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Details A37 Inter-Observer Reliability of the Total Body Score System for Quantify... 2015
Details B157 Quantitative Mapping of Post-Blast Nitroglycerin Residues on Pipe Bom... 2015
Details G4 Evolution of Forensic Odontology Services in Queensland: 1994-2014... 2015
Details J15 The Universal Coded Character Set (ISO/IEC 10464) and the Unicode Stan... 2015
Details A38 An Innovative Analysis of the Postmortem Interval and Its Role in Juve... 2015
Details B158 Assessing the Forensic Utility of Particle Morphometry for the Charac... 2015
Details G5 Forensic Dentistry and Malpractice Lawsuits in Turkey... 2015
Details J16 Collaborative Radiography (and Other Interdisciplinary Activities) Bet... 2015
Details A39 Human Identification From Burnt Remains... 2015
Details B159 Classifying Aged Explosives to Determine Source... 2015
Details G6 What You See Is Not Always What You Should Believe: A Presentation of ... 2015
Details J17 Characterization and Discrimination of Inkjet Printer Inks Using Micro... 2015
Details A40 Does Aluminum Transfer to Bone When Used as a Packaging Medium? A Tes... 2015
Details B160 Smokeless Powders Database at the National Center for Forensic Scienc... 2015
Details G7 Analysis of Human Bitemarks in Food and Beverages Using Metric and Biol... 2015
Details J18 A Novel Automated, Searchable Database for the Chemical Characterizati... 2015
Details A41 Fluorescence in Heat-Altered Bone Under Ultraviolet Light... 2015
Details B161 Odorant Measurements and New Materials for Canine Training... 2015
Details G8 How the Characteristics of One Tooth Were Used to Make a Dental Identif... 2015
Details J19 Computer-Scored Test Answer Marks, A.K.A. Bubble Marks: How Individua... 2015
Details A42 Effects of Hydrated Lime and Quicklime on the Decay of Human Remains U... 2015
Details B162 Modern Challenges in Fire Debris Analysis... 2015
Details G9 Methodology and Interests of 3D Modeling of Bitemarks... 2015
Details J20 Another Look at Ink and Toner Intersections: A Word of Caution... 2015
Details A43 Assessing How Repetitive Carrion Placement Affects Vulture Scavenging ... 2015
Details B163 The Effects of Burning and Mold Growth on the Analysis of Fire Logs... 2015
Details G10 Bitemarks From the Emergency Room to the Courtroom: The Importance of... 2015
Details J21 The Origin of a Tracing... 2015
Details A44 Burning Models: Human vs. Pig in Taphonomic Fatal Fire Modeling... 2015
Details B164 Investigation of Body Products on Worn Clothing Found at a Fire Scene... 2015
Details G11 An Objective, Dynamic Bitemark Overlay Technique... 2015
Details J22 Document Examination For Non-Document Examiners... 2015
Details A45 A Multidisciplinary Validation Study of Non-Human Animal Models for Fo... 2015
Details B165 Identification of Triglycerides in Pristine and Degraded Vegetable Oi... 2015
Details G12 Bitemark Evidence... 2015
Details J23 Addressing Admissibility Challenges to Forensic Document Examination F... 2015
Details A46 Identification of Osteological Remains From the Ironclad U.S.S. Monit... 2015
Details B166 Analysis of Arson Fire Debris by Low Temperature Dynamic Headspace A... 2015
Details G13 Paradigm Shifts on the Validity of Bitemark Evidence and the Dramatic ... 2015
Details J24 The American Dreyfus Affair: Parallels Between the Alfred Dreyfus and... 2015
Details A47 The Afghan Forensic Science Organization: A Model for Local Capacity ... 2015
Details B167 Application of Likelihood Ratios in Fire Debris Analysis... 2015
Details G14 Construct Validity of Bitemark Assessments Using the ABFO Bitemark Dec... 2015
Details J25 Standardization of Conclusions: Meeting Current Needs... 2015
Details A48 Skeletal Markers of Gender Reassignment... 2015
Details B168 Detection and Quantitation of Polydimethyl Siloxane Using Liqu... 2015
Details G15 Bitemarks: To Profile or Not to Profile So Whats the Question?... 2015
Details J26 A New-Dominant Hand: Training the Non-Dominant Hand to Perform the C... 2015
Details A49 Ritualistic Use of Human Skeletal Remains: Is It Forensically Signifi... 2015
Details B169 2015 Update From the Scientific Working Group for the Analysis of Sei... 2015
Details G16 Lip Prints: Inter-Rater Reliability... 2015
Details J27 The Reliability of Hand Printing Identification by the Forensic Docume... 2015
Details A50 Regression Analysis for Estimation of Stature From Foot Lengths in a N... 2015
Details B170 Synthetic Drug Trends in the United States... 2015
Details G17 Morphological Patterns of Melanoderm Lip Prints In Dakar, Senegal... 2015
Details J28 Some Reasons for Qualified Conclusions... 2015
Details A51 Sexual Dimorphism of the Zygomatic Bone in a Southeast Asian Sample... 2015
Details B171 Collection and Analysis of Fire Debris Evidence to Detect Methampheta... 2015
Details G18 Honoring My Mentors Drs. Levine, Snow, Maples, Stimson, and Stein... 2015
Details J29 Forensic Document Examiner (FDE) Testimony Related to Quality Processe... 2015
Details A52 Age Estimation in Modern Individuals Between Birth and Fourteen Years ... 2015
Details B172 TLC-SERS of Controlled Substances: Colloid Optimization and Drug Exp... 2015
Details G19 Complex Dental Restorative Techniques: Are They Recognizable and Do T... 2015
Details J30 The Forensic Document Examiner Testimony List... 2015
Details A53 Femoral Midshaft Shape: An Indicator of Adult Age-at-Death?... 2015
Details B173 Detection of Drugs in Pharmaceutical Preparations Where Diversion Can... 2015
Details G20 Electron Microscopy of Etched Dental Crown Surfaces and Electron Dispe... 2015
Details J31 The Scientific Working Group for Forensic Document Examination (SWGDOC... 2015
Details A54 Body Height Estimation From Femur Measurements in Postmortem Computer ... 2015
Details B174 Quantification of Controlled Substances in Simulated Samples Using At... 2015
Details G21 Chronological Evaluation of Bruising in Bitemarks and Blunt Trauma: V... 2015
Details K2 A Novel Extraction Methodology for the Analysis of Lorazepam and Oxazep... 2015
Details A55 Comparative Performances of Sacral Osteometrical and Geometric ... 2015
Details B175 Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) of Street Drugs The New... 2015
Details G22 Ethical Proceedings Involving Dentists in the State of Minas Gerais, B... 2015
Details K3 Analysis of Promethazine, Chlorpromazine, and Selected Metabolites in ... 2015
Details A56 Sex Estimation Using Discriminate Function Analysis of Non-Metric Cran... 2015
Details B176 Elemental Analysis of Presumptive Clandestine Laboratory Evidence Usi... 2015
Details G23 Dental Identification Using Facial Reconstruction on a Train Collision... 2015
Details K4 Detection of Trace Buprenorphine and Norbuprenorphine in Human Hair Usi... 2015
Details A57 Comparing Cranial Morphology in Asian and Hispanic Populations: Explo... 2015
Details B177 You Got DNA From What?... 2015
Details G24 Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectro... 2015
Details K5 The Is Have It: A High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass ... 2015
Details A58 Quantification of Frontal Sinus Morphology From Radiographs for Positi... 2015
Details B178 Improving Methods for the Recovery and Analysis of Touch DNA From Fi... 2015
Details G25 A Hot Air Balloon Crash in Wairarapa, New Zealand: A Forensic Dental ... 2015
Details K6 Identification of Synthetic Cathinones From Electron Impact Mass Spectr... 2015
Details A59 An Outline Analysis of Ancestry and Sex Differences in Cranial Shape... 2015
Details B179 Assessment of Fingerprints for Forensic Short Tandem Repeat (STR) Ana... 2015
Details G26 Isle-Verte Disaster... 2015
Details K7 Investigation of Unknown Designer Drugs and Metabolites in Urine Collec... 2015
Details A60 Stature Estimation Using the Mandible in a Caucasian Italian Populatio... 2015
Details B180 Obtaining STR-Quality Touch DNA From Archived Latent Fingerprints... 2015
Details G27 Dental Identification of 530 Landslide Victims: Lessons Learned... 2015
Details K8 Development of a Quantitation Method for Synthetic Cannabinoid Metaboli... 2015
Details A61 Testing Inter-Observer Reliability of the Transition Analysis Aging Me... 2015
Details B181 Non-Destructive Biological Evidence Detection and Collection Using th... 2015
Details G28 Dental Identification of the 2008 Peruvian Andes Helicopter Crash Vict... 2015
Details K9 Recreational Drug Use Trends and Emerging Analytes Identified in Blood,... 2015
Details A62 Obliteration of Sharp Force Trauma Artifact by High Particulate Water ... 2015
Details B182 Examination of Rapidly Mutating Y-STR Loci for Increased Resolution o... 2015
Details G29 The Reno, Nevada Air Race Accident... 2015
Details K10 Evaluation of Cases Admitted to Cukurova University Forensic Toxicolog... 2015
Details A63 Estimating the Postmortem Interval: A Validation Study of the Total B... 2015
Details B183 Inferring Bloodstain Age With a Mobile Spectrometer for Forensic Crim... 2015
Details G30 Identification of an Unknown Sailor From the December 7, 1941, Attack ... 2015
Details K11 Analysis of the Anticoagulant Brodifacoum in Serum After an Incident o... 2015
Details A64 Bioreactors as a Method for Examining Environmental Effects of Changes... 2015
Details B184 Increasing Discrimination of Degraded DNA Using Quantifiler Trio Wi... 2015
Details G31 Forensic Dental Examination of Disinterred 19 th -Century Archaeologic... 2015
Details K12 Effect of Sunlight on Methamphetamine in Urine... 2015
Details A65 The Effects of Decomposition Upon the Efficacy of Biometrics for Posit... 2015
Details B185 Single-Step Photobleaching: A PCR-Free Alternative to Typing Low-Cop... 2015
Details G32 Adam Mayes: Americas Most Wanted A Lack of Wisdom?... 2015
Details K13 Analysis of Buprenorphine, Norbuprenorphine, Naloxone, and Their... 2015
Details A66 The Extraction of Handedness and Amount of Experience From Sawing Impr... 2015
Details B186 Development of a Novel DNA Phenotyping System Using Genome-Wide SNP ... 2015
Details G33 Two Teens, Midnight, and a Porsche Carrera What Could Go Wrong?... 2015
Details K14 Validation of the Neogen Enzyme-Linked Immuno-Sorbent Assay (ELISA) ... 2015
Details A67 Standardized Descriptive Method for the Anthropological Evaluation of ... 2015
Details B187 Use of Likelihood Ratios to Unlock Information in Various Short Tande... 2015
Details G34 The Case of the Missing Mandible... 2015
Details K15 Rapid Drug Screening Using a Combination of Flow Injection Tandem Mass... 2015
Details A68 Identifying Undocumented Border Crossers From the Texas-Mexico Border:... 2015
Details B188 Fabric Phase Sorptive Extraction Media: A Highly Effective Forensic ... 2015
Details G35 Single Tooth Dental Identification Assisted by Digital Superimposition... 2015
Details K16 Detection of Amitriptyline and Nortriptyline in Decomposed Skeletal Ti... 2015
Details A69 Surveying a Titan: An Argument for the Presence of Human Remains on t... 2015
Details B189 Investigating the Use of Illicit Drug Smoke Aerosol Residues as Recov... 2015
Details G36 Identification by Photograph: A Case Presentation... 2015
Details K17 A Validated Method for the Determination of Salvinorin A and Salvinori... 2015
Details A70 Utilizing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to Analyze Geographic a... 2015
Details B190 Analysis of Phenethylamine Street Drugs for Psychoactive Compounds an... 2015
Details G37 A Case for the Records The Importance of Antemortem Records in Making... 2015
Details K18 Identification of Methcathinone in Urine by Gas Chromatography/Mass S... 2015
Details A71 The Application of the Sub-Pubic Concavity/Contour for Sexing Subadult... 2015
Details B191 Rapid Drug Identification in the Field Using Direct Analysis in Real ... 2015
Details G38 Fire, Fraud, and Forensics: A Complex Case Study in Dental Identifica... 2015
Details K19 Quantitative Analysis of Methylphenidate (Ritalin ) and Ritalinic Aci... 2015
Details A72 Sex Estimation of the Modern Human Pubic Bone Using a 3D Geometric Mo... 2015
Details B192 Forensic Analysis of Dipyrone in Fentanyl Samples... 2015
Details G39 Recovery and Processing of Multiple Partial and Total Cranial Fresh Ca... 2015
Details K20 Assessment of Three Time-of-Flight/Mass Spectrometry (TOF/MS) Drug Sc... 2015
Details A73 Estimating Sex From the Innominate Utilizing New Measurements... 2015
Details B193 The Utility of Ultra High-Performance Liquid Chromatography With Time... 2015
Details G40 Identifying the Edentulous... 2015
Details K21 Analysis of Phosphide Zinc and Aluminium Phosphide... 2015
Details A74 Sex Estimation Using Metric Measurements of the Sternum... 2015
Details B194 The Utility of Ultra High-Performance Liquid Chromatography with Time... 2015
Details G41 Cougar Attack Fatality... 2015
Details K22 A Total Sample Preparation Screening Solution for Acidic, Neutral, and... 2015
Details A75 Skeletal Sex Assessment Utilizing the Fifth Lumbar Vertebra... 2015
Details B195 High-Sensitivity Drug Analysis With Optical Isomer Resolution Using M... 2015
Details G42 Estimating the Incidence of Dog Bite-Related Injuries in Australia Fro... 2015
Details K23 Adulterants and Diluents in Urine Samples After Consumption of Cocaine... 2015
Details A76 Sexual Dimorphism of the Manubrium in a Modern Forensic Sample... 2015
Details B196 Determination of the Stoichiometry in the Modified Ferric Hydroxamate... 2015
Details G43 Visualization of Histological and Physiological Criteria Used in Denta... 2015
Details K24 Impact of Novel Accurate Mass MS/MSALL Acquisition and Processing Tec... 2015
Details A77 Feature Analysis of the Pubic Bone for Estimation of Age-at-Death... 2015
Details B197 An Analysis of Elemental Content in Various Brands of Cigarette Ash b... 2015
Details G44 The London Atlas A New Method for Dental Age Estimation... 2015
Details K25 Analysis of Acetyl Fentanyl in Postmortem Blood and Urine Specimens by... 2015
Details A78 Assessing the Effects of Pregnancy on Aging From the Pubic Symphysis: ... 2015
Details B198 Forensic Source Attribution Using Stable Isotopes: Hairs to Humans a... 2015
Details G46 Immigration-Related, Dental Age-Estimation Cases for the Del Rio and L... 2015
Details K26 Postmortem Distribution of Acetyl Fentanyl... 2015
Details A79 McKerns and Stewarts Unknowns: A Reappraisal of the Individuals Omitt... 2015
Details B199 From Plants to Projectiles: New Analytical Approaches to the Utility... 2015
Details G47 Dental Age Estimation: Appropriate Censoring of Stage H... 2015
Details K27 Fatal Intoxication with Acetyl Fentanyl... 2015
Details A80 A Reassessment of McKerns and Stewarts Pubic Symphysis Aging Method... 2015
Details C1 Large-Scale, Common-Source Identification of Digital Camera Images... 2015
Details G48 Unique Dental Morphology With Concurrent Dental Developmental Anomalie... 2015
Details K28 Trazodone and M-Chlorophenylpiperazine (m-CPP) Concentrations in ... 2015
Details A81 Estimating Stature When Ancestry is Unknown: What Statistical Methods... 2015
Details C3 Assessing the Relationship Between Individual Differences and Child Po... 2015
Details G49 A New 12-Month, University-Based United States Fellowship Program in F... 2015
Details K29 A Case of Suicide Using Veterinary Drug T-61 With Subsequent Submerg... 2015
Details A82 The Issue of Age Estimation in a Modern Skeletal Population: Are Curr... 2015
Details C4 Forensic Image Comparison of Feet... 2015
Details G50 A Forensic Odontology Aspect of Disaster Victim Identification Across ... 2015
Details K30 Development and Validation of a Method Using Gas Chromatography/Mass ... 2015
Details A83 One Hundred Years Since Martins Lehrbuch: Measurement Confusion and ... 2015
Details C5 Age Estimation of Adolescents and Adults Using the Dimensions of the Ey... 2015
Details G51 Current Trends in Forensic Odontology Research Nearly 30 Years Later... 2015
Details K31 Pesticide Poisoning Deaths in Istanbul and Nearby Cities in Turkey... 2015
Details A84 Evaluation and Reformation of Osteometric Data in Forensic Anthropolog... 2015
Details C6 How Accurate is 3D Facial Morphology for Personal Identification?... 2015
Details G52 Forensic Odontology Science: Applications in the Family of Forensics... 2015
Details K32 The Role of Cytochrome P450 2B6 (CYP2B6) Genetic Polymorphisms in Une... 2015
Details A85 Investigations Into Age-Related Changes in the Human Mandible... 2015
Details C7 Effects of Latent Print Processing on Evidence Prior to Digital Evidenc... 2015
Details G53 Application of Digital Laboratory and Clinical Dental Evidence... 2015
Details K33 A Case of Suicide Due to Oral Ingestion of Phorate Revealed by Gas Ch... 2015
Details A86 Accuracy of Estimating Age From Cervical Vertebrae and Mandibular Mola... 2015
Details C8 Placing the Suspect Behind the Keyboard Through the Application of Han... 2015
Details G54 Failure to Diagnose Oral Cancer Is Not Always Malpractice... 2015
Details K34 Heroin-Related Deaths in the West of Scotland Between 2008 and 2011... 2015
Details A87 Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) Mutations as a New Approach for Age-at-Death... 2015
Details C9 The Role of Fantasy in Investigating Online Predation Cases... 2015
Details G55 Forensic Odontology (FOd) in the Canadian Armed Forces: FOd Activitie... 2015
Details K35 Analysis of N-Bombs: Quantitation of NBOMe-type Novel Psychoactive S... 2015
Details A88 A Test of the Passalacqua Sacral Age-Estimation Method in a Japanese S... 2015
Details C10 3D Superimposition: A New Technique of Personal Identification... 2015
Details G56 Odontology Support for Humanitarian Events... 2015
Details K36 Phencyclidine (PCP) in San Francisco: A Review of 50 Postmortem and H... 2015
Details A89 The Effects of Parturition on Pelvic Age Indicators... 2015
Details C11 Online Anonymity: Forensic Analysis of The Onion Router (Tor) Browser... 2015
Details G57 Restoring Smiles for Victims of Domestic Violence... 2015
Details K37 Determination of Methamphetamine Concentrations in Thighbones Buried i... 2015
Details A90 Sex Estimation From the Vertebral Foramen of the Seven Cervical Verteb... 2015
Details C12 Fingerprint Replication Utilizing Latent Fingerprints for Conducting F... 2015
Details G58 The Implications of a Guilty Verdict for an Innocent Defendant... 2015
Details K38 Supported Liquid Extraction (SLE) as a New Technique for the Clean-Up ... 2015
Details A91 The Use of Femoral Neck Axis Length to Estimate Sex and Ancestry... 2015
Details C13 Implications for Digital Forensics Investigations of the United States... 2015
Details H1 An Autopsy Report: Death Secondary to a Widely Disseminated Invasive ... 2015
Details K39 Surface-Enhanced Raman Analysis of Synthetic Cannabinoids Using Gold ... 2015
Details A92 Morphoscopic Trait Expression Within and Among Hispanic Populations... 2015
Details C14 Modeling Digital Autopsies on Medical Autopsies... 2015
Details H2 Incidence and Distribution of Intracellular Fat in Cardiac Myocytes in ... 2015
Details K40 Characterization of Binding of Ricin Toxin to Cultured Human Lung Cell... 2015
Details A93 Estimating Ancestry From the Postcrania of Modern South Africans... 2015
Details C15 Exploring Myths in Digital Forensics... 2015
Details H3 Congenital Valsalva Sinus Aneurysm Causing Sudden Unexpected Death in a... 2015
Details K41 The Psychological Autopsy: Psychiatry & Behavioral Science and Toxico... 2015
Details A94 Postcraniometric Assessment of Sexual Dimorphism Among Modern South A... 2015
Details C16 Forensic Investigation of Crimes Committed by Unmanned Systems... 2015
Details H4 Usability of Immunohistochemistry in Forensic Pathology... 2015
Details K42 The Psychological Autopsy: Psychiatry & Behavioral Science and Toxico... 2015
Details A95 An Analysis of Butterfly Fracture Propagation... 2015
Details C17 Cloud Computing Forensic Science Challenges... 2015
Details H5 Death Due to a Congenital Vascular Anomaly of Pulmonary Hamartoma Type:... 2015
Details K43 The Psychological Autopsy: Psychiatry & Behavioral Science and Toxico... 2015
Details A96 Fracture Characteristics of Fresh Human Femora Under Controlled Three-... 2015
Details C18 Federated Testing: Shared Test Materials From the Computer Forensics ... 2015
Details H6 Adult Epiglottitis: A Case Series Review in an Autopsy Population... 2015
Details K44 The Psychological Autopsy in Practice: Applying Behavioral Science to... 2015
Details A97 Atypical Skull Injuries and the Biomechanical Continuum... 2015
Details C19 Implications of Valid Data Length (VDL) Slack and the Facts That It Pr... 2015
Details H7 Fatal Ice Cream: A Rare Case of Food-Induced Anaphylactic Shock... 2015
Details K45 The Psychological Autopsy as an Aid to Scientific Investigation: The ... 2015
Details A98 A Comparison of Radiographic and Osteological Findings in Suspected In... 2015
Details C20 Steganography Analysis: Efficacy and Response Time of Current Stegana... 2015
Details H8 Sudden Intrauterine Death Related to a Fork Bead Cord... 2015
Details K46 Utility of Oral Fluid in Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUID) ... 2015
Details A99 A Forensic Pathology Tool to Predict Pediatric Skull Fracture Patterns... 2015
Details C21 Generating a Corpus of Mobile Forensic Images for Masquerading User E... 2015
Details H9 Death as a Consequence of an Intestinal Obstruction Due to an Abnormal ... 2015
Details K47 An Evaluation of Oral Fluid Testing Devices During Drug Influence Eval... 2015
Details A100 Experimental and Computational Validations of the Initiation and Prop... 2015
Details C22 The Intersection of Physical and Digital Security and Investigations... 2015
Details H10 A Fatality Due to Type I Long QT Syndrome (LQTS) Associated With Elect... 2015
Details K48 The Perilous Practice of Predicting the Past: Does Retrograde Extrapo... 2015
Details A101 The Fracture Printing Interface: Development of an Automatic Classif... 2015
Details C23 Memory Forensics: Reliable In-Memory Code Identification Using Reloca... 2015
Details H11 A Case of Lethal Idiopathic Plasmacytic Lymphadenopathy With Polyclona... 2015
Details K49 Evaluation of the Impact of Expanding Enzyme-Linked Immuno-Sorbent Ass... 2015
Details A102 Healing Rates of Antemortem Injuries to Bone... 2015
Details C24 Graphic File Carving Tool Testing... 2015
Details H12 Sudden Death Due to Drug-Induced Vasculitis... 2015
Details K50 Sleep-Driving Is a Nightmare: Driving Under the Influence of Zolpidem... 2015
Details A103 Sex Differences in Measures of Bone Remodeling... 2015
Details D1 Vehicle Seat-Adjuster Failure in Collisions: Unreliable Safety Devices... 2015
Details H13 Natural Death Caused by Catecholamine Toxicity Due to Pheochromocytoma... 2015
Details K51 Synthetic Cannabinoids in Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) Casework: ... 2015
Details A104 The Utility of Radiographs of the Proximal Femur in Positive Identifi... 2015
Details D2 Enhanced Injury From Failure of Seats, Seat Belts, and Unsafe Vehicle I... 2015
Details H14 Multiple Thromboses in a Case of Neonatal Dehydration and Failure to T... 2015
Details K52 Development of an Analytical Method for Nootropic Smart Drugs in Biolo... 2015
Details A105 Dental Cementum Increment Analysis Can Determine Four Seasons at Deat... 2015
Details D3 Motorcycle Helmet Translational and Rotational Head Injury Risk Measure... 2015
Details H15 Sudden Childhood Death Due to Acute Bronchospasm... 2015
Details K53 Adverse Effects of Synthetic Cannabinoids: A Case-Oriented Review... 2015
Details A106 An Updated Validation Test of a Computer-Automated Short-Listing Tool... 2015
Details D4 Ejection of Belted Vehicle Occupants Due to Seat and Belt Failure in Re... 2015
Details H16 Rapid Unexpected Death in Late Pregnancy Due to Ruptured Iliac Artery ... 2015
Details K54 4-Methoxy-A-PVP: In Silico Metabolite Prediction, Assessment of Met... 2015
Details A107 Unidentified Border Crosser Deaths in Arizona: Expanding Intra-State... 2015
Details D5 Vehicular Rear-Impact Accident Reconstruction: Validation by Crash, Sl... 2015
Details H17 Nutritional Child Abuse: A Case Report of Kwashiorkor and Vitamin D-R... 2015
Details K55 Identification of Major Metabolites in Human Blood and Urine Associate... 2015
Details A108 Odontometric Differentiation Between Southwest Hispanics, Native Amer... 2015
Details D6 Crash Test Verification of Offset Rear-Impact Accident Reconstruction a... 2015
Details H18 Genetic and Histopathological Factors in Thrombo-Embolic Disease: Res... 2015
Details K56 Characterization of AB-FUBINACA Metabolites in Rat Urine by Liquid Ch... 2015
Details A109 The Joint Prisoners of War/Missing In Action (POW/MIA) Accounting Com... 2015
Details D7 Biomechanical Evaluation of Pediatric-Inflicted Head Trauma... 2015
Details H19 Sudden, Unexpected Death Due to Fatal Rupture of an Undiagnosed Aneury... 2015
Details K57 Broad Detection of Synthetic Cannabinoids in Whole Blood Using Ultra H... 2015
Details A110 Theory in Forensic Anthropology: A Retrospective and Look Forward... 2015
Details D8 Low-Energy Bone Fractures: Part III... 2015
Details H20 A Tremor in the Hand That Rocks the Cradle: Fatal Consequences of Pos... 2015
Details K58 Sleeping With the Enemy: Zolpidem in Driving Under the Influence (DUI... 2015
Details A111 Subjective With a Capital S? Issues of Objectivity in Forensic Anthr... 2015
Details D9 Biomechanics of Short Falls in Children... 2015
Details H21 Death Caused by Kawasaki Disease in Infants: Illustration of Three Ca... 2015
Details K59 Pyrimethamine Toxicity: A Case Report... 2015
Details A112 Context and Cognitive Bias: Informed Applied Science vs. Working in ... 2015
Details D10 An Examination of Dynamic Mechanical Properties and the Strain State ... 2015
Details H22 Thoracic Injuries Due to Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in an Infant: ... 2015
Details K60 Ethyl Glucuronide, Ethyl Sulfate, and Nicotine and Metabolites Quantif... 2015
Details A113 From Blumenbach to Howells: The Slow, Painful Emergence of Theory in... 2015
Details D11 Biomechanical, Mechanical, and Epidemiologic Characteristics of Low-Sp... 2015
Details H24 Survival of Blow Fly Pupae After Submergence in Fresh, Salt, and Pollu... 2015
Details K61 The Egg Roll Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Defense: A Unique DUI ... 2015
Details A114 Forensic Applications of Isotope Landscapes (Isoscapes): A Tool for ... 2015
Details D12 Biomechanics of Spinal Injury... 2015
Details H25 Postmortem Artifacts Caused by the Water Beetle Rhantus Validus, Sharp... 2015
Details K62 Determination of Gamma-Hydroxybutyric Acid (GHB) in Hair Using Alterna... 2015
Details A115 The Anatomy of Age Estimation... 2015
Details D13 Biomechanical Evaluation of Head Kinematics During Infant Shaking vs. ... 2015
Details H26 Biodiversity of Functional Genes: An Aid in Soil Provenance... 2015
Details K63 Cannabinoid Disposition in Oral Fluid After Controlled Cannabis Vapori... 2015
Details A116 Theory and Histological Methods... 2015
Details D14 Relationship of Risk Factors and Specific Tissues at Risk in Rear-Impa... 2015
Details H27 The Application of Novel Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Technology i... 2015
Details K64 Case Report of a Death Involving the Designer Opioid MT-45 Raises the ... 2015
Details A117 Theoretical Foundation of Child Abuse Recognition... 2015
Details D15 Biomechanical Evaluation of Shaking Impact Syndrome... 2015
Details H29 Genotyping of Used Drug Stamp Bags With Special Attention to the Minor... 2015
Details K65 The Art of Embalming vs. the Science of Forensic Toxicology... 2015
Details A118 Thinking Outside the Box: Theory and Innovation in Sharp Trauma Anal... 2015
Details D16 Can Barefoot Slip Resistance Be Quantified Using the ASTM F2508 Standa... 2015
Details H30 Death Following Retrobulbar Injection of Desmopressin for the Treatmen... 2015
Details K66 Case Study: A Suicide Death by Sotalol Overdose... 2015
Details A119 Non-Linear Systems Theory and Its Application to the Assessment of Po... 2015
Details D17 Additions to Accessibility Standards for Nursing Home and Assisted Liv... 2015
Details H31 Death Due to Butane and Propane Gas Inhalation in a Cell Block... 2015
Details K67 Manners of Death in Drug-Related Fatalities in Florida... 2015
Details A120 The Forensic Anthropologist as Broker for Interdisciplinary Taphonomi... 2015
Details D18 Evaluating the Impact of Reroofing on Increasing the Risks of Ponding ... 2015
Details H32 Effects of Different Killing and Storage Methods on Larval Length of t... 2015
Details K68 A Survey of Human Performance and Postmortem Cases Involving Ketamine ... 2015
Details A121 Arrows of Influence: The Return Flow of Theory and Method to the Par... 2015
Details D19 A Test Program to Validate a Step Meter Using Neolite Test Liner (NT... 2015
Details H33 Optimization of a Method for the Extraction of DNA From Human Skeletal... 2015
Details K70 A Rare Case of Criminal Poisoning by Means of Butane Gas: N-Butane Q... 2015
Details A122 Strontium Isotope Ratios of Hair for Human Provenancing... 2015
Details D20 Anomalous Initial Readings in Tribometric Testing of Barefoot Subjects... 2015
Details H34 Engaging Undergraduate Students in Forensic Entomology Research: Life... 2015
Details K71 Asphyxia Due to Inhalation of Hydrogen Gas... 2015
Details A123 Refining Hydrogen and Oxygen Isoscapes for the Identification of Huma... 2015
Details D21 Forensic Investigation of a Premature Mortar Explosion That Resulted i... 2015
Details H35 Effects of Amitriptyline on the Development of Megaselia Scalaris (D... 2015
Details K73 Determination of Presence and Quantification of Ketamine, Norketamine,... 2015
Details A124 Finding the Graves of the Missing: A Study of Geo-Anthropological Te... 2015
Details D22 Catastrophic Failures in Firearms and Ammunition Attributed to Propell... 2015
Details H36 Spatial and Temporal Variability in Soils Their Importance for Intell... 2015
Details K74 Analytical Method Development and Robustness Evaluation for Gas Chrom... 2015
Details A125 Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing of Mass Graves in Temperate Environment... 2015
Details D23 Injuries Arising From Glass Drinking Vessels Used in Stabbing and Slas... 2015
Details H37 SIDS, SUID, and Sudden Death in the Young: Where Do We Stand Today?... 2015
Details K75 Comparison of Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) and Supported Liquid Extrac... 2015
Details A126 Twenty-Eight Years of Forensic Anthropological Casework in the Northe... 2015
Details D24 Investigation of Inert Artillery Shell Explosions... 2015
Details H38 Deaths Due to Child Abuse: A Five-Year Review of Cases in the Cook Co... 2015
Details K76 Application of Time-of-Flight/Mass Spectrometry (TOF/MS) With Three D... 2015
Details A127 Building Sustainable Programs of Recovery and Identification of Human... 2015
Details D25 Killing-Power Ranking of Blunt Instruments Establishment of a Method ... 2015
Details H39 Reclassification of Sudden Infant Deaths in New Mexico... 2015
Details K77 Optimization of Extraction Parameters Using IMCSzyme -Glucuronidase ... 2015
Details A128 The Impact of Daubert on the Admissibility of Forensic Anthropology E... 2015
Details D26 A Study of Batch-to-Batch Handgun Ammunition Propellant Variables and ... 2015
Details H40 A Re-Examination of Patterns of Abuse in Children... 2015
Details K78 Postmortem Pediatric Toxicology... 2015
Details A129 Getting the Record Straight: Forensic Evidence of the Lurigancho Pri... 2015
Details D27 Testing of Police Radar... 2015
Details H41 Autopsied Cases of Suspected Child Abuse Showing Absence of Clinically... 2015
Details LW1 Aspergers Disorder: Does It Make Someone Violent?... 2015
Details A130 Need a New Headspace? A Semi-Automated Volumetric Approach for Subad... 2015
Details D28 Do I Really Have to Measure Everything Twice in My Forensic Investigat... 2015
Details H42 Evaluation of Rib Fracture Injury Modes and Biomechanics in Abused Inf... 2015
Details LW2 The Gunshot Residue Evidence of The People of the State of California... 2015
Details A131 Radiographic Age Estimation of the Knee in Young Children... 2015
Details D29 Error and Uncertainty in Toxicology and Drug Analysis Terminology Mat... 2015
Details H43 Rebleeding Into Subdural Neomembranes and the Myth of Two in a Row in ... 2015
Details LW3 The Exhumation and Identification of the Remains of St. Marianne Cope ... 2015
Details A132 Interpersonal Violence in Undocumented Border Crossers From Southern ... 2015
Details D30 Limitations Associated With the Examination and Presentation of Finger... 2015
Details H44 Intrauterine Liver Disease and Sudden Unexpected Infant Death: Causal... 2015
Details LW4 Romance and Reality: Horses and Experimentation... 2015
Details A133 Differentiating Peri-Mortem From Postmortem Blunt Force Trauma by Ev... 2015
Details D31 Certainties and Uncertainties in Accident Reconstruction How Correcti... 2015
Details H45 Fatal Aortoesophageal Fistulae Due to Foreign Body Ingestion in Young ... 2015
Details LW5 Once Upon . . . Forensic Sciences... 2015
Details A134 Estimating Skeletal Differences Between Contact and Non-Contact Gunsh... 2015
Details D32 Forty Years of Squinting Environmental Forensic Microscopy: 19742014... 2015
Details H46 Mortality Related to Falls From the Balcony of Children Younger Than 1... 2015
Details LW6 Death in Police Custody: Negligence or Body Packing and Self Administ... 2015
Details A135 Identification of Peri-Mortem Cranial Trauma After Cremation: How Ea... 2015
Details D33 Look at the Chemistry... 2015
Details H47 Shaken Baby Syndrome/Abusive Head Trauma: An Ongoing Debate Not Yet R... 2015
Details LW7 The Investigation Into the Identification and Death of Ukrainian Journ... 2015
Details A136 Computerized Reconstruction of Fragmentary Skeletal Remains... 2015
Details D34 Lets Leave the Junk in the Junk Yard... 2015
Details H48 Do the Eyes Have It? Traumatically Induced Primary Optic Nerve Sheath... 2015
Details B1 Screening and Confirmation of Nitramine, Nitroaromatic, and Nitrate Est... 2015
Details D35 Using SESOIL to Evaluate Contaminant-Release Time Frames in an Enviro... 2015
Details H49 Case Report: Institutional Experience With the Molecular Autopsy and ... 2015
Details B2 Raman Microspectroscopy of Body Fluid Traces: Intrinsic Method Selecti... 2015
Details D36 Where Is New Jersey Going?... 2015
Details H50 In Ballistics, Interpretations of Postmortem Multi-Slice Computed Tomo... 2015
Details B3 Individual Identification for Bones More Than 60 Years Old Using Autoso... 2015
Details D37 Federal Court Testimony Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Kingston Slu... 2015
Details H51 Flash Fire Victims and Carboxyhemoglobin Concentrations: A Report of ... 2015
Details B4 Development of Multiplexed Autosomal STR, Y-STR, and mtDNA Systems for ... 2015
Details D38 Environmental Forensics Vanity Journals... 2015
Details H52 A Case of Intrauterine Fetal Cranial Injury After Attempted Suicide Du... 2015
Details B5 Efficiency of Human DNA Isolation and Short Tandem Repeat (STR) Profili... 2015
Details D39 Sometimes Electrical Work Results in Damage, Fire, Injury, or Electroc... 2015
Details H53 Skeletal Trauma Analysis in the Elderly: A Case Study on the Importan... 2015
Details B6 Age Estimation in Living Individuals Based on Photographs: Relevance i... 2015
Details D40 Hot Air Balloon Fires, Power Lines, Product Liability... 2015
Details H54 Hydrogen Sulfide Fatality From a Domestic Sink Drain Exposure... 2015
Details B7 Maximize Information From Your Mixture Samples Using a Combined Autoso... 2015
Details D41 Forensic Engineering Investigation of Burn Injuries in a Defective Spa... 2015
Details H55 A Complex Bullet Path: Entrance in the Head, Exit Through a Body Orif... 2015
Details B8 Self-Generating Robot Worklists and Complete Sample Traceability Throug... 2015
Details D42 Sometimes Deficient Electrical Installations Result in a Fire... 2015
Details H56 Autoerotic Accidental Death by Self-Inflicted Asphyxia by Body-Wrappin... 2015
Details B9 Obtaining DNA-Short Tandem Repeat (STR) Profiles From Evidentiary Sampl... 2015
Details D43 Did Radiant Heat From Electric Coils Cause a House Fire?... 2015
Details H57 The Utility of CT Imaging in Determining Cause of Death in a Case of I... 2015
Details B10 Validation and Incorporation of RapidHIT Technology Into Routine For... 2015
Details D44 Forensic Engineering Evaluations of Underground Gas Line Leaks: Resid... 2015
Details H58 Fatal Pedestrian-Vehicle Encounters: Is Pedestrian Blood-Alcohol Conc... 2015
Details B11 A Whodunit Solved Utilizing Mixture Interpretation Software With Quan... 2015
Details D45 Electrical Safety Components Sometimes Cause Damage... 2015
Details H59 When Life Makes No Sense Suicide by More Than 150 Stab and Incised W... 2015
Details B12 Database Samples Warranting a Closer Look and Examination of the D8S11... 2015
Details D46 A Multidisciplinary Analysis of a Complex Motorcycle Fatality... 2015
Details H60 Burned Human Remains: The Importance of a Multidisciplinary Approach... 2015
Details B13 Separation of Epithelial Cell Mixtures Using Fluorescently Labeled Ant... 2015
Details D47 Forensic Engineering Critical Site Photogrammetry and the Use of GPS i... 2015
Details H61 A Retrospective Study of Drowning Cases in Tarrant and Adjacent Counti... 2015
Details B14 Additional Criteria for Identification of Gasoline in Fire Debris Samp... 2015
Details D48 Reconstruction of a Seven-Car Pileup: A Case Study... 2015
Details H62 Hemorrhagic Death With Particular Postmortem Computed Tomography Find... 2015
Details B15 A New Headspace-Mass Spectrometry Method for the Identification of Ign... 2015
Details D49 3D Animation Applied to the Analysis of Pre-Impact Visibility Obscurem... 2015
Details H63 A Bizarre Way to Kill the Ex-Wife: Two Knives Buried in the Chest, Two... 2015
Details B16 The Use of Isotope Dilution Inductively Coupled Plasma/Mass Spectromet... 2015
Details D50 Engineering Ethics and an Aircraft Crash... 2015
Details H64 Homicide or Suicide? A Case Report of an Atypical Hanging... 2015
Details B17 Rapid Identification of Designer Drugs With Nuclear Magnetic Resonance... 2015
Details D51 Left-of-Center Accident Reconstructions: A Case Study... 2015
Details H65 Impact of Postmortem Computed Tomography on the Evaluation of Strangul... 2015
Details B18 Differentiation of Cosmetic Foundations Using Liquid Chromatography/Ta... 2015
Details D52 Sideswipe Evidence for Traffic Accident Reconstruction... 2015
Details H66 Cardiac Arrest During Police Restraint in a Man With Catecholaminergic... 2015
Details B19 Latent Fingermarks Revelation on Human Skin With the Lumicyano One-S... 2015
Details D53 WISER: Automatically Classifying Written Statements as True or False... 2015
Details H67 Atypical Self-Strangulation Through a Sphygmomanometer: An Uncommon ... 2015
Details B20 Characterization of Electrical Tapes by Laser Ablation-Inductively Cou... 2015
Details D54 The Scientific and Legal Status of Forensic Speaker Recognition in the... 2015
Details H68 The Importance of Postmortem Computed Tomography in a Gunshot Wound- R... 2015
Details B21 Body Fluid Identification by Mass Spectrometry From Sexual Assault Evi... 2015
Details D55 Comparing Statistical and Machine-Learning Techniques in Author Identi... 2015
Details H69 Terminal Performance of Zombie-Killing Bullets and Polymer-Tipped Bull... 2015
Details B22 The Occurrence of Forcibly Removed Hairs in Combs and Hair Brushes... 2015
Details D56 Comparing Literary, Biometric, and Forensic Approaches to Author Ident... 2015
Details H70 Savage Murder: Mutilation and Dismemberment Why, When, and Where?... 2015
Details B23 Utilization of Commercial Portable Instruments for Screening Hand Swab... 2015
Details D57 Pathway for Integrating All Hazard Preparedness/Risk Management With ... 2015
Details H71 The New Italian Law on Femicide: Was There a Real Reduction of Cases ... 2015
Details B24 The Development of Paper Microfluidic Devices for the Presumptive Det... 2015
Details D58 The Next Step: Creating and Using the 3D Working Model From Laser Sca... 2015
Details H72 Lethal Drug Intoxication of a Bank Robber: The Role of Physical Restra... 2015
Details B25 Utilization of Commercial Portable Instruments for Screening Hand Swab... 2015
Details D59 You View Your World in 3D Shouldnt You View Your Case in the Same Ma... 2015
Details H73 The Forensic Science Investigations in Recent Cases of Victims Canniba... 2015
Details B26 High-Resolution MS/MS Spectral Library for Synthetic Cannabinoids by D... 2015
Details D60 The Assessment of Facial Modifications Due to Mimicry: Possible Influ... 2015
Details H74 Death Following Intravenous Administration of Sucralphate... 2015
Details B27 Nanoparticle-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization of Drugs... 2015
Details D61 Image Processing Application to Anthropological Automatic Characteriza... 2015
Details H75 Alibi Verification Using Diatoms... 2015
Details B28 Exploration of the Electrochemical Enhancement of Latent Fingerprints... 2015
Details E1 Use of Earprints as Evidence in Spain... 2015
Details H76 Sudden Death After Methylprednisolone Sodium Hemisuccinate Injection: ... 2015
Details B29 Effect of Reusing Swipe Materials for Particle Collection... 2015
Details E2 Differentiation of Human, Animal, and Synthetic Hair by ATR-FTIR Spect... 2015
Details H77 Body Packers and Body Stuffers: The Role of Cardiac Oxidative Stress ... 2015
Details B30 Development of Paper Microfluidic Devices for the Detection of Organic... 2015
Details E3 From 20 to 12 in 42 Years: A Case of Inflated Age Estimation and the R... 2015
Details H78 Crystallins Aging Process and Related Post-Translational Modifications... 2015
Details B31 New Psychoactive Substances Abused in South Korea: Drug Monitoring on... 2015
Details E4 A Study of Morphological and Metric Variations of the Human Ear Appli... 2015
Details H79 Hydrophilic Polymer Embolization: A Common Incidental Finding at Medi... 2015
Details B32 Gunshot Residue on Evidence Packaging... 2015
Details E5 A Pilot Study to Evaluate Baseline Quantities of Recovered Touch DNA Fr... 2015
Details H80 Fatalities Associated with Aldicarb... 2015
Details B33 Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy Investigations of Smokeless Po... 2015
Details E6 Mummified Tattoo Rehydration, Photography, and Reconstruction in Cold C... 2015
Details H81 An Extremely Enjoyable Rave Party Resulting in a Fatal Sleep: The Rel... 2015
Details B34 Creating a Bayesian Network Using Normalized IBIS Scores of .357 Magnu... 2015
Details E7 Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: A Study of Five Cases and Literature Review... 2015
Details H82 3D Body Surface Documentation in Forensic Pathology... 2015
Details B35 Weathering and Microbial Degradation of Ignitable Liquids... 2015
Details E8 Does Probing Enhance the Decomposition Odor Released From a Gravesite?... 2015
Details H83 Postmortem Changes on Computed Tomography (CT) Can Assist With the Di... 2015
Details B36 Analysis of Anthraquinone Dyes by Electrospray Ionization Quadrupole-T... 2015
Details E9 Hammercide: A Bloody Hammer, a Dead Husband, a Bloody Wife, and a Bloo... 2015
Details H84 Idiopathic Arterial Calcification of Infancy: A Case Report With Post... 2015
Details B37 Expert Witness Testimony and DNA Evidence in South Africa... 2015
Details E10 Development Process Validation for Kinship Analysis Algorithm... 2015
Details H85 A Prospective Double-Blinded Comparison of Autopsy and Postmortem Com... 2015
Details B38 Forensic DNA Collection at Death Scenes... 2015
Details E11 An Assessment of the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) of an Agricultu... 2015
Details H86 Micro-Computed Tomography (Micro-CT) Features of Laryngeal Fractures i... 2015
Details B39 The Making of the Criminalistics Maestro On the Skills, Knowledge, an... 2015
Details E12 Breaking Glass: Case Review of an In-Hospital Suicide... 2015
Details H87 Challenging the Role of Autopsy Results of a Multicenter Study to Val... 2015
Details B40 The Failure of Forensic Science Academia to Address Perceived Scientif... 2015
Details E13 Mortality Directly Related to Abuse Against the Elderly in Brazil: A ... 2015
Details H88 Diagnostic Values of Postmortem Computed Tomography (PMCT) and Multi- ... 2015
Details B41 Implementing Independent Research Projects in a Graduate Forensic Scie... 2015
Details E14 Forensic Physical Evidence vs. Eyewitness Evidence: A Look at Their ... 2015
Details H89 Thanatology of the Vascular System and Its Influence on Postmortem Com... 2015
Details B42 Strengthening Forensic Science in the United States: An Update on Nat... 2015
Details E15 Effective Use of the Multidisciplinary Approach Is Critical to Solving... 2015
Details H90 Detection of Pulmonary Fat Embolism in Cases With Postmortem CT- Angio... 2015
Details B43 Mentorship to Colleague Inspired by Service: An Evolution to a Brothe... 2015
Details E16 Multidisciplinary Approach to a Staged Sexual Assault... 2015
Details H91 Limitations of Multi-Phase Postmortem CT-Angiography in Cases of Fat ... 2015
Details B44 Scientific and Technical Support of Dangerous Mail Investigations... 2015
Details E17 Do We Have the Right Guy? Connecting One Suspect to Two Brutal Attemp... 2015
Details H92 Implications of Postmortem Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Sudden Cardia... 2015
Details B45 Use of Lean Six Sigma Methodology to Improve Laboratory Productivity a... 2015
Details E18 Obscene Phone Calls: How to Consider This Hands-Off Offense... 2015
Details H93 Visualization of Myocardial Infarction by Postmortem Single-Organ Coro... 2015
Details B46 Demystifying the American Board of Criminalistics Examination... 2015
Details E19 A Ten-Year Study of Suicides From a Rural/Suburban County... 2015
Details H94 Virtopsy Utility on Mummified Corpses: Two Italian Iconic Cold Cases... 2015
Details B47 A Forensic Odyssey: When Doing the Right Thing Doesnt Always Lead to ... 2015
Details E20 Investigating Elder Deaths... 2015
Details H95 A Scream From the Past: A Multidisciplinary Approach in a Concealment... 2015
Details B48 Deconvolution: An Automated Means of Unknown Identification in the C... 2015
Details E21 Bleeding Out: A Case of Mistaken Homicide... 2015
Details H96 Jay Dix Memorial Bonus Day... 2015
Details B49 Chemometrics Applied to Spectral Comparison in 2D Raman Mapping... 2015
Details E22 The Spaghetti Bullet: Difficulties Inherent in the Medicolegal Invest... 2015
Details H97 Ecology of Decomposition: A Chemical and Biological Profile of the Ma... 2015
Details B50 Effectiveness of Zar-Pro Fluorescent Blood Lifting Strips... 2015
Details E23 Blunt Force and Fire Four Victims and the One Who Got Away: Case Stu... 2015
Details H99 Factors Related to Body Temperature From Scene to Autopsy: Implicatio... 2015
Details B51 An Analytical Profile of 2-[(2,6-dichlorophenyl)-amino]phenylacetoxyac... 2015
Details E24 Case Study: How the Murder of a 4-Year-Old Girl Changed the System... 2015
Details H101 Aging Blow Fly Pupae Using Hyperspectral Imaging: Another Tool in th... 2015
Details B52 Rapid Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) of RNA Biomarkers ... 2015
Details E25 Homicide Investigation and Cold Cases: Why Arent We Clearing More Cas... 2015
Details H102 Diurnal Oviposition of Blow Flies: Does Time of Day Influence the Li... 2015
Details B53 Determination of Gunshot Residue (GSR) in Vehicle Head Liners Using Sc... 2015
Details E26 Hyperspectral Remote Sensing: Detection of an Experimental Mass Grave... 2015
Details H103 The First Use of Postmortem Microbiomes in Human Death Investigations... 2015
Details B54 Forensic Examination of Oriented Polymer Films: Polarized Light Exami... 2015
Details E27 Debunking Three Myths About Rape Victims Responses to Their Attacks... 2015
Details H104 Cadavers Show Distinctive Thanatomicrobiome Signatures... 2015
Details B55 Weight Measurements in the Forensic Chemistry Laboratory: A Surrogate... 2015
Details E28 Murder or Accidental Drowning in a Bathtub? Case Studies of Drowning ... 2015
Details H105 DNA Extraction and Sample Storage Considerations for Using Metagenomi... 2015
Details B56 Infrared Microspectroscopy for the Analysis of Nail Polish... 2015
Details E29 Conservation Genetics of Bioko Monkeys... 2015
Details H106 Does Carcass Mass Influence the Structure of Grave Soil Microbial Com... 2015
Details B57 Mathematical Modeling of Evaporated Petroleum Distillate Standards... 2015
Details E30 Evaluating Methods for Removing Radioactive Contamination From Traditi... 2015
Details H107 Entomotoxicology: The Past and Where to Go Next... 2015
Details B58 Use and Detection of Ribosomal Inactivating Proteins (RIPs) as Surroga... 2015
Details E31 Discrimination of Human and Animal Blood Traces Via Raman Spectroscopy... 2015
Details H109 Validating an Equation to Estimate Postmortem Interval on Oahu, Hawai... 2015
Details B59 A Static Collection Approach for Target Explosive Analog Odors... 2015
Details E32 The Optimization of Spermatozoa Extraction and the Study of the Retent... 2015
Details H110 Development of PowerQuant System: A New Robust Human and Male-Specif... 2015
Details B60 Illicit Substance Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Analysis for Canin... 2015
Details E33 Adding Value to Your Learning Event... 2015
Details H111 In Situ Detection of Latent DNA Using Nucleic Acid Binding Dyes and a... 2015
Details B61 Using Likelihood Ratios for Source Attribution of Glock Model 21 Fir... 2015
Details E34 Comparing Resolution of Analog vs. Digital Imaging Systems in Postmort... 2015
Details H112 Comparison of QIAcube Differential to Manual Differential Extractio... 2015
Details B62 Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) Measurement of Gasoline ... 2015
Details E35 Forensic Discrimination of Ballpoint Pen Inks on Documents Using LA-IC... 2015
Details H113 Detection of Genetic Variations in Cardiac Channelopathies Using Ion ... 2015
Details B63 Trace Chemical Signatures of Calcium Hypochlorite: Implications for t... 2015
Details E36 Comparing 6,000 Consecutively Fired .40 Smith & Wesson Bullets and Ca... 2015
Details H114 Evaluation of the Ion Torrent PGM for Use With Low-Copy and Degra... 2015
Details B64 Enantiomeric Identification of Pregabalin Via Methylation and Chiral ... 2015
Details E37 Accidental Trauma Mimicking Homicidal Violence... 2015
Details H115 Identification of Non-Synonymous SNPs in Archaeological Hair Protein:... 2015
Details B65 Analysis of Cannabinoids Found in Seized Marijuana Using Automated He... 2015
Details E38 Theoretical Evaluation of the Use of the Bloodstain Pooling Method as ... 2015
Details H116 A Multiplex PCR Assay for Simultaneous Analysis of 13 Rapidly Mutatin... 2015
Details B66 Identifying Emerging Drugs of Abuse... 2015
Details E39 A Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (BPA) Approach to the Shroud of Turin: ... 2015
Details H117 On Combining MicroRNA Analysis With DNA STR Profiling in a Single Str... 2015
Details B67 The Development of New Enzymes for 20-Minute Rapid Direct Amplificatio... 2015
Details E40 The Flipped Classroom Turning Your Forensic Education Program Upside-... 2015
Details H118 Postmortem Bacterial Translocation: When Does it Happen?... 2015
Details B68 Examination of Factors That Affect the Recovery and Analysis of DNA Fr... 2015
Details E41 Asylum Seekers Alleging Torture in Their Countries: Evaluation of a F... 2015
Details H119 Apoptosis in Brain Tissues: Antemortem and Postmortem Cellular Respo... 2015
Details B69 Maximizing DNA Recovery and Short Tandem Repeat (STR) Data From Spent ... 2015
Details E42 Forensic Podiatry Pedal Evidence in Forensic Casework... 2015
Details H120 Marijuana Edible Consumption as a Contributing Factor in Death: Two ... 2015
Details B70 Internal Validation and Comparative Analysis of the Promega PowerPle... 2015
Details E43 Analyzing Law Enforcement Officer Reaction Time in Shooting Events Usi... 2015
Details H121 Poor Mans Methadone: A Case Report of Loperamide Toxicity... 2015
Details B71 High-Throughput Spermatozoa Detection Using the Proximity Ligation Rea... 2015
Details E44 Death During Restraint: Excited Delirium vs. Positional Asphyxia... 2015
Details H122 A Fatal Case of Reyes Syndrome Associated With Pepto-Bismol ... 2015
Details B72 Developing a Dynamic Model of the DNA Laboratory Process to Characteri... 2015
Details E45 Spatters Matter: How Bloodstain Evidence Influenced the Police at the... 2015
Details H123 Comparison of the Concentrations of Morphine, Methadone, and Diazepam... 2015
Details B73 Room Temperature DNA Preservation and Rapid Purification of Decomposin... 2015
Details E46 Are We There Yet? The Testing of Unsubmitted Sexual Assault Kits and ... 2015
Details H124 Electrocution Deaths of United States Service Members From 2003 to 20... 2015
Details B74 Further Development of an Short Tandem Repeat (STR) Multiplex Reaction... 2015
Details E47 Estimation of Human Age Using N-Glycan Profiles From Bloodstains... 2015
Details H125 All-Terrain Vehicle and Snowmobile-Related Deaths... 2015
Details B75 Whole Genome Amplification as a Potential Means for Sample Immortaliza... 2015
Details E48 Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometric Detection of Homemade Explosives... 2015
Details H126 Suicides in Manitoba, Canada A Ten-Year Study From 2003 to 2012... 2015
Details B76 Highly Multiplexed Analysis of STRs and SNPs Using Massively Parallel ... 2015
Details E49 Casework Analysis When Reference Data Arent Available for the Observed... 2015
Details H127 Epidemiology of Suicide in Denver... 2015
Details B77 Evaluation of a Novel Material, Diomics X-Swab , for Collection of DN... 2015
Details E50 The Impact of 3D Digitizations and Printed Models of Osteological Trau... 2015
Details H128 Fentanyl-Laced Heroin: A Maryland Public Health Problem... 2015
Details B78 Assessing the Forensic Potential of Small Arms Propellant Micromorphom... 2015
Details E51 Multidimensional Model for Assessing Student Achievement... 2015
Details H129 Triangulating Time-of-Death With CT Scan, Immunohistochemistry, and ... 2015
Details B79 Integration of the QIAcube Into the Laboratory Workflow for Efficien... 2015
Details E52 Creating a Positive Connection for Your Forensic Science Discipline... 2015
Details H130 Is It Proper to Cite Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP) as the Cause of Sudd... 2015
Details B80 The Evaluation of the Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer Quantitation System and ... 2015
Details E53 National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Programs to Support the Forensic C... 2015
Details H132 Sudden Death Due to Undiagnosed Rheumatic Heart Disease in a Child... 2015
Details B81 White-Light Versus Shortwave-Ultraviolet Illumination for Visuali... 2015
Details E54 Collaborative Retrospective Research Study Exploring STR and Y-STR DNA... 2015
Details H133 Cardiovascular Abnormalities Associated With Sudden Unexpected Death ... 2015
Details B82 The Effect of Walking on the Evidentiary Value of Soil Taken From Foot... 2015
Details E55 Analysis of Suicide Locations in Harris County, Texas... 2015
Details H134 Sudden Deaths in Patients With Cardiac Rhythm Devices Via Medical Exa... 2015
Details B83 Characterization of Solder by Trace Metals Using Atomic Absorption Sp... 2015
Details E56 Multiple Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wounds: Case Series With a Review of ... 2015
Details H135 A Case of Maternal and Fetal Death by Spontaneous Rupture of Splenic ... 2015
Details B84 Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for Forensic Analysis of Human Sem... 2015
Details E57 Determining the Flow Rate Required to Move Submerged Human Remains... 2015
Details H136 Sudden Death in an 11-Year-Old Child With Epilepsy... 2015
Details B85 An Improved Method for Extraction of DNA From Envelopes... 2015
Details E58 A Model for Recovery: Predicting the Location of Human Remains on WWI... 2015
Details H137 Next Generation Sequencing Technology for the Identification of Genet... 2015
Details B86 Pairwise Comparisons as a Means of Validating Iraqi Muslim and Christi... 2015
Details E59 From the RFK Assassination in Los Angeles to the Wuornos Serial Killin... 2015
Details H138 Sudden Cardiac Death Due to Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS): Auto... 2015
Details B87 Evaluation of a Modified DNA Extraction Approach for Improved Short Ta... 2015
Details E60 A Prospective Analysis of the Outcomes of Violent Prone Restraint Inci... 2015
Details H139 The Challenges Faced in Evaluating a Death Related to Left Ventricula... 2015
Details B88 What Do You Get When You Mix a Double Helix With a Becke Line? A Fore... 2015
Details E61 Biometric Research Database Catalog: Improving Access to Publicly Ava... 2015
Details H140 Cardiovascular Pathology in Cases of Death Following Autonomic Failur... 2015
Details B89 A Study of the Formation, Collection, and Microscopic Trace Material a... 2015
Details E62 Increasing the Precision of Human Geolocation: A City Scale Investiga... 2015
Details H141 Myocardial Rupture and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation: Diagnosis and ... 2015
Details B90 Combined Genetic and Micro-Chemical Analysis of Household Dust as a D... 2015
Details E63 Its Not Over at the Death... 2015
Details H142 Genetic Investigation of Sudden Cardiac Death: The State of the Art ... 2015
Details B91 The Influence of Distance, Depth, and Time on Forensic DNA Profiling o... 2015
Details E64 Detection of Residual Metal on Bone From Bullet Hole Periphery Using D... 2015
Details H143 Homicide by Stroke: Cholesterol Embolus Induced During a Struggle... 2015
Details B92 Bacterial Profiling of Soil Evidentiary Items Using Next Generation Se... 2015
Details E65 Natural Causes of Death in Young Adults in an Urban Medical Examiners ... 2015
Details H144 An Uncommon Cause of Pulmonary Embolism... 2015
Details BS8 Thomas Krauss Bitemark Breakfast: From Frye to Daubert A Change i... 2015
Details B93 Quantitative Analysis of Botanical DNA by Real-Time PCR for Forensic ... 2015
Details E66 Body-Found-in-Bathtub Death Investigation... 2015
Details H145 A Novel Approach to a Quality Program in a Medical Examiners Office... 2015
Details ES1 Forensic Sciences Keep It Simple, Stupid!... 2015
Details B94 Variation in DNA Mixture Interpretation: Observations From NIST Inte... 2015
Details E67 Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC) Forensic Science Sta... 2015
Details H146 Worked to Death: A Detailed Discussion of At-Work Deaths in Harris C... 2015
Details L1 Fetal Kidnapping by Cesarean Section... 2015
Details B95 A Large-Scale DNA Mixture Interpretation Study of DNA Examiners: Inte... 2015
Details E68 A Step Toward Likelihood Ratios in Pattern Recognition Disciplines... 2015
Details H147 Quality Assurance Projects at the Los Angeles Medical Examiner/Corone... 2015
Details L2 The Dating Game Killer: Rodney Alcalas 40-Year Dance With Death... 2015
Details B96 Exploring the Impact of DNA Template Mass on the Ability to Infer the ... 2015
Details E69 Reliability, Validity, Accuracy, and Bias in Forensic Document Examina... 2015
Details H148 Forensic Pathologist Concurrence in the Interpretation of Images of P... 2015
Details W1 Mass Fatality Incidents: An Integrated Approach Workshop ... 2015
Details B97 Identification of Contributors in Complex DNA Mixtures Utilizing High-... 2015
Details E70 Scientific Area Committee for Physics and Pattern Evidence... 2015
Details H149 Gone and Forgotten: A Medical Examiners Nightmare... 2015
Details W2 The Electrophysiology of Impulsive Aggression and Criminal Responsibili... 2015
Details B98 The Validation of a Statistical Tool for the Analysis of DNA Mixtures... 2015
Details E71 Objective and Quantifiable Metrics for the Determination of Latent Pri... 2015
Details H150 Quality Assurance of Autopsy Cultures... 2015
Details W3 Classification of Typewritten Documents... 2015
Details B99 Development of a Pre-Screening qPCR Mixture Detection Assay Using High... 2015
Details E72 Cognitive Profiling of Latent Fingerprint Examiners... 2015
Details H151 A Comparison of Deaths From Diabetic and Alcoholic Ketoacidosis... 2015
Details W4 Obtaining Successful DNA Profiles From Challenging Samples... 2015
Details B100 Defining the Limits of Forensic DNA Profile Interpretation: An Asses... 2015
Details E73 Tips for the Courtroom: How to Get the Most Out of the Expert Witness... 2015
Details H152 The Speckled Polarized Lung: Microcrystalline Cellulose Pulmonary G... 2015
Details W5 Ancestry Estimation in the 21st Century... 2015
Details B101 Contributions of Physical Evidence in Human Identifications... 2015
Details F1 A Study of More Than 400 Case Reports Between 2009 and 2014, Completed ... 2015
Details H153 Death Scene Findings Associated With Accidental Toxicity Deaths in Ne... 2015
Details W6 Practical Homicide Investigation : Offender-Manipulated Homicide Scene... 2015
Details B102 Pollen Evidence of Diet and Environment From a Nebraska Mummy... 2015
Details F3 Can Parents Inherit the Sperm of the Deceased Son? Presentation of an ... 2015
Details H154 An Analysis of the Causal Relationship Between Maternal/Prenatal Coca... 2015
Details W7 Challenges in Fire Debris Analysis... 2015
Details B103 Recent Applications of Stable Isotope Forensics for Tracking Region-o... 2015
Details F4 Moderate Force Blunt Trauma to the Head Leading to Coma: The Role of t... 2015
Details H155 Heroin Trends in Cuyahoga County, 2013... 2015
Details W8 From Fire Dynamics to Legal Dynamics: Shifted Science and the Criminal ... 2015
Details B104 Lessons Learned From the DNA Analysis of More Than 11,000 Skeletal Sa... 2015
Details F5 The Long Road to Exoneration for Han Tak Lee... 2015
Details H156 Obstruction of Aqueduct of Sylvius Following Spontaneous Intra-Ventri... 2015
Details W9 Forensic Anthropology and Cold Case Investigations: Breaking the Ice... 2015
Details B105 Modeling 3D Facial Appearance in Relation to Sex, Genetic Ancestry, a... 2015
Details F6 Misinterpretation of Common Fire Behaviors and Its Effect on Criminal a... 2015
Details I1 Medicolegal and Criminological Suicide Diagnosis in Historical Cases: ... 2015
Details W10 NamUs: The Results of Forensic Collaboration... 2015
Details B106 The Identification Process Involving American Citizen (AMCIT) and Un... 2015
Details F7 A Perfect Storm Brewing for Fire Investigators in Court... 2015
Details I2 Malingering Detection With the Autobiographical Implicit Association Te... 2015
Details W11 RADid: Using Radiologic Technologies to Identify Unknown Decedents... 2015
Details B107 A Novel Software-Based Toolset for Latent Print Examination... 2015
Details F8 Next-Gen Is Now: Legal Implications and Strategic Preparation for Mass... 2015
Details I3 Criminal Behavior and Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in Genes Related ... 2015
Details W12 Implementing and Evaluating 3D Technology in a 2D World... 2015
Details B108 Fingerprint Identification and Error-Rate Estimation Based on the Con... 2015
Details F9 The National Commission on Forensic Science: Status Update... 2015
Details I4 Forensic Analysis of a Chiropractor Accused of Sexual Assaults on His P... 2015
Details W13 The Examination of Skillfully Simulated Signatures... 2015
Details B109 Development of Fingerprints From Items Submerged in Fresh Water Over ... 2015
Details F10 Leading a Horse to Water and Trying to Make Him Think: The Impact of ... 2015
Details I5 Aggression and Interpersonal Violence in Hospital Emergency Departments... 2015
Details W14 On the Leading Edge of Forensic Science... 2015
Details B110 DNA Profile From a Fingerprint Developed With a Columnar Thin Film... 2015
Details F11 Forensic Science Leaders on the Path Forward... 2015
Details I6 Could Cases of Abusive Head Trauma (Shaken Baby Syndrome) Historically ... 2015
Details W15 Clinical Toxicology of the Poisoned Patient... 2015
Details B111 Mobility Empowered and Sustainable AFIS (MESA)... 2015
Details F12 Got Forensic Science Standards? How the Organization of Scientific Ar... 2015
Details I7 Assessment of Children Who Are in Conflict With the Law: ukurova Unive... 2015
Details W16 Your Attention, Please! A Public Speaking Skills Workshop... 2015
Details B112 Bloodstain Patterns Associated With Gunshot Wounds Misconceptions... 2015
Details F13 Strawberry Fields Forever: How a 73-Year-Old Birdwatcher Helped Nab a... 2015
Details I8 Violence in the Inpatient Psychiatric Unit: A Case Study and Review of... 2015
Details W17 Quality Assurance in Human Identification... 2015
Details B113 The Hunt for Aaron Bassler: A Multidisciplinary Criminalistics Case ... 2015
Details F14 Mental Maps: Why You Should Worry... 2015
Details I9 Violent Behavior and Protective Factors: A Retrospective Study of a Ps... 2015
Details W18 Sadism: Distinguishing Between Criminal Behavior and Offender Analysis... 2015
Details B114 Polymer Replication of Reference Bullets Using Advanced Casting and M... 2015
Details F15 Three Shots to the Head: A Case Study of a Murder Prosecution in Indi... 2015
Details I10 The Acute Stress Response to Threats and Physical and/or Verbal Aggres... 2015
Details W19 Automating Image Production for Forensic Document Examiners... 2015
Details B115 Reporting Error Rate for Firearm and Tool Mark Identifications in For... 2015
Details F16 How an Innocent Persons DNA Turned Up at a Murder Scene: Case Study o... 2015
Details I11 Mental Health Services Within Californias Prison Realignment Act (Asse... 2015
Details W20 Cognitive Bias Issues in the Forensic Analysis of Pattern and Impressi... 2015
Details B116 NIST Reference Ballistic Tool Mark Database for Research and Developm... 2015
Details F17 Crime Scene Investigator: Assessment of Expert Credentials... 2015
Details I12 Stalking of Health and Social Services Workers: Preliminary Results o... 2015
Details W21 Death in a Bathtub: The Trial of Drew Peterson... 2015
Details B117 Improved Congruent Matching Cells (CMC) Method for Optical Images Id... 2015
Details F18 Root Cause Analysis for Attorneys: Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?... 2015
Details I13 Parricide, Abuse, and Emotional Processing... 2015
Details W22 Looking Toward a Greater Awareness of Youth Street Gangs... 2015
Details B118 Toward a Novel, Fast, and Accurate 3D-Topography Imaging and Analysis... 2015
Details F19 LEGLER: LEGal Linguistic Evidence Rulings and Forensic Linguistic Evi... 2015
Details I14 Elder Abuse: Risk Factors and the Role of the Nurse... 2015
Details W23 Hands-On Evaluation of the Thanatomicrobiome and Epinecrotic Communiti... 2015
Details B119 Evaluating the Gray Scale Response Difference Associated With Bullet ... 2015
Details F20 Trust But Verify: The Reliability of Radiograph Techiques in the Cou... 2015
Details I15 Qualitative Analysis on the Ability to Provide Consent of Treatment to... 2015
Details W24 Scientific Neutrality in Expert Witness Testimony... 2015
Details B120 Critical Angles for 9mm Parabellum Bullets... 2015
Details F21 Is the Medical Examiners or Coroners Official Cause of Death the Last ... 2015
Details I16 An Unusual Patricide: The Woman Who Dismembered Her Father... 2015
Details A1 Temporal Patterns of Mexican Migrant Ancestry: Implications for Identi... 2015
Details B121 A Study of the Presence of Gunshot Residue in Pittsburgh Police Stati... 2015
Details F22 Forensic Field Testing: Curse or Cure?... 2015
Details I17 Profiling in Violent Crimes: The Perpetrator and the Victim in Portug... 2015
Details A2 I Learned About My Death From the Newspapers Misidentification Follow... 2015
Details B122 Detection of Organic Components of Gunshot Residue (GSR) of Carbon SE... 2015
Details F23 Technical Investigations Not Repeatable in the Italian Code of Crimina... 2015
Details I18 Death Due to Neglect in the Elderly: A Sad Reality... 2015
Details A3 The Relevance of a Multidisciplinary Approach in the Identification of ... 2015
Details B123 Development of a Spectral Camera for Estimating the Age of Bloodstain... 2015
Details F24 Communicating Error and Uncertainty in the Courtroom: The Language, ... 2015
Details I19 Critique of New Sex Offender Management in California: Assessment, C... 2015
Details A4 Estimation of Age From the Adult Pelvis: A Comparison Across Different... 2015
Details B124 DNA Methylation Patterns as Markers in Forensic Investigation... 2015
Details F25 Errors in DNA Testing: Lessons Learned A Retrospective Look... 2015
Details I20 Evaluation of Sexual Abuse Crimes Committed By Teachers Against Studen... 2015
Details A5 Plaque and Projections: Assessing the Utility of Morphological Variant... 2015
Details B125 Effects of Decomposition on the Recoverability of Biological Fluid Ev... 2015
Details F26 Culture of Infallibility: The Inability of the Criminal Justice Syste... 2015
Details I21 Assessment and Treatment of Problematic Sexual Behaviors: An Update... 2015
Details A6 Sex Determination Using the Distal Articular Surface of the Fibula... 2015
Details B126 Transfer of Sperm Cells During the Laundering Process... 2015
Details F27 To Err or Not to Err: How Judges and Jurors Apply Margin of Error and... 2015
Details I22 Transgender Inmates: Considerations in Placement, Management, and Tr... 2015
Details A7 The Frontal Bone as a Proxy for Sex Estimation in Humans: A Geometric ... 2015
Details B127 High-Resolution Melt Analysis of DNA Methylation Status as a Novel Me... 2015
Details F28 Lost and Gone Forever Jeopardized Prosecutions and Denial of Due Proc... 2015
Details I23 Zoophilia and the Law in the United States: Legal Responses to a Rare... 2015
Details A8 A Qualitative Assessment of Bilateral Pubic Symphyseal Face Asymmetry U... 2015
Details B128 Persistence of Sperm: What the Literature Really Says... 2015
Details F29 Legal Update: Recent Court Decisions Declaring Testimony About Case R... 2015
Details I24 A Pilot Study Comparing Hands-On and Hands-Off Child Pornography Cons... 2015
Details A9 Visual Analysis of Maxillary Sinus Variability for Identification of Un... 2015
Details B129 Persistence of DNA: A Case File Review... 2015
Details F30 Reliability, Validity, Accuracy, and Bias in Forensic Document Examina... 2015
Details I25 Pedophilia: A Crime or a Disease? How Should the Courts Address This... 2015
Details A10 Success Rates of Sex Estimation by Forensic Anthropologists Using Real... 2015
Details B130 Intra-Bone Variation of Recoverable Nuclear and Mitochondrial DNA in ... 2015
Details F31 Prosecutorial Misconduct and Breaches in the Brady Doctrine... 2015
Details I26 Contemporaneous Assessments of Testamentary Capacity and Undue Influen... 2015
Details A11 Quantifying Bias in Applying the Asian Equations of Trotter and Gleser... 2015
Details B131 Effect of Skeletal Sampling Technique on DNA and Elemental Analysis R... 2015
Details F32 Ethics in the Study of Forensic Science: Can Ethics Be Taught?... 2015
Details I27 Extreme Emotional Disturbance Defense: From the Heat of Passion to a ... 2015
Details A12 A Pilot Study Investigating 3D Variation in the Frontal Sinuses... 2015
Details B132 Development of a Multiplex Quantitative PCR (qPCR) Assay for Simultan... 2015
Details F33 Shaken Baby Syndrome: Current Evidence of a Pathological Entity... 2015
Details I28 The Power of Intuition in Deception Detection... 2015
Details A13 Use of Measurements Derived From Computed Tomography (CT) Head Scans o... 2015
Details B133 Utility of a Novel and Sensitive DNA Multiplex for Highly Degraded Mi... 2015
Details F34 Depraved Indifference Murder of a Child in New York: Are Moms Gettin... 2015
Details I29 Incapacity of the Mind Secondary to Medication Misuse as a Not Crimina... 2015
Details A14 The Effects of Household Bleach on Bone in the Processing of Forensic ... 2015
Details B134 Hair and Calcified Tissue DNA Extracts: qPCR-Based Guidelines/Strate... 2015
Details F35 Child Psychological Abuse: Legal and Clinical Implications... 2015
Details I30 Unintentional Child Neglect: Literature Review and Observational Stud... 2015
Details A15 The Influence of Alkaline or Acid Liquids on Cut Marks and on the Stru... 2015
Details B135 Recovering Touch DNA From Cartridge Casings Using a Method of Tape Li... 2015
Details F36 Hoarding Disorder: Whose Problem Is It, Anyway?... 2015
Details I31 Assessing and Addressing Preteen Violence... 2015
Details A16 Thermal Analyses of Property Changes and Weight Loss in Incinerated Bo... 2015
Details B136 Evaluation and Optimization of DNA Recovery From Bullet Cartridge Cas... 2015
Details F37 Why DNA Interpretation Has Become More Challenging in Recent Years... 2015
Details I32 Perception of Police Among Adolescents in Istanbul... 2015
Details A17 Effects of Soil Environment on Bone Mass: A Human Prospective Taphono... 2015
Details B137 Evaluation of a Vacuum-Swab Protocol for Recovering Epithelial Cells ... 2015
Details F38 Who and What: Providing Context to a DNA Profile... 2015
Details I33 Behavioral Characteristics and Personality Traits of the White-Collar ... 2015
Details A18 The Identification of Undocumented Border Crossers Along the United St... 2015
Details B138 Evaluation of a Novel Approach to Low-Copy Number (LCN) DNA Methodolo... 2015
Details F39 Biological Evidence Storage and Disposition: A Discussion of Legal Im... 2015
Details I34 Honor-Based Violence: A Cultural Problem!... 2015
Details A19 The Influence of Taphonomic Changes and Microstructure Varieties on H... 2015
Details B139 Use of the Ion PGM System for Typing Human Identity Marker Systems... 2015
Details F40 DNA Typing: Controls and Validation Updates to Support Current Testin... 2015
Details I35 Paternal Filicide for Spousal Revenge: The Male Side of Medeas Syndro... 2015
Details A20 Stable and Heavy Isotope Analysis: The Successful Use of Chemical Res... 2015
Details B140 Increased Ancestry Prediction of the United States Population Using S... 2015
Details F41 The Discovery Motion for Scientific Stuff: Dont Expect to Get It, Fin... 2015
Details I36 Suicide Among Turkish Police Officers From 2003 to 2013... 2015
Details A21 A Preliminary Study for Estimating Postmortem Interval of Fabric Degra... 2015
Details B141 Simulating the United Arab Emirates Crime Scene Samples and Generatin... 2015
Details F42 Its My Toy and You Cant Play With It: Defense Counsel Problems With A... 2015
Details I37 Parricides and Crime Scene Behaviors Do They Tell the Story?... 2015
Details A22 Decomposition in Concrete: Los Angeles Style... 2015
Details B142 Development of a Portable, Laminated Dynamic Solid-Phase DNA Extracti... 2015
Details F43 In God We Trust, All Others We Cross-Examine Cross-Examination in DNA... 2015
Details I38 Suicide by Suffocation: A Case Report of an Elderly Woman Who Complet... 2015
Details A23 A Test of Wright and Vasquez on an American Population... 2015
Details B143 Use of Rapid DNA Systems in Disaster Victim Identification... 2015
Details F44 Interpreting Gobbledygook What Lawyers and Forensic Scientists Can Do... 2015
Details J1 Developments and Validations of TD-GC/MS and HPLC Methods for the Iden... 2015
Details A24 Bilateral Asymmetry in Age-Related Trait Expression of the Pubic Symph... 2015
Details B144 Human Identification in Less Than 45 Minutes: A Rapid and Fully Port... 2015
Details F45 Development of Small-Group Forensic Counsel in Greater Minnesota: For... 2015
Details J2 Carbon Black Nanoparticles and Graphene Oxide-Embedded Thin Sol-Gel Fil... 2015
Details A25 A Validation Study of Sex Estimation From the Scapula and Clavicle in ... 2015
Details B145 Validated and Straightforward Multiplex PCR Method for High-Quality A... 2015
Details F46 In or Out? What is the Threshold for Admissibilty?... 2015
Details J3 Frequency Occurrence of Handwriting and Hand Printing Characteristics... 2015
Details A26 Classification of a Sample of Chinese Males From Cuba Using FORDISC ... 2015
Details B146 Improving Processing Efficiency for Forensic DNA Samples... 2015
Details F48 The Validity of Enzymatic Assay for Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Determ... 2015
Details J4 Natural Variation in Modern Handwriting... 2015
Details A27 Multi-Method Resolution of Small-Scale Commingling... 2015
Details B147 Microtrace to Nanotrace: Extracting Information at Increasingly Smal... 2015
Details F49 Driving Under the Influence of Drugs in Florida... 2015
Details J5 Different Writer or Alternate Writing Style A Case Review... 2015
Details A28 The Optimized Summed Scored Attributes Method for the Classification o... 2015
Details B148 The Investigation of Potential Mechanisms for the Formation of Postmo... 2015
Details F50 Evaluating Forensic Evidence in Drug Impairment Cases: Pitfalls and ... 2015
Details J6 Development of Individual Handwriting Characteristics in ~1,500 Student... 2015
Details A29 Vertebral Maturation in Age Estimation: Further Testing the Revised M... 2015
Details B149 Analysis and Discrimination of Colored Pressure-Sensitive Tape Backin... 2015
Details F51 Forensic Sciences as a Contributor to Miscarriages of Justice in Weste... 2015
Details J7 Development of a Supplemental Technique to Increase Visualization of H... 2015
Details A30 Reliability of Craniometric Measurements Using a Variety of Imaging T... 2015
Details B150 Quantitative Algorithm for Digital Comparison of Torn and Cut Duct Ta... 2015
Details F52 Defending Veterans: Teaching Juries the True Costs of War, Post-Traum... 2015
Details J8 Cut-and-Paste Manipulation of a Quitclaim Deed... 2015
Details A31 Living Body Mass Estimation From Skeletal Elements in Forensic Context... 2015
Details B151 Comparisons of Multivariate Preprocessing for Forensic Discrimination... 2015
Details F53 Full-Scale Intelligence Quotient Test Scores and the Impropriety of Et... 2015
Details J9 Using Video Spectral Comparator (VSC) to Examine Documents Previously ... 2015
Details A32 Skeletal Indicators of Shark Feeding on Human Remains: A Case Study F... 2015
Details B152 Development of a Microspectrophotometric Spectrum Database for Compar... 2015
Details F55 Sexual Abuse Case Study Forensic Science and the Age of Social Media... 2015
Details J10 Conductive Inks and the Electrostatic Detection of Indentations... 2015
Details A33 A Protocol for the Collection and Culture of Microbes From the Externa... 2015
Details B153 Examination of Statistical Methods for Forensic Analysis of Highly Si... 2015
Details F56 Digital Evidence 101 The Evidentiary Value of Digital Evidence: The ... 2015
Details J11 Case Studies of Simulated Security Features in United States Identity ... 2015
Details A34 A Comparative Analysis of Macroscopic, Microscopic, and Chemical Alter... 2015
Details B154 Identification of Artificially Aged Silk at the Molecular Level... 2015
Details G1 Non-Traditional Positive Dental Identification... 2015
Details J12 Factors Affecting Electrostatic Detection Apparatus 2 (ESDA2) Indente... 2015
Details A35 A Comparative Study of Human Decomposition Research Facilities in the ... 2015
Details B155 Frequency of Occurrence of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Aut... 2015
Details G2 X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) Analysis of Etched Dental Crown ... 2015
Details J13 Analysis Techniques of Plastic Identity Documents... 2015
Details A36 A Look Into the Past, Present, and Future of Decomposition Research an... 2015
Details B156 Forensic Analysis of Hoax Powders Using Morphologically Directed Rama... 2015
Details G3 Reassessing the Dental Features of Lamendins Age-Estimation Method... 2015
Details J14 Are the Principles of Forensic Signature Identification Corroborated b... 2015
Details A223 Its the Right Thing to Do Virginias Ground-Breaking Post-Conviction ... 2013
Details G2 A Molecular Approach: Species Composition of the Maggot Mass in H... 2013
Details H91 Quantification of Color Changes in Human Decomposition Using Image Pro... 2013
Details A224 A Decade of Research on the Genetic Identification of the Manufacturer... 2013
Details G3 Unusual Work-Related Fatality: Importance of Scene Investigation Co... 2013
Details H92 Wearing Down Old Perspectives: The Prevalence of Severe Dental Attrit... 2013
Details S1 A National Forensic Sciences Enterprise and Transparency in Forensic Sci... 2013
Details B1 A Forensic Comparison of NTFS and FAT32 File Systems... 2013
Details G4 Iron in the Human Brain: Age-Related Changes and Anatomic Region Sp... 2013
Details H93 Biomechanical Evaluation of Frangible Skull Surrogates to Blunt Ba... 2013
Details S2 Applications of Education and Research to the Diverse Field of Forensic ... 2013
Details B2 A Narratological Approach to Digital Forensic Analysis Utilizing Nat... 2013
Details G5 Atherosclerosis in Youth A Study in the North of Portugal... 2013
Details H94 Interpreting the Injury Mechanisms of Blunt Force Trauma From Butterfly... 2013
Details ES1 150 Years Does Time Bring Agreement? The H.L. Hunley, the R.M.S. Titan... 2013
Details B3 Linking Persons Based on PRNU on Social Network Sites... 2013
Details G6 Utility of Multi-Phase Postmortem Computed Tomography Angiography in... 2013
Details H95 Reported and Observed Healed Fractures in a Modern Skeletal Collection... 2013
Details BS1 Grant Funding Opportunities in the Forensic Sciences for Academic... 2013
Details B4 StealthBots: A Digital Forensics Case Study... 2013
Details G7 Monolithic Substrate Assisted Micro Liquid-Liquid Extraction of Alprazo... 2013
Details H96 The Use of the Endocranial Base in the Estimation of Ancestry... 2013
Details BS2 Quincy vs. Ducky II: The Rematch An American Forensic Pathologist and... 2013
Details B5 Forgotten Forensics: Understanding Risk, Data Loss Prevention, and Inc... 2013
Details G8 Deaths Due to Blast Effects of Electrocution: A Case Series... 2013
Details H97 3D-CT Imaging and Global Crime Scene Reconstruction in Forensic Ballist... 2013
Details BS3 Working With Law Enforcement and Prosecutors: A Conversation With Two ... 2013
Details B6 3D Morphometric Computer-Assisted Comparison of Faces, Hands, and Oth... 2013
Details G9 Sudden Death by Occult Metastatic Carcinoma... 2013
Details H98 The Analysis of Insect Succession Rate and Pattern of Decomposition in... 2013
Details BS4 They Really Are Out to Kill You: The Inconvenience of Lawyer Involvemen... 2013
Details B7 Establishing Criteria for the Authentication of Digital Imagery... 2013
Details G10 A Clinicopathological Correlation of Non- Compaction Cardiomyopathy... 2013
Details H99 Quantifying Heat Exposure of Osseous Material Utilizing Novel FTIR Pea... 2013
Details BS5 How to Write Bestselling Novels and Screenplays in Your Spare Time: Ti... 2013
Details B8 Establishing Likelihood Ratios for Patterned Garment Comparisons Fro... 2013
Details G11 Delayed Death Following Penetrating Stab Wound to the Heart... 2013
Details H100 Patterns and Timing of Cervical Vertebral Ring Epiphyseal Union in In... 2013
Details BS6 The Ballistic Evidence in the Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kenn... 2013
Details B9 A Case Study in 3GP File Analysis and Repair... 2013
Details G12 Usability of RNA Purified From Forensic Pathology Tissue Samples for M... 2013
Details H101 Detecting Submerged Remains: Controlled Research Using Side-Scan ... 2013
Details BS7 The Washing Away of Wrongs: Forensic... 2013
Details B10 Live Forensic Analysis of Kernel Code for Malware Detection in Clou... 2013
Details G13 On the Effects of Preservation, Blade Angle, and Intra- and Inter-Indiv... 2013
Details H102 Preliminary Validation of Handheld X-Ray Fluorescence (HHXRF) Spectro... 2013
Details BS8 Thomas Krauss Memorial Bitemark Breakfast Lessons From Eyewitness Iden... 2013
Details B11 Personal Identification by Superimposition and Metrical Analysis: Pra... 2013
Details G14 A Method for the Separation and Isolation of Intact Single Cells From ... 2013
Details H103 Evaluation of the Oettl and Steyn Sternal Rib End Aging Method on an ... 2013
Details L1 Ensuring Continuing Access to Our Nations Heritage: The National Archiv... 2013
Details B12 A Digital Forensic Analysis on the iCloud and Its Synchronization to A... 2013
Details G15 The Importance of Microscopic Examination of the Lungs in Decede... 2013
Details H104 3D Methodology Used for Exclusionary Identification at Crime ScenesWh... 2013
Details L2 Does Your Family Have the Munchies? It Might Be By Proxy... 2013
Details B13 Forensic Analysis of Twitter Artifacts Using the Twitter Web Int... 2013
Details G16 Sudden Death From Aggressive Pansinusitis and Pituitary Abscess Wit... 2013
Details H105 Developing Frameworks for Regional Forensic Taphonomy Research and... 2013
Details W1 Practice, Procedures, and Protocols: How SWGDE, SWGIT, and FISWG Can He... 2013
Details B14 Cell Phone Images in Social Media... 2013
Details G17 Child Homicides in Adana, Turkey... 2013
Details H106 Modeling Core and Peripheral Processes in Human Decomposition: A C... 2013
Details W2 Electrocution, Electrical Injury, and Lightning Death Investigations... 2013
Details B15 The Facebook Faker: Case Study of an Online Romance Scam Turned ... 2013
Details G18 Homicide or Suicide? An Unusual Case of Spiritual Death... 2013
Details H107 The Taphonomic Revolution: Taphonomy as an Integrating Principle ... 2013
Details W3 Analysis and Interpretation of Chemical Unknowns... 2013
Details B16 Taking a Deeper Look Inside Microsofts XBox 360: The Acquisition an... 2013
Details G19 Sudden Unexpected Death in a Pregnant Young Woman at 23w+6 Hospitalize... 2013

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