ly49 receptors to mediate M... 2017
Details Leukemic cell expressed CTLA-4 suppresses T cells via down-modulation of CD... 2017
Details The flavonoid galangin induces release of neutrophil extracellular traps an... 2017
Details Tumor-derived indoleamine 2,3- dioxygenase regulates density of tumor infil... 2017
Details Novel inhibitory receptor signatures revealed by 18 parameter flow cytometr... 2017
Details Intestinal homeostasis governed by mesenchymal stromal cells... 2017
Details Cytokine induced SH2-containing (CIS) protein mediated intrinsic and extrin... 2017
Details GARP-TGFβ Axis on Activated Platelets Supports Tumor Progression... 2017
Details mMGL receptor plays an important role to macrophage activation during Trypa... 2017
Details Calnexin induces impairment of proliferation and effector function of CD4+ ... 2017
Details IL-12 stimulates CTLs to secrete exosomes with biological functions... 2017
Details B1 cell IgE impedes B2 cell IgE-mediated parasite expulsion... 2017
Details Targeting stem cell-derived viral antigen-specific T lymphocytes for HBV im... 2017
Details CCL3 augment antitumor immune priming in the tumor draining lymph node... 2017
Details Molecular Basis Of Tick Saliva Proteins Effects On Macrophage Function... 2017
Details NKG2D signaling certifies CD8 T cells to become memory cells... 2017
Details Effects of cell population rate of rat bone marrow derived mast cell on pro... 2017
Details Distinct mechanisms govern resident memory T cell differentiation and survi... 2017
Details The m153 gene product stabilizes expression of the inhibitory NKR-P1B ligan... 2017
Details Human cancer cells respond to cytosolic nucleic acids via RIG-I-MAVS-IRF3-m... 2017
Details Type III interferons restrict neutrophil activity in response to Staphyloco... 2017
Details Antigen presentation profiling reveals T-cell recognition of lymphoma immun... 2017
Details Ten-day exposure to low doses of ultrafine black carbon induces stress resp... 2017
Details Intestinal Regulation of C. albicans by PP Langerin+ DCs... 2017
Details Loss of CCR5 signaling results in early NK cell and neutrophil recruitment ... 2017
Details The immunogenic HSP receptor CD91 is an essential mediator of tumor immunos... 2017
Details Macrophage selenoproteins restrict intracellular replication of Francisella... 2017
Details Harnessing tissue resident memory T cells to combat solid tumors... 2017
Details The Effects of Childhood, Adolescent and Adult Obesity on Epithelial T Cell... 2017
Details miR155-deficient alleviated intestinal inflammation by downregualting the d... 2017
Details Transgenic West Nile Virus virus-specific CD8+ T cells provide insights on ... 2017
Details Prevention and reversal of adverse humoral immune response by BAR-transduce... 2017
Details RLR-mediated immunity is unique and critical in the response to West Nile V... 2017
Details CD8+ tissue resident memory T cells are associated with good prognosis in b... 2017
Details Cellular gatekeepers of the humoral immune response... 2017
Details The differentiation and maintenance of RORγt+ Tregs respectively require i... 2017
Details The CD4 T cell response in acute infection with dengue virus... 2017
Details Inflammatory disease severity is ameliorated by inhibition of neutrophil-de... 2017
Details Cytokines and miRNAs levels in nasal lavage correlate with symptoms in pati... 2017
Details PSGL-1 is a negative regulator of effector, exhausted, and memory T cells... 2017
Details IL-33/ST2 macrophage crosstalk promotes lung epithelial repair... 2017
Details PD-L1 from HaCaT cells affect melanin production in B16F10 cells under poly... 2017
Details Metabolic reprogramming of CD4 T cells exacerbates Herpes Stromal Keratitis... 2017
Details Treatment with CD122 antibody durably reverses autoimmune skin disease in a... 2017
Details The Lactobacillus rhamnosus R0011 secretome attenuates TNFα-induced pro-in... 2017
Details Selective oral ROCK2 inhibitor reduces clinical scores in patients with Pso... 2017
Details Rhbdf1 is a novel target of TRAF3 inactivation in B lymphocytes... 2017
Details Molecular chaperone is required for gut tolerogenic dendritic cell developm... 2017
Details Type I interferon signaling attenuates Regulatory T cells function in LCMV ... 2017
Details Erdr1 is a potential therapeutic molecule in inflammatory skin disease, pso... 2017
Details The cytosolic DNA- and RNA-sensing pathways play important and non-redundan... 2017
Details Interplay between keratinocyte STAT1 and STAT3 signaling controls skin infl... 2017
Details Lack of polyfunctional cytomegalovirus-specific T cells in hemodialysis pat... 2017
Details The transcription factor basic helix loop helix, member e40 is required for... 2017
Details Role of CD28 superagonist in preventing HSK lesions in mice... 2017
Details Therapeutic effects of erythroid differentiation regulator 1 (Erdr1) on ato... 2017
Details Antiviral activity of cell free hypothiocyanite against various subtypes of... 2017
Details Noncanonical NF-κB signaling is elevated in inflammatory bowel disease pat... 2017
Details IL-7-dependent STAT1 activation limits homeostatic CD4 T cell expansion... 2017
Details HDAC3 controls homeostasis of retina-resident microglia derived from embryo... 2017
Details Efficient activation of latent HIV reservoir in human memory T cells by dep... 2017
Details FVIII BAR-CD8 T cells to target antigen-specific antibody secreting cells... 2017
Details Protein kinase D1 is essential for Saccharopolyspora rectivirgula-induced p... 2017
Details Map3K14 signaling attenuates the development of colorectal cancer through a... 2017
Details IL-2 producing and non-producing effector CD8 T cells phenotypically and tr... 2017
Details The intestinal lamina propria is a unique niche for regulatory T cells... 2017
Details Neuraminidase-mediated TGF-β activation facilitates evolution of protectiv... 2017
Details MicroRNA-21a-5p/PDCD4 axis Regulates Mesenchymal-Stem-Cell-Induced Neuropro... 2017
Details MyD88-dependent activation of protein kinase D1 is essential for Group B st... 2017
Details The innate immune receptor, NLRX1, functions as a tumor suppressor by reduc... 2017
Details TET2 and TET3 regulate stability and function of regulatory T cells.... 2017
Details An unadjuvanted model for oral immunization revealing complex regulatory co... 2017
Details Late-rising CD4 T cells resolve viral persistence.... 2017
Details Suppression of acute uveitis following treatment with repository corticotro... 2017
Details The highly pathogenic Ebola and Nipah viruses hijack the host antiviral E3-... 2017
Details Administration of Sparstolonin B- a TLR4 antagonist, attenuates hepatic fib... 2017
Details Regulation of CD11c+ T-bet+ IgM+ Memory B-cells by TNFα... 2017
Details Maternal microbiota educates neonatal IgA response... 2017
Details Tissue-specific requirements for IL-10 in maintaining homeostasis in respon... 2017
Details Non-thermal atmospheric plasma ameliorates imiquimod-induced psoriasis-like... 2017
Details RAGE antagonist decreases β-amyloid, HMGB-1, RAGE expression in the brain,... 2017
Details Th17 Cytokines Drive Liver Fibrosis Progression by Regulating TGF-β Signal... 2017
Details TET2 deficiency promotes CD8+ T cell memory differentiation... 2017
Details The microbiota-derived metabolite indole is an endogenous regulator of auto... 2017
Details HIV-induced modifications of TIGIT expression impair CD8 T cell polyfunctio... 2017
Details Macrophages play a pathogenic role in IL-23 mediated psoriasiform skin infl... 2017
Details Macrophage Krüppel-like factor 4 regulates response to Mycobacterium tuber... 2017
Details TRPV4 attenuates M1 polarization and subsequent NASH progression by stallin... 2017
Details Lymphocyte aggregates accumulate in the skin of melanoma associated autoimm... 2017
Details Utilizing self-specific CD8 T cells for the treatment of cancer... 2017
Details Immune signatures of CD4 T cell subsets in healthy and dengue virus-infecte... 2017
Details Immune and metabolic regulation mechanism of Dangguiliuhuang decoction agai... 2017
Details Hematopoietic MyD88 mediates protection against virulent Francisella tulare... 2017
Details Microbiota metabolites derived from tryptophan modulate macrophage inflamma... 2017
Details Factors controlling the tolerogenic phenotype of lymphatic endothelial cell... 2017
Details Inflammasome Independent Leukotriene B4 Production Drives Crystalline Silic... 2017
Details Effects of the PKC agonist Ingenol-B on HIV suppression by CD8+ T cells... 2017
Details GSK-J4 a potent and selective inhibitor of the H3K27 demethylase JMJD3/UTX ... 2017
Details The White adipose tissue represents a major hub for memory T cells endowed ... 2017
Details The transcriptional response of Kupffer Cells to fat and cholesterol is non... 2017
Details Recombination signal sequences shape antigen receptor repertoires and enfor... 2017
Details Diffusional analysis of cytokines in lymph node tissue on a microfluidic ch... 2017
Details The CD38+ HLA-DR+ PD-1+ CD4 T cell population represents a short-lived part... 2017
Details Human gingiva-derived mesenchymal stem cells modulate the fate of macrophag... 2017
Details Immune regulation in the female reproductive tract by the levonorgestrel-re... 2017
Details Adipokine Leptin mediated NOX-2 promotes kidney inflammation in nonalcoholi... 2017
Details Gimap5-dependent inactivation of GSK3 is required for CD4 T cell homeostasi... 2017
Details Sensory neurons co-opt classical immune signaling pathways to mediate chron... 2017
Details HTLV-1 infection and neuropathogenesis in the context of Rag1−/−γc−/... 2017
Details Negative regulation of Th17 cell development and function by the REV-ERBs... 2017
Details Identification of MAIT Cells in Human Term Decidua... 2017
Details Reduced circulating MAIT cells in obesity... 2017
Details T Lymphocyte Immunophenotyping: 14-Color Flow Cytometry Panel Design Using ... 2017
Details Complement drives neurodegeneration in Gaucher disease... 2017
Details T cell receptor repertoire in Kenyan HIV exposed but uninfected infants at ... 2017
Details Identification of a novel tolerogenic cell subset in the treatment of autoi... 2017
Details Gap Junction Mediated Antigen Transport in Epithelium Promotes Amplificatio... 2017
Details A Regulatory Role for “MFehi” Macrophages In Adipose Tissue Iron Homeos... 2017
Details The Benzathine Penicillin G (BPG) reformulation preferences study - towards... 2017
Details Hypoxia-inducible factor-1 mediated CX3CR1 expression correlates with progr... 2017
Details The contribution of CD8 T cells targeting Cryptic Epitopes on viral evoluti... 2017
Details CD38+ cell depletion with TAK-079 reduces arthritis in a cynomolgus collage... 2017
Details Microbiome-dependent modulation of mucosal immunity at the ocular surface.... 2017
Details Fatty Acid Uptake Unexpectedly Supports a Th17 cytokine signature in Type 2... 2017
Details Rapid, Large Scale Experiments to Monitor Day-to-Day Cytokine Secretion, T-... 2017
Details CXCL17 is a stomach-expressed chemokine and plays a role in diet-induced ob... 2017
Details The pursuit of better vaccines: uncovering the functional capacity of human... 2017
Details The resolutive factors issued from apoptotic cell clearance allow the termi... 2017
Details Distribution and phenotype of HIV-specific CD8 T cells in situ in the recta... 2017
Details K+ Channel Activation Promotes Tumor infiltrating Lymphocyte (TIL) Expansio... 2017
Details A Novel Clone Ranking and Selection Assay that Combines all the Relevant In... 2017
Details NLRP3 inflammasomes are required for MUC5AC expression induced by S100A8, S... 2017
Details Neonatal mouse model to study Zika virus pathogenesis: Host immune response... 2017
Details Novel immunomodulatory proteins generated via directed evolution of variant... 2017
Details MAIT cells in the human oral mucosa are activated and perforinlow... 2017
Details Engineering adoptive T cell therapy for efficacy in ovarian cancer... 2017
Details A Fast, Flexible and Low Cost Process for Neo-Epitope Based Immune Monitori... 2017
Details Elevated expression of TLR10 in the adipose tissue in obesity: Implication ... 2017
Details MAIT cells (CD8+CD161++TCR7.2++) are functionally impaired during chronic S... 2017
Details Autoreactive T cells display altered CD25 expression that changes responses... 2017
Details The transcription factor Ets1 cooperates with IL17 signaling to promote aut... 2017
Details Active Specific Immunotherapy plus Doxorubicin Chemotherapy Mediates Durabl... 2017
Details Recombinantly engineered antibodies for reproducible and background free fl... 2017
Details Interleukin 7 promotes motility of naive T cells in the lymph node... 2017
Details Natural killer cells support myeloid suppressor cell expansion during persi... 2017
Details Therapeutic effect of Lactobacillus reuteri DSM 17938 on Treg-deficiency-in... 2017
Details The kinetics of CCL27 expression in the skin... 2017
Details Mouse CD19-targeted CAR T cells with an optimized 4-1BB domain enhance prot... 2017
Details Fast isolation of mouse XCR-1+ dendritic cells... 2017
Details Preferential perinatal thymic generation of skin-homing CCR10+ NK1.1+ innat... 2017
Details Neonatal dendritic cells alter the immunodominance hierarchy of the CD8 T c... 2017
Details Molecular mechanisms promoting progression of autoimmune myocarditis to dil... 2017
Details Blocking CCR10 diverts skin-homing T cells to reproductive tract for enhanc... 2017
Details Reprogramming of exhausted T cells following elimination of chronic antigen... 2017
Details A simple and integrated workflow for deep proteomic and transcriptomic anal... 2017
Details Expression of the TNF-family cytokine TL1A (TNFSF15) by renal CX3CR1+ resid... 2017
Details T cell infiltration associated with neurodegeneration and Zika virus contro... 2017
Details Temporally controlled B cell depletion with universal chimeric antigen rece... 2017
Details Long term Immune Residence and Cellular Remodeling Follow Viral Infection o... 2017
Details Two-pronged Cell Therapy: Engineering NK cells to target CD22 and redirect ... 2017
Details Knockout validation of antibodies to Ki67: a marker for cellular proliferat... 2017
Details IL-13Rα2 modulates inflammatory and metabolic effects of IL-33 by regulati... 2017
Details IFN-γ-induced MHCII+ inflammatory monocytes play a role for down-regulatin... 2017
Details Amelioration of neuropsychiatric systemic lupus erythematosus by fingolimod... 2017
Details Myeloid and plasmacytoid dendritic cell subsets are differentially regulate... 2017
Details S1P/PPARγ axis metabolically reprograms the T cells to modulate their anti... 2017
Details T Cell Activation and the Role of Ubiquitin Ligases... 2017
Details Secreted IL12p40 finds IL12p35 in the extracellular milieu to generate func... 2017
Details Characterising ZBTB20 as a novel regulator of effector CD8 T cell longevity... 2017
Details Autoreactive CD8+ T-cells are highly dependent on CD8 for activation and as... 2017
Details Simultaneous ablation of natural killer cells and mast cells leads to poor ... 2017
Details Characterisation of gene-modified CD3-enhanced CD4+ T cells for cancer immu... 2017
Details Novel approaches to assess therapeutic efficacy in the MRL/lpr model of lup... 2017
Details Suppression of glial inflammatory responses by IL-24... 2017
Details Systematic analysis of T cell responses specific to the Epstein-Barr virus ... 2017
Details Using transgenic MHC class II/self-peptide reactive cytotoxic T cells as a ... 2017
Details Functionality of tissue-resident CD8+ T-cells in the human gastrointestinal... 2017
Details The use of tMUC1 highly specific chimeric antigen receptor-redirected T cel... 2017
Details Ubiquitin Signaling: Systematic Profiling in the Immune Response... 2017
Details Deciphering the role of Interleukin-33, a Janus-Faced cytokine, in mast cel... 2017
Details Activation of the TLR2-MyD88 pathway is required for in-vivo efficacy of Li... 2017
Details A pharmacological protein kinase C/D inhibitor Gö6976 ameliorates collagen... 2017
Details Candida albicans colonization exacerbates skin inflammation in a murine mod... 2017
Details Inhibition of Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3 beta Provides Adjuvant-like Effect... 2017
Details Characterization of keratinocytes isolated from human suction blisters and ... 2017
Details Palmitate induces interleukin-8 expression in human monocytic cells via TLR... 2017
Details Induction of stem-like memory T cells by cancer vaccine is associated with ... 2017
Details Glucocorticoid induced leucine zipper in Alzheimer’s disease.... 2017
Details Specific interaction between defined skin commensal and dermal IL-17A-produ... 2017
Details Comparison of cytotoxic dynamics between cytokine-induced killer cells and ... 2017
Details Immunology Antibody Validation: PTEN a target case in the use of human KO c... 2017
Details The role of eosinophils in adipose tissue inflammation and metabolic functi... 2017
Details Probing changes to local and systemic immunity following intranodal injecti... 2017
Details Easy ways to increase immunology content engagement in and out of the class... 2017
Details IL-17 is crucial for psoriatic inflammation, but also initiates an anti-inf... 2017
Details Targeted deletion of liver myeloid derived suppressor cells by inhibition o... 2017
Details Enhancement of antigen-specific Natural Killer cell ‘memory’ by removal... 2017
Details Interleukin-4 (IL-4) maintains lymphocyte-stromal cell axis in peripheral l... 2017
Details Analysis of immunogenicity of different sizes of HER2/neu antigen... 2017
Details Implementation of just-in-time teaching strategy as an active learning inst... 2017
Details Cutaneous commensal bacteria drive an unconventional T cell response that a... 2017
Details Merkel Cell Carcinoma viral oncoprotein-specific polyclonal T cells can be ... 2017
Details AXL Promotes Zika Virus Infection in Astrocytes by Antagonizing Type I Inte... 2017
Details Immunoparalysis is mediated by a dysfunctional IL-10/IL-12 axis in severe b... 2017
Details Pro-inflammatory properties of orally delivered calcium-encapsulated CpG Ol... 2017
Details Implementation and student perceptions of the Just in Time Teaching (JiTT) ... 2017
Details Differential localization of distinct CD4 T cell subsets in the female geni... 2017
Details A murine model of suicide gene therapy in the brainstem demonstrates effica... 2017
Details Dissemination of HIV-1 from latently infected cells to resting CD4+ T cells... 2017
Details IL-1β and caspase-1 drive autoinflammatory disease independently of IL-1α... 2017
Details RNAdjuvant®, a novel, highly-potent RNA-based adjuvant, combines strong im... 2017
Details The impact of using web conferencing system on student learning, engagement... 2017
Details IFN-É› regulated innate immune responses in the female reproductive tract d... 2017
Details Augmenting Ag presentation at the “CD4 memory checkpoint” can overcome ... 2017
Details MMPs/TIMPs imbalances in the peripheral blood and cerebrospinal fluid are a... 2017
Details A novel method of assessing ASC specks and caspase-1 activity by imaging fl... 2017
Details Dendritic cell CD40 targeting vaccines elicit CD8+ T cell-mediated therapeu... 2017
Details Self-Directed Learning within Postgraduate Immunology Education... 2017
Details Ontogeny of tissue autoantigen expression influences the mechanism of toler... 2017
Details Characterization of pathways involved in the suppression of T follicular he... 2017
Details Zika and Dengue Virus Specific and Cross-reactive Memory B Cell Responses... 2017
Details Control of type I interferon responses by the AIM2 inflammasome... 2017
Details Improving immunotherapeutic efficacy against metastatic tumors in a pre-cli... 2017
Details Using social media platforms Twitter and Pinterest to engage undergraduate ... 2017
Details NF-κB-inducing kinase (NIK): A novel modulator of eosinophilic esophagitis... 2017
Details MHC class II tetramers identify apolipoprotein B-specific CD4 T cells in mi... 2017
Details Global Phosphoproteomic and Structural Analyses of Ebola Virions... 2017
Details Inflammasomes promote the initiation of Brucella induced arthritis in an IL... 2017
Details The cytotoxic formulation, INT230-6, induces protective T cell immunity... 2017
Details TLR9 activation impairs phagocytosis-induced neutrophil apoptosis and prolo... 2017
Details TGFBR1M318R+/−: A monogenic presentation of eosinophilic esophagitis.... 2017
Details Protein immunization induces T follicular helper memory cells and uncommitt... 2017
Details The role of meningeal lymphatics in viral meningitis... 2017
Details Complement protein C1q suppresses macrophage inflammasome activation during... 2017
Details Clinical and Immunologic Biomarkers for Regression of High Grade Cervical D... 2017
Details Aggregation and innate immune response modulating impurities... 2017
Details Lymphocyte activation gene-3 regulates mitochondrial biogenesis and metabol... 2017
Details Chlamydia Nanovaccine Formulated with Recombinant MOMP Encapsulated in PLGA... 2017
Details Role of innate immunity in neonates during a viral CNS infection... 2017
Details An arrayed genome-wide RNAi screen for the discovery of novel inflammasome ... 2017
Details Entolimod, a clinical-stage TLR5 agonist, activates antitumor T cell immuni... 2017
Details Identification of novel and potent synthetic TLR agonists... 2017
Details Naive T cells are intrinsically biased in helper T cell functions... 2017
Details A 2nd generation antiviral T cell product for sustained immunological regen... 2017
Details Regulatory T cells exert differential functions during the early and late s... 2017
Details Elevated Prostaglandin E2 Post-Bone Marrow Transplant Mediates Interleukin-... 2017
Details CD11c+ MHCIIint bone marrow-derived dendritic cells as adjuvants for neoepi... 2017
Details Structural characterization of TLRs with novel agonists... 2017
Details Reciprocal regulation of Th17 and Treg cell differentiation by RhoA... 2017
Details Swine as a Surrogate Model for Human Brucellosis Following Oropharyngeal Va... 2017
Details Mechanisms of T follicular helper (Tfh) impairment in chronic HIV infection... 2017
Details Specific role of IL-1β in instigating skin inflammation in Sharpin-deficie... 2017
Details Efficacy of combining radiotherapy and immunotherapy for metastatic colorec... 2017
Details PKC driven DC differentiation utilizes the NFκB and ERK signaling pathways... 2017
Details Memory-phenotype CD4+ T cells spontaneously generated under steady state co... 2017
Details Establishment of a Regulatory Microenvironment by Lactococcus Expressing Co... 2017
Details Vaccinia virus preferentially infects primary human memory B cells... 2017
Details Molecular determinants of noncanonical inflammasome activation by LPS... 2017
Details Engineering of novel Class II Transactivator gene delivery systems as molec... 2017
Details Human astrocytes and microglia-like cells express cGAS-STING viral sensing ... 2017
Details C-Myc regulation by Notch Signaling Modulates T Cell Differentiation... 2017
Details Suppression of vaccination-induced antigen-specific regulatory T cells enha... 2017
Details Suppression of IFN-β production by Epstein-Barr virus lytic transactivator... 2017
Details Structures of gasdermin-D C-terminal domain reveal mechanisms of autoinhibi... 2017
Details Controlled release of mTOR inhibitors to enhance CD8+ T cell memory... 2017
Details Expression pattern of TRIM genes in bovine macrophages stimulated with PAMP... 2017
Details Cooperative activities between STAT3 and Ikaros Zinc Finger transcription f... 2017
Details Cellular immunity patterns of rDEN2Δ30 (Tonga/74) support its suitability ... 2017
Details The human γδ T cell repertoire is shaped by age, tissue compartmentalizat... 2017
Details The prostaglandin D2 receptor CRTH2 suppresses epithelial cell responses du... 2017
Details Enhancement of antigen presentation of a vaccine with the use of human anti... 2017
Details An Essential Role for TAGLN2 in Phagocytosis of Lipopolysaccharide-activate... 2017
Details Itk is required for Th9 differentiation via TCR-mediated induction of IL-2 ... 2017
Details Prime and Target Immunization Protects Against Liver-Stage Malaria... 2017
Details Natural killer cell development and maturation is regulated by Sostdc1... 2017
Details Effect of TGF-β on Antigen-specific CD8+ T cell Response in Colitis... 2017
Details Development of a curative therapeutic vaccine (TheraVac) for the treatment ... 2017
Details 2′-5′ Oligoadenylate like (OASL) inhibits interferon induction by inhib... 2017
Details Natural ThPOK− CD4 cytotoxic T lymphocytes : Thymic development of a new ... 2017
Details A robust microparticle platform for a STING-targeted adjuvant that enhances... 2017
Details Development and function of skin-homing invariant natural killer T cells... 2017
Details IL-15 regulates IL-23 production and murine IBD-like disease... 2017
Details Dual antigen transfer pathways mediate highly efficacious anti-tumor immuni... 2017
Details Determinants of phagocytic receptor mobility: cytoskeletal picket fences an... 2017
Details Notch signaling is required for the generation and function of follicular T... 2017
Details B cell Intrinsic and Extrinsic Function of STING in the Antibody Response... 2017
Details Embryonic fate mapping uncovers the critic role of miRNAs in skin-resident ... 2017
Details Mucosal immune responses to b-lactoglobuin (βLG)-immunized mice are altere... 2017
Details Targeting adenosine A2A receptors to improve vaccine efficacy... 2017
Details A systems approach to the characterization of Toll-like receptor response t... 2017
Details A long-noncoding RNA, Gata3-AS1, is a positive transcriptional regulator of... 2017
Details In vitro expansion and characterization of virus-specific memory B cells... 2017
Details Kruppel-like factor 10 regulates innate-like IL-17+CD27−Vγ4+ γδ T cell... 2017
Details Targeted delivery of microbial metabolite, urolithin A protects from chemic... 2017
Details New strategies in vaccine design for the induction of CD8 T cell responses ... 2017
Details Synergistic enhancement of ISG54/ISRE promoter activity with combinations o... 2017
Details Regulatory action of multiple AP-1 transcription factors balances Th17 line... 2017
Details Bordetella pertussis vaccine composition drives hematopoietic stem and prog... 2017
Details TCF-1 Regulates Peripheral Treg Homeostasis... 2017
Details Carbonic anhydrase enzymes regulate mast cell-mediated inflammation... 2017
Details PCI-based vaccination: a novel method for targeting of MHC class I antigen ... 2017
Details Fc-fusion drugs have C1q/FcγR binding and signaling properties that can af... 2017
Details Single-cell analysis of CCR6+ human Th cells reveals varying degrees of the... 2017
Details Fecal microbiota transplantation provokes systemic host immune changes that... 2017
Details Aging of B-1a Cell Derived Natural Antibodies... 2017
Details Canonical Wnt Signaling in CD11c+ antigen presenting cells controls inflamm... 2017
Details Blocking CD13 in combination with a toll like receptor agonist increases th... 2017
Details Trehalose-6, 6′-dibehenate inhibits lipopolysaccharide-induced NF-κB act... 2017
Details Modulation of CD4+ T cell polarization using non-canonical co-receptors... 2017
Details Spontaneous Translocation of a Gut Pathobiont Drives Autoimmunity that is P... 2017
Details The role of Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) in the survival of bone marro... 2017
Details Broccoli-derived nanoparticle inhibits mouse colitis by activating dendriti... 2017
Details The QuickSwitch Quant HLA-A*02:01 Tetramer Kit can be used for determining ... 2017
Details Critical Role for NLRC3 in Cell Proliferation and Cancer... 2017
Details Novel function for DEPTOR in CD4+ T cell activation and differentiation... 2017
Details Engineered immunomodulatory activity in therapeutic nucleic acids... 2017
Details Metabolic subsets of plasma cells and their turnover in the marrow... 2017
Details Lamina propria lymphocytes in sanroque mice produce proinflammatory cytokin... 2017
Details HER-2+ breast cancer cells expressing GPI-anchored cytokines induce long la... 2017
Details ‘Arid5a expression is induced through MYD88-independent pathway in respon... 2017
Details STAT1 is required for Tfh lineage maintenance through regulation of IL-21 e... 2017
Details Title: Human mucosal-associated invariant T (MAIT) cells in inflamed tissue... 2017
Details Endogenous Secondary TCRs Promote Homeostatic Advantage Via Recognition of ... 2017
Details Characterizations of mucosal associated invariant T cells in alcoholic live... 2017
Details Genetic linkage analysis of cancer vaccine response in Diversity Outbred mi... 2017
Details Tyrosine kinase Syk interacts with Hrs after TLR3 stimulation in murine mic... 2017
Details IL2 production predicts Tfh differentiation... 2017
Details Changes in immune gene transcription associated with phases of lactation in... 2017
Details Diet-induced weight loss restores T cell number and function in the intesti... 2017
Details The xenobiotic transporter Mdr1 permits T cell adaptation to mucosa-associa... 2017
Details Development of therapeutics to maintain vaccine immunity following exposure... 2017
Details IQGAP1 inhibits type I interferon production via interactions with NLRC3... 2017
Details Unraveling how T cell antigen receptor signaling strength determines T cell... 2017
Details Antimicrobial Cytotoxic Immune Proteins in Human Milk... 2017
Details TET2 and 3 proteins control iNKT cell lineage specification and TCR mediate... 2017
Details Contraction of intestinal effector T cells by retinoic acid-induced puriner... 2017
Details Radiation Therapy and Talimogene Laherparepvec (TVEC) Synergize in the Trea... 2017
Details Involvement of IKKα in STAT1 phosphorylation in antiviral signaling... 2017
Details Dancing with PKCθ: Fine-tuning T cell fate via cell-penetrating antibodies... 2017
Details Microbiota-dependent IL-21 signaling regulates intestinal immune cell homeo... 2017
Details Glucocorticoids Drive Circadian Changes in T-Cell Homing and Response via I... 2017
Details Short chain fatty acids differentially regulate differentiation and functio... 2017
Details Harnessing innate anti-tumour immunity using a Klebsiella-derived therapeut... 2017
Details Eradication of tumors containing MHC class I deficient cells by inducing ad... 2017
Details Assessing the immunomodulatory potential of therapeutic agents in cynomolgu... 2017
Details HVEM expression by innate lymphoid cells protects against enteric bacterial... 2017
Details T cell up-regulation of CD127 is associated with reductions in the homeosta... 2017
Details Gut microbiota fermentation and inflammasome responses determine the effect... 2017
Details Humanized HLA-DQ8αβ transgenic mice treated with SEG/SEI superantigens ex... 2017
Details The role of TFEB in tumor-associated macrophages... 2017
Details Neonatal CD8+ T cells provide innate immune protection against unrelated pa... 2017
Details Innate lymphoid cells and colitis in leukocyte adhesion deficiency... 2017
Details Regulatory T cells exhibit distinct lymph node homing and trafficking kinet... 2017
Details IL-33 regulates the IgA-microbiota axis to restrain IL-1α dependent coliti... 2017
Details Combination of Peptide-based Vaccine and Chinese Herbal Medicine as a Strat... 2017
Details Ligation of iNKT TCRs as a novel approach to activate iNKT cells for cancer... 2017
Details Dynamic modulation of cortical actin at the immunological synapse controls ... 2017
Details HVEM expression by intestinal epithelial cells modulates the microbiome and... 2017
Details Development of functionally distinct Treg subsets in the thymus... 2017
Details CCR2 promotes intestinal tumorigenesis through enhancing inflammation via I... 2017
Details Inhibition of activation-induced autophagy induces hyporesponsiveness in ef... 2017
Details Analysis of granulocytes and macrophages infiltrating a primary tumor site ... 2017
Details The role of CD40 in calcitonin gene related protein (CGRP) mediated antivir... 2017
Details IL-6 producing intraepithelial lymphocytes in the colon modulate epithelial... 2017
Details Increased generation of regulatory T cells in the presence of reduced T cel... 2017
Details Abrogation of IL-13Rα2 ameliorates acute inflammatory bowel disease... 2017
Details Human gingiva-derived mesenchymal stem cells inhibit xeno-graft-versus-host... 2017
Details Tumorous niche drives NK exhaustion by disordering metabolic program... 2017
Details Differential role of CD28 and CD27 in human CD4 T cells primary and seconda... 2017
Details Interleukin-33 promotes REG3γ expression in intestinal epithelial cells vi... 2017
Details Defining group 2 innate lymphoid cell tissue niches... 2017
Details IL-4 Signal Regulates IL-9-producing Mucosal Mast Cell Differentiation And ... 2017
Details Revealing the mechanism of regulatory T-cell generation in vivo by novel Fl... 2017
Details The Roles of Tumor-associated Neutrophils in Colorectal Cancer Treated with... 2017
Details TGF-β Controls the Formation of Kidney-Resident T Cells via Promoting Effe... 2017
Details Roles of Reactive Oxygen Species in Modulation of Thymocyte Subpopulations ... 2017
Details Mechanistic role of eosinophils in the initiation and progression of pancre... 2017
Details Controlling T cell development and function via innate Toll-like receptor s... 2017
Details Characterize the role of cancer associated fibroblast (CAFs) derived IL-32 ... 2017
Details Toll-like receptor 9 is required for the maintenance of CD25+FoxP3+CD4+ Tre... 2017
Details Sequential activity of innate and adaptive lymphocytes supports non-inflamm... 2017
Details Effects of temporary BLyS treatment of rhesus macaques... 2017
Details Co-localization of vimentin with a tumor associated antigen identified by t... 2017
Details Immune checkpoint function of T cell-derived CD70 in inflammatory T cell re... 2017
Details Polyamine blockade alters the neuroblastoma microenvironment to favor restr... 2017
Details Characterization of memory CD4+ T cells in skin following infection... 2017
Details PGE2 controls Th17 and regulatory T cell function during intestinal immune ... 2017
Details Central immune tolerance establishment under thymic involution (Supported b... 2017
Details Targeting IL-17 for cancer-associated inflammation and immunity... 2017
Details Exosomes from B lymphocytes are a major source of Fas ligand... 2017
Details Role of Natural Killer Cells in Sonic Hedgehog driven Medulloblastoma... 2017
Details Memory T cells contribute to early pathogen clearance in a site-specific ma... 2017
Details IL-17 promotes intestinal IgA response to intestinal infection but does not... 2017
Details Supplementing dams with both arachidonic acid and docosahexaenoic acid has ... 2017
Details Down-modulation of colitis-associated colorectal cancer development by trea... 2017
Details Unique interaction dynamics and peptide-MHC class II (pMHC II) transendocyt... 2017
Details Cell surface PCNA is associated with expression of cancer stem cell transcr... 2017
Details Analysis of autophagy in activated primary human CD4+T cells under hypoxic ... 2017
Details The relationship between the cytokines TNF and TL1A in rheumatoid arthritis... 2017
Details Young serum-derived exosomes potentially attenuate inflammaging via partial... 2017
Details Commensal dysbiosis alters the tumor microenvironment in luminal breast can... 2017
Details Mer tyrosine kinase (MerTK) deficiency drives the loss of marginal zone mac... 2017
Details Targeting the VEGF/GD3 immunosuppressive axis in ovarian cancer... 2017
Details Bacterial Siderophores Hijack Neutrophil Functions... 2017
Details The impact of IL-27 on human T cells is altered in multiple sclerosis patie... 2017
Details Estimate of within clones and between clone selection suggests a multi-stag... 2017
Details MERTK inhibition in the leukemia microenvironment promotes a therapeutic im... 2017
Details MHC class II-peptide complexes displayed on activated T cells guide Treg su... 2017
Details The advancing age affects the frequency, functions and antibody repertoire ... 2017
Details Understanding the determinants of CD8+ T cell immunodominance in acute HIV ... 2017
Details GM-CSF upregulates IL-15 expression on specific human myeloid cells.... 2017
Details Composition of the gut microbiota influences infection severity and pregnan... 2017
Details Pro-inflammatory condition-induced tumor dormancy in pre-metastatic reservo... 2017
Details FCRL3 modulates the function of human thymic regulatory T cells... 2017
Details Ras-mediated missing-self recognition via NKR-P1B:Clr-b interactions facili... 2017
Details Characterization of CD31 expression on murine and human neonatal T lymphocy... 2017
Details IL-22-deficiency mediates resolution of colitis in Il10−/− mice... 2017
Details MAIT cells: Shaping the microbiome, contributing to Clostridium difficile i... 2017
Details IL-33R signaling in CD4+ T cells regulates intratumoral myeloid cell recrui... 2017
Details Modulation of the energy metabolism inhibits plasmacytoid dendritic cell ac... 2017
Details Utilization of protein-peptide conjugates for NK cell activation as a strat... 2017
Details Sepsis inhibits pre-existing Ag-specific memory CD4 T cell-mediated immunit... 2017
Details TCR signaling strength dependent regulation of T cell proliferation, surviv... 2017
Details Multiple layers of heterogeneity and subset diversity in human MAIT cell re... 2017
Details Macrophage depletion decreases tumorigenesis and alters gut microbiota in t... 2017
Details A new model to investigate cell death-independent mechanisms of direct Treg... 2017
Details Colon tumorigenesis mediated by Tollip in neutrophils.... 2017
Details Control of cytotoxic T lymphocyte memory development by beta2-adrenergic re... 2017
Details A novel, intergenic enhancer contributes to Il2 gene expression via chromos... 2017
Details Vitamin A deficiency in mice results in a hypermetabolic state, dysbiosis a... 2017
Details The effects of obesity on the efficacy of immunotherapy.... 2017
Details Imaging flow cytometry enhances a new model of dynamic FOXO1 nuclear locali... 2017
Details Natural Killer cells from primary human head and neck squamous cell carcino... 2017
Details Cholinergic stimulation enhances intestinal antimicrobial activity and prev... 2017
Details High mobility group box 1 (HMGB1)-RAGE interaction mediates ectopic Intesti... 2017
Details Glucose metabolism regulates reactive oxygen species and nitric oxide produ... 2017
Details IRF8 deficiency in colonic epithelial cells promotes inflammation-mediated ... 2017
Details Restoration of Immune Tolerance in Type 1 Diabetes by Modulating Interleuki... 2017
Details Splenic microenvironment is important in the survival and growth of Chronic... 2017
Details SHP1 alters TCR signal strength and metabolism... 2017
Details Silencing Mutated Cxcr4 in Mouse Hematopoietic Stem Cells as a Genetic Cure... 2017
Details Inhibition of heme oxygenase-1 activity suppresses Mycobacterium tuberculos... 2017
Details Topical chemo-immunotherapy converts a pro-tumorigenic tumor microenvironme... 2017
Details Modulation of T cell function by CD271... 2017
Details The lymphomagenic molecule LMP1 sequesters TRAF3 to induce enhanced B cell ... 2017
Details Unique Properties of Long-lived Effector CD8 T cells... 2017
Details Identification of lysophosphatidylserine receptor P2Y10 as a novel G-protei... 2017
Details Antibiotic treatment causes a reduction in antigen-specific T cell memory a... 2017
Details The Actin Cytoskeleton Controls FcgRIIB-Mediated Inhibition of B-Cell Signa... 2017
Details IL-22 Promotes Pancreatic Cancer Tumorigenesis through Induction of Stemnes... 2017
Details Myeloid derived suppressor cells are controlled by regulatory T cells via T... 2017
Details IL-21 maintains CD62L expression during NKT-cell ex vivo expansion and enha... 2017
Details Negative regulation of IFNAR1/2 Signaling by USP18 is required for immunity... 2017
Details IL-10 Can Enhance FcγR-mediated Mast Cell Activation... 2017
Details Role of Acinetobacter baumannii thioredoxin in bacterial dissemination by m... 2017
Details Role of lipid inositol phosphatase SHIP-1 in Germinal Center B cell selecti... 2017
Details The Nrf2/Interleukin-17D axis as a novel target for cancer immune therapy... 2017
Details Microbubbles: A high-throughput platform for the sustained culture, charact... 2017
Details Ex-Vivo Expanded Human Vγ9Vδ2 T Cells Efficiently Suppress Epithelial Ova... 2017
Details CD160 plays a protective role during chronic infection by enhancing CD8+ T ... 2017
Details RUNX1 regulates KIT expression and is a novel therapeutic target in human m... 2017
Details The Intersection of Immune Responses, Microbiota and Pathogenesis in Giardi... 2017
Details Rictor positively regulates B cell receptor signaling by modulating actin r... 2017
Details Activation of cannabinoid receptors alters the expression of miRNAs in Gran... 2017
Details Application of super-resolution microscopy to the study of B and T lymphocy... 2017
Details Inflammasomes/IL-1 pathways in myeloid cells modulate PD-1/PD-L1 checkpoint... 2017
Details CD91-Dependent Release of IL-1β by GP96 Involves the Activation of the Inf... 2017
Details Identification of Interleukin 40, a novel B cell-associated cytokine.... 2017
Details Development of an experimental model of Campylobacter jejuni intestinal col... 2017
Details Human germinal center B cells are intrinsically distinct from naive B cells... 2017
Details MicroRNA-30 modulates metabolic inflammation by regulating Notch signaling ... 2017
Details Self-assembly of immune signals to induce and control tolerance... 2017
Details Type 2 innate lymphoid cells impede IL-33-mediated tumor suppression... 2017
Details PD-1 signals instruct a critical metabolic switch for maintenance of T cell... 2017
Details Model specific role of B cell-intrinsic IFNαR signaling in promoting spont... 2017
Details Fasciola hepatica Glutathione S-tranferase suppresses the expression of inf... 2017
Details PKCθ Signaling in CD8 T cells regulates Notch1 and C-rel localization... 2017
Details Discovery of a novel transcriptional regulator of sustained TLR-mediated in... 2017
Details Mass mining: a crowdsourcing approach for meta-analyzing gene expression si... 2017
Details Antigen-presenting tumor B cells impact the phenotype of CD4 tumor infiltra... 2017
Details Contribution of NKT follicular helper cells to T-dependent and T-independen... 2017
Details Partial protection from lupus-like disease in B-cell specific IFNAR-deficie... 2017
Details A Mouse Model of Acute Ethanol and Burkholderia Infection... 2017
Details A Subset of Human Autoreactive CD1c-Restricted T Cells Preferentially Expre... 2017
Details Identification of Nuclear Matrix Protein 4 (Nmp4) as a novel regulator of i... 2017
Details Identification of novel immune biomarkers in lymphoma... 2017
Details Modulation of signaling preference of NK cells by different forms of NKG2D ... 2017
Details Dissecting T follicular helper cell development in vivo using CRISPR... 2017
Details RELT binds HIC and induces apoptosis by a mechanism distinct from TNFR1.... 2017
Details Vasoactive intestinal peptide receptor - 1 deficiency causes an increase in... 2017
Details Recruitment of calcineurin to the T cell receptor positively regulates T ce... 2017
Details IFIT1 exerts opposing regulatory effects on the inflammatory and interferon... 2017
Details Suction blistering of vitiligo lesional skin provides insights into the pat... 2017
Details Defective STING signaling in ovarian cancer cells favor oncolytic virus act... 2017
Details Toll-like receptor 9 signaling antagonizes antigen-specific B cell-helper T... 2017
Details Evolution of interleukin-1 receptor-like 1 and its role in rainbow trout (O... 2017
Details ITK signaling via the Ras/IRF4 pathway regulates the development and functi... 2017
Details Characterization of the role of NLRP10 in dendritic cells... 2017
Details Combining gene expression data from inflamed tissue and machine learning fo... 2017
Details Level of expression of vimentin mRNA in 9L gliosarcoma cells compared to mi... 2017
Details The Toll-like receptor ligand CpG-A induces type 1 interferons in B cells c... 2017
Details Modulation of Inflammation Induced by Recombinant MOMP of Chlamydia in Mous... 2017
Details Inhibition of Phosphatidylinositol-3-Kinase by Hibiscone C in T cells... 2017
Details Molecular mechanism for adenosine regulation of dendritic cells... 2017
Details Topology of multiple antigen expression in tonsillar lymphoid follicles and... 2017
Details STAT4 is required for protective Innate Lymphoid Cell responses to gastroin... 2017
Details Human T follicular regulatory cells (Tfr) able to inhibit antibody producti... 2017
Details Extensive genetic diversity of CD14 promoter gene (rs2569190) polymorphism ... 2017
Details ITK is a magnesium sensor during T cell activation... 2017
Details Post-transcriptional elements within NLRP3 mRNA set the activation threshol... 2017
Details Platelet Detection in Unaltered Whole Blood... 2017
Details Macrophage galactose-type lectin 1 (MGL-1) regulates neutrophil mobilizatio... 2017
Details Dynamic regulation of T Follicular Regulatory (Tfr) cell responses by Inter... 2017
Details Irgm1 suppresses NLRP3 Inflammasome-mediated IL-1β production... 2017
Details Kinetic Analysis of ZAP70 Phosphorylation in Human T cells: p-Y292, p-Y319,... 2017
Details Aryl hydrocarbon receptor: a novel target for the anti-inflammatory activit... 2017
Details Fast and easy immunomagnetic positive selection of PE- or biotin-conjugated... 2017
Details The role of ecSOD in phagosomal containment of Listeria monocytogenes by ne... 2017
Details The LFA1 ligand, CD54, is not required for the differentiation of TFH cells... 2017
Details Analysis of Cytokines and Chemokines Circulating in Plasma Obtained from a ... 2017
Details Coalescence of Nanoscale Cytoplasmic Signalosomes Contributes to T Cell Rec... 2017
Details Investigating the molecular mechanism of CRISPR-Cas adaptation of Streptoco... 2017
Details A novel real-time imaging technique to quantify mechanisms of cell death in... 2017
Details Nociceptor neurons regulate lung infections and bacterial host defense... 2017
Details Diet-induced Obesity Impairs Murine B cell Development and Antibody Product... 2017
Details Interleukin-6 receptor α signaling on CD4+ T cells drives RBC alloantibody... 2017
Details Missense variant in XYZ results in hyperactivation of mTOR signaling pathwa... 2017
Details Dual role of SIRPα in macrophage activation: inhibiting M1 while promoting... 2017
Details Poly Lactic-co-glycolic acid nanoparticles encapsulation enhance the effect... 2017
Details Early-life respiratory bacterial infection-induced chronic lung disease is ... 2017
Details Natural killer cells modulate B-cell affinity maturation in an antigen dose... 2017
Details A novel method for the detection of IFN-lambda 3 binding to cells to quanti... 2017
Details Defective activation of IL2-inducible T cell kinase (ITK) in XMEN disease... 2017
Details Discrete modeling of macrophage differentiation... 2017
Details Bright blue fluorescent nanoparticles for live cell imaging by fluorescence... 2017
Details Dendritic cell-intrinsic TLR signaling regulates polymicrobial sepsis... 2017
Details BAMBI is a negative regulator of humoral immune responses.... 2017
Details Recombinant Fasciola hepatica fatty acid binding protein down regulates the... 2017
Details The Slam/SAP signaling pathway regulates γδ T cell effector functions... 2017
Details Phosphorylation of SNAP-23 regulates its dynamic subcellular localization a... 2017
Details Vio®Dyes meet REAfinity - High Resolution Antibody-Fluorochrome Conjugates... 2017
Details A mouse model of age-associated tuberculosis reactivation positions KLRG1 a... 2017
Details The Limit of MHC Class II-driven Selection in Germinal Centers... 2017
Details Dynamic cytokine gene expression characterized by increased IL-1 and IL-27 ... 2017
Details SLP-76 Adaptor Binding to SUMO-RANGAP1 of the Nuclear Pore Complex Regulate... 2017
Details MiR150 over-expression impairs iNKT cell development, maturation, and funct... 2017
Details CD47 antibody-induced engulfment of human T cell leukemia cells by bone mar... 2017
Details Eosinophils actively participate in the host response to Mtb infection... 2017
Details ADAM10 regulates the ICOS:ICOSL axis... 2017
Details Metformin Suppresses LPS-induced CXCL8 Expression... 2017
Details Intracellular protein degradation of BRD4 by dBET1 reveals conserved in viv... 2017
Details Correlation of NK Cell Phenotypic Properties with Individual Differences in... 2017
Details Functional stability of ACD anticoagulated blood samples stored for 72 hour... 2017
Details Inhibition of Innate Lymphoid Cell Activation by Interleukin-23 Secreting D... 2017
Details IL-10 downregulates IL-4-induced IgE production through indirect effects on... 2017
Details Local host level of cytokines and gene expression are associated with succe... 2017
Details NAADP mediated calcium signaling in memory CD4+ T cells... 2017
Details Mincle regulates autophagy to control neutrophil extracellular trap formati... 2017
Details New Flow-Based, Multiplex Assays Allow Simultaneous Quantification of 13 So... 2017
Details Rise in Interleukin-17-producing invariant Natural Killer T Cells during Bo... 2017
Details Unique properties of GC B cells permit optimal BCR affinity discrimination... 2017
Details Paracrine rather than systemic glucocorticoids are biologically active in t... 2017
Details TAGLN2 inhibits Arp2/3 complex-nucleated actin branching and controls micro... 2017
Details The novel IgG-receptor FCRL5 is able to distinguish IgG2 disulfide isomers ... 2017
Details Rapid Immunoassay Development using the U-PLEX® Assay Platform.... 2017
Details Protection from Staphylococcus aureus sepsis by bacterial exopolysaccharide... 2017
Details Stimulation through innate immune receptors selectively upregulates co-rece... 2017
Details CCR7 modulates the generation of thymic regulatory T cells by altering the ... 2017
Details Molecular mechanisms for adenosine regulation of helper T cell activation... 2017
Details Prediction, molecular modelling and dynamic simulations of Vascular endothe... 2017
Details TULIPES: Tn5-mediated ultra low input parallel epigenetic sequencing... 2017
Details Toll-like receptors 2 and 4 are necessary to generate a fully functional co... 2017
Details Sirt1 modulates immunoglobulin class switch DNA recombination and somatic h... 2017
Details AIF1 expression regulates differentiation of dendritic cells from hematopoi... 2017
Details Sodium chloride inhibits IFN-γ, but not IL-4, production by invariant NKT ... 2017
Details Attenuation of Staphylococcal enterotoxin-B (SEB)-induced lung injury (ALI)... 2017
Details Developing polymer-drug complex based toll-like receptor (TLR-2/TLR-4) anta... 2017
Details Control of gut bacteria-associated sepsis by an inhibitor of group 2 innate... 2017
Details TLR/BCR co-engagement induces mature and protective T-cell independent anti... 2017
Details Partially Maintaining E Protein Activity During ILC Development Selectively... 2017
Details Small size of membrane-tethered ligands regulates phosphatase segregation i... 2017
Details The HMGCR inhibitor Fluvastatin induces apoptosis and autophagy in primary ... 2017
Details Measuring fg/mL Concentrations of Cytokines in Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF)... 2017
Details Mycoplasma pneumoniae CARDS toxin is a unique virulence factor targeting th... 2017
Details Unrelated respiratory infections promote the loss of pre-existing tissue re... 2017
Details Ras, Erk, and PI3K signaling pathways in the central selection of B cells... 2017
Details Molecular mechanisms regulating CXCR4 mediated cytokine mRNA stability... 2017
Details A20 regulates NF-κB activation through K48 linked polyubiquitination of NE... 2017
Details Tools to simplify panel design for multi-color flow cytometry experiments.... 2017
Details Pulmonary innate type 2 inflammatory responses protect against Staphylococc... 2017
Details Differential nutrient uptake by lung resident and spleen effector memory T ... 2017
Details Alterations in the thymic selection threshold skew the self-reactivity of t... 2017
Details Role of the butyrophilin juxtamembrane region in ligand binding and T cell ... 2017
Details Attenuation of Osteoclast Differentiation by the Knockdown of Nicotinamide ... 2017
Details Analysis of Mixed Microbial Populations and Deep Immunotyping of Peripheral... 2017
Details Characterization of bovine γδ T cells phenotype during post-natal develop... 2017
Details House dust mite exposure upregulates C3a receptor expression in pulmonary i... 2017
Details Foxn1-β5t transcriptional axis controls CD8+ T cell production in the thym... 2017
Details Regulatory effects of Interleukin (IL)-15 on allergen-induced airway obstru... 2017
Details IDO1 activity in selected immune cells controls antibody responses... 2017
Details Dynamic characterization of the phagocytic process utilizing an automated m... 2017
Details Protective role of conventional dendritic cells in experimental model of se... 2017
Details Glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor signaling attenuates RSV-induced type 2 re... 2017
Details Stroma-free, serum-free differentiation and expansion of hematopoietic stem... 2017
Details Experimental infection with human rhinovirus-A16 reveals an amplified Th1 r... 2017
Details TRIM29 promotes persistence of oncogenic DNA viruses by inhibiting innate i... 2017
Details Cyanine TruStainâ„¢, an effective blocking buffer to eliminate non-specific... 2017
Details Identification of Virulence and Virulence Regulatory Factors in Escherichia... 2017
Details Staphylococcus Enterotoxin B mediates Acute Lung Injury through alterations... 2017
Details The CD8+ T-cell receptor (TCR) repertoire in extremely preterm neonates is ... 2017
Details IL-1R and IL-1RA differentially contribute to immunopathogenesis during fun... 2017
Details HIV myeloid derived suppressor cells (MDSC) are defective in innate immunit... 2017
Details Development and testing of a novel multiplex serodiagnostic assay for Zika ... 2017
Details IL-33 signaling regulates innate IL-22 production via suppression of PGE2 d... 2017
Details Three distinct pneumotypes characterize the microbiome of the lung in BALB/... 2017
Details Catalase expression mediates redox regulation of autophagy and promiscuous ... 2017
Details Estrogen contributes to sex differences in M2-polarization during asthma... 2017
Details Recruitment of inflammatory monocytes during influenza infection predispose... 2017
Details Umbilical cord derived monocytes and platelet rich plasma for diabetic woun... 2017
Details Glutathione reductase facilates immune defense against fungal infections... 2017
Details Novel role for protein kinase D3 (PKD3) in airway epithelial activation and... 2017
Details Mechanisms that diversify an otherwise intrinsically processive Trav-Traj r... 2017
Details Accumulation of pulmonary vacuolated eosinophils in experimental allergic a... 2017
Details Innate immune responses in fungal asthma enhance antiviral immunity during ... 2017
Details New Lipid Metabolic Targets for Treatment of Inflammation... 2017
Details Ccr7-dependent amelioration of renal tubular injury protects against infect... 2017
Details The RNA transcriptome of in vivo influenza virus infection reveals unique g... 2017
Details Age-associated loss of lamin-B1 in thymic epithelial cells disrupts the thy... 2017
Details Toll-like receptor-7-mediated activation of pDCs suppresses the ILC2-mediat... 2017
Details Wild mouse gut microbiome protects laboratory mice against lethal influenza... 2017
Details Missing KIR ligand in the host-versus-graft (HvG) direction is associated w... 2017
Details Immature myeloid cells (IMCs) increased in the peripheral blood of patients... 2017
Details Regulatory T cells facilitate Th17 responses to Bordetella pertussis and ai... 2017
Details Psmb11 molds the transcriptome of cortical TECs and CD8 thymocytes... 2017
Details Role for dysregulated iron in the pathogenesis of murine models of lung dis... 2017
Details Discovery of two meningeal macrophage populations with differential roles d... 2017
Details Treatment for severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) in the era of newborn... 2017
Details NKT cell subsets involved in host defense from pulmonary Streptococcus pneu... 2017
Details Increased Th1 cells and enhanced pulmonary fibrosis in macrophage-specific ... 2017
Details Requirement for PBX1 in developmental programming of natural killer cells... 2017
Details Impaired induction of Slc26a4 promotes respiratory acidosis and severe, ste... 2017
Details The protective role of γδ T cells in neonatal influenza... 2017
Details The Nrf2 activator dimethyl fumarate inhibits acute graft-versus-host disea... 2017
Details GM-CSF controls the balance between effector and regulatory T cell lineage ... 2017
Details LVS vaccination allows BALB/c mice to survive virulent F. tularensis pulmon... 2017
Details Cell-intrinsic TLR4-dependent bone marrow lympho-myeloid distortions in obe... 2017
Details Effect of genetics on the development of Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis (HP) ... 2017
Details Toll-Like Receptor (TLR)-2 Mediates Recruitment of Neutrophils During Influ... 2017
Details Sirolimus, Post–Transplant Cyclophosphamide, and CTLA4-Ig Maintain Stable... 2017
Details Dnase1L3 trafficking in inflammasome activation... 2017
Details Lung αβ T-cells secrete IL-17A independent of ROR-γt expression and cont... 2017
Details Analysis of expression of genes encoding neutrophil and eosinophil granule ... 2017
Details Notch ligands DLL4 and Jagged1 exert differential effects in allergic airwa... 2017
Details Central and local adaptations sustain Type I Interferon exhaustion during c... 2017
Details PD-L1/CD80 interaction differentially regulates CD8+ T cell metabolism, sur... 2017
Details Effector CD4 T cells with stem cell-like properties mediate chronic intesti... 2017
Details STAT2-mediated regulation of Macrophage Phenotype during Influenza and Bact... 2017
Details MiRNAs are required for embryonic development of Langerhans Cells... 2017
Details IL-15-deficient mice develop enhanced airway allergic responses in a mouse ... 2017
Details Role of Notch signaling in basophils in Type 2 inflammation... 2017
Details Clonal Deletion and Anergy Play Dominant Role To Achieve Immune Tolerance A... 2017
Details Cross-talk between human glial cells and B cells help propagation of CNS-co... 2017
Details Sterile-activated cDC1 cells in neonatal lung induce T cell IL-4 production... 2017
Details The human CD34(−)CD117(+)CD56(−)NKp44(−) population in secondary lymp... 2017
Details Testing the susceptibility of mice with normal microbial experience to indu... 2017
Details CD36 regulates malaria-induced innate immune responses... 2017
Details IL-17C ameliorates murine acute graft-versus-host disease by promoting regu... 2017
Details Differential regulation of development of experimental autoimmune encephalo... 2017
Details Lung extracellular matrix changes mediated by ADAMTS-4 modulate immune resp... 2017
Details Control of B cell development and malignant transformation by microRNA-142... 2017
Details Scavenger receptor class B type I (SR-BI) modulates glucocorticoid mediated... 2017
Details Mast cells’ interaction with Leishmania leads to effector responses in re... 2017
Details Acute graft-versus-host disease is regulated by an IL-17-sensitive microbio... 2017
Details Hydroxychloroquine Improves Atherosclerosis in SLE... 2017
Details Pulmonary monocytes promote the establishment of lung tissue-resident CD8 T... 2017
Details E protein activity in DC precursors dictates the differentiation outcome of... 2017
Details ‘The role of phagocytic NADPH oxidase and innate immune cells in the immu... 2017
Details Inflammatory ILC2: An IL-25-activated circulating ILC population with a pro... 2017
Details Prevention of acute graft-versus-host disease by anti-human OX40L monoclona... 2017
Details The Crystal Structure of the IL-33 Signaling Complex Reveals the Molecular ... 2017
Details Identification of antigen-specific, lung resident memory B cells after infl... 2017
Details E proteins are important for restraining the ILC2 differentiation potential... 2017
Details S1P1 regulation of pulmonary tertiary lymphoid tissues... 2017
Details IL-33 is required for a protective myeloid cell response to T. gondii infec... 2017
Details IFN-γ-deficient transplant induces acute gut GVHD via dysregulation of Rag... 2017
Details CCL22 impedes T cell activation capacities of dendritic cells by reducing m... 2017
Details Protective effects of Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) results from alteratio... 2017
Details Immunostimulation during primary neonatal RSV infection alters memory respo... 2017
Details Resveratrol improves a murine model of asthma through alterations in the gu... 2017
Details Fasciola hepatica Fatty Acid Binding Protein (Fh12) inhibits the activation... 2017
Details Deletion of AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) in donor T cells mitigates ... 2017
Details CD4+ T cells induce homeostatic expression of the Treg-attracting chemokine... 2017
Details VSIG-3/IGSF11 is a ligand of VISTA/PD-1H and inhibits human T cell function... 2017
Details Duration of antigen presentation to influenza-specific CD8+ T cells regulat... 2017
Details Itk independent development of natural Th17 cells and IL17A-driven hypersen... 2017
Details The role of microglia and monocyte-derived macrophages in Toxoplasma gondii... 2017
Details Deficiency of MyD88 signaling in CD4 Tconvs increases Tregs suppression thr... 2017
Details Vasoactive intestinal peptide induced epithelial to mesenchymal transition ... 2017
Details Immune tolerance to recombinant immunotoxin LMB-100 using synthetic vaccine... 2017
Details Transcriptional and non-transcriptional functions of IRF3 in host defense... 2017
Details Leptin Enhances TH2 and ILC2 Responses in Allergic Airway Disease... 2017
Details Tissue-resident liver NK cell responses to MCMV infection... 2017
Details Host skin T cells survive stem cell transplant conditioning and are functio... 2017
Details The analysis of a Puerto Rican cohort of Essential Thrombocytemia patients... 2017
Details NLRP3 Inflammasome controls adipose tissue macrophage activation during agi... 2017
Details Distinct innate signaling and activation of dendritic cells during the neon... 2017
Details IL-7 plays as a critical factor for the maintenance of allergen-specific me... 2017
Details The immune environment dictates the dominance of licensed versus unlicensed... 2017
Details Mucosal T-Bet+CD8+T cells are implicated in the pathogenesis of human chron... 2017
Details Kinetics modeling of myeloid cells in rhesus macaques with pulse-chase BrdU... 2017
Details Chronic stimulation results in NK cell function impairment mediated by NKG2... 2017
Details IRF4-dependent DCs promote the establishment of CD8+ T cell memory during i... 2017
Details Atypical protein kinase PKCλ/ι on pathogenesis of asthma... 2017
Details Antibody-dependent NK cell control of Plasmodium falciparum infection... 2017
Details Human Th17 activity profile in oral chronic Graft-versus-Host Disease... 2017
Details Sclerostin expression in distinct osteolineage cell types differentially re... 2017
Details Aging induced changes in the microbiome affect the crosstalk and activity o... 2017
Details Quantifying the relative impact of influenza virus mutations on viral fitne... 2017
Details Autoimmune manifestations in aged mice arise from early-life immune dysregu... 2017
Details Minced muscle grafts reduce the proinflammatory immune response and partial... 2017
Details Obesity predisposes to rapid gastrointestinal graft-versus-host disease let... 2017
Details The allergic T cell response against mouse proteins... 2017
Details Adenosine generation limits radiation-induced tumor immunogenicity by abrog... 2017
Details Myeloid PPAR-γ suppresses acute host diseases and inhibits chronic fibrosi... 2017
Details The role of the immunomodulatory enzyme indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase 2 (IDO2... 2017
Details Bradykinin mediates the secretion of coagulation factor VIII by mouse dendr... 2017
Details Alloreactive T cell proliferation is suppressed by 5-aminoimidazole-4-carbo... 2017
Details Plasma cells and not memory cells, constitute the majority of human IgE Cel... 2017
Details Phagocytic plasticity of macrophage towards healthy self cells: inflammator... 2017
Details Dissection of CD8+ T cell immunodominance hierarchy in human influenza viru... 2017
Details Single cell analysis of transitional B cells reveals autocrine IFNβ sustai... 2017
Details Deletion of CCL2 in mesenchymal stem cells suppresses experimental aortic a... 2017
Details TIM-1 blockade of the donor graft provides protection against lethal GVHD... 2017
Details The contribution of acidic mammalian chitinase to disease severity in exper... 2017
Details Phosphorylation of Y248 in the ITSM of PD-1 is indicative of PD-1-mediated ... 2017
Details Granzyme B: a biomarker of influenza infection in older adults... 2017
Details Role and Regulation of CD11chi T-bet+ B cells in SLE... 2017
Details A viral immunoevasin controls innate immunity by targeting the prototypical... 2017
Details Control of alloreactivity using transient expression of a monoclonal antibo... 2017
Details Transplantation of Human Skin Microbiota in Models of Atopic Dermatitis... 2017
Details Type 1 regulatory T cells (Tr1) homeostasis and function in aging... 2017
Details NF-κB signaling pathway mediates respiratory syncytial virus-induced HMGB1... 2017
Details Multiple extrinsic signals are required for the enrichment of dual-reactive... 2017
Details CoCr micro-particles induce a robust type 2 inflammation in knee synovial t... 2017
Details Human mesenchymal stem cells alleviate bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis... 2017
Details Tyrosine Phosphorylation of NLRP3 by Lyn Suppresses NLRP3 Inflammasome Acti... 2017
Details PD-L1 binds with B7-1 only in cis on the same cell surface... 2017
Details Influenza A virus (IAV) infection in humans leads to expansion of highly di... 2017
Details B cell αv integrins regulate development of autoimmunity in murine lupus m... 2017
Details Sterile type 2 inflammation triggered by microparticles is abrogated by inh... 2017
Details IL-17 plays a critical role in airway epithelial injury after transplantati... 2017
Details Purified type III secretion system needle proteins are novel TLR agonists t... 2017
Details A15153G mAb, a novel tool for human TIGIT study... 2017
Details A staphylococcal superantigen unexpectedly augments the response magnitude ... 2017
Details FDCs regulate self-reactive memory B cells through CD21... 2017
Details Analysis of caspase-1 regulated transcriptome in various tissues lead to id... 2017
Details STAT6 and T-bet double deficient mouse serving as allograft recipient is a ... 2017
Details Novel functions CD11c+ IgM+ memory B cells suggested from transcriptome ana... 2017
Details Induction of arginase-1 in MDSC requires exposure to CD3/CD28 activated T c... 2017
Details Influenza virus induces mast cell death independent of mast cell activation... 2017
Details Autoimmune responses are dependent on the MAVS innate pathway due to its na... 2017
Details HECT E3 Ubiquitin ligase Nedd4 is required for anti-fungal innate immune re... 2017
Details Immunoregulatory function of kidney CD4−CD8− double negative (DN) αβ ... 2017
Details CD19 cytoplasmic tyrosine residues Y482 and Y513 are sufficient to promote ... 2017
Details Natural nano particle MIR2911 suppresses tumor growth by targeting TGFβ pa... 2017
Details Respiratory viral co-infections manipulate host immune responses to reduce ... 2017
Details Anti-myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein (anti MOG) antibodies in Neuromyel... 2017
Details Activation of innate sensing cGAS-STING pathway by Sindbis Virus... 2017
Details Human α1-antitrypsin attenuates injury-induced Inflammation through intera... 2017
Details ERM family proteins regulate T cell signal initiation by limiting Lck activ... 2017
Details Plasmid electrotransfer activates DNA pattern recognition receptors and ind... 2017
Details Parainfluenza virus spread and clearance in a hematopoietic cell transplant... 2017
Details Targeting class switch recombination plays a potential role in retarding sy... 2017
Details Testing the hypothesis that malaria-induced immune remodeling of monocytes ... 2017
Details Sialic acid and Galectins mediate Xenogenic Neutrophil-Endothelial Adhesion... 2017
Details SMN deficiency alters the CNS and the peripheral immune system in a mouse m... 2017
Details Ensemble computational analysis and systems immune monitoring reveal a doub... 2017
Details Pre-existing matched antigen exacerbates the disease of influenza virus inf... 2017
Details Age-associated changes in intrathymic B cell function... 2017
Details Downregulation of the O-GlcNAc signaling promotes activation of the innate ... 2017
Details Regulatory B cells in the blood of plasma cell hepatitis patients who have ... 2017
Details Human T-cell lymphoma and leukemia cell lines display Treg cell phenotypes ... 2017
Details Multimeric Soluble 4-1BBL as a T Cell Stimulator for Adoptive Immunotherapy... 2017
Details Assessment of lymph node stromal cells as an underlying factor in age relat... 2017
Details Pathogenic epigenetic programming of expanded B cell subsets in systemic lu... 2017
Details Innate immune response in acute lung injury following hemorrhagic shock... 2017
Details c-Jun N-terminal kinase 1 defective CD4+CD25+FoxP3+ cells prolong pancreati... 2017
Details Commitment of mitosis in B cells: “before and after”... 2017
Details Naïve CD4+ T Cells, Recruited by CCL18 Secreted by Tumor-Associated Macrop... 2017
Details Influenza-specific ASC development is controlled by a T follicular helper c... 2017
Details Systemic and unconventional antigen presentation generates insulin autoanti... 2017
Details Reprogramming of inflammatory monocytes by autophagy modulator LiCl... 2017
Details Maximizing the potential of Treg-based therapies for transplant rejection v... 2017
Details Cancer Immunotherapy: knowledge translation and outreach education... 2017
Details Inhibitory cytokines mark distinct subpopulations of intratumoral regulator... 2017
Details Human parainfluenza virus type 3 encoded C protein antagonizes inflammasome... 2017
Details Identification of novel plasma cell subsets in a mouse model of SLE... 2017
Details Regulation of immune gene expression by the zinc finger DNA binding protein... 2017
Details Hyperlipidemia alters Treg function through effects on Akt... 2017
Details Scientific language communication within postgraduate Immunology education... 2017
Details VAT-associated ST2+Tregs from omentum support tolerance to peripheral tumor... 2017
Details 3D visualization of sex differences in the immune response to influenza inf... 2017
Details IL-10 producing B cells regulate sex bias in male mice with experimental im... 2017
Details Microbiota-independent mechanisms shape Th17 homeostatic responses at the o... 2017
Details AhR activation plays a detrimental role in airway epithelial injury after t... 2017
Details NEUTROPHILS PLASTICITY DURING Mycobacterium tuberculosis INFECTION IS RELAT... 2017
Details Secondary iTreg generation has a major impact on the tumor-infiltrating Tre... 2017
Details Autophagy and TGF-β regulates innate immune response in human respiratory ... 2017
Details Isotype-switch competent anti-insulin B cells promote autoimmune diabetes d... 2017
Details Tissue resident memory B cells established in lungs in allergic asthma... 2017
Details Biomaterial scaffolds for localized IL-33 release to modulate the local imm... 2017
Details A natural product inhibitor of the NLRP3 inflammasome derived from Glycyrrh... 2017
Details PD-1 expression on Foxp3+ Treg cells modulates CD8+ T cell function in pros... 2017
Details Host-immune responses to RSV infection and associated lung injury is modula... 2017
Details Estrogen promotes SLE serum-induced skin inflammation via the estrogen memb... 2017
Details IL-12p35 Inhibits Neuroinflammation and Ameliorates Autoimmune Encephalomye... 2017
Details Preloading of CD4+CD25+ Tregs to donor islets in vitro prolongs islet allog... 2017
Details Four-dimensional correlation between frequency of degranulation and Natural... 2017
Details Constitutive expression of TIGIT defines a population of CD4+ regulatory T ... 2017
Details Generation of Immuno-Modulator Receptors (IMR)-transduced human JY cell lin... 2017
Details Neuropsychiatric symptoms of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus cau... 2017
Details Proteasome inhibition ameliorates experimental Sjögren’s syndrome by sup... 2017
Details CD81: a novel lymphoma therapeutic target... 2017
Details Zymosan tolerizes primary pig monocytes to lipopolysaccharide stimulation... 2017
Details Targeting human acute myeloid leukemia with multi-epitope specific naïvede... 2017
Details Tumor Control Index: a novel tool to assess and compare tumor growth in exp... 2017
Details Pathogenesis of Hepatic Deposited IgG-induced Liver Inflammation in SLE... 2017
Details GMCSF-MOG abrogates experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) through... 2017
Details Systemic Stimulatory Cancer Immunotherapy Induces Corticosterone-mediated T... 2017
Details Phenotypic characterization of fifty surface markers expressed by human M1 ... 2017
Details Nanoparticle based enrichment and expansion of self and neo-epitope specifi... 2017
Details Obesity-induced changes in baseline immune responses to pre-clinical breast... 2017
Details The role of neutrophils in organ tissue damage in SLE... 2017
Details An Integrative Bioinformatics Approach Identifies In Vivo Validated Drug Ca... 2017
Details Synergistic Anti-tumor Activity of Local SS1P with Systemic CTLA-4 Blockade... 2017
Details Human neutrophils alter IL-20 receptor expression and IL-20 modulates human... 2017
Details Non-pathogenic CD8+ T cells in lupus-prone mice regulate neurological and p... 2017
Details Chemotherapy-induced tumor dormancy and relapse... 2017
Details The major roles of monocytes/macrophages and their products in skin inflamm... 2017
Details Assessment of the dual mechanism of inflammatory inhibition by the novel JO... 2017
Details TCR-like antibody duocarmycin conjugates promote cytotoxicity of tumor cell... 2017
Details Helminth-induced B lymphocytes mediate control of emphysema through product... 2017
Details Inhibition of Th17 by targeted degradation of HIF1-α... 2017
Details Immunization with Human Papillomavirus type-18 E1 protein induce CD8+ T cel... 2017
Details Skin inflammation induced by lupus serum was inhibited in IL-1R deficient m... 2017
Details Correction of mitochondrial and peroxisomal defects by lovastatin and AICAR... 2017
Details Engineering of Antibody Conjugated Nanogel Platform for Targeted Drug Deliv... 2017
Details Comprehensive analysis of serum and innate immune cells revealed age-relate... 2017
Details Adoptive transfer of a novel MIF receptor (CD74+) expressing memory T cell ... 2017
Details Combination therapy of a PI3K p110α-isoform-selective inhibitor and anti-H... 2017
Details Tissue infiltration of plasma cells/plasmablasts in patients with active Sy... 2017
Details Potential Role of Nitrobiolome in Autoimmune Disease: Efficacy of GSNO in E... 2017
Details IL-2 functionalized hydroxyethylstarch nanocapsules for targeting of human ... 2017
Details Inositol kinase Itpkb is a novel therapeutic target for chronic graft versu... 2017
Details Dual TCRα expression alters agonist selection, redirecting Treg-biased ins... 2017
Details Combination treatment with erlotinib and ampelopsin overcomes erlotinib res... 2017
Details Leptin promotes plasma cell generation and exacerbates collagen-induced art... 2017
Details The nuclear receptor REV-ERBα modulates Th17 cell-mediated autoimmune dise... 2017
Details Understanding how immune checkpoint modulators alter pre-existing rheumatol... 2017
Details Impairment of myeloid-derived suppressor cell expansion and enhancement of ... 2017
Details Micromanaging lupus nephritis: miR17-92 modulates TFH development and regul... 2017
Details Gemcitabine-generated ROS promotes neutrophil chemotactic activity through ... 2017
Details Engagement of TLR4 with MAM superantigen promotes HMGB1-mediated induction ... 2017
Details Suppression of NFAT5-mediated inflammation and chronic arthritis by novel Î... 2017
Details Novel antibody-like single-chain TCR antibody Fc fusion protein... 2017
Details Impact of antigen affinity on T cell dysfunction in solid tumors... 2017
Details CD27 co-stimulation increases regulatory T cell survival and limits progres... 2017
Details Cyclophosphamide preconditioning facilitates autoimmune vitiligo and enhanc... 2017
Details Microbiota modify inflammatory arthritis through mucosal inflammation and a... 2017
Details Characterization of varicella zoster virus-specific monoclonal antibodies... 2017
Details Enhancement of Anti-Tumor Activities of Daratumumab Using ALT-803, an IL-15... 2017
Details MAP1S-mediated TLR5 signaling induces autophagic cell death to inhibit brea... 2017
Details T regulatory cells follow CXCL10 to suppress T effector cells through a con... 2017
Details Cooperative anti-tumor effect of soluble NKG2D ligand MIC neutralization an... 2017
Details Comprehensive proteomic profiling of Sjogren’s syndrome revealed dysregul... 2017
Details Immune response and early transcriptional changes after primary and booster... 2017
Details A novel, dual-specific antibody conjugate targeting CD134 and CD137 costimu... 2017
Details Engraftment of Human Immune System and Human Tumor Xenograft in Murine Mode... 2017
Details Membrane-bound Dickkopf-1 in Foxp3+ regulatory T cells suppresses T cell-me... 2017
Details Low-dose chemotherapy induces immunogenic tumor dormancy in mouse mammary c... 2017
Details Human MEMs are a distinct high IL-6 producing macrophage subset with anti-i... 2017
Details Heat shock protein gp96-Ig vaccine induces antigen specific CD8 T cell resp... 2017
Details Novel antitumor complexes of bispecific antibodies using ALT-803 as a scaff... 2017
Details Secretion of IL-1β from imatinib-resistant chronic myeloid leukemia cells ... 2017
Details Loss of immune tolerance is controlled by ICOS in Sle1 mice... 2017
Details Immune modulatory effects of chemotherapy increase the effectiveness of ant... 2017
Details The role of infiltrating macrophages and IL-6 production on seizure develop... 2017
Details Detection and tracking of public, broadly neutralizing antibodies against g... 2017
Details Biological Activities of IL-15 superagonist - IL-15 Mutein:IL-15RaFc comple... 2017
Details Identification of potential immune targets in controlling Endometrioid Endo... 2017
Details System control of auto-reactive T cells... 2017
Details Cereblon ablation increases T cell anti-tumor immunity... 2017
Details Systemic markers of inflammation and neuronal injury in patients with epile... 2017
Details Adapting the innate immune system to develop long-lived vaccines to bacteri... 2017
Details CC-122 is more potent but transcriptionally mirrors Lenalidomide in Chronic... 2017
Details Activator of G-Protein Signaling 3 Modulates Prostate Cancer Development an... 2017
Details Selective PRMT5 inhibition suppresses inflammatory T cell responses and aut... 2017
Details Skin homing and highly suppressive (CD45RA−CD27−) Tregs associated with... 2017
Details Role of SIRT1 in C5b-9 mediated oligodendrocyte cell cycle activation... 2017
Details Low antigen dose in adjuvant-based vaccination selectively induces CD4 T ce... 2017
Details Intrapulmonary delivery of TLR agonists to treat metastatic cancer... 2017
Details Pathogenic conversion of RORγt+/Foxp3+ double positive regulatory T cells ... 2017
Details Cancer testis autoantigens as germ cell autoantigens continuously egress fr... 2017
Details Stereotactic radiotherapy increases functionally suppressive regulatory T c... 2017
Details Multispecific recognition of developmental neuronal antigens and neurite ou... 2017
Details Inducing Immunological Tolerance with Synthetic Nanoparticles... 2017
Details CD19/CD3 bispecific antibodies induce potent response against chronic lymph... 2017
Details Cancer Mutations Targeting TNFRSF14 alter Microenvironment Checkpoint Inter... 2017
Details CXCR3 blockade impedes the development of Sjögren’s syndrome-like xerost... 2017
Details Antibody-dependent Tumor Phagocytosis Enhances PD-L1 and IDOs Expression on... 2017
Details Molecular-based diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and its progressive stage... 2017
Details Breadth of function and homing capacity of peripheral CD4+ Th responses to ... 2017
Details Role of miR-142 in regulatory T cell development and regulating immune resp... 2017
Details Control of regulatory T (Treg) cell function by protein kinase C-eta (PKCη... 2017
Details Regulation of Myeloid Derived Suppressor Cell (MDSC) dynamics by T regulato... 2017
Details Radiation improved IL-21 cancer immunotherapy... 2017
Details Role of SLAMF immunoregulatory molecules in MS disease processes... 2017
Details Induction of CXCR5+ follicular CD8 T cells by CD40L adjuvanted DNA/MVA vacc... 2017
Details The role of LPC and lipid transporter MFSD2A in CD8 T cells... 2017
Details Synergistic effect of IFN-γ on breast cancer targeted therapy... 2017
Details Follicular CD8 T cells in autoantibody-mediated disease.... 2017
Details Eradication of hepatocellular carcinoma by augmenting PD-L1 blockade effica... 2017
Details Sex-specific regulation of CNS autoimmunity by the signal lymphocytic activ... 2017
Details A donor-specific primary monocyte-derived dendritic cell maturation model f... 2017
Details ADAMTS5 and its substrate versican play a critical role in influenza virus ... 2017
Details Combinations of resveratrol, curcumin and cisplatin lower the apoptosis thr... 2017
Details IL-17A inhibits expression of IL-17-lineage cytokines through a negative fe... 2017
Details Guided delivery of the “alarming” cytokine IL-33 to tumor by chimeric a... 2017
Details Immune response in Parkinson’s disease driven by HLA display of α-synucl... 2017
Details CAR NK and CAR T cells versus CTL: factors limiting the sensitivity and eff... 2017
Details Role of Bcl-3 in T cells upon challenge with lymphocytic choriomeningitis v... 2017
Details The p38 MAPK inhibitor SB203580 abrogates TNF-mediated expansion of regulat... 2017
Details S1P1 Agonist SEW2871 Inhibits human Th17 cell generation and functions... 2017
Details NKT cells control tumor associated macrophages and metastatic growth in neu... 2017
Details Role of the innate immune response in the progression of Alzheimer’s dise... 2017
Details Vector-Free Engineering of Antigen Presenting Cells for Adoptive Immunother... 2017
Details MicroRNA-155 regulates T-bet expression in anti-viral CD8+ T cells... 2017
Details Transcriptomic analysis reveals the potential of Highly Pathogenic Porcine ... 2017
Details Cellular misfolded proteins transported to the cell surface by aberrantly e... 2017
Details The antitumor function of anti-4-1BB therapy involves the suppression of CD... 2017
Details A role for the NLR family members NLRC4 and NLRP3 in sterile inflammasome a... 2017
Details Antigenic competition affects the magnitude and breadth of CD8 T cell immun... 2017
Details Cytotoxic T lymphocytes in channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus, can expres... 2017
Details Extensional stress modulates leukocyte adhesion probability... 2017
Details Visual function in retina-specific TCR-transgenic mice with spontaneous aut... 2017
Details Induced MHCII expression on breast cancer cells broadens the responding T c... 2017
Details The miR-122 released by hepatocytes during liver disease binds to TLR7 to p... 2017
Details Anti-cotinine CAR-modified T cells provides a novel switchable CAR platform... 2017
Details Modulation of the subcellular localization of T-bet and Eomes alters CD8 ex... 2017
Details Controlling Leukocyte Migration in Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis by the TIPE... 2017
Details Nonredundant role for GM-CSF in autoimmune pathology of the neureretina in ... 2017
Details TGFβ superfamily members regulate radiation-induced anti-tumor immunity.... 2017
Details Neutrophil polarization in the airways of infants with bronchiolitis... 2017
Details Peptide-based polymer Toll-Like Receptor 7/8 agonist nanoparticles increase... 2017
Details The Influence of Genetic Diversity on Neonatal Respiratory Syncytial Virus ... 2017
Details Cell culture oxygen and signaling: Supraphysiologic in vitro oxygen signals... 2017
Details The impact of MHCII-peptide editing by H2-DM on the generation of neonatal ... 2017
Details Combining impedence-based viability measurements and flow cytometric analyt... 2017
Details Allergy and asthma in inner-city children: possible roles of MAIT cells and... 2017
Details Optimization of Gene Editing in Human Primary T Cells with Neon® Transfect... 2017
Details Impaired T cell immunity in the elderly via N-glycosylation... 2017
Details Galectin-7 regulates infiltration of alternatively activated macrophages in... 2017

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